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  1. I think you missed my point. I abhor the lying sack of dung. My point is the Left is the source of his staying power. If someone doesn't have the balls to tell Hilary to <deleted>, he will get another 4 years because taking back Congress is likely to fail.
  2. Re-entry seems like a waste. Why not apply for a multi-oa while in OZ?
  3. The more the Democrats oppose Trump, and the more Hilary Clinton stays in the public eye, the worse their situation will get as it galvanizes those that have been brainwashed by Fox News and other outlets. Let Trump enact his plans (of which he apparently has none at the moment), let him lead the hard right on their journey to nirvana, because that is the only way to insure that the fraud is truly exposed. If their plans work, then the Dems have been wrong all the time and will need to accept it, but if they fail, the right has a whole lot of explaining to do.
  4. Something is fishy here. So no retirement Non-O outside of home country now?
  5. They already do, they call it Mattayom here in Thailand
  6. Will wonders never cease, a mob attack, involving Thais and Indians in Pattaya ! Who would have guessed ?
  7. Here you go:
  8. check with your state police. Usually have online appointment system. What state do you reside in?
  9. There is a place in Ramkamhaeng across from The Mall Ram if that is not too inconvenient.
  10. The food is bland ? I am puzzled by that. When I lived in Kuala Lumpur there is a large Sri Lankan community and the food was sublime, great spice coconut milk curries and seafood. Maybe you got the tourist version ?
  11. Having just flown economy class to and from the USA/Thailand, I can honestly say that passengers in many cases are selfish, rude and choose to disregard safety instructions (I imagine the stroller was a safety hazard on the flight, blocking aisles.). I empathize with the flight attendant in this situation, perhaps he could have acted a bit more calmly, but passengers need to know that they are the extension of the FEDS once you board that airplane and you need to follow instructions. I saw several rude and selfish people, including a woman who strolled the aisles asking people if she could rearrange seating so she and her daughter could sit together, after the flight attendant asked her twice to sit down. Another couple with a screaming child who claimed that they should be upgraded to first class because they thought there were empty seats there. People need to get a reality check...the world does not revolve around you !
  12. At the NYC consulate, the background check (I live in NJ) was $40 and took about 3 days, the medical check I did in Bangkok at a cost of 300 baht and was accepted by NYC consulate without issue. Took 14 days from receipt at NYC to receipt back to me.
  13. Principles ? I wasn't aware that Mr. Trump had any !
  14. I just logged in this morning with no apparent problems.
  15. Curious...does the number posted in subject line mean anything to you ? Account # ?