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  1. Soi what ? Bangkok many Sois off many main roads
  2. No not a bigot...only one of the "Israel can do no wrong" crowd.
  3. Oh a farang dog. Metal skewer and Greek yogurt marinade. I wonder if he washed it down with a glass of Chardonnay ?
  4. The various State departments of every past admin since 1950 have been 'doing something'. Jared is an incompetent boob who would be nowhere near a position of this stature if not for daddy in law.
  5. I know many people on retirement extensions who have nothing in the bank and surrender their passports once a year and get it done...we should not be no naive to believe that official misconduct is not also at play here in the money chain.
  6. 1) Huh ? 2) You are way out of line but that's par for the course here at Thai Visa.
  7. Tie him up and let the parents take justice. Whatever they need to do. How sick.
  8. They almost always ask a few questions of the person on entry....what questions did they ask your GF and what were her answers ?
  9. It is entirely up to the discretion of the Customs and Border Protections Officer as to how long you are stamped in for, not to exceed 6 months. Just the way it works.
  10. Why new Visa as opposed to extension based upon employment ?
  11. It's far more likely he is negotiating hotel financing deals on the taxpayer dime than any peace agreements.
  12. This kind of thing is very common, often run by Nigerian or East European gangs. It's likely the women are poor, rural girls from Issan who simply were offered 1000 baht (or less) to use their credentials and never knowing the real reason. While I was in Malaysia I met a nice Vietnamese lady who flew to KL to meet her 'dream' man, a 40 something Brit with business, cars, etc, etc. She is very smart and was suspicious so she asked for my opinion after her first meeting. At that meeting she was met by an older Malay woman and man who claimed to be business associates of her 'date' and would drive her to his office. She then received a text from the 'man' asking if he could quickly borrow a few thousand pounds to finish a business deal he was currently embroiled in and said his associates would drive her to the bank. All sent with heart stickers and the like, "i'll make it up to you as soon as this big deal is done" and so forth. She was smart enough (an IT prof in DaNang) to realize the danger and walked away. She saw me the next morning at the guesthouse we were staying in and asked my opinion (I was a long term guest and she saw that I had a nice relationship with the owner of the house so took a chance). As soon as she showed me the texts and the story I had to tell her it was all a scam. I told her to go to the police but again in Vietnamese culture she had been shamed and could never report even this. #$%% scammers preying on people's misfortunes in life. Hang em all.
  13. They think 5000 baht was cheap but wait until Uncle Sirikun's buffalo dies...