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  1. "Saving Private Bonespur" Opening today at the Theatre of the Absurd. Please check the local paper for times and locations
  2. For a second I thought you were talking about the farangs in lower Sukhumwit.
  3. My bet is a front for money laundering or some other financial scam. Wait for the unravel to come
  4. Yes the rest of them are in ATM Skimming classes
  5. tonray

    Best hypertension medecine?

    where to buy in Bangkok ? I have been looking for a good magnesium supplement but usually only find oxide
  6. it sounds like you are confusing 90 day reporting with permission to stay
  7. tonray

    Best hypertension medecine?

    I agree and those heart rates are not particularly troubling either. and quitting beta blockers suddenly is never recommended as the rebound effect could be dangerous if there are underlying conditions.
  8. You're right....the jury is 12 ladyboys
  9. tonray

    lower you cholesterol the safe way

    Relying on just the numbers may not be preventing heart disease. For example firms have abandoned efforts for drugs that raise HDL as it could not be shown that raising HDL via drugs had any protective benefit even though high HDL levels obtained normally were protective. Statins may have a benefit in reduced mortality that is not seen with other methods that simply lower the numbers.
  10. tonray

    lower you cholesterol the safe way

    Hard to get anything else when you order green tea at a coffee shop in Thailand. The downside is that what is served is almost always with added milk, Matcha without the milk is quite bitter. Having said that, to buy your own, any good quality supermarket will have a selection, just make sure it is from Japan and generally the more expensive the higher the quality and potency.
  11. tonray

    PSA test

    The finger is not to tell if the prostate is enlarged although it can, the principal purpose is to feel for potentially cancerous lumps.
  12. This is accurate as I once entered tired and bleary eyed and realized before I got in a bus that I had not been stamped in and was able to walk back while the customs guy chuckled.
  13. Whatever you say.... You must be correct.
  14. tonray

    Laryngeal (larynx) cancer

    I hope Sheryl the forum moderator will check in but sending best wishes and prayers for your health. Stay positive!