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  1. Did you ask your wife about it ? What was her opinion ?
  2. Also if you are taking any prescription meds that stress the liver (ex statins) extra caution is warranted.
  3. 4 Visa Exemptions and you're done here.
  4. You need to have your liver monitored on an ongoing basis if you are not already doing this.
  5. I have used True and AIS. And for me it really depends on where in BKK I happen to reside. Both are good but AIS WIFI seems to have gotten a whole lot better and True WIFI seems to have degraded a bit but both reliable and I actually use my AIS currently as my apartment WIFI as the building WIFI is crap.
  6. Usually Deluxe means a snazzier label and upgraded packaging, especially in food products. It may indeed have a different flavor but only trying it would allow you to see if that flavor appeals to you.
  7. Although as in Christian Lent, many Thai Buddhists abstain from eating meat for the duration, so there are more all veg choices available in the street too, just about all the Malls have special Food Events highlighting the festival all over BKK
  8. Many new foreign 'newbies' do a runner before midterms or if they stay are patently unreliable and sometimes just miss a day without so much as a phone call. This is a real dilemma for Thai schools, don't want to pay for professionals but very unhappy with what they get from the agencies...except perhaps the financial deal with the agency is advantageous to the school.
  9. Trump will pardon him anyway.. the Presidential pardon is something that should have been done away with a long time ago.
  10. I did not sample everything there but the night market behind the old Catholic church has some pretty good stuff on order.
  11. And they also sell cold drinks :)
  12. have to be retired as far as working in Thailand but can still work when out of the country.
  13. white rice has a glycemic index of 72 compared to 100 for pure glucose. It's almost like eating pure sugar.
  14. Perhaps there would not be such a backlog if the Republicans did not block hearings on Obama's SC nominee.
  15. I agree that her dad is a 'tremendous champion of supporting families'. After all, he is currently supporting 3 of them with or without prenups !