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  1. I used to live in a building just behind the Big-C Hua Mak Center, too close to Ramkhamhaeng road....but yeay down the side sois is really nice ...I used to walk all the time and also enjoyed the ability to walk along the Khlong...used to walk all the way to The Mall Bang Kapi ona nice Sunday morning and wait for the mall to open. I think a trip back is in the cards.
  2. Lest we forget, he set up a meeting with the Russian ambassador to attempt to setup a secure communications link, suggesting that he could use Russian equipment at the Russian embassy/consulate to directly talk to them. The Russian ambassador on intelligence intercepts was noted as saying that even to him this was pretty nuts (of course he said it in Russian) This guy is playing spy vs spy with the intention of getting richer and nothing else.
  3. And even if that is questionable, you'll still find a job
  4. "After thanking the security guard, the guard escorted him to the IDC where he was questioned as to why he had spent more than 30 days in Thailand and whether he was working illegally."
  5. The sailors on board will need much more frequent 'refueling' than 20 years
  6. Penang is a much better choice. KL will not be friendly.
  7. You can find a good coverage policy at age 48 for far less than that in Thailand. You can explore various coverages here :
  8. But he only had one METV which gives him a certain permission to stay. Unless he is leaving out some info, hard to see how they can infer he was spending an inordinately long time in Thailand.
  9. I guess it depends on the disposition of the case. Immigration may take him or he may be in for different troubles.
  10. But what's the point of giving out long term visas if you can't use them?
  11. Many countries show bias this way. My friend in China, married to Chinese had a baby and wanted to get paperwork for American citizenship for his daughter. Chinese authorities told him they had to relinquish her Chinese citizenship first.
  12. Best is to get an initial consultation from a doctor and let them determine what tests are necessary
  13. I cannot remember the queue letter but it was not the main one but just to the left against the wall where my extension was transferred.
  14. Your visa history would not indicate any abuse of the system IMHO. Did they stamp your passport? What was the law section cited?