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  1. PF drug also sells a Gel Pack that can be used for either cold or heat. Cold put in the freezer, heat in microwave or hot water
  2. Thais don't need American food for obesity...look around man....the deep fried diet on top of 2 kilos of white rice isn't exactly sanctioned by the Healthy Heart Society. Here in BKK, many girls are chunking up...while a little meat on the bones is OK...I have noticed a disturbing trend in the past few years.
  3. You can tell right off from his haircut...stone cold crazy. Soon enough she'll wise up and make the state's case by testifying against hubby...say she was brainwashed. Religious nuts...
  4. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave by any chance ?
  5. He is blackmailing the doctor...no doubt about it...they got to him....Russian hookers for Doc Holiday too ?
  6. Unless you specifically open a foreign currency account, the Thai bank will do the conversion if Schwab is sending dollars. No worries.
  7. Army Vet planning to move to Thailand

    Stay in the States and get your college degree....the plan you have outlined now will leave you with zero savings or retirement savings in 20 years (not sure of your age now). Living on 875 a month is certainly possible but forget having a girlfriend and forget doing anything but working, eating cheap food and sleeping for the next day's work. And in hot season...it's f$%^&*(g hot as hell....no fun on 875 a month.
  8. Retirees in Thailand

    It's because SomTam costs 10 dollars in the States. Here I can get it for a buck.
  9. 90 day reporting

    No....as far as I know they will redirect you to Chaengwattana.
  10. Iodine is not the main ingredient !!! It is sodium not iodine!!
  11. He likely means coconut water which has electrolytes and no cholesterol... But coconut milk also has zero cholesterol.
  12. Bannon must be aware that Mueller's best play is to catch him in a lie, so he faces the choice of protecting Trump and his crime family or saving himself and telling what he knows...if he does the latter likely no charges against him but perhaps he has valuable knowledge to indict Jr. and Javanka.
  13. It's so cold the ATM skimmers stopped working !
  14. If you are using the SCB App use the website login instead. Some apps only allow/show certain things. Same with KBank...I have to use website for some info.
  15. Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    Perhaps they can offer a special "Zero Dollar Insemination" Tour Visa.