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  1. SETV application from Bermuda

    Perhaps a UK based consulate handles its territory.
  2. SETV application from Bermuda

    Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory...my guess would be start there.
  3. Yeah...it sounds like I'm back in LA, just your ordinary day in and day out home invasion.
  4. Another chance for release of JFK files

    Turns out that Trump was afraid he would have had to make a condolence call to Marina Oswald and John Kelley advised against it.
  5. Police office where the crime was committed is your first stop.
  6. Thai man sitting across ro

    I think the dogs are creeped out by the guy too. But seriously this is Thailand man...trying to dissuade someone (a Thai no less) from sitting in a public space is pushing your luck. Move and find a more private situation....Thailand is no place for the western "cave" mentality.
  7. At least his dad did the right thing and brought him in.
  8. If a 1 year extension or your return will fall past the enter on or before date of an OA Visa, then all you need do is purchase a re-entry permit (single or multi) before your trip.
  9. Non B Visa help info!!

    It depends on who you ask.
  10. Siam Paragon Photo Exhibition

    Also Seacon Bang Khae has a great art/photo exhibit of same.
  11. yes...drain it...pain but cost is minimal. Running water thru your engine is potentially going to open up corrosion problems later. If it was a small amount then likely no issue but fix is easy enough
  12. soulmate?

  13. Perhaps the cat was transgender in the first place which would have explained the surprised look.
  14. Entire body hurting.

    Are you taking statin drugs for high cholesterol ?