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  1. phibunmike

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    I tried to use mine for flights, they prefer a Thai driving licence. Banks want your passport. It did work at Pha Taem though
  2. phibunmike

    Sewing machines/Sewing courses

    Upstairs in Robinson in Central, and top floor at Sunee (in the book shop) are two places I know that sell machines in Ubon.
  3. phibunmike

    Kids Football Academy

    Our boy goes to "The Kids and Ban Dek Academy" in Warin. Also in Warin is "Ubon Kids". There are several other places around, we see them when there are inter-academy matches. UMT have an academy, I have seen them play at Tung Burapha. Good luck.
  4. phibunmike

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

  5. phibunmike


    I see you haven't had any replies yet. I from Ubon and don't know Udon much, but Quik-Fire BBQs do very nice stainless steel work; not sure if they would be able to help you or recommend someone.
  6. phibunmike

    New roof

    If I remember correctly, the steel patterned and coloured roof, with bonded insulation (e.g. Santhai ??) costs about 100-200 baht per square metre. Installation extra. Cost further depends on whether you will replace the existing (steel?) supporting structure.
  7. phibunmike

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    A rather large young Sioux lady was sitting on a hippopotamus skin. Two slim young Sioux ladies were sitting on a buffalo skin and a reindeer skin, respectively. Which proves that "the squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squaws on the other two hides".
  8. phibunmike

    Honda Lawn Mower ,where to buy ?

    We bought ours recently in HomeHub on the Ubon ring road, after you pass HomePro, Central and Thai Watsadu. It is a Honda HRJ216.
  9. phibunmike

    Isaan Maps

    Operation Crown have a website www.creopcrown.co.uk. They have photos of the airfield you mention. Some of the veterans come to our Remembrance Day ceremony here in Ubon every year. I can also provide email addresses if you are interested.
  10. Warin Chamrap local government office issues Thai ID cards for foreigners (pink ID card) on Thursdays after 3pm. Just take your yellow house book and passport - no photocopies or photos required. 60 baht and 20 minutes, all very efficient. By the way, I am on UK passport and Non-O (retirement) visa.
  11. phibunmike

    Jack Reynolds/woman Of Bangkok

    There is some more information about Emrys Jones, alias Jack Reynolds, on Andrew Hicks' thaigirl blog. Not sure if the link is allowed, it is http://www.thaigirl2004.blogspot.com/ mods can delete it if not allowed. Hope this helps. Cheers, Mike
  12. phibunmike

    Birdwatching In Isan

    Thanks. I use "Birds of South-East Asia" by Craig Robson. The problem is when the bird refuses to sit in front of me and wait while I consider the alternatives. "Now turn around, please, I need to see your tail feathers..."
  13. phibunmike

    Birdwatching In Isan

    Scarlet-backed Flowerpeckers (a little gem) and Olive-backed Sunbirds. Look out for the nests; both make hanging nests which look like a small bunch of dead leaves. SBF is high up in a tree (generally), butOBS often likes to build just outside a window or in front of your door! Nice to watch them bringing food to the young. Yes, create a habitat and you'll get the birds! Thanks for correcting me They are lovely to watch, and have distinctive calls (like tapping pebbles together). I have not seen any nests yet, but will look out for them. I did put up a nesting box, but it was hijacked by skinks; probably not their preferred location anyway from what you say. The trees that SBF and OBS seem to favour most are the ones with the small sweet red berries, the name is something like "takop". I am starting to try photographing the birds I see, as I find identifying them from memory very hard. When you open the book and find a page of near-identical birds, and realise you were supposed to notice if the yellow patch was wide or narrow (or whatever), a photograph is very useful! Another skill to learn, though, as they are usually silhouetted, and always shy. Cheers, Mike P.S. An interesting aside: we now also have quite a few pigeons, that visit a roof and a grassy (actually weedy) area. I remarked to my wife that, although in Isaan people eat just about everything else, they don't eat pigeons; and added that farang eat pigeons, they are very tasty. My wife said local people don't eat pigeons because they usually live in the grounds of temples.
  14. phibunmike

    Birdwatching In Isan

    I am in Ubon, not Surin, and I am not a birder - but I do enjoy watching the local birdlife. I am pleased to report that around my house, bird variety has increased over recent years. I think this is because I have converted some rice land to garden, and planted flowers and trees. I now have regular pairs of scarlet capped sunbirds and olive backed flower peckers (I think I have those names right, my book is not to hand) and the other day a pair of king fishers. There are a number of other bird species, more each year, but I haven't identifed them. Anyway, it is good to be able to report an increase when most people have seen the reverse. Cheers, Mike
  15. phibunmike

    Gas Bbq Where To Get?

    I absolutely agree. I have the same BBQ, and recently added the griddle. It is a beautifully made piece of craftsmanship, and the service provided by Doc and Sawitta was excellent. By the way, I drove up to get mine; you can get one in the back of a Fortuna if you take out the two rear folding seats (a couple of bolts, very easy). Alternatively, they deliver to your nearest post office. I had no connection with them before buying the BBQ, but am happy to recommend them 100%. Anyone who wants to see one who is in the Phibun Mangsahan area is welcome to drop by. PM me. Cheers, Mike