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  1. phibunmike

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    If you ask at the local Amphur office, they have land valuations. They use them when calculating what tax you pay when land is bought/sold, instead of using the actual declared selling price.
  2. phibunmike

    Any decent butcher in Ubon area?

    Thanks for the info, Michael. I don't feel inclined to do the slaughtering and butchering myself, so will continue my search for other sources!
  3. phibunmike

    Any decent butcher in Ubon area?

    Good beef in Tops. I am also looking for goat, I think there is a goat farm near me (Warin), I will advise if I locate it.
  4. phibunmike

    Building a western style house compared to Thai build

    Mine is also two storey; the downstairs is not very visible in the photo because of vegetation.
  5. phibunmike

    Car scrap yard

    There are some in Ubon if you get desperate.
  6. phibunmike

    Building a western style house compared to Thai build

    I agree about the sun on the walls. I made sure we had sufficient roof overhang that I never have the sun on the walls. It makes a big difference and I think is worth considering. An added benefit is the covered outdoor space (terrace/patio/verandah) which is very useful.
  7. phibunmike

    Building a western style house compared to Thai build

    Have not used that style. There are two main type of floor, one is fill with sand/earth and pour a slab on top, The other, which sounds like what you want, is long slabs laid on top of the footing-beam-thingys. These slabs are a bit flexible, so they support them with Eucalyptus during construction. On top of the beams they then lay wire-mesh and pour concrete, another 5cm or thereabouts.
  8. phibunmike

    Building a western style house compared to Thai build

    I think "cracks in the corners" are not a concern, because the footings and columns are all tied together with re-enforced concrete beams (sorry I don't know all the technical jargon), so the whole building moves as one. You get hairline cracks in the rendering because the concrete is not usually allowed to cure properly, but these are cosmetic only. T think the tendency here is to over-engineer, so no real concerns over strength.
  9. phibunmike

    Building a western style house compared to Thai build

    All the builders I have seen do in fact tie walls to columns. They drill into the column every few courses and insert short pieces of re-bar. They do it as they go so you might not notice.
  10. phibunmike

    Sliding Glass Doors

    Also ready made ones available in Global House etc.
  11. phibunmike

    Sliding Glass Doors

    and Yongkit is here....
  12. phibunmike

    Sliding Glass Doors

    Yongkit Aluminium in Ubon (very roughly opposite Do Home). Speak to Boom, he speaks fluent English. His mobile number is 0880967378.
  13. phibunmike

    Tablet Surin

    I bought a Samsung Tab Active2 from Amazon, was delivered in a week. (It is a ruggedised model which is not available in Samsung shops in Thailand).
  14. phibunmike

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    I tried to use mine for flights, they prefer a Thai driving licence. Banks want your passport. It did work at Pha Taem though ?
  15. phibunmike

    Sewing machines/Sewing courses

    Upstairs in Robinson in Central, and top floor at Sunee (in the book shop) are two places I know that sell machines in Ubon.