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  1. That should keep watana and a few others quiet, while we anounce no elections for February 2018.
  2. It's likely ing left the black bag on the bed, where it got covered with a blanket. She slapped around the cambodian national ( as she could get away with that in Thailand ) only to find that the black bag was there all the time where she had left it. In order to save her sorry ass from assault charges and deportation, she used the ole thai flip the law technic and threatened to prosecute the prosecutor, in order to force them to drop the case. She quickly posted her lying story on fb to use as evidence to back up her story. Someone should tell her, you're not in Thailand sweetheart, you can't go slapping the help and use the she stole something excuse.
  3. What a nice policeman. There will be 2 camps here. 1. The rich will say, how shocking, how terrible, the child shouldn't be on the motorcycle, the policeman should have prosecuted them. 2.the poor will say, well done mate, more like you please.
  4. greenchair

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    Sounds like lady man dialect.
  5. It doesn't say what the penalties will be, so a useless half information story.
  6. There are thousands of these companies all over thailand. Could it be this one is special because it's 2 billion baht would be a nice sum to confiscate.
  7. When you make a sacred site into a popular tourist destination. It's no longer a sacred site for worship. You don't see the churches on brochures asking every man and his dog to come on a picnicing holiday.
  8. That's a man! ! Again. People are do gullible.
  9. I know a lovely Norwegian couple that would love to adopt her. They adopted a little thai boy a few years ago. He's absolutely thriving. They are quite financialy secure and have been waiting for another thai child to be available. I could ask them if you are interested.
  10. greenchair

    Doors open for privately-run youth detention centres

    The 70 baht includes salaries of staff. The want trained nurses and psychiatrists on staff , and also education, so teachers. 100 adolescents would be 245000 per month. Food 115000 130000 left for salaries. I see a large increase in children being locked up so that the salaries will be paid.
  11. greenchair

    Doors open for privately-run youth detention centres

    For nurses, psychiartists , 3 meals a day, study and security, plus security staff, Surely they mean 700 baht per day per inmate. Do they even think about what they are saying?
  12. Well that's what I said dingle berry. I'm a bit bored with this topic. Let's move somewhere else and argue a new point.
  13. There might be a mistranslation. He means to say, he's happy with his own better economic conditions.
  14. She didn't take them. The police took them into care. And they shouldn't have. But he's got a lot to answer for, keeping a mother away from her babies.