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  1. Oh yes, but wouldn't section 44 be a real doosie to add to that. In fact, who needs other laws, why don't they just use 44 for everything.
  2. What they really need to do is make section 44 a special law that can only be used by the appointed senate. This could be used to protect the people from unscrupulous politicians and eliminate disenters. 😆😆
  3. They didn't mind calling them liars , inept, and incompetent over the dna.
  4. These are the people on the "payroll " to keep quiet or to save face for thailand, or to keep good trade and relations with thailand according to tv posters All the police on Koh Tao. All the people on the island. The staff at bangkok airways. The staff at nomsod university. All the police at the national police office. The national police chief. All the doctors that did the autopsy. The dna analysis team from two hospitals. The judge's at the court. The prosecutor. The appeal judge. Hannah's family. The Miller family The police from the UK. The government of the UK. The UK coroner. All posters on tv that agree with the verdict. It's pathetic.
  5. Well done mum. Be strong. don't give up. Rotten murderers.
  6. I'm done. Good luck with your fantasies. Not going to change anything. And thank goodness for that.
  7. I have said before and say again. I believe there was at least a third person and possibly a fourth person there. In that sense the investigation was shoddy. Doesn't by any means exclude the b2.
  8. I understand the nitpicking about the police and the skepticism of the dna and stuff. But the phone, it's origins were accepted by the b2. , the defence team. In fact the phone, where it came from, how wp came to have it, where it was stashed, is the one thing the courts, prosecutors, defence, b2, police all agree on. Why can't you accept that.
  9. Look yourself. Google is your friend, it's explains all of the questions on tv about fingerprinting.
  10. That was on the hoe. And wood is not good either. It's possible David's print was found because he touched it clearly with one or two fingers whilst defending himself. But the killer gripped it and used a swinging motion, this would cause the print to smudge. So impossible to print.
  11. Ask Wei Phyo and his mate. Who goes swimming at 2 am in the rain? Who gets up at 4am to go back to the beach, with only 2 hours sleep after a drunken nite on the booze. Who puts a smashed phone in a plastic bag and hides it. Wei Phyo says he did all of the above.
  12. Looking on the Internet, prints must be obtained from a clean, dry service. The plastic sitting in humid weather would have been full of condensation. Getting prints would be impossible. Back to you detective. Yes, we all miss aleg. Especially since he was right all along and we were all wrong. Guilty is the verdict.
  13. Oooohhhh, what's that? ?don't have a smart reply for Wei Phyo told the police he had the phone, so change the subject. I never said anyone wielded a hoe. He was there. he's lying about that. He's not fessing up. They gambled on a chat site getting them off. In the real world , reality won the day.
  14. Same thing. Still pay the driving school and get a garanteed pass.
  15. The phone was in the bush for more than 2 weeks during the rainy season. So I guess the police used their training to determine fingerprints testing would be something dreamed up on thaivisa. Not to mention, if Wei Phyo said he "found" the phone and his friend was a witness and confirmed the phone is from Wei Phyo. Why would they even need fingerprints sherlock? ?