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  1. He has a real family. A loving single mother that was working very hard to pay for his care. The caregivers (one a person in the army ) put boiling water down the boys pants. His loving mother refused to give up and even though she was threatened has stayed the course to press charges. So far the police have not. Suddenly this drug bs comes up. The mother is wonderful.
  2. No, because they must be a company and hire 4 thai for 1 foreigner. That's 40000 baht a month for the salaries plus provident fund and taxes
  3. Believe it or not, my thai friend has just put 26000 baht in some American soldier bank and thinks he will receive a package today. He's very upset but does not believe me it is a scam. What should we do Who do we report to
  4. They are just the tip of the iceberg. I am surprised they have been allowed to live ,with the knowledge they must have.
  5. So when is the soldier going to be arrested? ? It sounds like a case of I'll drop my drug case if you drop your child abuse case. Rotters all the way.
  6. Yes but his name is not .... Not Applicable.
  7. To be out on bail he must have submitted the intention to file appeal Einstein.
  8. Omg, he appealed. 😂😂😂😂😂 What a dumbass
  9. That's right, then he will spend a few years in judicial limbo waiting to go back to court. If loses, which is highly likely, with the video, there is no dispute that he did that. I guess they would be appealing the sentence, which is at the bottom of the barrel of low anyway. So next lowest would be 2 years and suspended. Or the full 5 years for being an idiot and going back to court. if he chose to appeal it he might actually recieve justice from the stress of a long drawn out appeal.
  10. I just don't understand these lawyers that advise their clients to appeal. 2 and a half years! !!he should be doing cartwheels of happiness. He'll be out in 18 months with good behaviour. An appeal will last years and he might get the 5 years he deserves. Thai lawyers never seem to have the clients best interests in mind.
  11. What an outstanding career he has had. I am proud of him that he had the highest dignity to resign.
  12. Well that spells it out to all those uninformed going on about being promoted based on merit. This man has earned his stripes and well deserved the top position. It would be interesting to see the merits of the judge that got the job. With all that he has done for the judiciary, all they can come up with is he is not suitable for the job. Since they say he made the wrong decision in a drugs case, I guess they will have to let all those drug lords have a retrial now.
  13. Why don't you get an education visa and go study part time. There must be something you'd like to learn.