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  1. They well know about this and fail to stop it. Parents are paying hundreds of thousands only to find out that their kids are not allowed to graduate because of a substandard degree.
  2. And this poor man might get 7 years for a mistake about the brand of a bag. It's just so sad.
  3. Leaving with Children

    And change they do. Tread very slowly and carefully. If she feels any pressure, she will panic. C A L M. From you. Do not freak her out asking about borders and immigration stuff. After you have finished your custody agreement. Nicely ask her to go to the office and sign the paper for them to leave the country. It probably would be best to get the custody agreement before you start raving on about whisking them out of the country.
  4. So a university rector faces a long prison term for mistaking a market purse for a hermes. Just when I thought the red bowl issue topped the charts for flabergastation, I am blindsided by a hermes that is not a hermes.
  5. Obviously you are not familiar with sarcasm.
  6. The same way as an American family live on food stamps in the freezing winter.
  7. So by their analogy, bringing more refugees that are the families of violent refugees will reduce the crime rate. Hmmm. The mind boggles.
  8. I think I understand it the way you understand it But what law is it from.
  9. Maybe prayuts brother could take the lead. Or what about new young blood. His nephew.
  10. What goes around comes around. Ooohhhh what a pity.
  11. The last time this happened a few years ago. The truth came out that the boys escaped to escape from the alleged constant sexual abuse and alleged abuse by guards. They horrible places and all such places in the west have been closed down these days. The investigation into the abuse in England, Australia, nz are continuing 20 to 30 years later. Bless the young boys that got away.
  12. But I saw in another post that you can get naturalisation if you did a degree in Thailand. That's according to ubonjoe. But Arkady says that you must be married or have pr. So, thoughts please
  13. British man missing in Thailand

    What's the update?
  14. Cambodian's are killed at thai construction sites through sheer negligence on the part of the contractors every year. How many million do you think their families get? ?