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  1. There was a story in another paper. The attorney general or someone high up requested that the case not be closed as the investigation is not complete. I think it was in that article that said they wouldn't rule out the possibility of interviewing her in England. If she has evidence, she can give her testimony by Skype. The deadline for her to file a complaint is 25 September, so big joke shouldn't be doing a victory dance just yet.
  2. If I had a dollar for every young lady that said she was pregnant, then faked losing it ,to get someone that she loves back. Well, I'd be a millionaire. There are worse things. Move on now.
  3. The people that shared it are living in Thailand. They are most likely thai. I really hope this lady comes forward with her dna evidence. It would be too dangerous for her to come to thailand, but at least that would show that an event of sexual nature did in fact accur.
  4. What's stopping her is that after a 1 day investigation by big joke, no court case, and no judgement, bj and the leaders of the island have decided that nothing happened and the case should be closed. Prosecutions against several people have been filed. He and his cronies have threatened to file cases against this 19 year old girl, and she would likely face arrest with no bail if she set foot in Thailand. This is an age old tactic of rich against poor, where the original case is aborted with no trial, followed by several countersuits. The goal is to force the original accuser to drop the case. Sad to say, it works almost every time. I have had this done to me and a couple of other thaivisa posters the same. Masters of trickery, all of them.
  5. From what I have read of marital law, foreigners are entitled to use the same law as everyone else even though you cannot own the land. If the property is bought at the time of your marriage, even without a will, you are entitled to 50 percent share. The other 50 percent is shared between you and the heirs, so if 2 children then you would be entitled to a third each. At the time of buying the house (if married) then by law both signatures are needed so I imagine that information is kept. I am not sure, but I think they can't sell the land without your signature. If you have your marriage certificate and her death certificate, I think you can go to the district office and get a copy of the land titles. Then you can take the children to court for them to either buy your share or sell the property. It depends greatly on these issues. 1. You are legally married with a certified marriage certificate. 2. You bought the property at the time you were married. 3. Proof that you used your own money or her money that was earned during the marriage and not before the marriage.
  6. Whose money did she buy them with? ? Isn't it marital property?
  7. greenchair

    Street vendors on the march in Bangkok

    Until they have a proper welfare programme, that provides elderly, single parents, unemployed and various other groups with a livable payment per month , they have to let people work in anyway they can. The jobs of begging, motorcycle drivers and street hawkers is similar to a person receiving a benefit in the west ,albeit they have to get out of bed. In the west money is taken from the rich to pay the less fortunate and keep them off the streets. I think the rich should not get everything. Let the people make a living or pay the taxes so they can stay home.
  8. greenchair

    My first rice cooker - what do I do wrong? (it sticks in pan)

    1.It's a cheap rice cooker. It should be non stick Teflon. 2. Also I add a teaspoon of oil to the rice which helps a lot. 3. Always fill pot with water half an hour before washing. All the rice will remove easily.
  9. Yes, tell that to the hundreds of thousands of new cases every year. Hiv is making huge new comeback. It's a hideous disease and public awareness needs to remain high. If hiv sufferers are stigmatised by that too bad.
  10. Not if the person is going around deliberately infecting other people. Then it comes under the public safety and information laws. His picture can be on the front page.
  11. After what allegedly happened to her, she most likely will say thank you for banning a return to thailand.
  12. He has arrested a couple of Thais for renting out 1 16 year old girl, a 13 and 15 year old boys. Hardly a complete investigation. The likelihood that she was the first girl before getting caught is slim. A proper investigation would likely uncover dozens of victims and likely several years younger than 16. As usual big joke races threw like a whirlwind only to move on when the true investigation should begin. Like the rape victim on KT. Goes for a few days, no dna on rocks, no dna in the room therefore no rape occurred. Close the case and prosecute her back.It's ridiculous.
  13. When he wins the sticthed up election , how is he going to function without section 44 ?