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  1. Do you really want to eat all those? It is very weird
  2. Why do people eat papaya salad when it smells like a toilet?

    No, it doesn't. It is very tasty in fact.
  3. bottom pain, sciatica? recommendations?

    Mattresses that you use are a very important thing. I suggest you to use from http://www.urbanmattress.com/ and you will feel better.
  4. Gmail - Apple Issues

    No, never had problems with this issue.
  5. I had the same problem with my last mattress. I have moved here very recently and previously lived in the US. I got a topper from http://www.urbanmattress.com/ as they offer sleep accessories as well and my back pain disappeared. The foam topper however was the suitable size for a single bed. Not sure if they deliver here, or even if they do it might be quite expensive but i advice having a look to see if you can get any other solution ideas. Alternatively, buy a new mattress from a local store, try it on the store and talk to the sales person explaining your preferences. Even if the price looks higher at first, it is not that bad in the long run, at least you can get something of quality instead of trying to fix something uncomfortable and never getting positive results
  6. Sentence Builder

    I probably shouldn't ask this here but i couldn't find a relevant thread, can you advice me where to find an affordable thai language course in Bangkok
  7. Easy way to find cheapest ticket

    skyscanner or booking.com but i prefer skyscanner
  8. Advice On Mattress Toppers

    try a latex layer on top