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  1. I'm seeing a conflict between pro brand and/or inverter AC's in this thread. What are the facts? We're nearing the tail end of new construction & have been planning on installing Daikins. My concerns are pulling as few amps as possible when these units start/run, and of course the cost. I think any decent brand runs pretty quiet and does what it's intended for (my ears are ringing all the time anyways). IMO the energy consumption labels on a lot of brands are a little misleading, but that could just be me. Thanks!
  2. Outstanding. Thanks much!
  3. HD has always outsourced parts. Yep, the bikes will be cheaper here but still overpriced as far as I'm concerned. Personally, I never buy parts from Harley, here or in the States. Overpriced & too many aftermarket companies out there that do more R&D and are not hampered by the EPA. I remember reading recently about HD laying off workers in 1 or both of their US plants. Maybe this is part of their grander scheme. HD does far more R&D in marketing than on the quality of their machines. Having said that, I've considered riding other machines many of times & am still more comfortable on HD's (touring models). The ergonomics & sound of the primitive flywheels design is where it's at for me.
  4. Much appreciated info! 2 more questions; When I hear varnish, my brain pictures glossy. Is there any reality in that? If there's any gloss I would like it to be minimal. Have a lot going on now; Can the doors sit on the back burner for a while or is this high humidity a threat of distorting the doors while hanging untreated? The way we built, inside the house is always significantly cooler than outside but the humidity content may be the same. Thanks!
  5. Forgot to add; is there any stain brands to be avoided or are they all pretty compatible?
  6. Sorry for delayed response. On site and/or chasing down materials every day. They're see-yah-dang Crossy. Sounds like a lot of work Bankruasteve. What's the minimum in "as many times as you can muster" for a quality job? Maybe better to take off the frames & work with a couple at a time rather than doing that on the hinges. Also, is there any urgency being in the heavy humidity time of year? Thanks!
  7. Just had our doors installed (another battle with hack subs). Anyways, they're all solid wood & we would like them stained. 1- I'm thinking since it's so humid now time may be of the essence. ??? 2- Some of the doors have darker/lighter tones in the wood. Would a darker stain be suggested to get some consistency? 3- Is there brands preferred or to be avoided? 4- Would any pre-treatment be suggested? (my concern is bugs & moisture, bathroom doors are solid wood also but have decent size windows & exhaust fans) 5- I'm assuming we should lay down some poly & get some coverage on the bottom of the doors? Maybe termite repellent alone down there? 6- Would anything be suggested over the stain? (varnish, ect.. we don't want any glossy effect, just a clean wood look if possible) Sorry for the amateurish questions, I have zero experience with this. Thanks in advance!
  8. My argument would've been time between ordering & in your hand. The wagos were at my door in 5 days from Lazada, but I'm still waiting on the knock offs (just over 2 weeks now). Very unpredictable as with the Chinese companies. Haven't ordered from banggood yet but the few things I have ordered from UK companies were pretty consistent @ 1.5-2 weeks. Can't beat consistency & price. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. If anyone's interested, Lazada has wagos and wago knock offs (not sure of the quality in the knock offs). No doubt wiring's a trip here. In the house we're currently renting, I don't like my wife unplugging the rice cooker, disconnected the door bell & grateful to have gas heating the water. After an issue in the distribution box I curiously used my loop tester on the outlets. 1/3 of them had no ground or P-N was reversed. Don't like to think of what might be goin on in the attic. Looking forward to our new construction getting done but I'm the only one who shows up to work every day. That's a whole nother story which I'm sure wouldn't be new or original to most here. http://www.lazada.co.th/wago-3-10-970346.html?ff=1
  10. That headline vs what those poor, hardworking people endure is XXXXXXX depressing!
  11. And a great deal of these irritable, ungrateful people don't even need to be there. Bog down the system for some paracetamol. I know emergency room nurses take a lot of crap from patients also, don't know what an 8 hour day is, and occasionally work 3 shifts with about 5 hours of sleep somewhere within that 3 shift stretch. God bless them & the best of luck to them!!!
  12. Don't forget, monkman spit on the cabs floor. Monkmen are just as materialistic with fragile egos as the majority here.
  13. I can't remember where Nong Bua is, but I'm currently building in Lamphun. Do you have the lot/land there? After you do the research petermik suggested, http://www.coolthaihouse.com/forum/ among other sites, you can contact me for a general contractor. We got 3 bids & settled on this guy. His subs do above average work (for standards within these borders). At 70% completion I couldn't tell ya what we'll have into our build yet. I'm deeply involved & we're not going cheap. Definitely not over the top either. There's a lot of quality, communication & monetary variables. Depending on how involved you are in the project will determine how much stress you have to suit up for. If you're serious, the DIY forums here are loaded with invaluable knowledge! I'm grateful to several people here. Good luck
  14. Thanks Crossy. That never occurred to me since the few connections that are in there were tight, or welded. May have been cooking for some time. One less thing to worry about.
  15. This is more of a read than a plea for knowledge. It's from where we're renting and anxiously anticipating our new build completion. I found this problem with the sensors in my nose. Actually faintly noticed it a few times before thinking to investigate. I opened all the breakers & asked the wife to call the landlord to ask for permission using an outlet & extension cord off his house next door for our fridge. She told her version of what happened which got the moo bahn involved (they're building new homes here so construction personal are on hand). They told my wife to "turn everything back on & mai bpen rai, it's perfectly normal". I had to prove to my wife it wasn't normal & very dangerous. I could turn on any given breaker with as little as a fan or light pulling from it. That 1 neutral wire @ the bar would get up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit (clocked with IR gun) within 3 minutes (glowing). Now I have a believer. Note: voltage was always, & still is around 232. When I first noticed this it was 300 F. The cement wall where the conduit traveled up to the attic was very warm. Not wanting to get into this I tried something simple, cutting that chard N wire (screw was welded from heat) from the bar & the one next to it, removed the burnt sections & reconnected them @ the right side of the bar. Phenomenally, everything ran at room temperature after this simple action. Only a few breakers pick up N & G from the box, no MEN connection & I don't want to know what goes on in the attic. I have enough on my plate to get into this so for now only some precautionary measures. Fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, landlord's aware, insurance policy's up to date & high gear on our new build. I know bad wiring is nothing unique here but just thought I'd share.