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  1. Cost of new meter - Double 'for farang'

    Exactly what we paid 4 months ago, down to the sahtang.
  2. Woman found electrocuted in bathroom

    Now that is some funny sh!!t!
  3. static shock on the gate

    If you can cut the power to that doorbell do it, and get someone qualified to square things away out there. It may not be pretty if someone's standing in a puddle of water poking at that switch. I recently heard a horror story similar to your situation.
  4. Concrete sealer

    IMO, if it's already poured & cured, don't bother and in most cases the concrete work you get here isn't worth sealing. If you do want to seal it, Cure & Seal/Curing Compound is probably the best way to go. Immediately after brooming spray it on. It will help retain moisture in the concrete, slowing the curing down for more strength and leave a protective coat behind. I've been pouring & finishing myself using the cure & seal in the pic. It's nothing like the xylene based stuff I was using back in the States but it seems to work well & it's all I could find here (@ Do Home). Be careful though; I poured next to our tiled steps & of course got some concrete splatter on the tile & inadvertently sealed it. It really hardened it on there;-( Getting it on painted surfaces isn't a issue, it can easily be touched up over with paint.
  5. The only wrong here is the crazy old machete weilding nut bag should've been punched out and disarmed at the orginal confrontation site. Not cold cocked in a school yard!
  6. Chinese tanks arrive ahead of schedule

    Yea, but ya have to admit; it looks cool, and intimidating;-)
  7. It's simply education vs ignorance & sheer laziness. There's recycle points all over the country & in our moo bahn, garbage bags are 5 Baht (includes pick up). Seems it would be more difficult sneaking around dumping illegally & even the simplest moron knows it's wrong.
  8. Same ol, same ol....... Nobody inspects these commercial rigs (should be done a couple times a day), and anyone can get behind the wheel. Actually I don't know what the requirements are here for a commercial license & if there's different classes of them. Other side of the planet it would require a class A for a rig like that. Anyone have knowledge of this? Miracle no one else was injured!
  9. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    We didn't even get a PEA vehicle for our inspection. I did a lot of research & was beyond prepared for it. Ornery old dude who obviously hated his job pulled up on an old Honda Wave, he didn't want to see squat. Asked if I had a ground & lightning rod, signed off & left. He was pissed because he had to look at 5 houses that day.
  10. Shed/Store room

    The only way most people part with their junk (stuff we'll certainly need in the near future) is before, during & immediately after a move. We recently did a move & I'm still making an occasional run to the recycle yard. The folks that work there wai me upon arrival;-) I find myself already starting to accumulate this stuff again but am in denial;-( Of course this rule doesn't apply to hoarders.
  11. Last time I swam off that beach was 2002 or so. It was disgusting, swore never again and I've done some pretty crazy sh!t in my life. Prior to that had my foot ripped open jogging on that beach. Someone else can enjoy all that "world class".
  12. Loop Test #'s Help Please

    Outstanding Crossy! Now I can use this thing to it's full potential;-) Also cleared up what needs doing to make the in-laws water heater safe. Thanks once again for your time!
  13. Loop Test #'s Help Please

    Thanks Crossy! PE & PN #'s are never remotely close on any circuit in our home. Even at the parents in laws home with no MEN which is what spurred my confusion/curiosity. I'll be installing a water heater in their bathroom & tested a circuit i'd like to power the heater from. Voltage fluctuations are common here, seen @ 220V-250. 246V now & the rare extreme drops. I have digital voltage meters in the DB's that read about 5 volts higher than the loop tester reads on circuits. Yes, MEN in place at our house, always. There's a run of about 15 meters from meter to pole box with a main breaker. Than aprox 26 meters to distribution boxes, all with aluminum 25mm2. Ground bars at DB's & pole box are linked with the same sized cable. DB's are grounded at 2 points: Rod earthed in a damp a area & an extra columns rebar that's not attached to trusses. I do consistently get a High Mains Noise Please Wait message from every test. Does any of this help explain the large PE-PN difference? Should I be concerned about correcting anything? Also, if a PFC of 77A is good, what's the happy happy (hi/low) parameters? Thanks again!
  14. I'm using a Martindale EZ2500 loop tester & may have been misinterpreting the #'s. I can't find anything that actually defines the abbreviations, gives a good target # area for the system you're running on and the why's. Can anyone help with this by using the photo as an example for defining? If so, please go heavy on the details. Laymen details;-) I'm on single phase, a 15/45 meter and MEN connection. Thanks in advance!
  15. Consumer Unit basics

    Blast from the near past. One of my many go to threads for my electrical;-) I too would like to hear the answer to your question. I have 2 distribution boxes, 1st din rail than a plug-in CU. Most of my RCBO's are Schneiders in the CU; however, I have one (exactly what your inquiring on) in the din rail box & would like to add more. No doubt, very cheap next to the Schneiders. The one I have seems to work fine. Got a diagnosis of that circuit when hooking it up. There was a shared neutral & it wouldn't work till I found & corrected it. Looking forward to response on your post Richard!