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  1. leeneeds

    Fleeing Thaksin hit with second arrest warrant

    They will try and ban his ashes next,
  2. leeneeds

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    Death penalty should be kept and used when heinous crimes are committed and beyond any sliver of doubt, Absolute conclusive, non tampered with evidence, there would be more reasons not to carry out the sentence because of so many doubts, but where you have in some cases admission, and barbaric crimes committed against fellow humans, then society should have the right to remove the right to live, some people are just evil, mitigation of drugs , alcohol, love, lack of defence monies or inept defence the list is very long, on grounds to keep these people incarcerated for very long periods or life, and there are some (not many) who fall in to that level of evilness that warrant removal, yesterday this same argument was raised and if you remember just recently the fellow who cut up his business partner, he should forfeit his life, no question, so some do fall over that compassion line and as a society we need to have lines if you like, or parameters of the law and acceptance of going out side of that parameter, there are consequences that society will come down hard on. I agree with most a very touchy and complex subject any doubt at all then no death penalty but the fellow mentioned above, that was calculated, premeditated and hidden to deceive, and used the proceeds to enhance his life, so what justice does this victim have, he can not speak from the grave, and if he could, I think we all know what his request of sentence would be to the judge presiding over sentencing, so does the victim have a voice, no its lost in arguments of law, and badgered compassion. Some how we have started to lose sense of right and issues are starting to get pulled and stretched and muddled, you have no right to kill period, but mitigating situations and circumstances do happen in this complex life. When it is a case as above then no question you should be removed from society and lessen the burden.
  3. leeneeds

    Family not notified of man's execution

    Poor form really, as a society compassion for the family to be notified should be a right, even a smart phone conversation should have been given, or offered,
  4. There can be no doubt whats so ever on giving some one the needle, if there is doubt, then never be released should be the sentence, some people are just evil, and as a society we need to be free of such burdens and show those who cross the law line and take life will face very hard consequences, (as an example) the man who cut up his friends body for his money (needle him) the axe ex-husband just lately needle him, where it is contentious from mitigating circumstances the needle can not be used, some reasons, being limited defence abillity doubt over evidence , inconsistent eye witness, etc, there would be many reasons not to needle, far more than to needle, but clearly if a doubt is present no death sentence should happen, I believe certain offenders do deserve to forefit their right to live as the two above mentioned.
  5. First photo showing two strap down beds does this mean a ramping up,
  6. WE all have to start somewhere dealing with the waste, go with out if you do not want to pay, really what is 2 baht, maybe we have a new way to pay street beggars give them a cup
  7. Fighting the soldiers or throwing a grenade, a little difference in language used, in the act of throwing so the pin was pulled ? We never heard about the maimed victims from the blast, or did some one catch the grenade and put the pin back in. (movie fantasy) Grieving for ever this looks like for the family, some really bad things happen here and this one,
  8. Way too late,on imbalance of trade, now only minimal damage will be done to China, insatiable thirst that can not be filled, China has for years copied and unilaterally gained where possible technology they did not produce at home, US debt is running at 21 trillion, China has 1.18 trillion of that debt and that is trouble for China how to extricate ones holding of so much dollar. If they float the RMB it will become the main player on money markets, the USA will have to take a back seat, Numero uno no more.
  9. Where did he get the 357 from? not a cheap pistol
  10. 44 used to hurry up the delay in a free vote, I am amazed.
  11. So long overdue, some positive people do existent , not so hard to have a canvas folded or rolled away bag,
  12. It will never happen to me mentality. wrong time right place it happens to you, clever thieves
  13. Harmful sad world live in, depraved humans are everywhere, so morally corrupt it turns my stomach.
  14. Defence budget includes updated Dalek models superdopper laser beam satellites magnetic field force deflector shield bum recognition, electric jolting chair to who ever thinks they have the right to sit in the PM's chair, just to name a few,