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  1. After just one fatality safety systems and procedures needed an overhaul, to have 8 deaths is way over the top, accountability, engineering and risk management sadly lacking. " I go to work and would like to come home again in the same state of health" not to much to ask in 2017, R.I.P
  2. Baby steps are still just that, and a step in the right direction, Instructors need to have the road sense as well, other wise more of the same dum teaching,= incompetent new licensed driver
  3. Bring on the new Disney characters for Thailand orange the abbott, bull the red tax -sin all come with authentic miniature passports, A voodoo doll for some,
  4. Typos are an everyday occurrence, somebody on eBay will buy the ticket,
  5. I wish her safety and security for the rest of her days, I hope she can move on
  6. One way ticket / immigration /police/lawyers integrity is an amazing thing, sadly non existent in this entwined sordid and SOLID case.
  7. Getting something for free, well done, who knows what these young people will turn out to be, most I would bet would become open minded, wide vision thinking people, who would be generous and be a positive contributing human,
  8. The purchase of the submarines with free missiles, (buy one get one free ) buy one high speed train get one free, too devalue the baht will be the next hit on the economy if wanton spending on non critical items is not reigned in the IMF boffins would be correct in their assessment.
  9. A foul deed rape is, society is to lenient in its punishment for such crimes, trauma can last a life time for the victims , I used to advocate removal of family jewels but now consider the death penalty an appropriate sentence., when you consider all the charges combined that would be attached to such a crime as this. I hope the young lady has internal fortitude,
  10. The newly to be defrocked monk will now request alms and making merit, rescinding his retirement, the mentality of these three amigos adds up to -- 0.03
  11. looks well fed clean , shame he can not grasp concept of humanity
  12. The maturity was none existent in this 41 year old numb nut. shoot straight executioner
  13. How many gods still exist in 2017, sure have come along way from the early pagans , romans , religion still devides and separates humans Man lands on Mars sets up the first out post, there is no god there now, can man leave behind these myths, and live together as a human race devoid of any god, gods I wish I could see the day.