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  1. I am sure every body has the time and money to waste on a trip to Bangkok, A 5 year ban from politics, would that be enough for the Junta. Governments everywhere waste monies on failed scheems and investments, a classic in Australia is there rolling out the NBN national broadband network, 14 odd billion so every household can connect to the internet, a slow, down load speed that Many countries who do not have the smarts supposedly or money have far superior internet speed Thailand being one of them. With some of their purchases, this current government could be accused of the same wastage.
  2. "- The court may start hearing the case against the defendant in absentia, three months after the person’s escape." good enough for the goose good enough for the ,abbott , Red Bull ,
  3. "The point is to use up any excess monies so future gov'ts can't use them." No excess here, borrowed in favorable terms just ask the Chinese
  4. Where are the threats? that need such amounts of money spent, So much good could be done for the people with their own money, 222.4 billion baht budget next year, are we are in a bull market ? No extra spending on education, health, pensions, I fail to understand the lack of forward progressive and encompassing society thinking, another wasted opportunity to be true leaders of the people, ( image is 1 billion dollars ,)
  5. Obviously you do not look at the width of the road if you think this driver could not see, I have driven in more countries than I have fingers and toes, I drive all the time from Home to Bangkok, and return , you have no idea about vision , reaction time and being aware, LOOKING means looking at the whole road, the pick up driver has a huge window to view through, watching traffic slowed , brake lights and being aware of signs you have passed or are coming up, are all their to help you avoid numb nuts such as this driver, it is up to your self wether you take those indicators on board, I for one do , and do so on a regular basis and have done so in many countries around the world and will continue to do so ,
  6. physilogical imbalances are prevelant every where, Thailand has more than its fair share within the military re evaluation does not take place, your in, your immune.
  7. then you also do not look ahead when you drive, I drive all the time to Bangkok and return to Korat I have seen this many times , avoided one myself because I look ahead around and to the rear constantly aware where I am who is in front and who is behind and coming up,, tunnel vision is a crime when you drive,
  8. Both drivers not looking
  9. when the government of the day is focused on military spending, what reforms and spending needed to reform and lift the skill set of the education system is never going to happen, in my life time,
  10. Nepotism will always be number 1 if you can not help your family what good are you.
  11. Your village head not doing her , his job ? sorry to hear that
  12. The purchase of the new vaporizing laser in 2019 is still to come. soldier==. " if the enemy have them lasers too, how do we combat them?" military boss== " ah well we purchase the deflecting mirror suits!" soldier== "if they have them too our laser will be useless " Military boss == " well then we buy the new nano particle condensing sphere "
  13. I am but a Parrot, Training, "a shifting load is an unsecured load"
  14. Done a great job on roads, up my way,
  15. Short and concise, emotions rising here will not save her money.