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  1. 1 lady in the photo, ratio is so unbalanced,
  2. Discrimination! my field is not listed,
  3. Partial is never good enough unless 7 points are the same on a full print, If I truly bought the tickets I would appeal.
  4. Your life ,your money, do as you wish enjoy the positional changes, that may help you in rushing to the conclusion.
  5. Free press is in- valuable at these times of prepardness of the forth coming election.
  6. what did you expect,
  7. Article 44 will bring the story out surely. a rule for them and us prevails again.
  8. Interpretation of encompassing words will go round and round and the argument to use article 44 in any situation will be bogged down after the fact of implementation.
  9. Trafficking probe over 20 victims at parlour

    No more, secrets's at Victoria's Will the police claim they were, on occasional visits to be undercover , or on top of the situation, Thinking with the small engorged head, presents problems for sane men, who suddenly lose all sense of rational,
  10. Killer elephant being hunted in five provinces

    No tusks , no self esteme are we talking about Jumbo or Dumbo here,
  11. Only trouble is the current crop of candiates are the same ones, will the buying of votes happen (yes ) until some new faces are seen and policies are revealed, nothing has changed since 2014 , just the date.
  12. Extradition of Yingluck not easy: PM Prayut

    Yingluck is on a shopping holiday, coming home prior to the new election date is, not wanted, not needed, will not be requested, will not be pursued.
  13. Don't go on the Toll way if you don't want to pay very simple,
  14. Having the cameras , to help disseminate fact from fiction for both driver and passenger, as both no doubt can act inappropriately.