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  1. Cowards nothing more,
  2. leeneeds

    Thai Customs Department targets online shopping

    Alibaba, Lazada the rules are clear as mud, if they allow the sending of whatever is bought instead of hanging on to the item for weeks on end it may help some of us,
  3. NO will to do serious damage prior to sending these shipments, how many get through?
  4. IT is a good that you have no say in the matter! only your opinion
  5. leeneeds

    Sek Loso: A loose cannon with nothing to lose

    Khun Sek got out of bed on the wrong side , or just saw the true manipulations for what they were and are,
  6. leeneeds

    Complaint over breast implant gone badly wrong

    A rich amount of money spent. 1,320,000 and was returned 150,000 to keep her silence, bodily image has its costs when research is not done, getting a second opinion on surgeries, would be paramount, more than a handful is waste they say, some truth to that saying in this case,
  7. Only watered garden last night, it has been trying to rain, the wind blows whatever clouds that have precipitation away, walking up to the Mun river where we have a weir installed, the water flow is below the steel gate, so inflow into this region is still low, a down pour would be very nice, thank you Zeus
  8. I have seen so many dead dogs left on the road after being hit or fallen from pickups, no care or responsibility taken by their owners, (great carers they are) soi dogs that continue to harass and bite innocent kids and still the dogs are left to roam the streets unchecked, The cost of vaccination and the duty should not be on local administrators, but the owners them selfs, dying of rabies is not FATE!
  9. I would donate to a world tax on paying for removal of garbage from the oceans, our footprint is doing so much damage, Governments need pushing by the masses, all too late when we can not eat anything from the oceans,
  10. leeneeds

    Thai Finance Minister vows low loan rates

    Profit is the only game for banks, how ever you want to sugar coat it khun Aphisak, a speeding up on decisions may help some.
  11. Just trying to make a living your honour
  12. leeneeds

    Govt investigating report of missing rice

    They really need to go back to using the abacus when dots are used in caculations it is amazing how many people get it wrong. testing of the counters mathematical skills would be front and center. Only the other day some bank transfer dots were put in the wrong place and the lucky lady had all of a sudden 20 odd million in her account, she was honest and reported to the bank, but the Kiwi couple who had 7-9 million I can not remember the exact amount, well they with drew and went on a mad spending holiday trip, pursued by the law, so how does one lose so many bags of rice , maybe it just was not there,
  13. Such a mineral rich country, with iron ore , gold , coal and largest oil deposit, it will be a long process to turn around their future.
  14. In the pursuit of happiness, retail therapy will alleviate any stress at this particular juncture in time for her