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  1. leeneeds

    Thailand steps away from coal

    Solar power has made huge strides in becoming more efficient and the average light in Thailand would be around 9 hours of electricity producing power from panels, i AGREE ! more proactive approaches from the government and incentive schemes are needed to get away from fossil fuels which are still so destructive.
  2. Baht is still strong, GDP is still moving 3.3 and upwards, infrastructure is being built, corruption has been reigned in a little and so very hard to do with generations of support, Swapping one brother sister act for the betterment of the country, has been a better result than if those two who were still raping the assets of the country where ever they could, Khun Prayut has done a good job in my opinion, no one else around that i have seen that has wanted to change the image and entrenched history of doing business here, and yes i get it is a junta who took power , stopped the killing and made parties go back to their corners, Being the strategist the general is i doubt very much anything will change come February, having started the dismantling processes so ingrained, only short sighted people think he is not here for the long term,