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  1. I've copied this news article and will show it to the next Immigration Officer that asks me why I have not left Thailand for many years! It appears International travel from Immigration, to security inspections, to over bookings, to aggressive, unreasonable flight attendants, aircraft engine fires, to bird strikes and terror scares worldwide, makes me want to pass on all the nonsense!
  2. I predict the New York Times will be up for sale soon with no offers!
  3. The teacher's parents probaby routinely used this form of child abuse/mind control on the teacher. No wonder why home schooling is becoming more popular with all the teachers in the news displaying their metal disorders.
  4. Waking in the middle of traffic? Why?

    They do it for attention and because they can get away with It! Not to worry, a day will come when you see one or all of the misfits smashed into a vehicles grill or dragged under a vehicle for 5 blocks!
  5. It could result from a disruption in the wi-fi. Erase your cookies if you can; give it a rest and try a few hours later. Sometimes bank security systems sense possible fraud and block transactions for a few hours. I've had that happen to me., especially with international transactions.
  6. A very ignorant comment. Many a nude photograph has been posted on the Internet and ruined that person's life in later years for employment and political positions. Many people have committed suicide from bullies posting nude and clothed photos with derogatory comments on the Internet ruining families. Serial Killers and pedophiles search the Internet for targets and locations to satisfy their supply of sick and deadly fetishes. In the U.S. minor children daily, are taken away from their parents for alleged abuse, endangerment, and a host of other allegations while the parents go to jail. In most cases the state wins all court arguments. Sadly, it is alleged that many of the same children are found in unspeakable places, and rescued.
  7. Hey....stupid lady who complained....put your clothes and your daughter's clothes on and you will have more privacy and less chance of your daughter getting filmed, projected on the Internet, molested, murdered, and her being taken away from you from some government agency!
  8. I find pebbles mixed with clay more filling and free!
  9. Squatting is good way to be able to afford feeding the dogs. 555
  10. The elderly and people with health concerns should not have stairs in their homes for many reasons. If they do there should be hand rails for support and security. If there is an angry person behind you near a stairs let them go first!
  11. Time to communicate with the family! If they ignore you leave for a few days and find backup! If the family asks why you left tell them why in a serious, soft tone. It sounds like they are bored with you! You just described why the divorce rate in the world is in record numbers. And why the younger generation are not getting married, nor having children. Time to cut back on spending and that may disclose the truth of the relationship. Leave a voice activated recorder going to hear what they are saying about you behind your back! Only if you can handle the truth!
  12. Tourism arrivals on the rise

    The title should include Cambodia!
  13. Is that after the Washington D.C., military coup or after Trump's, kangaroo court, Grand Jury impeachment proceeding announced today! Or after the new laws proposed that will create problems for his Defense? I wonder if he will even return to the White House battle grounds after his vacation?
  14. Love can be a serious mental illness!