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  1. I've tried to donate blood here off and on for 12 years and they keep telling me I'm too old! LOL The last time I took a younger friend to the Red Cross collection center in Bangkok and he was 48. They told him he as too old and said goodbye...
  2. No problem.... Count it first and put a paper clip on all 10, 1000 THB notes, 100's and 20's. Lay all bundles out, including everything under 10, for the bank camera to see or photo/video it yourself. Watch them count it twice. Have them update the bank book, secure the deposit slip and check everything for accuracy. I never had a problem with Kasikorn Bank in 12 years making deposits.
  3. Billions around the world presently aren't paying expenses as they lost everything. They are eating out of garbage cans. Storable food prices have doubled and tripled over the years and if sent to disaster areas the investment would be five times what you paid for it when sold in small quantities.
  4. This should be no surprise to anyone in the age of independent, better dealers. For most, it's all about security. Times have changed for most single people. Two can play that game. Rent them by the hour cheap, and pay them to go away and pursue their goal of 5000! In time they will go back to their village looking old, unhappy and tired, like many who leaving now.
  5. The SP-500 is only 500 large Corporations that bought back their own stock as the herd has been heading for the doors for years! You are cherry picking your numbers going back 5 years on gold. The correct answer is it depends on who you talk to! The best investment is storable food, and water worldwide. In time hyper-inflation, world currency devaluations, war, social unrest and International commodity shortages; will send the price of food and water vertical if even available in some countries. Venezuela is a good example of that. You can't eat metal, paper, and bitcoins.
  6. LOL..I was an accident investigator for 30 years. Just because you drive doesn't mean a drunk, a product defect in your vehicle, an oncoming driver of a bus or van that falls asleep, a mud or rock slide, flash flood, a malfunctioning airbag that goes up in flames, getting T boned, or rear ended at 100, will make your life on the road any safer.
  7. I hate to disapoint you, but I have lived here for 12 years and owning an Insurance Adjustment Co. for 30 years and working for over 300 Insurance Companies and self insurers, and being a certified fire investigator, I've seen less electrical fires and Arson here than in Phoenix, AZ. I will believe you after you conducted inspections of all new structures in Thailand as that is what the OP was referencing. Don't be negative and just enjoy the country. You should be more concerned about the worldwide financial situation and all the protests, currency devaluations and slowing International trade along with retreating markets.
  8. With the current, worldwide financial/political, currency devaluations, threating wars and hyper-inflation, no one can answer that question accurately, even the 1 percenters.
  9. All cities worldwide, will in time become more dangerous with more protesting, illegal immigration, accelerated job losses, hyper-inflation, retreating financial markets and International trade along with devaluating paper currencies.
  10. Sin city reforms to w@nk@r city! More job losses and more crime...
  11. Another newbie Troll! Open your eyes to all the 5 star resorts, high rise office complexes and condos, not to mention luxury malls far superior to most U.S. Malls. Millions if not billions of miles of wiring countrywide. If your so negative go home.
  12. That is a silly question. Look around at all the 5 star resorts, high rise office complexes, luxury malls far superior to U.S. Who do you think did the millions of miles of electrical wiring countrywide, ignorant handy men? Some might allege you you are a newbie Troll.
  13. LOL Another reality show with many accusers waiting for justice.
  14. Those evil torn hanging wires, water pumps and water! It's probably best to hire a professional when dealing with electricity around water and live to party on.
  15. It's been so long I almost forgot about this reality show. Stay tuned next year!