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  1. Mental health personnel in a hospital could help him.
  2. The taxi drivers who have them will be more popular with customers.
  3. I wonder how accurate anything is anymore.....
  4. I wonder what the rest of the family looks like? Letting him eat himself to death is child abuse. He needs to be in a mental hospital away from paper and food!
  5. I'm surprised no tasers were carried by the students, nor brass knuckles visible, or dildos thrown. They sell knives, swords, tasers, brass knuckles and dildos on the street! Where there is life, there is conflict! Nice to see they were not on their cell phones...
  6. Fake news? The gall bladder is not that big. Some egg size? Better to remove the gall bladder at much less expense and time (45 minutes). A 6 hour operation seems excessive and very risky.
  7. Yes...much worse until there are flying cars!
  8. Not my fault....those damn tri-vocals. LOL
  9. Your probably o.k., but you might want to stop my the U.S. Embassy and show them the passport and perhaps they can make a recommendation. There is not enough time for a new one, but perhaps they have a form they can fill out for Immigration confirming all information.
  10. If she is 50 years younger and walking behind you, it is not recommended....555 If you are walking with your Thai daughter it is not recommended as some tourists good doers will think you are a sick person and make stupid remarks. Just walk close to her and she will let you know what she wants. As more expats leave and less tourists come, better to maintain a low profile with the single ladies.
  11. And we wonder why the citizens here are disliking us more and more? With all the negative comments about Thailand and it's citizens in Internet forums, on Facebook and Line, foreign suicides, foreign crime, and bad behavior there will soon be violence against foreigners here like in Europe. Wake up people!! Don't forget where you are.
  12. Globalism is dying and it's causing the death of the world economies, billions of lives, and the destruction of earth and nature. If it continues, humans will be extinct. If it continues the world will look like Germany after WWII! The easy answer is free markets, each country being independent and each state run by the citizens being independent of the Government, but still controlling it. Of course that probably has never happened, but that is the answer. I'm not optimistic that it will never happen as most citizens perception of good has been destroyed with fabricated stories.
  13. He also didn't stop to render medical aid and in many countries that can get you a traffic violation. On the other hand, many good Samaritans get killed on freeways from insane drivers rendering aid.
  14. Not really....it's happening worldwide. When people lose it all, with little hope, they lose it! The world economy is a mess; the financial/political news is bleak and I see similar tragedies accelerating on planet earth.