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  1. And you're a troll and disrespectful in my opinion. The ignorant, glass half-full people lost everything in all depressions, in 2008 and are currently watching their investments evaporate with the ongoing transfer of wealth. Their little manipulated minds never asked questions and followed the herd over a cliff. You need to wake up. If you don't you will need a glass half full of change to get a meal in time. Living in Costa Rica I met a lot of people from Venezuela that had a glass half full opinion and now they're picking corn out of shit to eat. Do you even know what a derivative is?
  2. If the unstable folks didn't have access to firearms they could kill them with their bare hands, knives, screwdrivers, hammers, rocks whatever. Don't believe everything you see on television or read in the newspaper. More people are saved by guns than are ever reported. Thousands of innocent civilians that recently were murdered in Chicago in the last few months wished they had a gun.
  3. Manipulated men and women reverse course and direct themselves into nightmare situations. Even you! Billions in the world have died from propaganda; manipulating them into war destroying many countries. You have already been manipulated by thinking man actually creates his own direction. Tell that to all the innocent prisoners.
  4. With the world economy in serious trouble the last place you want to be is an owner of real estate in any country. Hyperinflation, higher taxes, electric and water prices are coming and more and more job loses. If your our cash flow or tenants cash flow stops and if you can't pay all taxes and mortgage payment/s, you lose your savings. You lose even if you own the property free and clear. If the property is damaged by civil unrest, military/police action, that is not covered by insurance. In view of poor zoning, a Hooters could be developed 6 feet from your current property with music blaring all day and half the night making the property a nightmare to sell. A true example of what happened in Pattaya recently. Your neighbor could be your worst enemy, especially if he is jealous. Foreign countries always have a game plan to put the odds in their favor. Spend your money now and enjoy it. Stormy weather is ahead.
  5. Humanity is in serious trouble... What does any religious book say about families killing each other, if anything? The numbers are escalating as people lose their minds. Which reminds me of a recent quote that comes to mind; "love is a serious mental illness." Love use to be the norm and what people strived for. Love now is found in many of the wrong places with Internet dating, bars, only to find some people in denial with many problems. Hidden, covert, evil, agendas, in time reveal a playground full of all the wrong personalities. There are the independent, cash needy better dealers, alcohol and drug abusers. Which often leads to verbal and physical abuse, violence and even an occasional death.
  6. Domestic murders seem to be accelerating. Too many folks with no souls.
  7. Must be a slow news day! The drama with two women arguing over a man is normal behavior here in Paradise. He might be alone when he is released!
  8. Never liked it and the agenda behind it.
  9. The headlines should read a determined drive to make more unemployed!
  10. After 11 years living here I dread Songkron more each year. One has to wonder with all the deaths, injuries, and complains why they continue it each year.
  11. So many guests in the country losing their minds! Then considering all the western media nonsense! And we wonder why so many citizens hate us?
  12. With so many falling from balconies these days, it's probably wise to look up when walking underneath them.
  13. For all of the Trolls out there, please go out at night alone, near the beach with expensive jewelry, with no protection and walk around after 11 pm for a week and perhaps you will get the point. The morgues are full of people that have the same brain washed perception as you. As currencies devalue, stocks and bonds sell off worldwide, pensions lost, low bank interest over 10 years, billions of job losses worldwide, increased overstays, civil unrest and war spreading worldwide those who disagree will be the first to cry, if you can about bodily injury and losses.
  14. http://phuketcrime.com/ Just a small sample over a short period of time. Other Publishers left the area out of fear over the years and many similar web pages were taken down over the years.
  15. Get a life; you need therapy in my opinion. Do you have any friends left?