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  1. Human trafficking is not limited to minors. Even adults or males can be trafficked.
  2. Is this the same guy who had this Boomerang Rock Climbing joint at Chiang Rai? Sure looks like him... Jeeeezzz. Creepy!
  3. It would be GOOD if real democracy was returned to the people. It would be GOOD if foreign laborers were given fair compensation and privileges. It would be GOOD if Civilian Authority was restored. It would be GOOD if graft and corruption was eliminated or reduced substantially. It would be GOOD if the amount of illegal drugs on the street were reduced substantially. It would be GOOD if the amount of vehicular accidents leading to death or injury was halved. It would be GOOD if....da da... da da... da da...
  4. All crocodile shows should feature one or two handlers loosing an arm or a leg. The skin of the handler could be tanned and sold at department stores.
  5. Those beach vendors would gladly pay the fine for her. No worries mate...
  6. toybits

    Not-SpaceX Shows Up as Cave Rescue Becomes Circus

    This guy is just in it for the publicity. I was looking at this ridiculous plan and have the following questions for him. 1. Has he ever tried to submerge a balloon underwater? 2. Will his escape tube hold its shape while underwater? 3. When fully inflated the tube will be bouyant and rise to the roof of the cave. Will that not cause some difficulties for the exiting kids? 4. Is the material of the tube sturdy enough so as not to rip and tear? 5. How is he going to make sure the internal pressure on the tube remains constant and does not collapse? 6. What if kinks form on the tube - like a garden hose that folds?
  7. Repackaging of the LM law.
  8. Something wrong with this story. Jimmy was suspicious at first - and then plonks serious cash later on? What was left unsaid?
  9. I have started using this. The missis is very happy about it.
  10. Forming a government is like building a sand castle. Make sure to build it away from the surf. Protect that sand castle from the rude little boy that comes around to trample on your beautiful sand Castle.
  11. Timing of this raises many questions...
  12. toybits

    Thai economy surges: growth in all sectors

    Coffee shops closing, barbershop complaining of low customer numbers, restaurant across the street from wife's shop really quiet, everyone else saying business is bad. BUT the government says the economy is good and booming so - it must be BOOMING.
  13. This is the best hand-washing of responsibility I have ever seen. Amazing Thailand.
  14. The timing of this raises many questions.