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  1. Timebandit

    Question if i can sue someone

    Stupid is as stupid does. You deserve every bit of the uncomfortable feeling and uncontrollable rage.
  2. Timebandit

    where can I check USPS Shipping from US to Bangkok?

    Stuck in customs
  3. White truck driver sat there starting a very important phone call. He looked maybe 15 seconds ago and it was all clear. Equal blame on trucks. White truck for pulling infant of traffic and the covered truck for speeding.
  4. Timebandit

    Pattaya Court

    Sounds as though your biggest mistake was allowing the hospital dictate your fate. Buy crutches and get the Hell out. You are in command, not the hospital.
  5. This company may be above board but their sales clerks don't know diddly squat. I had a sales clerk last year insist that a US Eagle was pure 999.9 gold. I pointed out that it did not have the PPT or % content on the coin as most other coins do. She was interpreting "fine gold" as pure gold. The US gov't never misses an opportunity to lie to the people with slight of words. Eagles and Krugarands are among a few coins that are 92% gold and just weigh more than an oz. to carry the one oz. of gold content declaration. 92% gold content isn't even considered "gold" in Thailand but a gold alloy. The Ausiris clerk refused to see this! I had a friend shocked to be told this and took the stand the same as the clerk. He could not sell the coins here. The shops didn't want to pay to refine the alloy down to gold. I have found the best place to buy 999.9 PPT coins are at a reputable dealer in China Town or the very best place with the absolute lowest commission is in HKG at Hang Seng Bank. Do some research on this as requirements may have changed in the past 5 years with the mainland gov't tightening it's req'mts. They have pandas, kangaroos, maples and buffalos at a very low commission. Main branch straight in and down stairs to the right. All these coins are 999.9. Computer research required. Gold ETF's are asking to give your gold to someone else. A REALLY BAD CHOICE. Do not get mixed up with paper gold and real gold .Two different animals. Thai gold baht and fractional bars are an excellent insurance policy for the coming currency crisis. " Never let a crisis go to waste" Mayor of Chicago.
  6. Are you referring to the flexible one that is not flexible when inflated and bobbing around on the surface. Have you personally designed and built a submarine?
  7. He could have also killed them.
  8. Do you actually think this thing when inflated is flexible enough to go around corners? Get real! Also, the issue of exhausting CO2 hasn't been brought up. A B.I.B.S. (built-in breathing system) would be needed. The ballast system would still be a issue not to mention the cave areas where climbing is required. Buoyancy changes as air is used. strapping on air tanks violates the required envelope.This is just the short list of problems with this system. The video showed a young man popping out successfully. How long had he been in there? The whole concept is B.S. and still so many of you still cling to your love of this PR stunt to save face.
  9. This article is dedicated to all those members who fell on their knees and praised Musk as the second coming of Jesus.
  10. Timebandit

    1 week holiday out of thailand. Where should I go?

    Malaysian highlands are cool and charming.
  11. Timebandit

    Vasectomy Pattaya

    I'm sorry to deviate from the original request but I had my vasectomy 35 years ago after first child in the US. Just don't give it a worry. Little or no discomfort then. You will feel so relieved.
  12. Timebandit

    Vasectomy Pattaya

    Best investment I ever had. Follow up test will be after 12 shots or so. So tell them you'll be back this afternoon. Ha Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Timebandit

    Elon Musk 'keen to invest in Thailand': PM Prayut

    Musk could buy an island where he could dump all the charred parts of his Tesla lithium batteries. That seems to be a big business here in Thailand.
  14. This is total B.S. and I think I am qualified as I used to design and build mini submarines at Perrry Submarine for 10 Years for the oil industry and US military. I am also a diver. The plan the rescuers have seems to be quite effective. An inflatable that size would have a bouyancy of over a thousand pounds. What an idiot statement.