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  1. Are you referring to the flexible one that is not flexible when inflated and bobbing around on the surface. Have you personally designed and built a submarine?
  2. Do you actually think this thing when inflated is flexible enough to go around corners? Get real! Also, the issue of exhausting CO2 hasn't been brought up. A B.I.B.S. (built-in breathing system) would be needed. The ballast system would still be a issue not to mention the cave areas where climbing is required. Buoyancy changes as air is used. strapping on air tanks violates the required envelope.This is just the short list of problems with this system. The video showed a young man popping out successfully. How long had he been in there? The whole concept is B.S. and still so many of you still cling to your love of this PR stunt to save face.
  3. This article is dedicated to all those members who fell on their knees and praised Musk as the second coming of Jesus.
  4. Timebandit

    1 week holiday out of thailand. Where should I go?

    Malaysian highlands are cool and charming.
  5. Timebandit

    Vasectomy Pattaya

    I'm sorry to deviate from the original request but I had my vasectomy 35 years ago after first child in the US. Just don't give it a worry. Little or no discomfort then. You will feel so relieved.
  6. Timebandit

    Vasectomy Pattaya

    Best investment I ever had. Follow up test will be after 12 shots or so. So tell them you'll be back this afternoon. Ha Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  7. Timebandit

    Elon Musk 'keen to invest in Thailand': PM Prayut

    Musk could buy an island where he could dump all the charred parts of his Tesla lithium batteries. That seems to be a big business here in Thailand.
  8. This is total B.S. and I think I am qualified as I used to design and build mini submarines at Perrry Submarine for 10 Years for the oil industry and US military. I am also a diver. The plan the rescuers have seems to be quite effective. An inflatable that size would have a bouyancy of over a thousand pounds. What an idiot statement.
  9. Timebandit

    when you die - the bank wins

    I assume this is a joke. I have a similar plan to control time and method of my demise but I already prepaid a funeral. 35000 baht. My avenue to darkness does not involve skydiving. Been there, done that. I can only hope an idiot driver of any nationality doesn't spoil the plan. Make it easy for everybody and be a gentleman. Your check plan will not fly.
  10. I believe it's a flawed building code railing height which is about at the body's center of gravity and lower for most farangs. Add 4-5 inch heals to the ladies and a few cocktails and you have a problem. This happens far too often for just a coincidence. Yes, I know the picture shows her feet with sandals but the railings height have always been suspiciously low. An additional rail 10 inches (925cm) higher would add safety.
  11. Timebandit

    Fool's Gold?

    You believe Main stream news? Can you please define a reputable source.
  12. Timebandit

    Fool's Gold?

    That's a possibility. Not a policy.
  13. Timebandit

    Fool's Gold?

    I believe you're being unreasonable. Call your Swiss bank. Tell them you are flying there to collect your gold and ask what you will receive. Be careful and don't fall off your bar stool.