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  1. I consider that to be one of the benefits of being a vegan.
  2. What's the purpose of the Clycine?
  3. Why would he die of boredom just because he changed his diet to exclude meat and dairy and instead substituted more healthy foods that would likely cause him to live a longer more healthy life? I have vegan friends who are healthier than guys 10-20 years younger than they are and they don't need drugs to control blood pressure, diabetes and many other conditions associated with eating a less healthy diet. I've other friends who through the their eating habits either can hardly get around or are pretty much bedridden / at least rely on a wheelchair to get them to the toilet. If there's any chance I can hold off that problem for another 5 years then I'll opt for the more healthy options.
  4. Can you clarify what you mean by the "The CTA will stay". As a UK citizen I would like to have the chance to rent a house in Europe and to possibly live there for 4-6 months a year. Do you think post Brexit that this will become more difficult / impossible?
  5. Thanks, That place looks to be very good value. Any other areas you suggest I stay away from?
  6. I travel to Thailand quite often and I will be in HH sometime in the next couple of months.
  7. Budget is between 60-100K a month and looking for a new property outside of town. Would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on how to go about finding a place like this and any areas to look for a property in the area of Hua Hin.
  8. Are you recommending me to check out Tippawan or saying that you think that's a very very rainy place to live ?
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions based on experience for hospitals in the Bangkok area. Not looking for recommendations for "clinics" as I heard some don't have such a good reputation.
  10. RichardThailand

    Colonoscopy virtual - where?

    Have you considered cutting back on meat to limit the chance of your cancer coming back? I've been looking into the benefits of changing my diet this last 6 months and now made a complete change in what I eat for health reasons. https://www.plantbasednews.org https://nutritionfacts.org So far so good with the new diets and all my blood work came back normal after starting then completely new diet. Also lost 10kg without even trying.
  11. RichardThailand

    My Thailand Facelift Experience

    Thanks, I think I will consider opening another post in a while to see if others can comment on their experiences. Sometimes I think I can learn a lot more from the members here than from asking doctors and getting in touch with hospitals.
  12. RichardThailand

    Colonoscopy virtual - where?

    I wonder if that drink was different from mine? I can pretty much eat / drink anything but had a hard time drinking whatever it was they gave me. I would have gladly drank seawater instead Hope your scan went well for you.
  13. Looking for a luxury property or condo for rent in the area of Hua His. I will be going there in a month and would like to get some suggestions on where to look. Looking for a newly built large condo or house property away from the hustle and bustle of the busy areas, in a safe area and with good parking. I will consider properties both in the beach areas and also further inland. Thanks
  14. RichardThailand

    Colonoscopy virtual - where?

    You might like to consider Vejthani if you're concerned as to who will be doing the colonoscopy. Just make sure it's the doctor in that section who looks like a beauty queen that does it for you and you can have happy dreams while sedated. Another tip would be to take some orange juice with you so that you can mix it with the sea water flavor drink they get you to swallow before doing the check up.