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  1. Is Yingluck really wanted?

    The OP mentions the fact that there is no extradition treaty between the UK and Thailand. Well, it seems to me that there is, unless it has been repealed and I'm sure one of the 31 offences that are extraditable will fit the bill and it is fair to say there are some interesting ones there http://www.oecd.org/site/adboecdanti-corruptioninitiative/39371698.pdf But whether there is or there isn't, it's a no-brainer, they don't want her back.
  2. A ludicrous statement. Your insurance, if you have any, is invalidated and as the OP is most likely a farang, he will most likely have insurance. Don't forget that most of the time when a farang has an accident they are in the wrong, even if they're not, so a valid insurance policy is probably a good idea. Maybe it would be a better idea to offer sound advice to his question, rather than shoot off at an irrelevant tangent? I would, but I don't know the answer, as I have never let my licence expire.
  3. I see a small punch up between 2-3 people, no nasty brawl. No evidence that 'locals' were trying to break it up, in my experience they normally exacerbate the situation anyway. No evidence that the protagonists were Brits. This is bullsh*t reporting, by a British tabloid newspaper, that I wouldn't read if it was the last newspaper on earth. One that I would have reservations even using for wrapping fish and chips in. Of course, it does give the 'Brit Bashers' some more spurious and manufactured opportunities to do exactly that. Get a life and the same to the Daily Mirror.
  4. I've never heard of or tried this Cheers. I will try to find some. As a matter of interest, does the black can contain a dark beer and if not, does anyone know of a Thailand brewed dark ale? Beer Lao dark is great, but starting to get expensive and of course it's from Laos, not Thailand.
  5. I remember them well, great pubs all of them. I think the one near Portobello Road was the Frog & Firkin. My local was in Victoria Park Road, Hackney, called the Falcon & Firkin, I believe. I remember taking my old man there for a few when he came to visit. He loved the Dogbolter, which was at least 6%, if I remember correctly. They brewed on the premises there. Happy days.
  6. Yes, a great beer. Makro stock it, must be a Makro in BKK somewhere?
  7. I didn't know Jonathan, but I know people who did. I understand he was a very good and experienced kite boarder, so no doubt completely capable of dealing with the conditions. I do not kite board, but I did a lot or windsurfing when I was younger. When conditions were similar to yesterday, we used to love it, look at the name, 'wind' surfing. Same applies to 'kite' boarding. You need wind. Seems to me the issue was the bouys, so most likely a sad and tragic accident. My condolences to your family and friends. RIP Jonathan.
  8. Much the same as you DNA test anything. You forensically examine it, take samples and DNA test them, simple really.
  9. No, you missed my point, which wasn't commenting on her being an 'angel of mercy' or whatever. It was simply commenting on the fact that TV keyboard warriors were denigrating a simple act of kindness. And whether or not it should be a newsworthy story is irrelevant, it has become one.
  10. This is a b8llshit story about b8llshit. Give it a rest and get on with things that really matter.
  11. I agree with you, but I also think the good outweigh the bad in many, maybe most, societies. What depresses me is how many TV members denigrate a simple action of kindness. But that's a good example of the many bitter and twisted, expat, keyboard warriors of TV for you. With any luck they're a dying breed.
  12. Life insurance is not necessarily invalidated by suicide, check yours. Often OK after 1 year from when the policy was taken out.
  13. My Kasikorn visa debit card also gives my name as 'privileged member', I simply use my real name and as I have registered for online use I have no problems.
  14. What snake is this?

    Your comment encouraged me to look up the Red -necked keelback (Rhabdophis subminiatus). I'm glad I haven't found one in my living room. Venomous and to assist any others who find one in their living room, below is a picture of one