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  1. mikosan

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    RIP, brave man and thank you. You have accumulated much merit and you deserve it.
  2. I believe he said 'one of' the best combat units.
  3. My point exactly, my post reiterated what you had previously posted.
  4. Very expert it would seem. If you bothered to check their names on google you would be able to establish that yourself, rather than posting fatuous comments.
  5. I understand where you are coming from, but it is a sad state of affairs really, when you cannot refer to something honestly. Freedom of speech is some distance away in Thailand. I wonder if there will ever be something like a 'speakers corner' here?
  6. I get your point, but I would say it as it is, she is a fugitive from INjustice.
  7. And that, of course, is absolutely sensible, but sadly it's just not going to happen.
  8. Yes, I've looked everywhere, seems I've missed the boat, but no problem, I've slowly been weening myself off my love of red wine, I simply refuse to pay exorbitant prices for sh*te red wine and even more exorbitant prices for good red wine.
  9. Then you were very lucky. Where did you buy it? 5 litre boxes seem to have disappeared from the shelves to be replace by 3 litre ones at about the same price where I live.
  10. You are a bit out of date mate. Thailand revoked her passport(s), she now has a passport(s) issued by another, or other, currently unnamed countries. I imagine that her 10 year UK visa is in one of those.
  11. I agree with and appreciate what you are saying, but something is better than nothing and with any luck they will start to prune the trees more thoroughly in the future.
  12. And Australia and I absolutely agree, but sadly there is little or no chance of it occurring. We have gone beyond the tipping point in both countries and are on the slippery slope to islamisation.
  13. 10000 baht fine and/or 6 months in jail for selling alcohol today. What's the possible sentence for getting pissed at home then driving and killing someone? We know that the sentence handed down for that is 500 baht and a wai, so, comparing the seriousness of the two offences, for selling alcohol, maybe they'll actually give you money? That makes sense, because we know, of course, that no one will actually be fined 10000 baht and/or face 6 months in jail. So quite what's the point in making such a song and dance about it?
  14. You really are a sad individual aren't you?