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  1. Tapper Beer at 7 11

    Sounds like the beer for me, where did you buy it?
  2. I simply ignore her and carry on as usual, it generally doesn't last long then.
  3. His driving would indicate that he was seriously under the influence of something. Is that the best they can do 500 baht? Outrageous.
  4. Chanel Iman sure is a hottie, good girl or bad girl, who cares?
  5. I have done similar many times, never had a problem and never heard of anyone else having a problem, apart from you. maybe they had some other reason for arresting you?
  6. Undercover foreign agents. Excellent work, co-operation between foreign agencies and Thai law enforcement should be actively encouraged. Let's see more of it.
  7. Who's at fault in this scenario?

    I've read them, but it seemed to me that car 'A' clearly arrived at the junction first and commenced their turning manoeuvre and was then rammed by car 'B'. However, I have now also read the Land Traffic Act of Thailand http://thailaws.com/law/t_laws/tlaw0140_5.pdf and it clearly states, in Section 51 '....vehicles turning left shall give way to vehicles turning right'. So I guess it's a matter of timing and dependent upon that, I stand corrected. A very useful exercise.
  8. CEO of what company. I have seen many successful CEO's with visible tattoos.
  9. Who's at fault in this scenario?

    Car B, if the diagram is correct. End of story and a stupid question.
  10. Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    Sadly, it is obvious from the video, that he had ample opportunity to avoid hitting the other bike. There was plenty of room to pass behind it, on the left and his speed and obvious harsh braking was a major contributing factor. I'm afraid that I cannot see any way that the other rider was at fault. I guess if he hadn't been there is wouldn't have happened, but other than that, a highly avoidable accident. Very unlucky though, that he hit his head, on most occasions the worst that would have happened was cuts, bruises and road rash. RIP Mr Aunay.
  11. Yes, of course, different officer, different office etc. etc. You are right, he changed from 2 year to 5 year, so needed a medical. Thank you again.
  12. Thanks for that very helpful. A quick point. If renewing both licences I assume you need 2 of everything listed above, including proof of address and do you have any idea of how much that is now. I seem to recall it was 500 baht a throw, if so that puts the cost of renewal on 1000 baht before anything else. Also, a friend renewed at Cha Am last week and had to have a medical certificate, not an issue, but he did have to have one, but he didn't have to watch the safety video. Oh for consistency.......... Mind you, I recently renewed my Australian (Queensland) licence for 5 years and that was AUD 176, so Thailand seems cheap in comparison.
  13. They're welcome to pay me a visit any time they want, just not too early in the morning please. I have everything in order and no problem with them checking it. Actually, I think it's a fine idea, but it might also be a good idea to check financial records, to see if people with retirement extensions do actually have the required capital or income. However, my guess would be that the worst offenders are those originally on tourist visas, or visa free entries, which they have overstayed.
  14. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    You just have to laugh at the stupidity of it. For a moment I thought it was 1st April, then I remembered that in Thailand most days are April fools day. This is surely a wind-up?