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  1. FBAR Time Again

    Do I understand correctly that a penalty-free, automatic extension is given until October 15, 2018?
  2. Non-Immigrant O and Foreign Driving License

    Thanks for your reply. Just to confirm, is that 90 days after the first entry on the visa?
  3. I'm in Thailand on the 4th month of a 1 year non-immigrant O and have yet to apply for an extension of stay. Although I travel abroad now and again, for all intents and purposes, Thailand is currently my country of residence. I'm currently driving on a 3rd country driving license (the country I was living in before coming to Thailand) and I'm wondering how legal this is. In other words, for how long can I drive on this license before I am legally required to get a Thai license? Happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks!
  4. Tires in Thailand

    Rarely reach 120, and there would have to be an open stretch of a double lane highway to hit that. Usually go around 100-110 for regular highway driving. Goodyear GT3. No cracks that I can see. And I took a close look with a flashlight. I think I know what you're referring to, and there doesn't seem to be any rubber dust.
  5. Tires in Thailand

    The tires on our Honda Jazz are approaching six year of age, but only have 20,000 KM on them. We were out of the country for the majority of the time and the car was in shaded storage. To my eyes the tires look fine, but I'm concerned that the rubber has degraded and might lead to a blow out. Any thoughts or experience on this?
  6. IHOP Says Opening at Siam Paragon on April 16

    It's late January, does anyone have an update on the fourth floor location to report?
  7. Hi, My wife wants to get a dashcam for her Honda Jazz and I'd be most appreciative of moderately priced recommendations. She's looking for it to turn on automatically when she starts the car and have no visible wires. Her budget is somewhere between 1,500-2,500 THB. If more info is needed, I'd be happy to post it once informed. Thanks! PS--I know there are several threads on dashcams, but since it's 2018 I'd like to get up to date recommendations.
  8. Nazi style swastika items showing up more for sale in Pattaya

    Much ado about nothing. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Don't want to see it? Don't go to or walk past shops that sell it. IMHO, life's too short to be a perpetual victim.
  9. Puppy information needed

    I wonder if there is a dog adoption agency/group in Thailand that specializes in this type of dog. You could satisfy your daughter's desire for a special breed and also give an unwanted dog a home. Good luck.
  10. Investing in High Speed Rail Project

    Sorry for not being clear. I was thinking in terms of infrastructure related companies or ETFS that would stand to profit.
  11. What are some suggested avenues for investing in the recently approved Thai-Chinese high speed rail project? Thanks!
  12. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    Could I bother you to post the make and model of the pocket wifi you're using? Thanks again!
  13. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    Thanks for your reply. Would I just need an AIS SIM card and then send an SMS to *777*7155*940766#?
  14. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    ^ Thanks for your reply. How many hours per day are you using the pocket wifi? Does the device overheat if you use it for extended periods of time? When you say, "unlimited" do you really mean without limits? Or do they lower the download speed after a certain amount of data has been downloaded?
  15. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    My wife and I will be staying at her mother's house for the next 2-3 months and we're going to need some sort of internet package that will give us high speed and about 10 GB download per month. 3BB installed broadband the house a few years ago, but we just called them and they said that they would need to install new wires (at a cost of approximately 3,000 baht) and they only have year long packages. So, right now I'm thinking that's out. What are our other options? I've read about "pocket wifi" but since it will probably be in use up to 12 hours/day, and I don't know if that will overwhelm a device that I believe is supposed to be a short term solution not an all day/every day utility. Am I wrong about this? Any other ideas? I'm happy to provide more details if I've left anything out. Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.