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  1. Samui you have missed the whole point, the poor hard workers are never questioned, it is always the ones above the workers, that put the blame elsewhere
  2. if you are over 70 forget it they will not take your blood as yet I have not been told why
  3. the problem here is you looking, poor people, that is not rubbish it all spread out so they can find exactly what they want when they want it, also makes it easier to see the snakes and scorpions, like if it was stacked up no good, they don't care about the tourist dollar from whatever country, they live between each over, feed each over, share whatever to do what they want to do. good idea if not want to see their mess don't go there. but find big time any tourist that spreads their rubbish (something they do not want)
  4. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    Interesting seems bad against bad, so where are the goodies?
  5. what are we talking here $150.000 and $130.000 a day or a week LOL
  6. the world is so <deleted> greed has won
  7. It not making sense, could they be looking for something else? or maybe catching overstayers staying with the good guys
  8. So now do we all go and stake a claim in Africa? I am sure my block was under a skyscraper
  9. didn't even take his shoes and sox off. should not be hard to find
  10. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    what would make sense here is if someone has stopped paying the tea money
  11. this reminds me of the bus driver video a few days ago
  12. Oh no I couldn't go there I would be afraid of burning my lips, but I guess he has a point, about it being on f/b