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  1. I would say that story was spread to see what the reaction was, in Australia the way they rip off three-quarters of the donations is they use the auditors' costs, it works well because it has not been stopped from happening.
  2. no, he is trying to be a politician, he just needs more practice at ling
  3. Prawit says political ban will remain in place

    must admit whoever writes the general's Friday night tv show knows a lot, I cannot help thinking it is the young Hamson officer that had a lot to say when they first took over.
  4. Shame you not a Thai or you would have had a field day with your mobile and put it on Facebook
  5. Driver’s licence health rules to become stricter

    All this comes from a bad accident where a man stoned off his head, tried to save his ass by saying he had an epileptic fit, still not known if he is actually an epileptic. the smell of money.
  6. OH, lights, camera, action. there must be a video of this.
  7. way back in 1948 in Australia I and others used to cop a lot worse than that, then to top it off every Friday just before going home we had to line up to mother superior and take 6 of the best from her meter long 25mm wide lever strap we weren't spoilt, just could not sit still all day. But I will say it is hard to find a kid in Thai that is not spoilt.
  8. New drone laws - confusing

    the law for bringing them into Thailand will be left up to immigration as to that each officer will have their own idea what that is.(luck of the draw)
  9. New drone laws - confusing

    they haven't finished their law (they haven't thought of stage two yet) you will probably find when the time is up to register them when you buy one you will probably have to fill in the registry form at the place of purchase, or if buying online will have to go the nearest police station to fill in the form
  10. the police in this instance have found their easy way out and that is that
  11. thanks to the news media turning and twisting everything that is said so they can sell the news, most of the world is living on lies now, Probably soon everybody will believe Germany was against Hitler going to war. so to say.
  12. both the liberal and labor parties are full of corruption, and they do share to keep other parties out both parties need a big shakeup it is sad when the chance is there it is not taken. Australia is going down the drain big time, even the Governor General doesn't give a sh. he not doing his job either.
  13. if there had been a bad ass Thai around in a second the bike would have gone and the owner would have been walking
  14. yet another truck turning as well, definitely worth a mention, can Thai drivers see the back of trucks? also as I have said before I often see trucks turning without using indicators, or indicator lights and brake lights not working. One thing to remember a speeding van cannot be tailgating a turning truck