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  1. they had no idea of dying when they came here
  2. because of tourism name, it as anything else and they stop coming
  3. We had an electrician do some work for us and knowing a bit about it myself I have to say this guy was bloody good, he spoke Thai to my wife but I can not tell if he was Thai or not.
  4. The strange side effect of tattoos

    when I was a young bloke a cop said to me the easiest way we can identify people is by the scars on their bodies and or their tatts so I made sure my tatt was decent.
  5. quote of the day exactly, what worries me their numbers of adults are growing in large numbers still we lucky when all hell brakes loose we can jump on a plane
  6. Beautiful but when a person comes into power they feel they have to stomp on the week to prove to them selves and others they have power and of course you have to have a lot of money to keep the power.
  7. what ever the reason the Gov. is very worried they have brought out new laws, one of them very interesting no private person will be allowed to fly a drone with a camera, who is trying to hide what?
  8. Move to exempt Thais from immigration form

    they say all same info in pass port so why not drop it altogether.
  9. that is interesting I thought the Phil was as bad as here
  10. Air pollution alert in 14 Thai provinces

    simple stop making cars and trucks, that includes electric, just had an email about electric cars that will blow your minds when it comes out in the news in a couple of years time if I knew how to share on here I would
  11. god they must hire half of Bangkok, you can not tell me they all work when I been there I only seen 6 people in total
  12. horizontal or vertical?
  13. Italian man found dead in Phuket hotel

    think it time they hired the pink panther. these guys have too much imagination.
  14. I have said before if she gets out without jail she can ask for new elections, this will put the general in a very tight spot because no court could find him not guilty of a junta which would put him and others in jail. it is a bit like an old Australian saying which is better the frying pan or the fire. I wish the Thai people the best of luck