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  1. how simple, now to find a way to stop the sh-t
  2. boy has this guy got it so wrong, once the funeral of the late king is over, it will get a lot worse.
  3. Bangkok hit by heaviest rainfall in 25 years: BMA

    can't help myself, could it be the gas power station that is causing all this rain?
  4. whichever way it goes America/s rich can see their easy money disappearing they not happy.
  5. maybe he is a recruit that somehow got a gun, surely they not trained to clear a gun that way.
  6. I have to ask this question because it is important, are Muslims going to be counted as foreigners? I think not they would be offended
  7. got to remember the weather expert who a couple of months before the rain started stated that because of the (so-called) global warming Thailand will not have rain for one and a half years, wonder what job he has now?
  8. Flooding in the provinces concerns PM Prayut

    I deffently smell a damning rat here one big reason a political party copped shit here was that they allowed flooding to happen
  9. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    tell me how illegal is a drone without a camera, is a drone without a spy eye a drone?
  10. you have your head in the sand, Thai people smoke like volcanos
  11. Political ban ‘here to stay’

    ah plain English, thank you. sort of like the 10 commandments. lol so now the general is a god.
  12. I would understand the general for wanting Chinese engineers, ( Big part of the deal, and a plus if the tracks fall apart) but top engineers would not need to be asked if they know that parts of Bangkok flood every year and that the massage parlors in Bangkok are causing Bangkok to sink, a 100% knowledge of soil types and concrete construction would be a must. I would love to see the exam in English.
  13. if you are a retired laborer on pension, it is very hard to live in Australia as the pension is now below the poverty line thanks to the corrupt Politicians. Aust. pollies are as bad as here
  14. this is all about a leader doing what is right for her country, she has guts, not like many other country leaders, and of cause, dogooders fueled by Muslims who are offended by such a thing, just in case other leaders get the same idea, soon Thailand is going to be stuck with the same problem, wonder what they will do
  15. I can't believe people are still suckered by the idea humans are causing so-called global warming ( a global save face) started by the Muslim leaders of the UN as a big money maker, there have been billions won and lost, scientists told to keep their mouths shut. one of the big money makers was, or still is when the ice melts much land will go underwater, I bet many kids have said but mom, dad, how can that be the ice is already in the water (shut your mouth you don't know what your talking about) damn waisted my money sending them to school. I can go on and on there is so much to prove suckered. yes, clearing forests is a bad idea not because it causes global warming but it sends the rain elsewhere the late king of Thailand understood this very well. the truth is, global wobble and position of planets, earth to the sun it is not new been going on before man walked the earth.