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  1. johnarth

    Rescuers begin evacuation of 'Tham Luang 13'

    best of luck to the boys, I am still at a loss as to why they do not go up the tunnel to the top, they must think it more risky I guess.
  2. johnarth

    “Buddy dive” planned for Tham Luang rescue – news report

    apparently, there is a tunnel from the top down, why aren't they doing something with that, a lot of time wasted, anyway best of luck to the boys
  3. johnarth

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    RIP to a brave man who gave his all, sad he not as fit as he and others thought he was so sad, the oxygen could be fixed by drilling down even the drilling down could be a way of getting the boys out, why has that taken so long to do?
  4. when you start at the top things are slowed right down
  5. it was 2.30 in the morning, the boyfriend said she whatever from the 4th floor, they lived on the 5th, so I would say they were on their way home from a big night out so an argument was taking place??
  6. to many monks and not enough bad cops
  7. the people that buy gold in supermarkets in Australia do the same thing
  8. Big money and sookey players
  9. If you were to visit my place, Aust. you would find a gun
  10. OH I have a headache, but I would like to know why the Bangkok bank is trying to get rid of foreigners
  11. you can buy coconut oil the best cooking oil there is in Thailand only a few Bath above other oils the problem I have found is to be in the supermarket when it on the shelf it lasts up to 2 years so when I see it I buy a bottle
  12. same for me, when you look at the facts it does not add up
  13. yes, I have been asking the same question, the Australian dollar is taking a bashing also, the Thai gov. should have devalued the Baht months ago.
  14. they get their faces on tv for a few minutes