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  1. Having seen the video I was amazed at the patience of the police officer. While I did not understand what the little punk was saying, it did not take long to assess what his body language suggested and when he spat at the policeman he was lucky that he was not knocked to the ground. I suspect that because he was in his territory with his mates to hand and watch he was acting the big "I am". The mother was just as disgusting. Before mocking the policeman have a look at the video.
  2. What date was that? I travelled in on 11/09 and the screening and snake system were in use. Perhaps immigration had had enough of having to use Google translate. It is now more efficient as I can hardly imagine them dismantling the pathways having set them up. Although TIT!
  3. Then it is good that it is now in Don Mueang as per the topic title :-)
  4. The "snake" system has been in place for departures for a while. However for arrivals was not in place (at least it wasn't 90 days ago when I last came through). Also pre-screening that the TM6 forms had been filled in properly before allowing individuals to join the immigration queue was/is a great additional measure as a significant number were not being allowed to enter in to the immigration arrivals hall until their paperwork had been verified thus eliminating undue delays at the counters with individuals filling them in at the actual arrivals immigration desks. They were mumblings by those who were not allowed to proceed until they showed their completed forms but for the rest of us it certainly made it smoother. However, there were no large Chinese tour groups when I attempted to enter so how they react to being prevented from joining the queue until they have their TM6 forms properly filled in is another matter. Those doing the pre-screening seemed to be trainees as they were not in immigration police uniforms, so maybe actual AOT staff? In any event, it was a significantly better entry than previously. As for no ATM's before arrivals so long as you have an account with SCB or Kasikorn Bank it is possible to effectively withdraw money at that point just before arrivals immigration rather than having to have it on your person for a prolonged period of time and can then simply place it back into your account once cleared through immigration.
  5. A few points. First regarding ATM machines before immigration for those who wanted to get money out. I asked and there is not any - however at the Bureau de Change if you hold an account with the particular banks (certainly Kasikorn and SCB) then can use ATM card to withdraw funds. I inadvertently passed through immigration on the way out of the country and realised I had not taken out enough money and went to the Kasikorn BdC and no problem to take money out of the account. There is also a kasikorn before immigration as wanted to convert dollars back into baht on arriving back into Thailand to make sure that I had the 20k in Baht (I know that any denomination should be acceptable but wanted to have it in Baht). The second point was that immigration was significantly improved regarding processing. Before reaching immigration, there is staff to check that everyone has properly completed the TM6 (arrival/departure card) thereby reducing the delays caused by people doing them at the immigration desks. Also rather than a scramble to select which booth to go to, a snake system is in place and then an official directs people to available immigration desks. It was such a pleasant contrast to previous experiences as I was through in no time at all. Came in on a non-imm B and no request to show money but not sure of what was the case for others as the process was so streamlined today that I didn't have the opportunity to observe other people's experiences.
  6. I have always found Thai Visa Service to be very reliable.
  7. I have a one-year multiple entry non-B without the work permit and it is valid for its duration. The distinction between the visa and an extension of stay is not pedantic but actually wholly germane to the OP's status. However, how often io's may ask to see a work permit on re-entry is something that I remain unsure about in the current climate or indeed if it is an issue?
  8. I suppose my question is for those who have a 1-year non imm B multiple entry visa how frequently if at all, you are being required to show a wp. Is fdsa's experience now more commonplace? And if one does not have a wp to be able to show is this sufficient for a denial of entry? Many thanks for any experiences as this is the first visa of this type that I have obtained.
  9. Has anyone had any recent difficulties using a multiple entry 1-year non-imm B visa issued without a work permit gaining re-entry to Thailand at any land borders recently? Or any advice which to avoid apart from Poipet and Ranong? Or indeed any issues at either Don Mueang or Swampy on just flying out and back in every 90 days?
  10. I asked the condo to write a short note signed by the "juristic person" i.e., the owner simply saying that I was resident there and it was accepted.
  11. As someone who was dealing with an extremely long overstay in 2014 (11 years), UJ gave simple, straightforward and accurate advice and did so in a wholly nonjudgemental manner. A gentleman and a scholar...thank you.
  12. Yes, correct last time was my fourth back-to-back. I had been expecting the warning but wasn't bothered if it was given as the duration of the visa would be sufficient to allow for a conversion to an extension of stay as will soon turn 50. However, to my (pleasant) surprise no warning stamp was given. Whether they saw that I was shortly due to reach 50 and if that had any bearing I really do not know. So getting a fourth is a possibility but no clarity on what criteria they are using, presumably purposefully? I hold a UK passport.
  13. A couple of weeks ago I went for a new visa (my 4th back-to-back from Vientiane with no warning stamp). I went in on Tuesday morning at 10.30 and was out in 10 minutes. The following day the pickup is based on the number you are given on submitting your application. As I handed in mine after most I had a high(ish) number and my passport was ready for collection at just after 14.45 Wednesday. The system is a lot more streamlined than a few years ago. You pay on collecting your passport.
  14. Received 4th back-to-back from Vientiane last week with no warning stamp. A bit hit and miss but still the most amenable place for visas. I went on a Tuesday mid-morning and was out very quickly which was great as it's extremely hot there now. I re-entered via friendship bridge (private car) and was wholly hassle free.
  15. I think BritTim is giving good advice. Immigration at Nong Khai is a lot easier if you have a valid visa. Then can get a taxi to Udon Thani and fly from there back to Bangkok. I used a taxi that took me from my hotel in Vientiane (via the consulate to pick up passport and visa) and he then drove me directly to the airport. There is a different booth for immigration for those travelling by private car. No long queues and very easy. Perhaps the presumption that one has sufficient resources?? The taxi fee of 2k was well worth it. My luggage went into the car at the hotel and I did not have to mess around with it again until I arrived at the airport. If you want his number PM me and I will give you his details.