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  1. gilo

    9 years overstay

    I had an overstay of 11 years but I cleared it in 2014 when rumours of the new blacklisting rules were going to be introduced. At that time I surrendered at the immigration at the airport with the 20k fine and a ticket out, The process to clear the paperwork took about 30 minutes and I was let on my way. At that time so long as one paid the fine it was not a problem such that I re-entered Thailand 4 days later from Kuala Lumpur. On my arrival, I was taken to the side where I spoke to the senior i/o and I was granted a 30-day visa exempt entry. Since then I have had a variety of visas and never had a problem securing those visas or re-entering Thailand. Since 2016 the conditions changed and the process of surrendering at the airport is the same with a maximum 20k Baht fine but now, in addition, a period of not being allowed re-entry is also noted in your passport. There was no imprisonment, detention or anything else so long as you "surrender" and are not caught beforehand then the easiest way is to deal with it at the airport pay the fine and the now length of blacklisting and you will be allowed to depart. Immigration was signalling for a period that the blacklisting rules were going to be introduced and many like me took that opportunity to legitimise their immigration status. On a final note I found the immigration officers who dealt with my overstay very professional and while not overtly friendly they treated me courteously which I much appreciated at the time. Good luck to those now dealing with such matters,
  2. For what it is worth Nonthaburi immigration does them (obtained end of January) as to what they require specifically I do not know as I handed over a pile of docs from my condo (that I used to give when looking for tourist extensions in the past and prepared by the condo manager) and photocopies of relevant pages in passport and 2 photos. They did it reasonably quickly (less than 1 hour in total). The fee was 1000 Baht and they provided 2 certificates (of residence) signed and stamped. A quite painless procedure at Nonthaburi. The reception will ask what for and simply said to purchase a vehicle and was directed to Desk 1 - no queue number or waiting to be seen. I understand that the o/p is looking about Chaengwattana so this more for those who might be seeking such a certificate in Nonthaburi province.
  3. What a transformation. Well done to those dentists as that would have involved a number of (expensive) procedures. A new lease of life for this poor woman.
  4. gilo

    Egyptian deported for 10-year overstay

    It was not difficult really. If you are not causing problems I think most Thai either do not know or care about your visa status. If however business/property matters are tied in then maybe a different picture. A bank account was set up in the days when an exempt entry was enough, phone sim's could be bought at every 7/11. hotels never really made a fuss but I tended to stay in Thai level hotels (amazing what can be waived and discount obtained if an offer to pay cash up front!). Domestic flights no check of any visa. In 11 years (and indeed since) have never had been asked by the BIB for my passport nor had any legal problems. After a while I did not even think about it - that is until the news emerged of new rules to be introduced and then with great trepidation, I bit the bullet and surrendered at Survanabhumi airport - returning 4 days later visa exempt. Since then have kept my visa status clean. But those that have said that those on overstays must have been always been looking over their shoulder or avoiding places that was not really my experience. However, once cleared there was a tremendous sense of relief. At the time I shared my story I was encouraging others on overstay to legalise their status before the banning rules came into force and to be fair immigration allowed a very long window between when these rules were first mooted (2014) and when they came in (2016) to allow a lot of us to sort out our situation here.
  5. gilo

    Egyptian deported for 10-year overstay

    I overstayed 11 years but cleared the overstay in 2014 before the bans came into play. Additionally, my situation was also different in that I surrendered at the airport hence was not blacklisted and just fined 20k. I suspect that out in the countryside there may be farangs who have many times longer overstays but who stay under the radar. But to explicitly answer your question a visa agent that I used said that I had been the longest he had known of until a year or so when a H-K national cleared his with a 15 year overstay. The days of being able to simply financially settle the matter on surrendering ended in 2016. Deportation, however, was always available for those caught.
  6. It is the deliberate ploy not to give advance warning in case it would negatively impact on tourist arrivals...much better to hit them with it once they are here and have no choice!
  7. I agree with these points. However don't get too scared about random checks as they are more common on routes to land borders rather than in Bangkok. Although they can have occasional spikes in such searches in Bangkok, both during my 11 year overstay nor since have I ever been subjected to see my passport. And I was never restricted in the places where I spent time, bars, restaurants clubs etc. So while you should be mindful and keep a low profile I suspect that you have enough worries without any additional ones that are quite slight.
  8. Correct. I cleared it in August 2014 when it was first mooted that new overstay regulations were about to be introduced. In the event, they were not actually implemented for another 2 years but in the summer of 2014 it was being openly discussed by immigration and in the media - I took the hint and cleared my situation and have been back in Thailand since then with appropriate visas (my overstay was never a problem in securing new visas or on entering back into the Kingdom). My point though is that I found the immigration officers very decent and remarkably reasonable given the length of my overstay, thus I think that the op should have no problem on exiting so long as she has the requisite funds and given that she has no desire to return the ban is inconsequential for her.
  9. Even with an 11 year overstay the immigration at the airport did not ask how had I survived in Thailand. They wanted the 20k and only after the formalities finished did they really pursue how I hard been spending my time. Due to the severe length of the overstay the senior immigration officer oversaw the process. At that time I enquired if I was banned and he said I could come back the following day if I wished. They are human beings and just doing a job. Regrettably now the ban will be enforced but as you are planning to return that is of no consequence to you. The process takes about 20 minutes, dress conservatively, make sure you have the TM6 card and the 20k and be polite and you should have no problem.
  10. My experience with immigration on paying the overstay fine at Bangkok airport was that the priority was the formalities, Tm6, paperwork and paying the fine. Until those had been dealt with the officers were (quite rightly in my case given the length, the overstay) ,extremely cold if not hostile. My impression was that simply they were doing a job within the bureaucracy of the department. So long as one complied with the rules for exiting the country then that was all they were concerned about irrespective of the fact of having failed to adhere to the rules for staying legitimately in the country. My point being that if you cause the process to not proceed according to the set rules at the border either expect a hostile response or significant/costly expenses. Once I had paid for my overstay the officers were quite chilled and curious as the official aspects had been dealt with. I think that having the 20k at the airport is a non-negotiable. Whether that is the case at a land border I don't know but suspect not, only perhaps for some leniency on the ban and not on the money.
  11. I would strongly caution against this advice. Saying that she has nothing to lose is really quite a dangerous presumption...she could easily face a spell in the IDC and thus lose her ticket home to boot if she rolls up without the 20k fine money.
  12. I agree with UJ but at your own risk. There are many who have worked and are working as teachers at really low pay (250 is appalling). However, just keep your wits about you and get out as soon as you can. Given that you are not intending to come back then this at least partly mitigates the downside risk.
  13. I had an 11-year overstay and considered the options. It became very evident that clearing it at the airport was the right way to go paying the 20k rather than facing the IDC. I think you too have now reached that same conclusion. Being deported rather than voluntarily surrendering can also have consequences further down the line when applying to enter other countries. Some, for example, will explicitly ask whether you have been deported from any other country and by leaving through the airport and paying the fine "voluntarily" you avoid this potential future issue should you wish to travel to say the US or Australia. Fortunately, I cleared my overstay before the regulations came into force so was able to fly back into Suvarnabhumi 4 days after I paid the fine anyway I will wish you luck.
  14. Having seen the video I was amazed at the patience of the police officer. While I did not understand what the little punk was saying, it did not take long to assess what his body language suggested and when he spat at the policeman he was lucky that he was not knocked to the ground. I suspect that because he was in his territory with his mates to hand and watch he was acting the big "I am". The mother was just as disgusting. Before mocking the policeman have a look at the video.
  15. What date was that? I travelled in on 11/09 and the screening and snake system were in use. Perhaps immigration had had enough of having to use Google translate. It is now more efficient as I can hardly imagine them dismantling the pathways having set them up. Although TIT!