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  1. I get the feeling this was written by someone with something to sell in Hua Hin.
  2. Khao Takiab is quiet, year-round, but especially in the low season. But there is a frequent songthaew year-round that you can take to town for 10 baht, so transport is not a show-stopper. And bicycles are a good option in HH for short trips.
  3. Yes, I went there yesterday and found them. I am not sure if they are separate schools, but I talked to the folks at this one: http://www.thailanguagecentre.org/
  4. Huh? I live in town centre and bike to the airport via Phetkasem every day and never saw them. I will look harder today.
  5. Retirement extention

    Copy of Bank Book Bank letter showing THB800K Fee 1900 baht Form TM7 Passport Departure card TM6 copy Passport Photo page Passport other relevant pages Photo 1 ea 4x6cm taken within last 6 mo Residence Rental contract, copy of ID of owner with phone number, signature Map of residence
  6. van from Hua Hin to pattaya...

    I have never seen a Yellow Bus in HH and I looked for their office, purportedly across from BKK Hospital, but found no office. Have you seen/taken this bus?
  7. van from Hua Hin to pattaya...

    Go to the minivan station on Soi 51. Get a van to Ekkamai Station 180 baht. From Ekamai there are buses to Pattaya frequently. Alternately, take a real bus direct from HH to Pattaya. Daily at 11:00. 389 baht. See http://www.belltravelservice.com/#
  8. Neem oil

    น้ำมันสะเดา nám-man sà dao I would be surprised if Golden Place did not have it. Search "Golden Place Hua Hin" on Google Maps
  9. Passion and emotional

    ardor n. (passion, fervor) อารมณ์ที่รุนแรง aa-rom-tîi-run-rɛɛng ardent adj. (passionate, fervent) ร้อนแรง rɔ́ɔn-rɛɛng ; เร่าร้อน râo-rɔ́ɔn ???
  10. Serious amount of rain at Hua Hin

    All day we have had sprinkles in town centre. Called a "dry rain" in Oregon. The rain here only got heavy about 18:30.
  11. Here's a suggestion: are you familiar with Learn Thai with Mod? You should be. http://learnthaiwithmod.com/ Besides their Youtube videos, they give private lessons via Skype. I have no clue if that works. Worth a look-see.
  12. I have never seen a Thai language school in HH and I have kept my eyes peeled for one. (But I have not done a full-scale search).
  13. Gastroenterologist in Hua Hin

    Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC (BDMS) hospitals are shown here: http://www.bdms.co.th/our-network/ San Paulo is not one of them. BDMS owns four Paolo Hospitals, not San Paulo Hospital. Hence, San Paulo Hospital is not affiliated with Bangkok Hospital.
  14. Gastroenterologist in Hua Hin

    What evidence is there that they are the same company? If true, why is that relevant?
  15. http://www.thai-language.com/id/590108