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  1. Seligne2

    Where to buy house hold items

    If you are in Market Village at Tesco, go up one floor to HomePro. Save a trip to Index (about Soi 23-Soi 25)
  2. Seligne2

    Air quality Hua Hin

    Being on the gulf with onshore breezes, HH has decent air quality. That may be why it is barely reported: http://aqicn.org/map/thailand/#@g/9.1415/99.4345/8z
  3. Seligne2

    Hua Hin is dead

    Since when has HH purported to rival Pattaya? Pattaya is a one-off. There is no other place in Thailand like it. HH is more the norm I would say.
  4. Seligne2

    Urgent - UK style Meat Pie needed.

    Best quality: 3 Hua Hin Ham Bacon & Meat Company, 2/38 Soi 41 (Soi 41 is on the sea side of Phetkasem Rd), ☎ +66 32 513 144, e-mail: [email protected] M-Sa, 08:00-18:00; Su, 09:00-17:00. British-run makers of hams, bacon, sausages, pies, burgers. Importers of beef, lamb, pork, fish, veg, grocery items. Their products are sold in many of the shops catering to Westerners in Hua Hin and beyond. Their spotless little shop sells all their meats and pies, as well as a good selection of British and continental foods ranging from pickled eggs to Bisto to olive oil. During holidays you can order cooked turkeys, hams, and other seasonal meats from them. (updated Dec 2016 | edit)
  5. Seligne2

    Bus to BKK?

    Go to BKS (main bus station) just south of Soi 96. Ticket window on the right. I know there is a bus at 13:00, and more. See https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Hua_Hin
  6. Seligne2

    Thai words that aren't really Thai

    Lots of words like หมา mǎa (dog) and สุนัข sù~nák (dog). The former is "Thai", the latter from Sanskrit. You will hear both used. No alternative to learning both if you want to understand.
  7. Seligne2


    เรียบร้อย rîiap-rɔ́ɔi ???? tidy, orderly
  8. Seligne2

    Fly Hua Hin to Phuket

    No can do.
  9. Seligne2

    Cream in a can

    There is Carnation evaporated milk and Carnation condensed milk on sale in shops here. See Wikipedia for differences.
  10. Seligne2

    Buying Gold

    The Finnish guy who runs the Happy Pig restaurant on Soi 94 is quite a gold bug. I would ask him.
  11. Seligne2

    Possible move to Hua Hin, advice sought

    1. Immigration here is a breeze (esp. compared with another place I have experience, Chiang Mai). For a rental you show a copy of tabiian-baan ID card, and owner's phone. What could be easier? 2. Air is good. There is usually a slight breeze which helps with the heat. 3. Gulf of Thailand sucks in terms of wave actions and cleanliness as compared with Krabi, Khao Lak, Phuket. As you lived in BKK, this is probably a "don't care" for you. 4. There must be at least 50 decent restaurants in HH. Seems to me that might be enuf for anyone. 5. Rentals are widely available at decent prices. Determine your area, drive around to find rentals. Services exist to help, I find them useless 6. HH is a 180 baht minivan ride and 4 hrs from BKK. Train is easy too, but more expensive and slower. 7. Can get daily newspapers easily, not true of other places I have lived 8. Availability of Thai language schools in HH is poor (similar to every other place I have lived except CM) 9. Two hour ferry to the eastern shore of the gulf, but expensive 10. Excellent bus service direct to/from BKK airport, ~370 baht 11. Hospitals in abundance 12. There is not an abundance of gyms, but enough 13. Easy access to the south of the country via bus or rail. 14. No airport to speak of. One flight to KL. A plus for me as a committed low-carbon Luddite 15. Enough bar action and associated pool, darts leagues. 16. I am told the golfing is great 17. Phetkasem Rd traffic can be a pain but nothing compared with BKK 18. See https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Hua_Hin
  12. Seligne2

    disposal of cooking gas

    Don't put the gas in the atmosphere. Take it to the gas man's shop as several have suggested and trade it.
  13. Seligne2

    Need Name of Tiny Insect

    Can you take a photo?
  14. Seligne2

    To concentrate

    By concentrate you mean "to focus", thus โฟกัส
  15. Seligne2

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    No, it's not.