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  1. Seligne2


    Moose sausage. I think already cooked. You might start here: http://mylittlenorway.com/2009/07/how-to-eat-polse-norwegian-style/
  2. Why do you call this an "intermittent" fast? What is intermittent about it?
  3. Seligne2

    Salad and dip recipes

    Dip: Buy sour cream if available. Buy French's French Onion Dip mix (powder). Each cost less than 50 baht. The French's is available at Villa Market, Gourmet Foods, Rimping. Probably at Makro. Come in individual packets, so you could buy a lot on an occasional trip to a big city. Good dip for vegetables, crackers.
  4. My experience at Bangkok Hospital HH: I fell and sustained a lengthy cut on the underside of my forearm. Lots of bleeding. Went to BKK Hospital, it being close. Was seen immediately. The MD stitched me up (13) and prescribed some pills. Total time: 60-90 minutes. Cost: ~12k baht. They wanted me back every day to change the bandage. I went once, but at 600+ baht figured I could do it myself. Also took out the stitches myself. I have since discovered San Paulo Hospital, even closer, and seems to be a lot cheaper than BKK. Never have used HH Hospital but did have a friend there. Seemed OK, just crowded with people. For small things there are any number of small clinics in the area. For inexpensive blood testing there is HH Central Lab across from Bangkok Bank in central HH. 24 hr turnaround.
  5. Changing oil once a month? Not according to Honda's maintenance manual.
  6. The absence of good public libraries.
  7. Seligne2

    Immigration Office in Prachuap City?

    Take 30 seconds in Google Maps, search for "Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration Office" and you will have its location, etc.
  8. If I were you I would go to the third floor of the Hua Hin Shopping Mall. Computer guys there could no doubt do a solder job.
  9. Seligne2

    Where to buy house hold items

    If you are in Market Village at Tesco, go up one floor to HomePro. Save a trip to Index (about Soi 23-Soi 25)
  10. Seligne2

    Air quality Hua Hin

    Being on the gulf with onshore breezes, HH has decent air quality. That may be why it is barely reported: http://aqicn.org/map/thailand/#@g/9.1415/99.4345/8z
  11. Seligne2

    Hua Hin is dead

    Since when has HH purported to rival Pattaya? Pattaya is a one-off. There is no other place in Thailand like it. HH is more the norm I would say.
  12. Seligne2

    Urgent - UK style Meat Pie needed.

    Best quality: 3 Hua Hin Ham Bacon & Meat Company, 2/38 Soi 41 (Soi 41 is on the sea side of Phetkasem Rd), ☎ +66 32 513 144, e-mail: [email protected] M-Sa, 08:00-18:00; Su, 09:00-17:00. British-run makers of hams, bacon, sausages, pies, burgers. Importers of beef, lamb, pork, fish, veg, grocery items. Their products are sold in many of the shops catering to Westerners in Hua Hin and beyond. Their spotless little shop sells all their meats and pies, as well as a good selection of British and continental foods ranging from pickled eggs to Bisto to olive oil. During holidays you can order cooked turkeys, hams, and other seasonal meats from them. (updated Dec 2016 | edit)
  13. Seligne2

    Bus to BKK?

    Go to BKS (main bus station) just south of Soi 96. Ticket window on the right. I know there is a bus at 13:00, and more. See https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Hua_Hin
  14. Seligne2

    Thai words that aren't really Thai

    Lots of words like หมา mǎa (dog) and สุนัข sù~nák (dog). The former is "Thai", the latter from Sanskrit. You will hear both used. No alternative to learning both if you want to understand.
  15. Seligne2


    เรียบร้อย rîiap-rɔ́ɔi ???? tidy, orderly