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    Pickup falls from six-floor carpark

    Was he on food or drug
  2. Personally, I don't think he is lying or bullshiting more than Merkel,Macron,May, Trump or other elected political animal.Just not less than they do...think about it...don't say that's the right thing to do
  3. FYI coming to thailand with an argentinian passport, I am always asked to provide immigration with a valid yellow fever certificate even if I come with a Paris or London flight. Maybe not lucky but but I don't take the risk of being unable to enter the country. By the way yellow fever vaccination is valid for life.
  4. Let's put things into a broader perspective. All over the world people are glued to their smart phones and do not talk to eachother. This is visible in the streets, in the stores, in restaurants..everywhere and of course Thailand is part of this "new"world. I don't go to bars but can easily imagine this situation is also noticeable there. As far as Thailand experience is concerned, not only the bars, Internet did not ruin anything, the people did with their greed, their attitude and complete lack of care did ruin themselves. The only change is that Internet speeds and shares the previously hidden informations with every single connected fella which was not the case before Internet era except the big events related by international press. Is this fun?? I don't think so and feel sorry for for the couple dining next table yesterday night and didn't exchange any word but were going crazy with their respective phones. If the wi fi connexion is down somewhere, don't forget to talk to each others.
  5. I'm living in Pattaya.....15 years already, time is flying.. I can testify that I have .... Never seen a taxi without meter Never seen any garbage on the beach Never seen any prostitute Never seen any junky Never seen any unfaithful woman Never seen any nudity Never seen any place overcharging Farangs Never seen any corrupted official Never seen any strange looking people Never seen etc...etc...etc... Ah...forgot to tell you I'm blind but....my labrador told me that what you are seeing guys is 100% true...and I trust my lovely dog....