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  1. "Thailand plans" This is The information. Should it be true it would be a great step up !!!!!
  2. Next step is the analysis of the 56341 butts and find out that 56294 have farand dna on them....thank you tourists...
  3. Van crash leaves driver dead, hotel staff injured

    777 road safety plan, where are you?????
  4. Read the entire article an you will find the answer to your question Sir
  5. High waves yesterday off Jomtien??.. I was boating around there and did not see any wave of that kind.....maxi swell coming back from Kho Pai was around 0.4 m together with a period of 1wave every 3 seconds...what a big deal !!!! they really need whatever bs excuse to cover their own mistakes....
  6. Very simple, the owners put cams because they want to check if somebody is entering with copied keys...problem solved further renters are safe....what's next
  7. At 23 he did not find the way to "kill the father", Now done deal...tells a lot about the state of the society.....
  8. Here again I only see "words" we should believe and trust. Where are the numbers to sustain the talks? None...
  9. Tourist Police inspect Pattaya boat operators

    Just circus....my personal boat is inspected every year for boat licence renewal. 5 mn just check life jackets and nothing more.Nothing about my licence,fire prevention, rescue material,radio,engine security and maintenance, hull condition, anchorage systems,waste water systems etc..etc.. Same inspection in my country of origin takes 2 hours and no mercy if you are missing any legal point. And this is not commercial operation, just private one..when I quickly look at these boats on trailers with not even a little rope to secure them while the tractor is racing in Jomtien streets, I wonder how they could be floating...amulets miracle surely
  10. Apparently, there was another van from the same company..... could they be just racing as it happens very often ??? overtaking without visibility or other variation of the same game ??? the passengers of the other van should know how drivers xere behaving...maybe I'm wrong but........
  11. A new version of "101 dalmatians"..., ??????
  12. Hi guys, Let's stay at the initial question level: does Michelin guide mean Farangs can judge thai food? I would say YES because a Thai would be able to judge any western restaurant. Does it mean this thai is right or wrong? Well just a question of taste, open mind, experience and honesty.....same same as ourselves......
  13. Thanks god her leg will not be amputated. But what about her bank account?????
  14. These chairs are pool chairs designed for hard support like pool deck. It's obviously not supposed to be stable on sand while contact surface is not large enough to cope with moving support. It's like trying to run a Tour de France bicycle on sand.....
  15. They changed a similar transformer next to my home no later than last week. I watched them worling. Process was: take the 3 fuses off,disconnect old transfo, take it down with a crane, lift up the new one, reconnect, put fuses back ....work done. Absolutely NO fixation at all. So all transformers are potentially able to go down at any time...... Watch your head