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  1. I cannot desaggree on the comments regarding people driving in this country. I'm enough on the local roads to see what happens day in and out. Nevertheless as a former EMS MD I don't agree with linking directly the death of the patient to the behavioral problem.With people with heart conditions, and the road accidents victims, the most important factor is to have competent rescue professionals informed quickly, driven to the scene as safely and quickly as possible with the necesary technical equipement to prepare correctly the transfer to the right hospital capable to treat the case according to the right first diagnosis. Once the patient is stabilized, the speed he/she gets to hospital is important but hardly capital. On the contrary, sometimes, reducing speeed allows the personal on board to be able to act and care about the patient. Try to imagine how easy it is to perform any medical act in the back of a speeding vehicule, changing lane abruptly, breaking like an idiot while shouting after other drivers..try do do a simple injection under these conditions...good luck... Having seen a lot of accident scenes here and the way the injured people a taken care of, I'm not surprised by the number of people dying after the accident, driven fastly to hospital in critical conditions which can negatively evoluate during the transfer. I don't even speak about those transported into EMS trucks. This kills much more than some idiots not giving way to ambulances or fire engines. What kills here is the complete incompetence and poorly equiped rescue system workers, I don't blame them while they have to deal with tough situations I perfectly know. Then REAL issue is a political problem and the lack of willingness of the country's heads to start,fund and equip medical professionals to help people in distress. Honnestly it's not only in Thailand....unfortunately
  2. Wonderfull idea for Thailand. Can drink, phone, play and make love while the vehicule is driving for you. Only recommendation to self driving car developpers : in case of accident do not give the black box the option of potential brake failure.... thai drivers being already equipped with
  3. anfh statement is 100% correct. More than 50% of total co owners at the first meeting and more than 30%of total co owners at the second meeting. We just did it 15 days ago in my condo.
  4. The end of this story is (Richard) Mi(l)les away... keep on "Omega" 6 Mr Prawit!!!
  5. decca60

    Yacht sunk off Railay Beach, Krabi

    Just forgot to switch off WC valve ???? Usual mistake...
  6. Honnestly I don't care about that kind of pseudo "scoop".Personally, what worries me is the growing influence of the so called "social media" juging everybody and everything according to their variable mood,beliefs,interests, thoughts, etc...and this not only here but all over the world. This kills faster than a 357 magnum....sickening....
  7. So in a nutshell, this idiot has no money to take care of his supposed wife at home but enough money to spend to travel to Thailand and do what would be easy and unpunished in Buenos Aires !!!!!! Que tonto vos !!!! Gaucho, I hope you will enjoy the "asado" in your thai jail.
  8. In a nutshel, the captain of this boat dropped the anchor, ignoring his own boat depth plus at least 1 meter for security, didn't take the tide move into account ( all this being basic seaman knowledge) all resulting in a big hole in the hull ( what a surprise!!!!! ).... which local admin contracted this high scale professional ??? Who checked their capabilities?? In any half developped country, both captain and owner would be in jail and accountable for immediate boat rescue costs to avoid pollution... here they just "give orders" to (quoted report text)"speed up the repair job speedily" Am I awake or do I dream ????