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  1. So much for freedom of speech in supposedly the only democracy in the Middle East. >>"The al-Jazeera network continues to stir violence around the Temple Mount," Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page in Hebrew. Does Netanyahu give concrete examples of this, or is it just another of his attempts to stifle any criticism of Israel? A regime that fears criticism is doomed to failure. Without an office AJ cannot speak directly to a range of Israeli officials, making it certain that only one side of the story can be told. I have often seen Israeli reps speaking in Al Jazeera debates. All seems counter productive.
  2. >>It would seem that for some, common sense, is something that's expected only of Israel. Palestinian contributing their fair share to aggravating and prolonging the crisis is acceptable, though, and goes without comment. Israel is illegally occupying Palestinians, not the other way around! Israel is the only side with a standing army and the power to impose any restriction they like unilaterally without consultation. If Netanyahu makes a dumb, provocative collective punishment move, it's not the responsibility of Palestinians to appease him, collaborate with him to help him out of a tight spot. Their job is to call it as they see it...yet another Israeli checkpoint, more swaggering Israeli attempts to impose creeping sovereignty on occupied East Jersualem and the al Aqsa mosque..the one place where Palestinian worshippers had some degree of autonomy.
  3. Looks like common sense has at last prevailed, and Netanyahu's cabinet have taken the advice of their security services to remove the offensive metal detectors, which they should have done before the deaths of 7 people. Shin Bet warns, Cabinet ignores "Israel’s Security Cabinet met on Thursday to decide whether or not to remove the metal detectors from the entrance to the holy compound. Shin Bet advised they should be removed. But Bibi was more worried about what his hard-right rivals would say than by what Palestinians would do." Maybe another case of too little too late..history of politics.
  4. Hear hear. Very eloquently put. Palestinians are entitled by law to resist illegal occupation by any means they can. Palestinians have a legal right to armed struggle It's time for Israel to accept that as an occupied people, Palestinians have a right to resist - in every way possible. Israel and their apologists want it both ways...they condemn armed resistance then pass laws to suppress non violent passive resistance. The racist supremacist ideology of Zionism is ultimately doomed to failure, because the indigenous Palestinians outnumber their occupiers, and a minority cannot continue to lord it over a majority forever.
  5. No need to be rude with snide flaming comments about my beliefs. True ... the custodianship was agreed to by the illegally occupying power Israel.What the Muslim world is worried about now is Israel reneging on that agreement, which would not be unusual in the context of Israel's temporary 50 year occupation. Excellent article on the OP subject from Jews for Justice for Palestinians newsletter.. "But there’s a reason why the army and Israel’s security services urged the cabinet to reconsider, which is summed up in the Israeli cliché that it’s better to be smart than right. What difference does it make if the metal detectors theoretically make sense in a sterile environment, if they are bound to wreak more havoc and to cause more death and destruction in their presence than their absence in the hellhole that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?" The whole article well worth reading. Says it more eloquently than I could.
  6. Interesting analysis from Israel's Haartez on Israel's previous and present perceived/real? attempts to alter sovereignty on Harm al Sharif, which is after all a mosque legally administered by Waqf, not the illegally occupying power Israel. They are playing with the fire of a religious war, another intifada, with many Israelis and Palestinians as casualties just to appease a few ultra religious Jewish fanatics...and it may all in the end prove counter productive. Knee jerk Israeli reaction with the usual overwhelming force, rather than thinking things through and consultation with the legal custodians to calm the situation. Israeli Decision Makers Once Again Ignored the Warnings of Bloodshed "Israeli citizens are entitled to ask, how many times will this scenario repeat itself? How many times until Israel understands that despite the 50 years of occupation and unending clichés from politicians, it is not the sovereign on the Temple Mount?"
  7. Just as Israel's Shin Bet predicted.. If only Netanyahu had listened to Shin Bet, who advised him to dismantle the metal detectors, imposed without consulting the legal custodians Waqf, and seen by Palestinians as yet more creeping annexation and control over the third holiest site in Islam, and the illegally occupied West Bank. Yet another Israeli checkpoint along with the hundreds of others to dominate Palestinian lives. But Netanyahu's saving face comes at a cost of not saving 6 lives, and maybe more to follow. Try being a statesman Netanyahu and not a stooge for the right wing fanatics in your cabinet.
  8. Looks like wiser heads may prevail. Israeli Army, Shin Bet Urging Netanyahu to Relent on Temple Mount Metal Detectors When there's a conflagration, don't pour fuel on the fire.
  9. This is the culture, and corrupt monarchy that your governments support by $billions of arms sales used in a minor way to arrest the OP woman, and but also to murder thousands of civilians in Yemen. If you dont tell your govt reps you dont like the sort of people they are propping up with your taxpayer funds, you are just as culpable. Do something to prevent the cause, not complain about the effects.
  10. >>Israeli police forces are there, because Israel controls the area. Duh. ..Israeli police forces are there, because Israel controls the area ILLEGALLY, .... Duh. If they werent there there wouldnt be a problem. >>presenting metal detectors as a religious affront rather than a relevant security measure. ...a relevant security measure only to protect Jewish extremists whose intent is to desecrate the 3rd holiest site in Islam, by praying and performing Jewish rituals there. Imagine the furore if Muslims tried to do the same thing at the Wailing Wall. >>Such logic applies only in your black and white all or nothing world. logic is ..Israel who have all the guns and power and are the illegal occupiers not the occupied. Israel is writing the script.They could choose to make the situation different. The only power Palestinians have is to roll over and accept whatever fate Israel dishes out to them or resist.
  11. What are Israeli police doing there in the first place, beating up worshippers? Their presence is illegal. Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem is illegal. "On 27–28 June 1967, East Jerusalem was integrated into Jerusalem by extension of its municipal borders and was placed under the law, jurisdiction and administration of the State of Israel.In a unanimous General Assembly resolution, the UN declared the measures trying to change the status of the city invalid. In a reply to the resolution, Israel denied these measures constituted annexation, and contended that it merely wanted to deliver services to its inhabitants and protect the Holy Places" ..sneaky annexation by stealth. Israel now has 200,000 illegal colonists living there, pushing out Palestinians who are routinely refused building/repair permits. >>Metal detectors are placed in other sites of religious importance in other parts of the world, where occupation is not an issue. No one makes a fuss about them, and they are considered a reasonable security measure. ..Off topic deflection. we arent talking about other religious sites. It would have created less tension if they had asked the custodians first. But as with most things in Israel's illegal occupation, things tend to become a fait accomplit. >>As for cooperation and easing of tensions - may want to check the number of times compound grounds were used for violence, or the often issued calls by religious leaders at the site inciting worshipers for violence. ...I did. You may want to check the date the situation changed at Haram al Sharif. ...when Likud candidate Ariel Sharon, not particularly religious, decided to take a stroll there along with 100s of bodyguards ..not that he was expecting any trouble of course.. thus deliberately provoking the 2nd intifada..a stunt that made him the PM and thrust the right wing into power. There has been little peace there since. And Israeli leaders have the chutzpah to accuse Palestinians of incitement. Your personal flame/stalking regarding my atheism has nothing to do with the matter.
  12. Of course the heavily armed Israeli police thugs who caused the injuries are illegally occupying the site. Without the illegal occupation there would not be a need for any metal detectors, installed without the permission of the official guardians of the mosque WAQF. Consultation and consensus may have eased tensions. Muslim clerics and Palestinian politicians fear this is just another attempt to impose Israeli sovereignty over Haram Al Sharif, the 3rd holiest site in Islam. And of course Israel has a track record of creeping annexation, so their fears are well grounded. There is a report that the Israeli government is to allow Israeli MPs, who are not allowed to go to the site to stir up trouble, to visit the site on a trial basis. Some Israeli politicians have even proposed demolishing the mosque to build an Jewish Temple. Do they want to provoke a religious war? And there has been an increasing number of extremist Jews who violate the agreement not to hold prayers or conduct Jewish ceremonies in the mosque's grounds. They have the Wailing Wall...why do they want more? How would Jewish worshippers react if Muslims rolled out their mats to pray at their Wailing Wall? Israel should be de-escalating the tension. The custodians have offered a solution. Israel Just Got a Rare Offer to Defuse Temple Mount Tensions. It Will Most Likely Reject It Jerusalem Islamic authority's offer to renew coordination could benefit all sides, but experts say Israel, which currently has the upper hand, is unlikely to take it.
  13. No she hasn't mainly because there is no such link. Which speaks volumes about why Macron is doing so now.
  14. The problem is that you and JT have invented your own Catch 22. There can't be a place called Israel unless it is predominantly Jewish demographically and more importantly under Jewish control. Ergo, anyone who suggests anything else must be automatically against the existence of the state of Israel or as Macron would claim anti semitic. Maybe you should be asking yourself, if Zionists have to go to so much trouble enacting apartheid laws to maintain their artificial majority and suppressing the local Palestinian majority, maybe the state of Israel should not be in existence in its present racist form. Of course Jews, Muslims and Christians can live together equally. Politicians have just got to try harder on mechanisms to gradually achieve that after so many years of bitterness.. That should be their aim, not let's not rock the boat by pointing out the hideous and ironic treatment of Palestinians by Zionists and risk being called anti semitic.
  15. I object to the existence of Zionist Israel, where Jews only are allowed automatic citizenship upon landing even if they've never seen the place before and then get preferential job treatment and financed land packages, while Palestinians who were born not 30 minutes away have been herded into refugee camps and are refused permission (war crime!) to return to their homes. Then by a series of discriminatory apartheid laws, the Jewish demographic majority and power is artificially maintained, not even mentioning the brutality and horrors of a 50 year Israeli occupation. That's the Israel whose existence I most certainly object're absolutely spot on there! No objection at all to a secular multicultural truly democratic Israel where all races and religions civil and human rights are respected. Will not happen overnight, but that's the goal activists should be aiming towards, not perpetuating the hideous status quo, as Macron is doing trying to sweep criticism of the present Zionist regime under the carpet.