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  1. Palestinian prisoners have genuine grievances. There are 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. 300 are minors under the age of 18. The youngest is 12. Children under 14 can be sent to adult prisons. 536 are held under indefinite administrative detention, which allows the IDF to arrest Palestinians on "secret evidence" without charge and without the ability to defend themselves in court. During interrogation, prisoners are routinely tortured. Some have even been raped. They can be interrogated for 75 days, during which time they can be denied a lawyer for 60 days. Since 1967, 72 prisoners have died during interrogation. (...both horrific reads) "Despite Hundreds of Complaints of Shin Bet Torture, Israel Yet to Launch Single Investigation .A special unit was created to investigation complaints against the Shin Bet, but employs just one investigator. Despite dozens of 'inquiries' opened in recent years, none developed into an investigation." Most are then tried illegally (under international law) in Israeli military courts, where conviction rates are 99.7 percent and where civilians' due process rights are routinely disrespected. So much for the only democracy in the Middle East. This inhumane treatment is counter productive: it not only causes hatred in Palestinians but must be brutalizing Israeli society too in that it turns a blind eye if not participate in the injustice during army service.
  2. Marwan Barghouti, the political prisoner you refer to, is considered a unifying force for all Palestinians, and may well take over leadership from prison if Abbas stands down.His charisma could be very useful in an eventual peace deal, as was Mandela's and Gandhi's One man's convicted felon is another man's freedom fighter is tomorrow's president. Such as 2 of Israel's Prime Ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin, who once headed Jewish terrorist gangs, claiming the lives of hundreds of men, women and children. (well worth a read)
  3. Perhaps you should dispute the facts with the editor of Haaretz, one of Israel's oldest and respected publications. "East Jerusalem was annexed to Israel following the 1967 Six-Day War and is not under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, and Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem receive health coverage from the Israeli public health system." (2015) (well worth a read regarding the way Israel obstructs Palestinian healthcare) If it costs Israel anything to run health care for Jerusalemite Palestinians, so it should...pretty cheap rent for its land theft and economic exploitation, not withstanding the fact it is part of its duty of care as the Occupier under the Geneva Convention. Your sole purpose is to demonize Palestinians and Muslims in some way with pedantic and spurious healthcare stats about WHO hospitals for this very sad tragedy, even to the extent of your bizarre claim with racist overtones that some Muslim ("obviously" overheard the conspiracy??) recruited and brainwashed the psychotic killer into committing this atrocity. I would not have responded at all to this thread apart from condolences for the awful loss of a life of this young woman. Until the usual Israeli apologist and Islamophobe brigade climbed aboard to disgorge their prejudices.
  4. No mention of the demented murderer's religion in the OP, and yet we have had 5 posters spewing Islamophobic venom already. Not sure who is crazier or more hateful. IMO all racism is a form of insanity.. a manifestation of a severe inferiority complex. Making oneself feel big, by making another human small simply because of their difference. One day I hope it will be consigned to the trashcan of history.
  5. No links I notice to any of your baloney. East Jerusalem was effectively annexed by Israel in 1980 The PA are not allowed to have any offices there. The mentally ill killer is a Jerusalem resident. You are trying to spin the OP tragedy as though the PA is somehow responsible for it, plus some tin foil hat conspiracy theory that the deranged man was possibly recruited as a killer. But according to your logic, and if you want to point the finger at someone it is the Israeli hospital who released him prematurely. I don't want even to blame the hospital, because I am not a medical expert. I will await the findings of any official investigation, if there is one.
  6. I think FGM is barabaric. Let it be known in refugee camps or immigration centers that if this has been done to any child, that the parents will never ever be considered for resettling in host countries where this is illegal. And if it is done later in their new countries, and the parents found responsible, there will be mandatory imprisonment for them. Word may spread, and help stamp out this evil practise. I hope the OP doctor is jailed, fined, disqualified and forced to pay compensation.
  7. bigoted vilification ?? Read what you have just written. QED No-one was dumped anywhere. The OP mentally ill attacker came from illegally Israeli occupied East Jerusalem. Palestinians would find it very difficult to get a pass from the occupying army to even be in East Jerusalem. Nothing to do with the PA. But spin away. As the Occupying Force, Israel has a duty of care over all those occupied "Art. 56. To the fullest extent of the means available to it, the Occupying Power has the duty of ensuring and maintaining, with the cooperation of national and local authorities, the medical and hospital establishments and services, public health and hygiene in the occupied territory" The OP is simply a very sad instance of a young woman being killed by a deranged man. But that won't prevent the Israeli apologists and Islamophobes on this forum exploiting it in an attempt to turn it into something else.
  8. To disavow yourself of the notion that resistance is a form of insanity and the great hoax that Israelis are the perpetual victims but never the aggressor, I would suggest you Google: youtube Israeli settler violence and Google Images: Palestinian children killed. to understand why Palestinians quite rightly resist 50 years of brutal Israeli occupation. The OP incident has nothing to do with the conflict. But I am sure that will not prevent Israeli apologists and Islamophobes from making political capital out of this young woman's tragic death.
  9. As the OP and the Jerusalem police chief state, the attacker was very mentally disturbed. 'Police say the suspect, a resident of Ras al-Amud in east Jerusalem, was recently released from a psychiatric hospital. Jerusalem police chief Yoram Halevy told the AFP news agency that the man was "very mentally disturbed".' If there is any blind hatred, it is yours, trying to score a few cheap political points out of this tragedy.
  10. Whoever perpetrated the murder of innocents with chemical weapons deserve everything they get. I have no sympathy for those monsters whatsoever. But I wonder if there is also a hidden agenda in this missile attack? Perhaps no small coincidence that Trump is in the middle of talking tough to China now and Russia next week. Geopolitically, is it also an indirect attack on Iran, Syria's ally. You have to ask the question cui bono regime change in Syria. If these missile strikes prevent the further barbaric use of chemical weapons, and the US goes back to targeting ISIS...good. If it is the start of something different, watch out.
  11. I hope sufficient evidence is being gathered to prosecute these terrorists (Assad, ISIS, Russia, Iran ...whoever) for war crimes when one day the dust finally settles on this conflict.
  12. >>Many live in Thailand as they feel that their home countries are being taken over, and they got tired of it and moved away to a Buddhist country. ... You are admitting your Islamophobic European buddies do the same thing they and you accuse Muslims of doing....running away. But all your Islamophobic buddies are upset about is a woman covering her hair in the queue in front of them at a supermarket or someone simply being different. Refugees fleeing war zones are afraid for their families being torn apart by shrapnel from Russian, American, Syrian, ISIS or Iranian bombs. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.
  13. It's all the typical Israeli charade. It's all a con. If Israel wanted genuine negotiations in good faith, they would freeze settlement building of any kind ...period. As I pointed out above, the rabid settlers welcome the new rules which seem to address Trump's weasel words "hold off a little bit" on settlement construction. “The Yesha Council welcomes the cabinet decision to support new building projects across Judea and Samaria, in addition to the establishment of a new town for the former residents of Amona,” he said. I wonder why they welcome them.... because the rules mean effectively business as usual and are endlessly flexible of course. Whereas Netanyahu paints his new colony expansion rules as conciliatory to the White House Netanyahu Announces Policy of Restrained Settlement Construction in 'Show of Good Will' to Trump I've worked out the ambiguity/contradiction; you obviously still haven't. Up2u. Looks like the fanatical right wing are confused too...don't see things quite as objectively as you do. 'Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) slammed the government’s new settlement guidelines, saying they represent a historic and strategic “missed opportunity,” just hours after he said the arrangement seemed “completely okay in theory.”' I will await the proof of the pudding for final judgment, when the details of a Trump peace deal are on the table.
  14. You don't seem to get it. I don't really give a hoot about Trump or the rabid thug Zionist settlers. Whether Trump is cheering them on or pretending not to, by adopting the wise balanced statesman persona, I don't's win win ultimately for the Palestinians. You seem to be obsessed with scoring high school debating society points of order over minor metaphors. Be my guest. I am looking at the bigger picture. If Trump can deliver a peace agreement acceptable to the Palestinians, I will be very pleasantly surprised. If it's all a blustering charade with a few unacceptable crumbs on offer leading ultimately to further Jewish only colony expansion, then that's going to be an uncomfortable few more years of de facto or de jure (if they annex the West Bank) apartheid , but finally the world will see more crystal clearly what a monstrous racist ideology Zionism is.
  15. Pure window dressing. As I outlined above how the con works, and your link confirms this. All depends what you mean by previously developed areas..and some..a lot of fine print there.. "The policy Netanyahu laid out was that settlement construction would be limited to previously developed areas of the West Bank. But where security or topography prevented this, new homes would be built as close as possible to the developed areas." ..Israel frequently uses security as a pretext for land theft. The Yesha Council certainly don't seem too upset.. “The Yesha Council welcomes the cabinet decision to support new building projects across Judea and Samaria, in addition to the establishment of a new town for the former residents of Amona,” he said. Quite frankly, it's of no real concern. If Trump really has got the ultimate deal planned which is acceptable to the Palestinians ..wonderful. If this is just more of the same same (past 24 years) smoke and mirrors pretend negotiations while Israel creates more facts on the ground, that's OK too..the Zionists are just digging themselves a deeper hole, hopefully one from which they will be unable to extract themselves without dismantling the hateful Zionist ideology.