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  1. Is Microsoft Surface any good?

    I bought my 128GB Surface Pro in May 2013 and have never had any problems with it. I use the most like a laptop when I travel (about 2 months a year). Since I take a lot of pictures and videos, I always have a small external 1TB hard drive to save them. Since you have access to windows programs, it's easy to find programs to edit photos and videos or any other windows program that you may need.
  2. It's not BS. I have been to the house where my lady friend lives and the whole family is sitting on the floor when they eat or watch television. There are no chairs and tables in the living room. When we stay at a hotel and she wants to eat thai food (Papaya salad), she prefer to sit on the floor to eat and sometimes also when she watch television. I have asked why and the answer is that she prefers it that way. She is over 50 years old and from Isan but living in Bangkok. But when we are at the restaurant she sits at the table and not on the floor.
  3. Wat Khao Laem Sing Temple - Chantaburi. Picture taken 11.11.2017
  4. Is this something for you? Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/Microsoft-Wireless-Display-Adapter/8VWDJ9BD9XLZ?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab
  5. Same for me. She always takes my hand when we cross a busy street. She does not trust me to cross the street on my own
  6. How do you pronounce Pattaya? An English television channel in Pattaya used press on the first syllable. Norwegian users press the second syllable, while people from Thailand use the last syllable. How do you pronounce it?
  7. Isaan or Islands to meet Thai Women ?

    Why not go to Udon Thani or Nong Khai. Both places have bar areas where foreigners meet. I was there four years ago and enjoyed both places well.
  8. 10 days ago me and my Thai lady friend took a sightseeing trip in Bangkok with a taxi. We sat in the back and as usual I would put on my seat belt, but the fastener missing. My lady friend mentioned this to the driver. He stopped at a gas station, lifted up the back seat and fixed seat belts. What wonder me most was that after this she also took on the seatbelt something I had never seen her do before. Probably she and the driver had talked about the new law.
  9. For over 50 years ago my chemistry teacher showed how one can tell the difference between alcohol and methanol. Alcohol burns with a blue flame while methanol burns with a green flame. I've never tried it myself, but maybe someone else can confirm it?
  10. I have experienced the same. Approximately 30 years ago I flew from Oslo to Bergen in Norway when the captain announced that the outer rubber layer on one of the wheels was left on the runway in Oslo (Fornebu). But as the captain said, we have many wheels, so do not be afraid. We circled over Bergen airport several times to empty the plane for fuel. When we finally landed, we had to sit in a certain position. Firetrucks and ambulances were ready at the airport if something should go wrong. I have never experienced such a soft landing. This was a jet with over a hundred passengers.
  11. View from Phu Tabberk, 14.08.2015
  12. National Park Experience

    I have no problem with dual pricing. I want that Thai people also can afford to visit parks and temples. I'm pretty sure that if there was one price for all, the price will increase. But I'm just a tourist visiting Thailand and other countries in S.E.A. 3 times each year and travel around approximately 4 weeks each time. The purpose is just to visit historic sites, parks and temples and I gladly pay what they demand. Those of you who refuse to accept dual pricing, miss a lot of nice and interesting places. If you visit Siem Reap in Cambodia, you will refrain from visiting Ankor Wat since farang have to pay $ 20 a day ($ 40 for 3 days pass) while people from Cambodia have free Access?
  13. Four years ago, I spent a day in Korat and visited several of the places that pacovl46 mentions. I also like to place mark on Google Earth. So can anyone tell me where this is?
  14. For about 10 years ago I walked around Siam Square and smoked a cigarette. Done with that, I tried to find a garbage span where I could throw the cigarette butt. I saw none but since there was a lot of trash on the sidewalk, I threw it there. Suddenly there was a police and he explained that what I did was illegal and the fine was 1500 Bath. I paid the fine. He even asked if I needed a receipt, which I don't needed. Since then I always have a small plastic bag where I put the cigarette butt until I find a place where I can throw it. After that I have never been stopped by the police and I have been traveling here for 15 years.
  15. Next time it is necessary to purchase insurance, I will look for several insurance agents.