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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tham_Luang_cave_rescue
  2. Thank you for the answer. I have noted it. When we travel on such tours we use taxi or ask the hotel if anyone can drive us. We usually pay 2-3000 bath for a day's sightseeing or transportation to the next accommodation.
  3. I am 73 years old and have traveled to Thailand since 1998, two or three times a year and always on visa exempt. During this time I have visited many places around Thailand. For the last 10 years I have traveled with my Thai lady friend. In July / August we want to take a trip in northern Thailand from Nong Khai to Chiang Rai. Train from Bangkok to Nong Khai and then taxi/privat car to Chiang Rai with stops and accommodation in Nong Khai, Chang Khan, Loei, Uttaradit, Nan and Chiang Rai. Fly back to Bangkok. Accommodation 2-3 nights in each place. Duration 2-3 weeks. This is my itinerary. Distance and time by car is taken from Google Earth Train Bangkok – Nong Khai, dep. BKK 08:20, arr. Nong Khai 17:45 Car: Nong Khai – Chang Khan 188km – Time: 3:23 Chang Khan – Loei 51km – Time: 1:00 Loei – Phu Ruea National Park 60km – Time: 1:15 Phu Ruea National Park – Uttaradit 203km – Time: 3:23 Uttaradit – Nan 192km – Time: 2:57 Nan – Chiang Rai 219 km – Time: 3:44 Are there anyone who have taken this trip or parts of it and who can give us some tips on what to see? Any other route than the one we have chosen? What we want to see are temples, parks / national parks and city life / markets. I take a lot of pictures and video on my trips while my friend takes selfies. Also tips for accommodation are desirable, price up to 2000 bath per night. All of the places we stay we will use taxi / private car for sightseeing as none of us drive a car, so we are free to stop anytime.