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  1. Or, you could do what a normal person does and actully follow the rules, which it sounds like the OP has done.
  2. Of course they do, it's like its an addiction for them to bash anything Thai related (and if it's not, they will somehow make it all about the Thais). Just typical TVF whingers (And now I just wait for the same whinger to call me a Thai apologist.. Soooo predictable)
  3. Or it's the stupid farangs that dont know how to follow a very VERY basic rule. Either have 20k or run the risk of no entry. Doesn't take a genious to follow that one
  4. I don't eat a mango everyday, and yet I'm not shocked when I do... So, not sure what your point is.
  5. Absolutely correct, that's two different things been talked about, with the ulcer been aa different beast to what yogurt can be useful for.
  6. Which is a brand name for esomeprazole, which is another PPI. Which has been suggest quite a few times already, and of which the OP is already on in the form omeprazole.
  7. You need to read my post a few posts before yours, as I mentioned that very drug. Which btw, will not have any effect on an ulcer and healing it. You need to get read of the bacteria before the healing can start.
  8. A lot of the time, it's also because these natural remedies that do work has some fairly major contra-indications when combined with other drugs. Things that cabbage may interact negatively with of the top of my head is Anti-coagulents - warfarin (Coumadin) and some analgesic meds. So if you are determined to use natural products, pls be sure to get the all clear from a doc before starting.
  9. Completely agree, and good practice that the doc has prescribed. The two Antibiotics should be Amoxicillin and Clarithromycin, with the broad spectrum AB been used to stop any further nastys happening whilst your healing, and the clarithromycin (narrow spectrum) been used to kill the current bacteria causing the peptic ulcer. You should also have been prescribed a protom pump inhibitor (PPI) to decrease your gastric secretions whilst your healing. The PPI will/should be something along the lines of omeprazole (or something similar sounding with the name ending in Zole). Be sure to take the full course and avoid alcohol and spicy foods whilst on the treatment.
  10. As did I. Got stung for a lot of cash tbh. Only suggestion I can give, is to see if you can go to a place that you can Prepay for rom hire and Bottle/ice before you go in. That way no arguments about padded bills at the end. There is a place in Chiang Mai that allows that, but unfortunately I cant remember the name of it. Only that it was close to a bridge.
  11. If you don't want those types of comments, then why say something as stupid as you did. You made the first smart arse comment and I replied to that. If you don't want those type of replies then don't make the smart arse comment you made. I would have thought that someone with a disability would be the last one to make the comments you made, so your only bringing it on yourself with your follow up pity post. Just because you have the disability (as do I btw, but I don't carry on looking for sympathy) you have, doesn't give you the right to say what you like without been pulled up on it! And just to clarify, I had no idea OP was wheelchair bound.
  12. At least for Thais thats a choice, not like half the farangs I see who are either that obese they physically cant walk that far, or are far too busy complaining how Thailand isnt like their home country, as they sit on their computers living out whats left of their sad lives.
  13. What did you want her to do? Break down on the side of the road an pound her fists into the pavement? Ppl deal with problems different ways - big bloody deal.
  14. Ohhhh wow, pls tell me wht country your from where no one ever makes mistakes or does something silly. Sounds like Utopia.
  15. I'm flattered that you have taken a personal interest in me, enough so to go looking thru my previous posts. Sooooo, what part of do some research isnt answering your question? Or do you think its cool to be lazy and make others do the work for you? I would have thought that anyone with any logic would have actually taken the I initiative and actually looked it up. Oh but that's right, that might require some effort. And your right, a lot of my posts are too the racists on these boards that get a very sick jolly out of taking the mickey of Thais. Whats your point? If they can dish it out, so can I. Not once in the last few days have I called anyone stupid, but hey - if they can't read a post correctly and think that I have - then I'm not going to correct them.