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  1. It gets destroyed, shredded then burnt
  2. And you know this how? It's funny how if any other country has a joint operation in busting criminal gangs, both countries jointly get congrats, but oh no, cant see the racist farangs praising both teams equally in Thailand now can we, always have to lay the racist bot in any opportunity you can, to show how meaningful and better you are. If your going to make up cheap racist stories, back it up! Show us all your inner knowledge of how the "secret service" made RTP do a bust, in there own country, or show us your other made up bulldust about how not so much money would be found. Or add usual, your just taking another cheap dig at something you can prove..
  3. Hilarious, says he is not a thai basher, then continues on bashing Thais. I've been in Thailand for many years, had a few interactions with thai police, as have many of my expat friends - not once were any of us threatened with physical or financial abuse. Only on Thiavisa does it seem like so many of these whinging Farangs seem to have so many problems with the people of thailand,, and the police. I see a common theme running here, ppl that have nothing better to do then to whinge about everything, and always seem to have a problem with the RTP, now I wonder what the common denominator is??? It's certainly not those that don't whinge and have never had a problem.
  4. Double charging, like when going into a nature park, which their taxs have paid for and they still have to pay to go in, which us farangs have to pay more? Yes that's double charging, but well within their rights. Hell, they do it in Australia as well, where locals get a discount and those that don't live locally get charged more. Who cares, it's not racism. And not once have I ever been help accountable for an accident I didnt cause, neither have any of my friends or there friends. It's a pathetic myth perpetuated by racist farangs trying to weasel out of acciuntability when they were at fault. And, I don't know what Thais you hang around in your "well travelled" lifestyle, but I've got to know many many Thais who would work rings around most farangs, the Thais work damn hard and have a great work ethic.
  5. My thoughts exactly. But then, some posters take any chance to bash a Thai, even if they have to make crap up to do so
  6. Naaaaaw, never heard the saying whats good for the goose is good for the gander? If you can make up what ifs, so can I. Sorrt if your too sensitive to have what you said reveresed, but I thought we were all adults here, and not little girls hiding behind their mothers skirt. Naive, sorry but where have I said they have never done anything wrong? Maybe it's you with the problem as you cant be seen saying anything positive about any thai, or its workers. Your not wearing boxing gloves just waiting to bash anything Thai are you?
  7. psyvolt

    BMW owner says staff at the car wash sold her car

    Whinging and making up crap is in the Farang dna, whats you point?
  8. Maybe if you took off your whinging farang pants, you might realise that a bit of a job well done is indeed called for, instead of living up to the stereotype of whinging about anything and everything expat farangs.
  9. And yet they do a good job, and still get the same amount of criticising. If I was in the RTP, buggered if id bother helping a stupid farang, if even if they do something good, they get the same arsehats complaining and whinging.
  10. Ahhhh, so now we are going to criticize for something that didnt happen, but could have? Ok then. I shall say you are a murderer but who knows, call me cynical but you could have murdered the local shop keeper except the weather was too sunny that day, there for you should forever be called a murderer because you maybe/could have/thought about it.
  11. And what peice of information would make you even think that. Hell, it's possible the cat did it, yet I see you didn't mention the cat. Just the Thai worker was an easier target for you. No idea what happened, as I'm not one to assume anything without information, less try and lay blame with absolutely no information to do so.
  12. God I love this site. Cops are do a good job busting a criminal syndicate, yet posters have nothing better to do then have a go and whinge, yet are still the first to lay the boot in when cops arnt seen to do enough. What is it, do you want the cops to work or not? As according to so many posters here - there damned either way.
  13. Or not maintained by stingy farangs not willing to put their hands in their wallets
  14. Wow, your sleuthing skills must be awesome, as I couldn't see anything close to what your suggesting. Or of course, your just talking crap, and as usual just Thai Bashing (the latter is more likely).
  15. So true. They simply have nothing better to do with their time, so like to repeat the same boring one liners over and over again.