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  1. Could you quantify this?
  2. PM Prayut floats idea of raising VAT to 8%

    Increase VAT.....why not? Since you`ve depleted the treasury reserves. Need the money for those subs to prevent attack from....err....err And all those huge projects. But if you do get all that extra revenue could you spare a bit for all the bloody potholes on the roads to my village?
  3. The restaurant business is notoriously difficult to predict accurate monthly figures. Especially in Thailand where it`s seasonal and tourism has been down for the last 2 years. I look for a 20% net monthly profit.....but don`t always get it! Lol.
  4. Images Of Isaan

  5. longer lease?

    I need advice on any strategies to get a longer business lease than my current one for 12 months. My business, a restaurant, is for sale but prospective buyers won`t take the risk with the short lease. The restaurant has been established for 8 years, originally on a renewable 3 year lease. However, the landlord made all his tenants switch to a 1 year lease 18 months ago. Because there were plans to knock several businesses down and build a plaza (which we could then rent again after completion). So far this hasn`t happened and management say `there are no now plans`. I don`t believe that 100% We are a good tenant paying rent, electric & water every month and on time & maintaining the premises. I`ve never met the billionaire landlord, who rarely visits the area. All communication is through lower management. I have asked several times and even written a letter in Thai to be passed on to the owner requesting a longer lease. All requests met with a "No". It maybe nothing will make the landlord give a longer lease, but to sell my business, I have to try. I think the key is the landlord but can`t think of how to get a win:win agreement. Or even how to make a better approach. So any serious suggestions on how I could approach this would be most welcome.
  6. Bit late on responding but if you are still intending to open a cafe / restaurant could you give a few more details? Like - location, existing / new business, menu, clientele, No. of settings, staff, competition I have owned and run a restaurant for 4 years and would gladly give you some advice
  7. By definition, aren`t political parties with different political views `divided`? If not we get one party like in Nth Korea