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  1. I have googled but I don't find anything other than what is in your link referring to the Motor Vehicle Act B.E. 2522. All (the provided English translation) in that says is this. In other words, an alien can drive in Thailand so long as he is not a permanent resident and his country has a bilateral treaty with Thailand covering that. Apart from ASEAN, are there any treaties? No mention of 90 days, 3 months, 6 months. Nothing about Tourist visas, non-immigrant visas as quoted by some posters in this thread. Where does all that come from?
  2. Hey, just post the laws you claim to know of or admit that you''re not telling the truth. This is about the facts of the matter not your fragile ego.
  3. Thanks for the link Pib. Unfortunately I don't hold any accounts with Krungsri. I have trawled through the KBank online banking site and can't find any mention of a similar service. I have online accounts with SCB and BBL so will look at those too. I had a report generated several years ago directly from the Credit Bureau and recall that they required quite a bit of documentation from me. I have also given personal guarantees on some corporate loans and have had to sign a form giving them permission to do a credit check. That is why I was surprised it could be done online so easily.
  4. 38 posts now and still no one has been able to quote the law covering what foreign issued document makes it legal to drive in Thailand, by whom and for what duration. Which begs the question, do any such laws exist?
  5. OK so obviously I am stupid. Please help me out. Show me the Thai law.
  6. Not stupid at all. Lots of opinions in this thread and no facts. Real life experiences are more useful than opinions even if you don't like them. If you have some actual experience to say that he is wrong or if you can reference an actual law please go ahead.
  7. Below is what TIMATIC says on the subject. I'm not sure how a tourist is expected to know that they need to be able to show cash only. Many might assume that in 2017 Credit & ATM cards would be acceptable since that is what they will actually use.
  8. Strange how Apple & Linux devotees love to stalk Windows threads. I am vaguely aware that there are sub-forums for Linux and Apple here but I have no idea what content is in them because I don't care. Why do Linux lovers care about Windows? Must be something in that.
  9. Do you have a direct link to that at Krungsri? I can't find any reference to it. Thanks
  10. Did a quick search and luckily there is a youtube tutorial for both the ABC Live & iview addons. The tutorial is done on the old version of Kodi and you have probably just installed the more recently released version 17.1 Krypton. If that is the case, you might want to follow some instructions here since the GUI looks different:
  11. As far as I know, most foreigners sentenced to life imprisonment in Thailand do get out eventually. There are remissions for good behaviour and some are also granted on the King's birthday. I don't know what life really means in terms of years actually incarcerated but I think in the range of 20-25. Also, many countries (incl. Spain) have bilateral prisoner transfer treaties with Thailand so that after serving a certain portion of their sentence, they will be transferred home to serve out the balance. On the other hand, when someone is sentenced to death in Thailand, the sentence is automatically appealed to a higher court, even if the defendant doesn't want it. If the death sentence is upheld by the appeals court then the corrections department automatically starts the process of applying for a Royal pardon and even if that application fails, the prisoner may still eventually benefit from a general pardon. The result is that the vast majority of people that are sentenced to death have their sentences commuted to life imprisonment. In any case in the last few decades very few foreigners have been executed in Thailand and, as far as I am aware, no westerners have been. So judging by history, this psycho will likely eventually have his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment and be transferred back to Spain some years after that. But because the appeals will take years and years, he would have been considerably better off with a life sentence to begin with. Had he plead guilty that is quite likely what he would have got.
  12. They do. That's what I meant. Though the ''he's from Barcelona'' quote from Soalbundy is pretty funny.
  13. DNS proxy services also work for watching ABC iview. Some VPN providers will include a DNS proxy service in their package. Otherwise there are many providers that sell the proxy service on it's own. If the objective is only to get around geoblocking, DNS proxy is almost always a better choice than VPN because it only tricks the server you are connecting to into believing you are located in e.g. Australia rather than actually routing your internet connection through a VPN server in that country. The advantages are that since you are connecting directly there isn't the bandwidth overhead inherent in a VPN connection. Generally that will mean less likelihood of buffering. The other is that the computer or device you are watching TV with isn't forced to unnecessarily route all other internet traffic (email etc.) through the VPN thereby slowing it down. I use a VPN package from Ironsocket ( which includes a DNS proxy service. It fits the bill for me but as KhunBENQ says there may be better/cheaper options if you only want to watch Aus TV.
  14. The news story says she gave evidence against him so possibly nothing will happen to the girl. But I don't know that. Just guessing.