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  1. Forget about the SEA map. It is outdated and has nothing like the detail of the ESRI map. I have used Garmin devices for years and still do. However for Thailand and particularly Bangkok I think that Google maps is the way forward. There are 2 reasons for that. Firstly the live traffic information really works on google and I can't see how it ever will with Garmin. Secondly, Garmin doesn't do fuzzy logic when searching for place names and since Thai names can be transliterated so differently it can be very difficult to find what you are searching for if you don't spell the name exactly the same way that ESRI does.
  2. He died from the bite, nothing to do with drinking the blood. I have consumed half a King Cobra's blood, plus the entire heart in a glass of Vietnamese rice liquor, in one sitting. Nothing happened whatsoever, not even the promised Viagra effect...... apart from getting pissed from the booze.
  3. OK thanks. Some of the latest Garmins have additional copyright protection so that the firmware needs to be patched in order to load some maps (incl the ESRI Thai map). I thought you might have meant that. There are utilities floating around that will unlock the JCV (Junction View) files so that they can be used on non-Asian firmware devices. I have had them working successfully on a couple of models. However I tried it with an LMT50 and though it appeared to work initially the JCV files caused random reboots. I'm not sure it is possible to change the firmware on newer devices the way it was with earlier (Nuvi?) models.
  4. When you say "does the firmware need to be changed", do you mean because of the copyright protection on newer devices or the Asian maps on non-Asian devices issue?
  5. Notebook mainboard repair

    Sorry, I'm in Bangkok. I have approx 20 mainboards with various faults ranging from no video to bad charge circuit to DOA . They're all from quite high-end notebooks and will cost approx USD500 for replacements so it is worthwhile going to some effort. I may need to send them to Shenzhen but was hoping to find somewhere local before doing that.
  6. Notebook mainboard repair

    Does anyone know of a place specialising in chip-level mainboard repair? Needs to be fairly professional with diagnostic equipment and access to schematics etc. In the past I have tried several of those hole-in-the-wall places that (used to be?) at the back of Pantip but haven't had much success.
  7. Can you not consign the samples to one of your prospective customers and have them arrange the customs clearance? In this business trying to do things by following the rules isn't going to work. No one else does that. You can't take advantage of FTA's unless your documentation is perfect including original copies of Certificate of Origin (certified in country of origin etc. etc.) so that isn't practical for a few samples. From my experience, samples of wine (e.g. a few cases or less) and very high end wines are shipped to either Singapore or HKG and then hand carried by air to Bangkok. But you need connections for that. You say that you can ship up to 10 bottles via UPS without formal documentation. I didn't know that. But if really true it sounds like a good option to me.
  8. If bitten by a snake

    About 10 years ago I was bitten on the ankle by a pit viper at my house in Bangkok. My housemaid at the time was able to identify the snake (in Thai). I think it was a Pope's Pit Viper. I was treated in the emergency room at Bumrungrad Hospital. The doctors told me that they had anti-venom available but that they do not routinely administer that unless the patient has an adverse reaction to the venom because the anti-venom itself carries risk of a bad reaction. Pit Viper venom is Hemotoxic though and it might be a different story when bitten by e.g. a cobra which has neurotoxic venom. I don't know.
  9. You don't need to do anything. The re-entry/endorsement is still valid in your old passport so you just carry that when you travel. When your current re-entry is up for renewal it will be stamped in your new passport.
  10. Carrying Laptop on Plane.

    The increasing restrictions on laptops etc. in checked baggage aren't about the devices themselves but rather the Lithium Ion batteries that power them. It seems likely that these restrictions are going to get more and more strict and it will only take one incident somewhere before they are banned completely. I think this is a pretty serious issue confronting the airline industry right now.
  11. Carrying Laptop on Plane.

    No, but for a short period there was a ban on laptops on Gulf carriers (& some others) for flights to/from the UK so effectively that would also mean flights between the UK and Thailand on those carriers.
  12. I recall a similar headline not so long ago: "Man electrocuted to death by charging iphone in the bath" At that time I thought the same as Oilinki. You can't be electrocuted by 5V and 1Amp so how could this happen. It turns out that the guy had the charger plugged into a power board which was sitting on the edge of the bath but fell in the water. This story will be similar. Nothing to do with a mobile phone or headphones.
  13. The level of the Chao Phraya in Nonthaburi has definitely not risen by anything like 30cm over the last several days. In fact I don't believe the river level is any higher at peak high tide than it was a week ago. If it had done, that would put the river level very close to the peak of 2011.
  14. Need Thai name for "boric acid"

    This supplier lists both the Thai and English names: https://www.chemipan.com/home/index.php/635-สินค้า/646-สารเคมีทั่วไป/648-สารเคมีทั่วไป/1051/1051-boric-acid-บอริค-แอซิด-เคมีภัณฑ์-สารเคมี.html
  15. Xiaomi phones, frame bend at volume keys.

    Looks nice. Is there a matching pocket protector?