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  1. New scam at Suvarnabhumi

    Yes I remember the foreign media story that did the rounds at that time. I also remember Kingpower's response which was to the publish online CCTV footage showing that those people complaining (after they were out of Thailand) were unequivocally shoplifting. I watched it. There was no doubt. The "scam" was that after being charged, given the prospect of staying in Thailand awaiting trial for several months, on bail if they came up with the bail money, or in custody if they didn't a mysterious Sri Lankan named Tony was on hand to negotiate with Samut Prakarn police for them to lose the evidence and drop the charges. Unsurprisingly this service wasn't cheap. There was never any suggestion that Kingpower had any involvement after handing the thieves over to the police. I think that the bottom line is - if you are happy to buy overpriced stuff at Suvarnabhumi, that's fine. Just don't steal it..... or at least don't get caught if you do.
  2. For third party firmware with decent AC support, I have had good experience with Asus-merlin but another great firmware to be aware of is Padavan. I have several A/P's running it and am impressed with the stability even on cheap hardware. A lot of the support for Padavan is in Russian but google translate does a pretty good job with Russian language.
  3. In this case, "Second-hand Japanese cars" means 2nd hand cars imported from Japan, not necessarily Japanese made cars.
  4. How to mail a PC from Germany to Thailand?

    You need to declare it as a "Desktop Computer - Used" because that will not attract any duty. Only 7% VAT on the declared CIF value. Don't say "Used Device" because there is no tariff code for that so will likely cause a hold-up. Give it a realistic value, not a ridiculously low value. With DHL (or any other courier in Thailand) make sure there are no other dutiable items in the same shipment because you will be charged the highest applicable duty rate on the entire shipment. You can include other zero duty items e.g. computer parts. On top of the 7% VAT, DHL will charge you a small clearance fee (from memory THB200 or so). N.B. I would have thought that the DHL shipping costs would exceed the value of an old PC but guess you must have your reasons.
  5. You can do it any time, even 11 months before expiry is fine. Immigration collect THB5700 for 10 minutes work so it's good business.
  6. Yes but we are talking about the reporting obligations of a hotel, not the individual. If Immigration have made an exception for PR's then they have forgotten to tell anyone. At least I have never seen any mention of it.
  7. Exactly. Lot's of posts on TV complaining about the price of flights to/from Europe on THAI compared to the gulf carriers. Fly direct on THAI, sleep 6-7 hours, I just need a shower and good to go (work or whatever) compared to changing aircraft in the middle of the night and feeling jetlagged for days. If you don't mind that then sure, those carriers are better value.
  8. I agree with you but the same situation applies for a foreigner with PR. No TM6 and no Permitted Until stamp - in fact maybe no stamps at all. PR's may be an isolated case but it goes to show that it isn't always even possible for the hotel to comply so the whole system is demeaned. I know this from experience and now only use the pink ID card for checking in because handing over a passport with no TM6 and no entry stamps is more trouble that it's worth.
  9. Section 4 and section 38 of the Civil Registration Act B.E. 2551 (2008).
  10. No, no other Thai officials get those benefits. That is just an urban legend on this forum. Permanent employees of Thai Airways do qualify for staff travel benefits but the entire system works within the framework of the ZED (Zonal Employee Discount) system exactly the same way as almost every other legacy carrier. And the dress code is quite strict with specific rules about what is and isn't allowed depending on the class traveled. It sounds strange to me that a staff member would dare to go public with a stupid complaint like this.
  11. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    On the surface at least, it appears to me that differentiating the tax between locally produced and imported wine breaks the Free Trade Agreements that Thailand has signed with Australia and New Zealand unless wine from those 2 countries is treated as local for tax purposes. Watch this space.
  12. The other English language newspaper says that the police have seen the evidence on the computer but that it has not yet been translated. Seems that something has been lost in translation somewhere.
  13. Not saying it is the case here because I have no idea. But it is actually quite simple to encrypt the contents on a storage drive so that no one (well... certainly not you or I) will ever be able to access the data.
  14. SiiNet IP address changes every 15 mins

    With TOT Fibre the connection is reset every 24 hours - precisely 24 hours after current connection was established. It can be a nuisance for several reasons but I am able to get around the issue by setting a CRON job on the router to reboot every day at 3am. I also have a series of VPN routers that are similarly set to reboot at 2 minute increments after that. So now my main router is resetting the connection approximately 45 seconds before TOT would have done it themselves. But at 3am it rarely affects me.