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  1. thedemon

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    LOL. THAI haven't been handing out those Fast Track cards for years so you might get some funny looks from the Immigration officer when the rainy day finally comes along.
  2. thedemon

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    It's true that you are supposed to have 6 months remaining on your re-entry but the registration sticker that they place in your passport is valid for 2 years. I am on my third year now and have never re-registered except when the initial 2 years expired. When I first registered the officer told me that I should report whenever a new Re-entry is issued and the same thing was posted by others on this forum. But it's not the case. Plenty of confusion amongst Immigration officers on this subject. Yeah the Thai referee thing is pretty stupid but it doesn't mean anything. You just supply them a name, address and ID number of a Thai citizen. No ID copies required so you could use your housekeeper or local motorbike taxi drivers name or even just make up an imaginary friend. It's strange that the Revenue Department asks to see your passport. As a PR you don't even need to have a current passport. I also get a refund every year and never submit anything to do with my passport. They're idiot bureaucrats of course, so we can't expect too much logic or consistency.
  3. This is what you wrote. I was just pointing out that that is an exaggeration of the facts, which it is.
  4. Yesterday I was in my boat with some friends just a couple of KM upstream from Rama VIII bridge. Bunches of kids were swimming as is usual. The river is neither particularly high or low at the moment and since I often tie up at various places along the way so am acutely aware of the tides and direction of flow. That part of the Chao Phraya river is about 280 metres wide so the furthest someone would need to swim to reach the side is 140 metres. I could swim that effortlessly no matter how strong the current. Sorry but those are the facts.
  5. It makes no difference which account you consider primary or secondary. The bank simply considers that they are 2 separate accounts albeit both belong to the same account holder. The important thing is that the account in which you keep the bulk of your funds has no ATM/Debit card. So given your current situation, the easiest thing to do would be open a new savings account and decline the ATM/Debit card. Then move most of the funds in your existing account to the new one. There is no need for the new account to be at the same branch as the old account but it will be easier if they are at the same bank. Then you can apply for internet banking and add both accounts to your login.
  6. It used to be normal at Songkhran and other holidays. The trains looked like they do in India.
  7. thedemon

    3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    Yeah, could be. I have a VPN server running on my el-cheapo 200Mbps connection at home. I use it for internet banking etc when I'm travelling rather than a commercial service that is often blocked in e.g. China. Sometimes I check the speed when I'm in another country and it is never anywhere near the supposed upload speed of 100Mbps.
  8. thedemon

    3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    I think it is only about 3 years ago that I convinced TOT to drag fibre cables down my Soi and provide me with a 75Mbps connection for 7k/month. I was very impressed with the improvement in access speeds and I thought that it was money well spent. Now my 200Mbps connection costs only about 1200/month. There are multiple devices and often quite a few people using that connection. I very rarely have any buffering issues with streaming and can download relatively huge files very quickly. I would be happy to pay 3k/month for 1Gbps but can't see what difference it would make to my internet experience. Am I missing something?
  9. thedemon

    3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    A couple of years ago I spent 2 weeks in Silicon Valley. Accommodation, even though really expensive, was hard to come by and consequently I had to move 3-4 times during that period. Unsurprisingly the internet speeds via WiFi at those hotels were very good. However, when I tried any speed tests to Thai servers like TRUE, TOT etc they were terrible (e.g. down from 50 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps) Who is to blame for that?
  10. 1 - On the first (call it primary) savings account you keep the bulk of your funds. That account has a passbook only attached to it, no ATM/Debit card. On the other (call it secondary) savings account you keep only enough funds for e.g several days spending. That account has an ATM/Debit card attached to it. Both savings accounts are accessible via your Internet Banking login so you top up funds from the primary account to the secondary and when depleted, repeat. 2 - There are no regulations regarding immigration status and opening bank accounts in Thailand. Whether or not a particular officer in a particular branch will or won't help you depends on how good looking or charming you are. The other way, the one that works for me, is to owe them a lot of money. Lot's of things become no problem then.
  11. I think I am in the same boat as you. I have been paying into the scheme since it's inception (20 odd years ago?) and am (& have always been) both a shareholder and director. According to my vague recollection, when the scheme was first introduced, anyone that received a salary had to join regardless of being a director/shareholder but sometime later the SS office changed their tune, probably because of that Supreme court decision mentioned above. Now it seems that their position is that a director/shareholder cannot pay into the fund and cannot receive benefits either. I also vaguely recall reading (probably on this forum) of a guy that had been paying in for years but was subsequently discovered by SS. I think he was paid out a lump sum then and there. I doubt that includes any interest so not a very fair deal for a director that was forced to join in the first place and then kicked out. Personally I have never taken it very seriously. In the past I never imagined I would ever use the medical benefits and the pension wouldn't buy more than a few beers but on the other hand it doesn't cost much either so perhaps having a backup medical coverage might be beneficial later in life when private insurance is hard to get or prohibitively expensive. I am inclined to just not do anything, let the company keep paying until SS find out, or not, as the case may be.
  12. This post from 2007 has a good explanation:
  13. thedemon

    Aircon....educate me please

    There are pressure switches on both the high pressure and low pressure lines. I haven't done this stuff for quite a few years but from memory it is switch on the low pressure line that will cause that kind of intermittent fault whereas the high pressure switch will usually trip under load or high temperature. No idea where they would be located on a Suzuki but if you follow the lines from the compressor they should be obvious enough. I've never heard of a pressure switch on the interior fan.
  14. thedemon

    Aircon....educate me please

    My money would be on the AC pressure switch, especially when the problem is intermittent like that.
  15. Yes pretty much. The driving force for Decree number 2 is the big reduction in financial penalties for employers. Decree number 1 had the penalties set too high which caused the corresponding bribe amounts to be out of proportion with the current economic conditions for most large scale employers. On the other hand although penalties have ostensibly also been reduced for alien employees without work permits, they can still be detained and imprisoned under Section 37 (1) of the Immigration Act so for them extortion will remain the name of the game. All the other stuff about regulations concerning where, what and for whom appears to me to be largely window dressing since they will still be subject to bureaucratic interpretation the same way they always have been