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  1. That's exactly right and if the op can show some correspondence with AOT or CAAT acknowledging that this did happen it will be difficult for Immigration to do anything stupid. You can guarantee that some official will be very embarrassed by this and will want to resolve the situation as discretely as possible.
  2. I have been using the AutoChannel for a couple of years and had none of the problems your lawyer mentions. Maybe he/she doesn't know that Immigration place a small "AutoChannel" sticker in the back of your passport which you can show anyone that is dubious about the lack of stamps.
  3. That this scenario is possible is ultimately the fault of the AOT so ask them to solve the problem. You could consider making a complaint to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. The CAAT has been completely revamped since Thailand was red-flagged by ICAO and is now staffed by some pretty switched on people trying very hard to get Thailand's aviation industry back on track. I reckon you would get a response. https://www.caat.or.th/en/contact-us https://www.facebook.com/pg/caat.thailand/reviews/
  4. I used the pink ID card as my only ID at least 50 times on Thai Airways with nothing more than a glance at the card. Also many times on Air Asia & Nok. Then I took a Thai Lion Air flight from Don Muang and was stopped at the gate because the back of the card stipulates that the holder can't leave their domiciled area without permission. I was about to cause a scene but quite quickly another gate agent looked at the card and determined by the ID number that it was ok for me to travel. I thought the point of a domestic airline checking ID is to make sure that you are the person you say you are not to check immigration status. I would suggest that you call Thai Airways to explain the situation and if ok, fly with them. They are much less strict than the low-cost airlines with ticketing conditions etc.
  5. Surface Pro's are fairly fragile devices so anyone buying a new one might want to consider signing up for the "Microsoft Complete" extended warranty. It costs USD149. It gives a full 2 year international warranty plus cover against accidental damage like dropping it, liquid damage etc. MS will replace the device twice within that 2 year period for free. The catch is that MS won't sell it to you if you are in Thailand. But if you change the primary address of your Microsoft account to any random US address then you become eligible. After that you can change your address back to Thailand and you will be covered here. You need to buy the extended warranty within a month (or maybe it's 2 months) of initial purchase.
  6. We have a bunch of Surface Pro's at my company and have made several warranty claims in Thailand. It could hardly be easier. You create the service request online. Shortly after that a rep from a logistics company contacts you to arrange a courier to collect the device. Then a couple of days later they courier you a replacement device. They don't state whether the device will be new or refurbished but all the replacement devices I have had have been indistinguishable from new. Here is a copy of one of our service requests: Service Request Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear XXXXX, This is your order confirmation email. We have received your service request. You will receive an additional email from Quantium Solutions with additional shipping instructions. In order to proceed with your service request, please follow the steps in this email. Step 1: Back up your data prior to shipping. Step 2: Pack the product, courier to bring shipping label and ship us the item. (The courier will bring the shipping label.) Step 3: Once received, we'll send you a replacement. Back up your data prior to shipping If you are not shipping your Surface device please skip to step 2. If you are shipping your Surface device, you should back up your data prior to shipping. Your replacement device will not retain any of your settings or data. Data backup instructions are available online: http://www.microsoft.com/Surface/support/warranty-service-and-recovery/how-to-get-your-surface-ready-for-service. Pack the product and ship us the item • Obtain a sturdy shipping box. Use bubble wrap, newspaper or other materials for packing the item. • Put the item in the shipping box, making sure that it fits snugly. • Seal the box with packing tape. • The courier will pick up your box. • Courier to bring shipping label shipping label provided by Quantium Solutions. Address to: English: Building E of SV Logistic Center, 1/6 Pattana Chonabod 3 Road, Klongsong ton nun, Ladkraban, Bangkok 10520 Thai: เอส.วี.โลจิสติกส์เซ็นเตอร์ 1 อาคาร E 1/6 ถนน พัฒนาชนบท 3 แขวง คลองสองต้นนุ่น เขต ลาดกระบัง กทม.10520 ติดต่อ คุณ ธวัชชัย อ่อนขำ โทร # 662-138 9677 แฟกส์ # 662 – 727 5579 อีเมลล์ # toonkham@ups.com Notes • For orders created by 1300hrs, Monday-Friday, Quantium Solutions will contact you today to arrange a suitable pickup time for your box. • For orders created after 1300hrs, Monday-Friday, Quantium Solutions will contact you next business day to arrange a suitable pickup time for your box. • For orders created on Saturday or Sunday, Quantium Solutions will contact you next business day to arrange a suitable pickup time for your box. • To schedule a different time please call Quantium Solutions.+66 27123838 • Pick-ups can occur Monday to Friday, 0900-1800hrs. Once received, we will send you a replacement Here is what you need to know... Once we receive your non-working item, we will ship a replacement to you within 1-2 business days. We will send you a confirmation email when the replacement product leaves our exchange centre. Note: This email address is not monitored You can check your service status at any time. Here's how: 1. Go to http://www.surface.com/support. 2. In Check Service Status, enter service request number xxxxxxxxx and your postal code, and then click Check Status. 3. You can check your service status. Thank you, The Surface Support Team Privacy Statement Surface Terms of Use Surface Code of Conduct © 2012 Microsoft One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 There is no cost for a service request under warranty. OK that's the good news. The bad news is if you need repair outside warranty. MS used to have a flat charge of THB10,000 no matter what the problem is. Now (for some unknown reason) they have increased it to THB20,000 which makes repair (actually replacement) uneconomic on all but the newer top end devices. By far the most common problem is cracked digitizers. You can buy replacement screens from China for approx USD150 for a SP3 and approx USD120 for a SP4. It isn't too difficult to replace them yourself. It is all but impossible to remove the screen from a SP3 or SP4 and keep it intact so that means any problem with the device means a new screen too, if you repair by yourself. With a SP1 or SP2 it is easier to remove the screen and replacements are cheaper but they aren't worth much these days.
  7. Setup WAN on secondary router

    If all you require is internet access for the devices connected to the Tenda, you can make it work by setting the WAN connection to DHCP (client). Then it will be assigned an IP address by the main router. Since WAN & LAN can't be on the same subnet you will also need to re-enable DHCP (server) on LAN and set the LAN IP address on a different subnet than the other router/network (e.g. if the main router uses then set the Tenda to Then set the DHCP range accordingly. You will have double-NAT with this configuration but that won't matter for internet access. Using LAN resources like printer sharing between the 2 networks will be a PITA though.
  8. I have googled but I don't find anything other than what is in your link referring to the Motor Vehicle Act B.E. 2522. All (the provided English translation) in that says is this. In other words, an alien can drive in Thailand so long as he is not a permanent resident and his country has a bilateral treaty with Thailand covering that. Apart from ASEAN, are there any treaties? No mention of 90 days, 3 months, 6 months. Nothing about Tourist visas, non-immigrant visas as quoted by some posters in this thread. Where does all that come from?
  9. Hey, just post the laws you claim to know of or admit that you''re not telling the truth. This is about the facts of the matter not your fragile ego.
  10. credit card

    Thanks for the link Pib. Unfortunately I don't hold any accounts with Krungsri. I have trawled through the KBank online banking site and can't find any mention of a similar service. I have online accounts with SCB and BBL so will look at those too. I had a report generated several years ago directly from the Credit Bureau and recall that they required quite a bit of documentation from me. I have also given personal guarantees on some corporate loans and have had to sign a form giving them permission to do a credit check. That is why I was surprised it could be done online so easily.
  11. 38 posts now and still no one has been able to quote the law covering what foreign issued document makes it legal to drive in Thailand, by whom and for what duration. Which begs the question, do any such laws exist?
  12. OK so obviously I am stupid. Please help me out. Show me the Thai law.
  13. Not stupid at all. Lots of opinions in this thread and no facts. Real life experiences are more useful than opinions even if you don't like them. If you have some actual experience to say that he is wrong or if you can reference an actual law please go ahead.
  14. Tourist cash requirement

    Below is what TIMATIC says on the subject. I'm not sure how a tourist is expected to know that they need to be able to show cash only. Many might assume that in 2017 Credit & ATM cards would be acceptable since that is what they will actually use.
  15. Really had enough of Win 10.

    Strange how Apple & Linux devotees love to stalk Windows threads. I am vaguely aware that there are sub-forums for Linux and Apple here but I have no idea what content is in them because I don't care. Why do Linux lovers care about Windows? Must be something in that.