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  1. Two phone numbers with one provider

    I have wondered about this question when reading of police busting click farms, like this one; http://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/2098167/thai-police-raid-wechat-click-farm-find-347200-sim-cards How did they get 350,000 functioning SIM cards?
  2. Two phone numbers with one provider

    I recently bought 10 prepaid SIM cards from AIS and had them all registered in my name in one go. Pretty sure there is no limit.
  3. Replacement Samsung laptop keyboard

    Sorry Sorry for late reply. I was at the airport waiting for a flight to Europe when I posted. I'll be back in BKK this Tuesday so can sort out a keyboard for you then. NP900X3C uses the same keyboard as X3B, X3D and X3E so I will definitely have a working one. Only US though, not Thai. To change the KB on that series is not technically difficult but it is quite a laborious process. You need to remove the battery, fans, main and sub boards which is easy - they're all held in with the same size screws. Covering the back of the keyboard is an adhesive film that you need to remove carefully because it needs to be reused. You may need a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the film first so that it doesn't separate. The KB itself is attached to the frame with about 60 tiny (miniscule!) screws. You should use a good quality phillips head screwdriver of the right size otherwise it's easy to strip the heads on those tiny screws. I'll post back on this thread next week.
  4. Replacement Samsung laptop keyboard

    What is the model number of your Samsung? And what region for the keyboard? US, Thai or? I ask because I have a few lower frames incl. keyboard mainly from Samsung Series 9 If it is compatible you can have one for free.
  5. Help, buy Phone is USA or in Thailand?

    This may be the case for an iphone sold by Verizon but it is definitely not the case for the majority of phones sold by Verizon (or Sprint). Many Android phones from Verizon can be switched from CDMA to Global Mode so that there is enough compatibility with GSM networks to at least make a call or send an SMS on 2G networks. LTE "may" work in Thailand but often it won't because the primary LTE bands are different between Thailand and the US and of course that is dependent on LTE coverage which is far from complete in Thailand. Another problem is that some Verizon branded Android phones lack a UMTS/HSPA modem so have no 3G reception at all. If you need a data connection in Thailand on a US purchased phone then either AT&T or T-Mobile branded phones are a much safer bet than Verizon or Sprint. I would agree that in almost all cases a US carrier branded phone will be cheaper than the equivalent carrier agnostic phone in Thailand. But if the US phone is not carrier branded then the difference is much less and in some cases they are actually cheaper in Thailand.
  6. I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    This thread needs to be put out of it's misery.
  7. Villa Market Suk Soi 11 Closed Today, Relocating

    Every day? For years on end? Gets boring. I would say that anyone who can eat whatever they want without regard to the cost is clearly not an idiot.
  8. VCOMP100.DLL missing

    Who knows, there may be some subject where you are qualified to argue - but it sure isn't anything to do with IT.
  9. Bootleg Booze

    If you mean spirits containing Methanol instead of Ethanol, I don't recall any cases of that happening in Thailand. But fake branded alcohol e.g. Johnny Walker Black Label whisky, Penfolds Bin XX wine is definitely an issue. It's hard to say what the prevalence really is but there are shops in Thailand right now openly selling brand name spirits that simply can't be genuine because they are too cheap.
  10. 5G SmartGrid Rollout

    Haha. PyeongChang, Pyongyang. All the same, right? Actually I had never even heard of PyeongChang before the Winter Olympics but I have been to Pyongyang and I bet the former has a lot more to offer than latter, never mind 5G.
  11. 5G SmartGrid Rollout

    Not a question. I know because I asked the Egyptian guy.
  12. Unfortunately it doesn't sound too promising for an easy recovery. I would try connecting the drive to a SATA port rather than USB. Then see if the drive is being identified correctly. If it is, you can try some Linux based utilities. They may be able to read data where Windows can't. If it isn't, then as Peterw42 says, you're probably looking at serious money to go any further.
  13. Can you describe the problem. Is the drive recognised by your computer? Is it making any strange noises? Recovery of your data can range from simply rewriting the partition table with a free utility to spending tens of thousands at a professional data recovery company. If getting the data back is important be careful about who you let tamper with the drive. It is easy to make the problem worse.
  14. Replacing Iphone 6s battery in Thailand

    I meant saving hassle more than saving money. Though I understand some would be reluctant to put a battery of unknown provenance into their expensive device, personally I wouldn't be. If buying online you can read the feedback to get a pretty good idea of how the battery is going to perform.
  15. 5G SmartGrid Rollout

    I asked.