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  1. 90% conjecture and the 10% of facts are wrong facts.
  2. A lot missing from this story. Firstly THAI routinely operate a B777 on TG970/971 which doesn't have First Class. The B747 was operated instead of the usual 777 for 4 days straight for some unexplained reason (could well be because it involves a subject that can't be discussed in Thailand). So I very much doubt that it is even possible to buy a First Class ticket on that route and so all those sitting in those 14 First Class seats were likely "upgraded" anyway. I have no idea what those extra cockpit crew were doing on that flight (Deadhead isn't a term used at TG) but I do know that all THAI flights of that duration have 4 cockpit crew (2 Captains, 2 Co-Pilots) and so that they can rest during the flight. The B777 that would usually be operated has special bunks for Cockpit crew rest but the B747 doesn't so it is likely and logical that 2 First Class seats would have been blocked from sale for that purpose.
  3. That is interesting and makes sense.
  4. If it is the same news story that I read recently, the study did not conclude that aspirin is not beneficial in stroke prevention. Rather it suggested that in the general population, the benefits may not outweigh the risks (bleeding, hemorrhagic vs ischemic stroke). In any case, it is one study against versus dozens for.
  5. Mine is a New Zealand passport. Yes it's a software issue, at least in my case it has nothing to do with reading the data from the passport. I initially registered at the beginning of 2016 and had no problems using the machines for almost the next 2 years. During that time I had changed my PR book because it was full (it still fills up with stamps because I normally only use Auto-Channel for entry, not exit) but I couldn't see any point telling airport immigration about the change because the system kept working fine. When it was time to renew for another 2 years there was a problem because they had to update the PR book number (much as described by BKKBike). They tried and failed a couple of times and told me the issue was that my current passport number was tied to the old PR book number and couldn't be unlinked because the software is crap (pretty much their words) and there would be no solution until the software was updated by their IT contractors. On a subsequent trip out of Suvarnabhumi I had plenty of time before boarding so decided to give it another go. This time was a different officer, a lady that seemed to know what she was doing. After 20 mins she handed my passport back, showed the new sticker and said all done. Great! It worked. Unfortunately though, that passport was close to full. That was about 6-8 months ago. So a couple months ago ago I renewed my passport and on the next trip visited them again to have that registered in the system. This time several officers spent almost an hour in that little room next to the Auto-Channel gates and I had photo and fingerprints taken again. Then they asked me to test it. I scanned my passport, no problem. Scanned the boarding pass, no problem. The first gate opened. Then did the fingerprint scan and photo, no go. The 2nd gate wouldn't open. They tried but couldn't fix it. I was told that when my last endorsement/re-entry was done at CW, that is when the old passport and PR book were linked and the new passport number could only be entered by CW, can't be done at the airport.......apparently. I was sceptical about that because of my last experience with the new PR book. A week later, leaving again I had another go. (they always seem to be different officers at that counter whenever I go). I played dumb and just said there is some problem with my passport and the Auto-channel. What followed was basically a repeat of the last attempt with the same result - Go to CW and ask them to transfer your re-entry to the new passport!. I told the officer that CW are hardly likely to change the way they have done things for the past 50 years just because I ask them to so can they at least give me a letter or a note that I can present to the PR section at CW to try to convince them. That lady officer then sighed and said "OK, I'll tell you the true situation. CW already know about this problem and it's not only you affected. There are many others". It was clear from her that there isn't much cooperation between the airport and PR section. She said that she doesn't know whether CW can't fix the problem or if they just won't (can't be arsed, probably). So I said to her "that's it then, I should just give up". She just shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head. So far though I have wasted quite a bit of time on this, it's mostly dead time between check-in and boarding anyway. I really can't be bothered going out to CW for this. Probably I'll keep hassling immigration at the airport - just for a bit of sport. If anyone has anymore info, I would love to hear it. Likewise I will come back to this thread if there is anything to report. Sorry if this story is long winded. Cheers!
  6. Hi BKKBike, Has there been any progress with this? My situation is very similar to yours.
  7. thedemon

    Nonthaburi Love Hotel Removes Hitler Mural

    I would imagine a Thai might compare the ignorance and disrespect in these cases to the way many foreigners use Buddha images as kitschy art objects.
  8. thedemon

    How to disable touch screen in windows 10

    Yes. Go to Device Manager then Human Interface Devices and you should see your touchscreen listed there. Highlight it, right click and select Disable Device.
  9. Yeah, it's a classic isn't it? I saw this sign yesterday and almost couldn't believe it so I asked an IO nearby and he confirmed that yes, after having passport scanned, photo and fingerprint taken at the Autochannel they (HK/SG citizens) then need to go to another desk and get a stamp in their passport. In the half hour I was waiting there, no one came for their stamp.
  10. There is no connection between paying income tax and having a work permit.
  11. It may seem logical that the title deed (Chanote) in your name is the required document but in fact it is the Sale and Purchase agreement issued by the Land Dept.
  12. In your case the book may have been lost but there definitely is a Tabien Baan (blue book) issued for all condos and houses before they are legally occupied. Without it, you can't get electricity and water connected.
  13. It used to be easy to open an account with HSBC in HK as a non-resident. That is not the case today. Nowadays without a permanent address in HK and a HK ID card it is extremely difficult with any bank in HK and with HSBC nigh on impossible. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is the case.
  14. Not unless you think Siem Reap/Angkor Wat is in Thailand. Careful what you say or you might get the Thai Embassy burnt down again.
  15. The meat is being cut up on top of a Vietnamese newspaper and the people in the background are speaking Vietnamese so it is pretty likely that this took place in Vietnam, or possibly Cambodia. But not Thailand. So not sure why this is in the Thailand News forum.