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  1. It really is odd that someone who is overweight with a BMI of 29.5 with all of the health risks this entails can be described as being in "excellent" health. Maybe the doctor who made this evaluation should have his head examined as well.
  2. That's exactly what I did the last time I went through Suwannaphumi, but the problem was my flight was delayed three hours. By the time the onboard meal was served I was so hungry I could have eaten my tray table.
  3. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    To Here's what I think, my manifesto, if you will. I don't see myself as being judgemental at all. I just react poorly to people who look down on other people on anonymous forums. I have expressed doubts about some of the claims made on TVF from guys claiming to mingle with the upper crusts of Thai society mainly because I plain and simply see so little evidence of it. Not because I refuse to acknowledge the possibility, but because of the scant amount of supporting evidence to the contrary. I believe that the majority of Thai women from all social strata tend to consider foreign men as marriage partners primarily in terms of the economic benefits which can be obtained from the relationship. I think that the notion that a large number of Thai women are dissatisfied with Thai men or see foreign men as superior life partners or that foreign men treat women better, or that they are all dying to have Eurasian offspring is hugely exaggerated. All things being equal, I think foreign men are seen as less attractive to Thai men because they are not native Thai speakers, not Buddhist, in short, not Thai. I believe that there is a social stigma in Thai culture that Thai women who become involved with foreign men are usually from the lower classes, oftentimes working in the sex industry, and that this stigma only grows stronger the higher the social strata you are talking about. I think that the higher up the social strata, the stronger the influence of Chinese culture meaning that there is more parental influence in the selection of marriage partners and pressure to view marriage as part of a business dynasty, both factors which would tend to inhibit Thai and foreign inter-marriage in the upper stratas. I also believe that an attractive financially successful Thai woman would enjoy quite a lot of romantic interest from equally attractive and financially successful Thai men. In answer to the question of whether I see all Thai women as prostitutes, the answer is an emphatic, 'No.' But when you talk about prostitution in today's world, including in Thailand, it really is a matter of 50 shades of grey. My general definition of a prostitute is someone who makes financial benefit the primary or overriding factor in deciding whether to be in a sexual relationship with a person. I therefore do not believe that a woman who agrees to have sex with someone for 2-3,000 baht a go is necessarily the moral inferior to say a "founder hounder" in Silicon Valley, which is the monniker given to women who target venture capitalists and high-tech startup founders in the hopes of winning a marriage proposal from them. Yes, the bar girl may have more sexual mileage on them, but from a moral and character standpoint, I frankly don't see that much difference between them, in fact I think an argument could be made that the bar girl is more honest in terms of being upfront about the exchange of goods and services. There is so much casual prostitution, and such a pervasive attitude that foreign men primarily present an opportunity for financial advancement, that I've pretty much given up trying to put people in various good girl/bad girl categories. For example, is a Chonburi university pharmacy co-ed who goes down to Pattaya (or for that matter, haunts the Pacific City Club Bangkok) on weekends in the hopes of finding a comparatively wealthy foreign boyfriend an undergraduate student or a prostitute? I do wonder whether some of the men on these forums realize that these grey areas even exist, or if they think that as long as they're not sitting on a barstool in Nana Plaza the coast is clear. I think you really have to be able to talk to and know people over time in order to fully appreciate this, and I have my doubts whether some of those who hold themselves out as a moral "cut above the others" even recognize this.
  4. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    See that's the thing, Richard, I have spent plenty of time in Siam Square, Paragon Mall and in other malls around the city, and I DON'T see couples that fit your idylic description. Why I don't is a legitimate question, don't you think? What I DO see are guys who think that just because their former bar girl wives are walking around in Laura Ashley summer dresses, Jimmy Choo shoes, and hoisting Gucci handbags that that gives them the right to look down on other foreign guy -Thai woman couples. Or guys that think that because their former bar girl wife has spent so much time abroad that all vestiges of her past have been erased and this makes them better than everyone else. Or that because they are with a woman closer to him in age that this insulates them from suspicion that his wife was a former bar girl. (FYI, there are plenty of older women working in bars). I really get a chuckle out of guys who think the only prostitutes in Thailand fit the stereotype of a profane, tattooed woman, wobbling around on stilleto heels, diamond stud in her navel, expert at playing ping pong without a paddle. While you do on occasion see such women on the arm of guys as they drunkenly stagger back to a short-time hotel late at night, speaking as a 15 year veteran of living in rural Thailand, these women are only rarely seen as marriage material by the vast majority of men. The truth is that there is so much casual prostitution here: university students, factory workers, office workers and professionals who decide to earn a little money on the weekends or after work, that I suspect that many of these guys bursting with moral rectitude and superiority, who love to speak with such scorn about bargirls as if they were a subhuman form of life, would go into catatonic shock were the truth about some of the women they see as the Virgin Mary, St Theresa, or the proverbial 'girl-next-door' ever to be revealed to them.
  5. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    Appreciate your response.
  6. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    I'm calling pretentious BS on this one. Scrolling through 3 years of posts on the Pacific City Club Bangkok facebook feed this appears to be a club mainly for Bangkok business elites with a smattering of foreign businesses joining in the hopes of networking into the local business community. In the shots of banquets and people eating most of the time the tables were filled exclusively with Thai business types, maybe occasionally a foreign guy sitting or standing stiffly, looking like a tag along. One shot had a foreign guy in his early 30s standing beside a younger woman who might have been his girlfriend/fiancee/wife, but other than that, zippo evidence of foreign guy-Thai women couples. In addition, the ambiance of this club appeared to be so pretentious and snobby, I find it next to impossible to believe that it is a setting that would foster the forming of romantic liasons between foreign men and Thai women. And while there were a few decent looking Thai women in some of the shots, many of them were older and rather matronly which supports Berkshire's observations on an earlier post. Any other venues you care to share with us?
  7. This from a Thai woman the other day really tickled my funny bone. She: Why'd you get divorced? He: I couldn't trust her. She: That's no reason to get a divorce. My husband doesn't trust me one bit, and we've been married 25 years!
  8. More and more my travels have been for gastronomy, shopping, and a change of climate. I don't go back home much as family and friends treat me the same way they did 15 years ago, curiously unaware that that person doesn't exist anymore.
  9. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    Here's a question I have for you, and I'm honestly interested in hearing your and anyone else's response who feels you have described their experiences in Thailand. In this and an earlier post you describe a demographic of men aged 25-40 who work here full-time on a reasonably permanent basis, and whose work provides social opportunites to interact with and become romantically involved with Thai women who are financially successful and well-educated as well. Fair enough. But here's what I don't get. Regarding the above male demographic, I understand that young men sometimes come here and teach English, maybe open up a B&B or a restaurant, try their hand at import-export or maybe start a consulting firm, or come to work in fields where their skills are in demand, but with all the work restrictions and less than 50% ownership rules, pay levels below what could be typically earned in the West, and the language barriers, etc., I really question the number of men here who fit the above demographic. Regarding the women you say you are dating, in my experience, in the majority of Asian corporations advancement is very dependent on senority. In other words, you have to spend years in the trenches before you qualify for a senior position, and the accompanying pay grade. So if you are describing Thai women who have managed to climb the corporate ladder, are you referring to older more mature women who have established careers, or are you talking about dating mail room, secretarial and other clerical staff in the corporation? If you are talking about an older woman who has worked her way up through the ranks, I have found that in most cases those women have married and started families long ago in their early to mid-20's, and tend to stay married because both her and her spouse's lifestyle depends on staying married. If you are referring to dating support staff and underlings, if their main motivation for dating you is that you offer the prospect of a brighter financial future and possible immigration to the West, do you really think that is much different from that same girl going down to Sukumvit after work and hanging around areas known to have large numbers of foreign male tourists in the hopes of finding a foreign husband? In my experience, unless you have been here from the beginning of time or really put down some serious roots here, an air of impermance hangs around most foreigners here. In a work environment, this air of impermanence would only add risk to getting involved with a foreign co-worker. If you get reassigned or decide to repatriate, wouldn't that irreperably damage the left-behind girl's work reputation?
  10. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    I remain skeptical about claims that workplace romances are a main driver behind foreign guy - Thai women relationships. First off, of all the foreign men in Thailand, what percentage fall into a age 25-40 working in Thailand demographic? I'd argue that the percentage is very small. Yes, people hook up in an office setting, but given that the majority of foreign men working here are here on a temporary or non-permanent basis, and that the same inhibitions about getting involved with co-workers exist here as they do back home, language barriers, limited off-hours free time, etc., I have my doubts about how often this is happening in real life.
  11. What made and makes America great is that being American isn't defined by a single ethnic or racial identity as is the case almost everywhere else in the world. This allows for better cultural assimilation and economic efficiency because its human resources are used more efficiently. It's outrageous that Trump and his supporters think they have the right to define what it means to be an American based on racial identity. Making comparisons to Hitler and the Third Reich is verboten in some quarters, but there are parallels here to how the National Socialists tried to redefine what it meant to be German and who was welcome in Germany based on an Aryan heritage. Is what Trump AND his supporters/enablers doing any different???
  12. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    I'm one of those people who think the vast majority of foreigners who become involved with Thai women met them through one entertainment venue or another, be it be freelance, casual, or professional, and I'm not going to be cowed into disavowing this observation. Of course I understand that a traditional courtship is possible, and I'm not saying I don't believe any of the accounts I've read on TVF, but based on what I've observed over 30 years of coming to Thailand, and almost 15 years of living here, I think those types of relationships are as scarce as hen's teeth. On TVF you can present the circumstances of how you met your significant other in any manner you choose and no one can challenge what you say because it's an anonymous forum. On TVF you can present your wife as fashion model gorgeous, highly educated, absolutely fluent in English, independently wealthy, and happily supporting her average looking and impoverished foreign husband in a grand style and no one's the wiser. But in real life it's a little harder to gloss over the truth. In real life, "How did you meet your wife?" is more often than not a taboo question to be avoided, and when the question is impertinently posed, if some of these TVF-type yarns about how someone met their wife start getting spinned, the foreign husband's eyes are darting about and searching the listener's eyes to see if you're buying the same line of malarkey that Aunt Margaret politely pretends to believe when they visit the family back home. In short, my opinions are based on what I see and hear in real life, not what I read on TVF, and I'm not going to apologize for trusting my powers of observation.
  13. I agree that Trump's election reflects poorly on the US electorate, and raises serious questions about its ability to be misled by a candidate making empty populist promises, but they eventually realize their mistake, in Trump's case, remarkably quickly. Hopefully the upcoming mid-term election will put an end to this madness. If he is re-elected, I doubt I will ever live in America again. Also, don't forget, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.9 mm votes.
  14. Everyone should be concerned that someone as narcissistic as Trump will provoke an international crisis. Look up the term 'narcissistic rage' if you're not. Concerns that his cognitive abilities are in decline are also legitimate given (1) his age, (2) repeated reports that his attention span is very short, (3) he repeats himself incessantly, (4) has difficulty processing written information, and (5) has a troubled relationship with the truth. Please also note that he never submitted to a legitimate physical and mental evaluation as a presidential candidate.
  15. In Pattaya, the sign should read 'Boner Voyage'.