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  1. Being negatively generalized about based on your race and national origin isn't much fun, is it? Don't like it? Stop doing it to others. Want to clean up the expat pool? Tend to your own end of the swamp and stop pointing fingers. Cuz if you want to know the truth, I think in many ways a guy from Lagos trying to better his life by teaching English without a work permit and who respects the culture and is making a contribution ought to be more welcome here than the dyspeptic, pot-bellied, chain smoking, alky, Thai-bashing, TB and VD spreading, lady boy chasing, skint, self-pitying woe-is-me-I've-been-marginalized economic refugee, skinhead, football hooligan, I'm-God's-gift-to-Thai-tourism types so in evidence on this forum.
  2. Enough with the faux indignation. I think everybody here knows full well there is a lot of truth in what I wrote. It's been described adnauseum on these forums. If you and others want to pretend the shoe-string budget, anti-social, maladjusted, overweight, refusing to learn Thai, problem drinker, uninsured with chronic medical problems guy on a retirement visa doesn't exist, knock yourselves out.
  3. Spare me the tired 'law and order' defense. You know as well as I do that while some people crouch behind the 'law and order' banner protesting that they merely believe all immigration and criminal laws should be respected (which I agree with), there is also a sizeable contingent on the Thai News forum who use these crime and immigration violation stories as excuses to denigrate non-white visitors to the Kingdom, and attempt to validate their own racist sentiments by projecting them onto the Thai government and people. My point was that - all things being equal regarding immigration status and non-involvement in criminal activity - the elderly retired pensioner (who I strongly suspect is well-represented on these forums if member surveys are to be believed) may not be as desirable in the eyes of the Thai government as some suppose. Those who attribute their own racist thinking to Thai people may be deluding themselves and be scarcely less welcome in the eyes of the Thai government than those who they cheer are being deported. While I agree that the majority of people on retirement visas likely have legal immigration standing and aren't likely to be involved in criminal activity, many are probably not much more desirable in terms of their per capita spending, their general comportment, and demographic profile. It doesn't matter whether you think Thainess needs to be restored or not. What matters is the government is on this kick, and elderly sex tourists are probably not seen as contributing to cultural revival. I don't think any rational person would argue that the government hasn't successfully stigmatized the sex tourism industry in the eyes of the general Thai population. It might be worth pointing out that the government may be distinguishing between the more palatable domestic sex industry and the sex tourism industry which in their eyes sullies Thailand's image around the world. There has also been an endless drumbeat of negative media reports about foreigners killing their Thai wives, foreigners involved in love scams, foreigners being arrested for various crimes including sex crimes which has dampened the allure of places like Pattaya in the eyes of many people in the countryside. Regarding the suggestion that my demographic profile was too harsh and may have been influenced by my living in a seedy farang ghetto, guys fitting the demographic profile I described can be found all over Thailand. But rest assured that I live a content life out in the countryside, far from the maddening crowd.
  4. Fleshing out a demographic for those who refuse to look in the mirror.
  5. LOL. All the cheering from the bleachers about Thailand rounding up and deporting non-whites. You think the powers that be look any more favorably on the decrepit white pensioner demographic? Pray tell, please tell me you're not so delusional as to imagine your skin color automatically confers 'quality tourist' standing? Certainly not if you're one of the shoestring budget, heavy drinking, rude, unfriendly, easily irritated, poorly educated, obese, government hospital burdening, bar haunting Caucasian layabouts I have the misfortune to cross paths with from time to time. Thailand seems to be doing everything it can to dismantle the sex industry. Unable to find a young wife in a bar, won't plenty of guys find Thailand less attractive as a retirement haven? Ever think that may be part of the government's plan to get rid of the Cheap Charlie economic refugee retirees and help restore 'Thainess' to boot? So guess what, you might not be part of the government's grand vision for the future either. A few tweaks to the retirement visa program, and you could find yourself on the receiving end of the persona non grata treatment sooner than you imagine. So enjoy the gloating while it lasts.
  6. Annie mix up make love sound with dog bark sound. When she make love many dog in neighborhood come run take look see want to know what going on.
  7. When she made those yelping sounds, really made me think of this movie.
  8. With all due respect to your frame-by-frame Zapruder film-like analysis of the video, the Malian guy didn't have the luxury of doing this before springing into action. Your breezy armchair speculation that his climbing up four sets of balconies to rescue a child may not have been necessary, unfairly detracts from the heroism and sense of civic responsibility he exhibited despite - no doubt - having endured treatment as a social outcast due to his race and immigration status. What role the rescuer's race contributed to your sense of freedom to engage in this disparaging speculation only you can answer, but that's a question I think you and others need to ask yourselves.
  9. That guy was amazingly fit and agile, and the child was extremely fortunate that he was there and willing to risk his personal safety to save its life. Pretty racist to suggest that his climbing skills likely came from being a cat burglar. All the discounting on this thread of what was nothing short of a heroic act. Pfft.
  10. Trump: "Could have been the Chinese, or a guy sitting on their bed who weighs 400 lbs."
  11. In an attempt at humor, I was pretending to have confused cis with sis(ter).
  12. From the Stickman article (post #487): ....That's why guys have a thing for ladyboys. We offer more than a woman. When a guy sees our cock he gets excited. ...80% of men like it that we have a cock.... ...With farang guys, most like it that we have a cock.... If a ladyboy is post op, that's another style. Different guys like different styles but most like a ladyboy with a cock.... ...For farangs, they like our style. <I am sitting with 5 ladyboys who are tall, some well over 180 cm and to be frank, a couple are really quite masculine. It's unlikely that even those unfamiliar with ladyboys wouldn't realise that something was "amiss".> ...If you want a pussy, go with a lady. If you want a new experience, go with a ladyboy. ...Some guys don't want to be seen with a ladyboy or they are scared. For most it is a secret. One reason they use an escort service is for secrecy. ...I try to kiss their backside and then push my little finger in his ass. Then I ask very gently, like "May I put it in a little, I will not hurt you, you can try". ...I tell them when they fxxx me I feel very horny so when I do them they will feel the same... ...Every guy says it is his first time and he just wants to try for the first time but some guys are so good I know they have been with many ladyboys before! Nothing gay going on here, folks. Keep moving, people. Repeat after me, class: there's no connection whatsoever between ladyboy and gay culture.
  13. Did you read the Stickman article (post #489) which interviews ladyboys? As far as I'm concerned that article completely refutes any attempts to claim that there is no homosexual component to male attraction to ladyboys. Quote from the Stickman article: "With farang guys, most like it that we have a cock. If a ladyboy is post op, that's another style. Different guys like different styles but most like a ladyboy with a cock." I have a long standing interest in human sexuality and sexual orientation. But at some point, all of this new terminology just starts getting overly complicated. Like guys. Likes girls. Likes guys and girls. That seems to cover the vast majority of people.
  14. Sorry. I asked my sister, but she said she didn't know either.
  15. Jail time and car confiscation would be effective deterrents. Draconian measures are needed. Many offenders don't have 100, 000 - 200, 000 baht to pay the proposed fines.