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  1. Being able to take a leak on the side of the road without having to worry about being arrested for indecent exposure.
  2. He has a bright future ahead of him....as a prison barber.
  3. Some physical therapy stations on the road embankment for those recovering from bar girls and ladyboys attacks would be very beneficial as well.
  4. She was a sophmore and he a senior at the time of the alleged incident. That's a significant age and maturity gap there. I don't think what's being alleged can be dismissed as coming of age shenanigans. Even taking heavy inebriation into account, it still sounds pretty predatory to my ear.
  5. My diagnosis? Obsessive compulsive nationality disphoria.
  6. I can relate to the habit of late afternoon drinking which I indulged in for many years after long days doing chores and working outside in the garden. But I stopped drinking entirely in June of last year, and almost never drank more than a couple of large Leos per night. I'd recommend the OP check his blood work. This provided some motivation for me. With the alcohol consumption he cited, there is a good chance his blood sugar, triglyceride, possibly his cholesterol levels and BMI reading may be elevated. Drinking also disturbs sleep patterns, which can lead to daytime lethargy and contribute to depression which can reinforce the sedentary drinking further. I didn't find it that difficult to quit drinking. Gradually tapered off over a two week period, starting an exercise program, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep worked for me. I noticed improved sleep almost immediately after stopping drinking. Good luck.
  7. Georgetown Prep and the other private elite schools in the area appear to be ultra exclusive institutions for Washington's political class. Where everyone already has money, social connections become the currency of choice. Once a member, there has to be a fear of being ostracised if you fail to support others in these circles. There may well have been political and social pressure to support Kavanaugh because "he's one of us" and his ascendency to the Supreme Court was seen as advancing their own social stature as well. Character references from a tightly interlocked community where mutual back scratching is rife need to be examined closely and taken with a grain of salt.
  8. The abiding concern here shouldn't be whether Kavanaugh's career trajectory might be unfairly damaged. He was only nominated to the position, which doesn't make him entitled to hold this lifetime position, and the people, through their representatives, have a say in the matter. The abiding concern should be the future confidence of the American people in the integrity and fairness of their justice system.
  9. I don't think voters consider attempted rape allegations to be "fluff." Fox news lets Trump take credit for an economy which has been growing for the past 10 years. The 'Trump bump' comes from tax cuts which went mainly to the top 1%, temporarily goosed the stock market (creating an illusion of prosperity) and was financed by deficit borrowing. Deregulations which harm the environment and everyday American's health, providing short term gains while ignoring hidden long term costs, have also played a big role. This fiscal irresponsibility has also put safety net benefits like SS and medicare under an even darker cloud of uncertainty and unsustainability. Low unemployment statistics right now are driven by record low labor participation rates (baby boomers retiring in droves) while average wages (reflecting mostly low wage job growth) remain fairly stagnant. MAGA fanatics may be convinced that Trump is the savior of the American economy, but the average Joe on the street has seen very little economic benefit from his policies.
  10. Sixty-five women who "mostly attended all-girls high schools in the same area around Georgetown Prep" have generally attested to his "good character." I haven't seen any reporting that any of them attended the party where the incident allegedly took place or are in a position to say whether it occurred or whether she is lying. As one commentator put it: "Just because he never sexually assaulted you doesn't necessarily mean he never sexually assaulted anyone." https://www.vox.com/2018/9/14/17860488/brett-kavanaugh-sexual-assault-georgetown-prep-defense
  11. "[Thailand] is a country known to the world for its gay parties..." Maybe it's because I don't get invited to parties very often, but this was news to me.
  12. I remember staying up and watching almost in its entirety Anita Hill's testimony during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, and being stunned when he was confirmed despite her totally credible testimony. This time is going to be a little different. The accuser is a suburban white woman. If she is a credible witness, a hell of a lot of white independent suburban swing voters are going to be able to relate to her and likely find her testimony compelling. The judiciary committee is not going to be able to hold late night hearings (like they did with Anita Hill) and sweep this under the rug. If they do, the results for the Republican party in the upcoming midterms are only going to be even more catastrophic for their party.
  13. Watched a little bit of the pageant on TV last night. The girls were quite adorable prancing around the stage (more so than still shots convey). And the legs, oh my, the legs.
  14. Gecko123

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Agree. Successful aging in Thailand requires a greater commitment to your health and safety than you might otherwise make. It's about reducing risk factors: diet, exercise, not smoking, drinking sensibly (or not at all), mental and social stimulation, and traffic safety are the big ones. Life doesn't come with a guarantee.
  15. Might be harder to conceal than you imagine... kitty litter disposal... cat food and kitty litter lugged into the condo... vet trips... meowing while you're not home.... cat runs out in the hall when you open the door... sounds of you calling and talking to your cat coming through your front door ... cat sitter visits while you travel... complaints from neighbors about allergies or odors... Do you really want want to go through all the subterfuge this would entail?