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  1. Duh, can somebody please change the headline. [emoji36] It was the tree, not their phone attracting the lightning. Would be much better in terms of education and raising awareness about this incident.
  2. Wasn't it some time ago when our great leader assured that everything will be ready to cope with heavy rainfall (if there is any...[emoji13] ) and flooding?
  3. Yeah, the old Thai fairy tale... We tried but it didn't work. Because they have NO IDEA !!! In your case, as already suggested, keep the trees as they will be productive soon
  4. " put an end to illegal fishing, since people would turn to other businesses once the canal was built." Sure... They are living in such a dream world, jeez
  5. With or without rib, the meat is the same. Isn't it?
  6. Mouthwatering... Rippchen with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. I'm in heaven
  7. I would like to try crayfish, are they available in BKK?
  8. Yes, true. During peak hours it's very,very busy. And the value card you can only use on the same day
  9. The food court at Terminal21 is fantastic
  10. New episode of Saw for the attackers would be the right treatment
  11. Just being at a market right now I eat most of Thai food but what I absolutely DON'T eat is anything with Pla Ra [emoji37]
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but because of the long delay and planning time isn't this system almost outdated? New systems use NFC capabilities of phones or you can use your credit card
  13. Not that I have any doubt about your story, I just searched a bit about crayfish farming. Found a FAO paper that states there exists no confirmed or documented case of commercial success raising crayfish in a tank system. The paper is from 2012. How is your opinion about this? Here is the link to the paper:
  14. Another so called 3rd world countries have more advanced public transport and ticketing systems than Thailand.