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  1. Thailand should focus on it's agricultural specialities and strengths not on producing corn for feed in slash+burn cultivation on erosion sensitive highlands. Thailand praises so much it's rice and fruit production. Still the productivity level is behind other Asian countries. I can't recall the exact numbers but I know that the rice yield per area in Thailand is far behind Vietnam for example. Another well-known product from Thailand is yellow mango. Still the majority of mangoes in Europe comes from Spain and South America. Some yellow mangoes from India. But I haven't seen Thai products.
  2. That is correct about the Spain mangoes. But how about when mango is in season in Thailand? I think then the price is about 40 Baht per KG or lower. And still then I would prefer a Thai mango though.
  3. Thailand still widens my horizon how stupid people can be and pay that amount of money just for beauty purposes. And that at a local shop in Nakhon Nowhere.
  4. And most of them are produced domestically.
  5. The wheat and barley is overproduction and result of the EU agriculture policy. They have already successfully destroyed wheat and chicken mear markets and growers in Africa. Same happened to milk but it's difficult to export milk rather as milk powder. I don't know about USA agriculture policies.
  6. I know about that banana price but you didn't pick a good example. The bananas in the supermarket are a bait offer and subsidised by the supermarket. It doesn't reflect the real cost. You can find lots of articles about that on the Internet. Also bananas have to advantage to be harvested green and shipped by container to overseas. You can't do this with so many fruits without losing quality. And still since I'm here I don't want to eat the standardised EU banana anymore. Even for free. I'll stick to my tasty finger banana from Thailand.
  7. If there are no elections in February and the date is again postponed, I see riots coming up like years before. And I hope this doesn't mean another coup from someone else...
  8. The numbers mentioned from the anonymous teacher doesn't make sense to me and sounds like some pretty hefty corruption going on. At my university in central Bangkok the vendors are selling rice on top meals for 20 Baht. And they have to pay rent as well. So it should be possible for a school in the rural area where raw material prices and wages for the cook are lower than in Bangkok to cook a meal for 20 Baht.
  9. Only advertising for the insurance company with Thailand giving a dangerous feel. Statistically the numbers are rubbish and showing absolutely no correlation. I wonder how came up with these numbers. Probably the marketing department.
  10. Urban myth. Same reason I here often Thais drinking Chang Beer because it has or had 1 Vol % more than other beers.
  11. If they owner would care about the environment they would use reusable cups and not from paper.
  12. That would be logical. But this is Thailand...
  13. Is Imperial World Lad Phrao still processing 90 day reports for western foreigners? The last last time I've been at CW the staff ranted at me why I don't go there because it would be closer to my home and much less crowded.
  14. That seems strange. I've never heard of anyone with any long-term visa having problems opening a savings bank account.
  15. And other processed food that contains beef such as burger patties etc.