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  1. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Anyone did / doing sorghum, sunflower or other oil crops? Is the average profit higher than with corn?
  2. I'm not a lawyer but they have the right to change I think. By using their service you agree to the terms and conditions. It's not that you have a contract with them etc.
  3. Thailand only... The lawsuit is based on what? They are a private company, right? So basically they can do whatever they want as long as the shareholders agree with this. As far as I know Thailand I'm sure there have been endless meetings and commitees about that matter before deciding about removing the seats. Which in my opinion is a good move temporary. I'd rather stand than wait 20 minutes during rush hour. For long term they should extend the carriage or buy more.
  4. Sorry my fault. I assumed you mean Chinese kale but now I understand you mean the real thing 555 Kind of miss it. Good for stew with sausages or bacon/pork belly. Hope you can grow it here. Concerned about bolting and less leaves because of (T)hai temperatures. The buckwheat is a nice flower beside it's use for the grain.
  5. You mean 29 Baht per bunch of Kale, don't you?
  6. Land Management

    Your approach seems to be reasonable. Because once the land and other assets are sold the family will still demand more money. And what then? There are many factors affecting what or how you could manage the land more efficiently and with some profit. Has it access to a road, water, electricity etc... Is it levelled and suitable for using a tractor... Do you have labour available in your family or village... Did you try to rent it out to someone and use the rent income?
  7. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Wondering if the supplier makes any profit with 1 Thb per kg / 1000 Thb per ton...
  8. The news text doesn't give information but usually one should slow down if approaching school children zone or see some children beside the road.
  9. Thanks KS. I will look for these two companies. Certainly cheaper and less hassle than import from abroad e.g. China. From 8-12 Dec is agricultural fair in Kampaeng Saen, I might look there if I can find something suitable.
  10. I brought some buckwheat seeds here from my recent trip to the very northeast of Vietnam. They grow it as cash crop. Not sure how it will stand the Thai climate conditions. Royal Project Store has some seeds (grains) and buckwheat flour available. I will try it in some big pot for fun and report here.
  11. Yes you are correct. To my knowledge this product is only available in German speaking countries. Don't ask me why. It has EU approval and is available in commercial package sizes. My parents brought it last time.
  12. Rubber Trees

    I was told by one of my professors that there is a new research project going on about exporting wood pellets to Japan. He was talking about 500 Mio Ton total volume of the GtG contract. Center of the facility is located in south of Thailand due to the availability of cut rubber trees.
  13. Anyone saw it ever in Thailand or know where to buy? I searched on Google but most are quite small with attached engine. Thanks for your input!
  14. I tried to add a screenshot of my product but it isn't working. It's called Neudorff Spruzit. Natural pyrethrum extract + canola oil