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  1. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Homemade Hummus and some kind of flat bread
  2. Well, if you consider KSR as a proper place for nightlife...More like a children's playground
  3. I'm open to any suggestions [emoji4]
  4. High quality masks needed for pollution

    Farang not understand. Small car no good. Need big pick up with diesel. Change ECU for power and big smoke. Sanuk mak!
  5. I assumed they had machines like this already at some branches in their back office. Although I went to my local Kasikornbank branch with some bottles of coins and the poor girl had to count all by hand. And how about this machine? Can you use it only if you have an account at SCB?
  6. Yesterday it reached the zenith (or better say the abyss) of all this clown theater. All venues in or near Soi Cowboy (and I guess all others in the influence of the 3 infamous police stations) were closed down at already 1:30am !!! because of a police order. Only the street bars at entrance of Soi Cowboy were tolerated and could be opened late. Additionally, before I had a look at Scratch Dog, they are charging now ridiculous 600 Baht entrance including 2 drinks.
  7. Yes correct. You get two small stamps, that's all. Pretty straightforward
  8. That is a lie implanted from the chemical industry...
  9. You could try Google flights to see cheap dates and maybe have to combine some airlines. Watch out for promotions of budget airlines announced by newsletter or social media. I made some amazing bargains already if you are flexible in your travel dates.
  10. Yeah what's wrong about Hanoi. It's great. But seeing the prices of Bangkok Airways for a direct flight it's most likely cheaper to fly to DMK first and transfer there. Air Asia once had promotion to Da Nang. One way 790 THB for my ticket.
  11. Super-tiny bugs in kitchen?

    What many of you are recommending is highly negligent and dangerous. None of the insect sprays for general consumer use should ever be sprayed or used near or on surfaces that are in contact with food!!! Chaindrite is for outdoor use only. If you don't believe just read the labels when they are translated or search on Google about products with the same name or chemical ingredients.
  12. Nope, even my Thai friends, locals from Bangkok, prefer to make party in Pattaya unless you want to spend money and hours in the taxi to possibly reach a late night place in Bangkok that maybe is still opened.
  13. I hope you are right otherwise the Bangkok nightlife will stay very boring and die soon.
  14. Yes, and very strict the last days. I can only speak for Soi Cowboy that there are 3 places open late, that is Five star and the two street bars outside. Which one belongs to the same owner as Five star and the other new one, which is a mobile van bar is owned by police according to my sources
  15. Just look at the major Chinese and developed asian cities (KL and Singapore) and how they managed to get rid of too much cars in their city. High tolls for highway and very strict regulations for new car registration. Make driving a car in the city so expensive that you are thinking twice if you take the car or the bus.