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  1. Some impressions from current stay in Vietnam From top to bottom Something like yellow curry Set menu with spring rolls (ram) Rice with side dishes Yellow fried rice with beef Dinner at family homestay (Thai minority) Local sweet delicacy Beef rolls filled with wasabi leaf
  2. 3rd world Wasn't Volvo the bidder in 2nd place? Why they just don't transfer the contract to them?
  3. From my experiences of tender and bidding procedures there won't be much difference after that. The Chinese deal is set, so they will make a unbelievable low offer to get the contract
  4. Point C Do you realise that people also have weekend or days off? So they can't go out, stay after midnight, get drunk, relax on their free day and go to work the day after? Very narrow mindset...
  5. Da Nang was good. I went to Marble Mountain, Son Trang Peninsula and the next day did Hai Van Pass. Then took the night train from Da Nang to Hanoi. Rented a Motorcycle there, drove in 3 days to Sapa. Amazing scenery and roads. And now I'm stuck in Sapa. Heavy rainfall here since 12 hours... No end in sight
  6. I have to admit that I like KK Donuts the most here in Thailand. They are also the only ones that doesn't give me a heartburn after eating. If there wasn't always this smell from frying and the fact you have to make a dozen or so at once, I would make them more often by myself at home. Switched to making Bagels occasionally because you can freeze and warm up. Don't need frying as well
  7. Would you mind sharing the recipes without pork? My gf can't eat pork (muslim)
  8. "Her family/father is one of the richest men in Thailand, through his joint venture with Nestle in Thailand" Another reason not to go there. Just throwing more money into their pockets...
  9. Through my university I contacted a few institutions abroad. Waiting for feedback.
  10. Sealed floor such as concrete, plastic liner, tiles, etc
  11. Is it possible to go there or will everything, including ferry service, be closed because of rainy season?
  12. Don't think the airline companies will agree with that. Too much paperwork. Checking a visa and onward flight is easy compared to reading insurance documents
  13. I'm not Thai but living long enough here to have adapted a relaxed lifestyle. Anyway, I don't want to make a big thing of this. Just forget it, I don't come. And that's all. Looking forward to discussions on the farming section on here
  14. Sad to hear this. Living in Thailand and such impatient. Being quiet doesn't mean I'm not interested. I just had to figure out more important stuff about my further study before I can tell you a fixed date. Don't worry, I probably find a Thai farm whose owner is more patient
  15. For a RC controlled diy airplane project I'm looking for small sized diameter (about 1cm) aluminium pipes. Can I find them at the usual stores such as Thai Watsadu or HomePro?