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  1. The taxi driver's reaction is pathetic. Adhere to the law and you're fine. We foreigners also have to obey the immigration laws of this country. Yet I didn't see or hear of someone making a scene like this...
  2. The Only Farang

    Happened to me a few times on my motorcycle trips in northern Thailand. You mostly see it at the stares of the locals that there has been hardly any farang there before. Though most are curious and open to a small talk.
  3. Confiscate the car or 100,000 Baht fine. Together with a service on a ambulance car for some days.
  4. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    All those complaining about the cheap Charlie farang and being tight with the money. What is wrong about his behaviour? He's demanding a service for a defined charge and that's all. Or do you go shopping at Tesco and Big C and say to the cashier that he can define the prices of your goods by his own will and then you give him a tip on top of that... No one forced the taxi driver to be a taxi driver as his work. He could even refuse the passenger, which is already against the law.
  5. Huh? No health or travel insurance? Also if she was involved in some volunteering work there should be some insurance cover for accidents. Especially for those internships where you have to pay.
  6. The story is partly true. But as already mentioned it is not only blue light. Any light source from phone, TV or ambient light can disturb your sleeping pattern or make it harder to fall asleep. Also it gives some input to your brain which you might be thinking instead of falling asleep. For me take a break in means of a shower and then go to sleep without using the phone or TV again.
  7. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Re the cheddar topic. Big C has kind of locally made cheddar from Caroline brand. I've not tried it yet but maybe someone has. Forgot about the exact price but it's less than half of the imported stuff.
  8. What I'm spinning together in my mind is the idea of a private run train operator. It works in Vietnam as example of Asia and is common in many parts of europe. The country's railway company is responsible for the infrastructure and rents it out to private companies. After I saw what they've done as an upgrade to the 3rd class train cars here. I mean I welcome every effort but that's hilarious. Just paint everything new, new upholstered seats and led lights. Could have done so much better. But I guess unfortunately lot of money went into the pockets of someone.
  9. I would guess also Thai drivers don't know about that priority left rule (if they know or obey some traffic rules at all) It's laziness or being in a hurry when they not stop and look at a junction. ""Of course Thai motorists are aware of these conundrums and drive accordingly, but foreign motorists in their arrogance continue to drive according to the perceived "good driving practices" they learned back home."" Are you seriously saying that foreign motorists who had a real driver education, lessons and a real world test are worse driver than the locals? LMAO
  10. What you are referring to, as I remember from my driver licence test, counts only for equal roads and if there are no signs or markings on the road. Other than that would be hilarious and lead to total carnage.
  11. But surely not when entering a inter-pronvicial road. Proper highways though have this frontage road which eliminates the problem
  12. Are you serious? So I can shoot into any road without looking or stopping. Give me a break. That is against all the traffic laws I ever learned.
  13. The article has a slight undertone that the tourist who come here, spend money and contribute to the economy are the root and cause of all evil in Thailand
  14. Yes. Motorcycles and Cars coming from a soi joining a major road rarely look or stop at all. I mean that's common sense, isn't it? That's why I never use the left lane or the hard shoulder...