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  1. What are you eating? (food porn)

    I thought that is the normal procedure...? Kneading, 1st proof, kneading/deflate, shaping, 2nd proof, baking.
  2. So which locations in Bangkok are currently opened beyond the 2am curfew? Want to go out my some friends arrived here
  3. "Some people came to the defence of the woman questioning how a father could leave their child in that situation." Lmao, I hope these comments were not from Thai citizens. I've stopped to count the number of woman I talked to where the father made a "runner". Seems to be common here. They urgently need a law here so they need to pay and bleed and maybe think twice before they stick their salami into...
  4. According to a source from a YouTube video they can work here if their expertise is required (may it be the language or special knowledge about their country and / or the specific laws). However they are not allowed to sign any documents or represent at court. That has to be a Thai lawyer.
  5. Noisy motorbikes in Thailand.

    That's loud with style! Like it. However, the majority here are scooters with modified exhausts and they​ just sound loud. Not nice sound, just as loud as it gets...
  6. Khao Yai - Worth a camping trip?

    I think he means Phu Chi Fah. Amazing there.
  7. Noisy motorbikes in Thailand.

    Simply annoying. And I ride Motorcycle (2T), not really quiet but standard exhaust. Thais don't drive long distances so it doesn't bother them much. And also don't​ care much about others, sadly...
  8. Not the coolest but definitely one of the most ugliest motorcycle available in Thailand. Yamaha Qbix
  9. Wan tan noodle sheets

    I've seen this egg noodle sheets labelled as wan tan. Anyone know or tried if they are suitable to make some filled pasta Italian style?
  10. New top end models of Subaru or Civic Type R
  11. Some of your suggestions sound pretty paranoid. The thing with her English skills, give me a break...
  12. From experience with my previous (ex-)girlfriend, never ever send money to her or her family. They existed before you and will exist also without you, no matter what heartbreaking stories she's gonna tell you. If she threating to leave you because of this topic, look for another one. May sound harsh, but trust me, there are many other nice girls out there.
  13. I think your friends main income is (amateur) modelling. Or in Thai being a "pretty"
  14. breeding crayfish

    Are Redclaws available at Chatuchak market and how they are called in Thai Thanks for any advice!