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  1. Just being at a market right now I eat most of Thai food but what I absolutely DON'T eat is anything with Pla Ra [emoji37]
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but because of the long delay and planning time isn't this system almost outdated? New systems use NFC capabilities of phones or you can use your credit card
  3. Not that I have any doubt about your story, I just searched a bit about crayfish farming. Found a FAO paper that states there exists no confirmed or documented case of commercial success raising crayfish in a tank system. The paper is from 2012. How is your opinion about this? Here is the link to the paper:
  4. Another so called 3rd world countries have more advanced public transport and ticketing systems than Thailand.
  5. GF said in the past you could pay with your 7-purse at some of the new, private buses in Bangkok, but the system was discontinued. Any information?
  6. Actually the instructions on the bag say you should soak it in cold water and boil it for a short while. However, lately I just let it soak while preparing the rice and cutting the other ingredients, drain in a strainer and then throw it in the pan. Works fine. Yes, can be done with noodles as well. A vegetarian shop at my canteen stir-fry them dry (not soaked) with pad prik pao paste and add some white sesame. Interesting snack or side dish to something like a curry or soup.
  7. Baking today since long time ago... Mixed flour bread rolls
  8. Today's dinner Soy protein with broccoli in oyster sauce. Added some chopped almonds.
  9. That's why modern cars and motorcycles run the fan and water pump after you turn off the engine. No need to idle
  10. Agree, if you have time for cooking everyday. May I ask, are you working or retired?
  11. Whenever possible I order Gin Tonic. Some time ago I stumbled upon a Thai Facebook page about bucket recipes with ingredients from 7-11. Awesome ha ha
  12. I saw it at Family Mart
  13. Green curry (Gaeng kiaw waan) or Massaman. Whole steamed fish with lime sauce also not bad
  14. None of the fried stuff for me. But I like grilled Isaan sausage (Sai krok) and Northern Sausage (Sai Ua). Though I cut down a bit eating Sai Krok as they contain a lot of curing salt