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  1. Not true. The policy described above covers both health insurance including accidents. Read the exclusions regarding skydiving and similar. But motorbike accidents would be covered .
  2. FYI ...a 56 year old Brit traveling to Thailand... International health travel insurance is $122.50 month with 0 ZERO deductible and 100% coverage up to US $1Million dollars coverage. And as he is under age 70 his preexisting conditions would be covered. Terrible mistake of the gent to travel without health insurance.
  3. New Phone Purchase in Thailand

    I recently purchased the OPPO r 9s plus smartphone from AIS. Got a great purchase price of 11,900... Now it's 12,900 on AIS Store https://store.ais.co.th/en/ And it's loaded with many features including 6GB Ram, Android dual SIM card phone. This is my second time owning OPPO and very pleased with it. http://www.oppo.com/th/smartphone-r9s-plus I bought mine from the AIS store in the Central Festival Mall in Pattaya.
  4. I believe your too late to apply for Medicare Part B as the enrollment date has passed. Without Part B you will not be able to get a Medicare Advantage plan ... one must have BOTH Part A & B to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.. The next open enrollment for Part B will be in January of 2018. The effective date of that would be July 1. My suggestion is to stay in Thailand and go to the government hospital in Chonburi. It has an excellent Cancer Treatment Center. The costs for medical care in the government hospital will be reasonable. Living expenses too. Good luck in your treatment and recovery. Tj
  5. Trump is the one which raised the question about terrorism activity in the Philippines. He's right!
  6. Siricha Immigration is fining Thais 200 THB per day... for NOT reporting an expat guest to them on the required Thai form. I did not question it. My friend paid it and a receipt was given. I was converting a visa on arrival into extension of stay retirement. Had arrived into Thailand 4 days earlier. Tj
  7. are schools skimming teachers' salaries?

    ....and kiss your job as a teacher goodbye I don't think it's wise to pursue it if you wish to remain employed. This is Thailand ... just my 2cents of advice Good luck
  8. A more accurate statement would be: Obviously anyone supporting Donald Trump is devoid of common sense. You're entitled to your opinion...But you're wrong about that.... I'm proud to support the election of Donald Trump .... Our next President of the USA. The people's choice for true leadership and change in the operating system in DC
  9. It is a 115 sqm 2 bed/2 bathroom condo at the north end of Thappraya Rd in a 6yr old building. A couple of years ago I was getting 35k a month, now the tenant is paying 29k and wants it to drop to 25k. Renew the lease and be thankful.The property market in Pattaya is in decline IMHO.
  10. Junta: No Plan to Remove Embattled Bangkok Governor

    PATTAYA CITY MAYOR AND COUNCIL DISSOLVED? Heard on local grapevine... Effective May 17th ?????
  11. No need to leave the country. Follow advice posted..by Elviajero Someone also got taken when they paid 19000 fee...but up to you. Should be 1900 for extension... 2000 for conversion to OA 1900 for extension of stay 365 days Plus your choice of reentry permit 1000 single... 3800 multientry. Sure helps if you have a good Thai friend to communicate with Thai Immigration. I just did this and essentially the advice given by Elviajero is spot on. Good luck
  12. Got blacklisted and need help.

    Can the OP get a job teaching in Vietnam or Cambodia and marry his Thai fiance' and living together in their new country for a year+. Better pay in Vietnam for sure. A recent Vietnam teaching job on Fb said teachers needed start pay US $1,500 month.