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  1. New Phone Purchase in Thailand

    I recently purchased the OPPO r 9s plus smartphone from AIS. Got a great purchase price of 11,900... Now it's 12,900 on AIS Store https://store.ais.co.th/en/ And it's loaded with many features including 6GB Ram, Android dual SIM card phone. This is my second time owning OPPO and very pleased with it. http://www.oppo.com/th/smartphone-r9s-plus I bought mine from the AIS store in the Central Festival Mall in Pattaya.
  2. I believe your too late to apply for Medicare Part B as the enrollment date has passed. Without Part B you will not be able to get a Medicare Advantage plan ... one must have BOTH Part A & B to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.. The next open enrollment for Part B will be in January of 2018. The effective date of that would be July 1. My suggestion is to stay in Thailand and go to the government hospital in Chonburi. It has an excellent Cancer Treatment Center. The costs for medical care in the government hospital will be reasonable. Living expenses too. Good luck in your treatment and recovery. Tj