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  1. I don't think it matters who made the decision, it started with Bush but plans finalized under Obama. The main point is security of US citizens which was the correct decision. It was most possibly not sold cheaper as the buyer wanted the property to turn into a hotel. So for this Gulf investor, it certainly is more attractive to retain the old look and willing to pay more for it. Reports of the value was around 300 million pounds but some sources said it was sold for 500 million pounds.
  2. Perhaps the kid was sick, who knows. Sounds like some of the folks here don't have kids and don't have any compassion and are overreacting. Kid crying for 30 minute may be annoying, but shouldn't be caused from them to be thrown off the bus. Like another poster said, what if it was a farang family being thrown off the bus?
  3. I agree with you, many Thais think they can jump ahead of traffic by squeezing in any small gap. I have a dash cam and have weekly footages of these nut case. As you know, once they squeeze in your personal space, you always have to brake to increase the distance of your car from the next one in front.
  4. there have been blog posts since more than 10 years ago about bars where you can get shakes spiked with drugs.... even the new music festival Wonderfruit in Pattaya has lot of drugs available, worst part of this is that this is suppose to be a family friendly even too!
  5. He bashes previous presidents for not being able to deter NK, yet he admits himself that its very possible that he can't resolve it without going to war. Now who was the one who called Clinton warmongering? Under Trump, defense spending is up and he has ramp up military operations around the world, instead of bringing soldiers back home.
  6. Trump taking any opportunity to bash Obama. If he had only done his research, the old embassy could not be upgraded to provide the security they need. So they sold it for a handsome profit, which was more than enough to pay for construction of a new one. So Trumps puts more importance of location of embassy over the safety of US citizens?
  7. Its not feasible to build bullet trains, there are only two high speed train lines in the world that actually make profit, one is in japan and the other in France if I remember correctly (both first world countries with high salaries). The others around the world are heavily subsidized. Not only that in China, they have high speed trains they link two cities with population of 20 million, they also fail to generate profit and are in heavy debt. Given how low the average Thai salary is, and the population that will link Bangkok to Chiangmai or the South, its simply not feasible. They should just go with trains that go around 240km/hr. That is plenty fast and will benefit folks who travel to the central Thailand.
  8. CPF food deal helps 'make America great again'

    You must not have curry puffs and other thai curries stuffed in pastries? Don't see why fusion food is so surprising. We have pesto sandwiches, meat ball sandwiches, etc in the West.
  9. CPF food deal helps 'make America great again'

    I'm sure they are not importing American food to be sold in Thailand, instead its the other way around where they can cut costs and export Thai ingredients (chicken, pork, etc) to their US manufacturing plant. Its a vertical integration of cutting cost and having upstream and downstream suppliers / manufacturers all under one umbrella.
  10. import duty on used car

    Yes you can do that, in fact this is the only legal and safest way of bringing in used cars. Be sure to check the laws again regarding to how long the car has to be under his name before exporting it from UK. I'm not an expert, but I have heard from some grey market dealers who have brought cars in this way, and as well as from friends friend who brought their own cars back. Again, check on how much tax you have to pay too. Given how much cars depreciate nowadays in Thailand, and there is a lot more selection, it may not be that much cheaper / worth the hassle bringing in your own car.
  11. Americas main problem isn't about refugees or immigration, its about putting their little fingers in all corners around the world. I do agree the US needs to scale back how much aide it gives different countries. Cut back on military spending. Trump says the opposition is warmongering, but he in fact is increasing the spending instead of scaling back and pulling troops home. He is doing completely opposite of what he said during his campaign. Many of the refugee problems around the world are a result of US and its allies action that are causing people to be displaced. These refugees and majority of the workers who come to the US, they are contributing more to the economy than taking away from it. Its not like the US has no money, they are just misusing it in my opinion.
  12. Its funny as sht, but at the same time I have to admit its getting old, we are beating a dead horse. Comedians need to move on to something fresh and just let the old fart rot.
  13. You could have mental issues and still be in perfectly good health .... just saying. The doctor also told Trump to lose weight, he is 1lb shy of being obese.
  14. whats funny is that in Thailand you can register a business to include entertainment to open massage parlors. Its not illegal.
  15. Traffic police fined me illegally

    perhaps you just met an ahole cop. But you have said you got away with your illegal behavior, so like others have said, you win some you lose some. Count yourself lucky and forget about it, you will get a heart attack being mad at everything in this country. I've been fine by the police for "changing a lane on a solid line" I argued I changed when it was a dotted line before I reach the solid line, the police would not take any of it. There was no cameras and no other way to fight it, corrupt cop he wanted 100 baht. I rather pay heavier fine at the station than give it directly to him.