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  1. Well perhaps you are not that up to date with news, so you call everything fake news like Trump? Why not try searching on google if you really want to fact check. Its not just Obama, US intelligence even briefed Trump about it, but Trump refuse to listen. Really no need to repeat, its just beating a dead horse.
  2. Investigation was ongoing and Obama even told Trump about it, but Trump ignored it. So the bigger question is why Trump ignored it.
  3. There are lots of runners there too, but more in South Korea and Japan because salaries there are a lot higher, and there are no fines for being caught and sent back for South Korea, not sure about Japan. Taiwan is extending it because their tourism sector is benefiting greatly from Thai tourist. Taiwan is a "new" popular travel destination for Koreans (because of a tv show) and Thai this past 2 years (for thais because of visa free travel). The ironic thing is that Taiwanese who visits Thailand still needs a visa due to pressure from China.
  4. And the government is to be blamed, they already chose the production company they want to make the film.
  5. mike324

    Koncept vs. Ikea..is it same/same?

    Most cheap furniture are made of mdf boards. I think ikea has better covering around the edges so its a bit more waterproof. I would go with Ikea over Koncept, Koncept is SB furnitures low end line. They are not build to last if you are picking their cheapest stuff, Koncepts closets that are gloss coated are decent. I have a set that was in used for over 20 years! My family we take good care of our things, perhaps thats why it lasted so long too. A well made rubber wood funiture set is a good balance between quality and price.
  6. I'm sure these folks can easily qualify for citizenship if they apply, since they have a very set of unique skills.
  7. anyone here used transferwise for bank transfers?
  8. guys is a good manipulator with a thick skin for negotiations, not necessary a good businessmen as he claims.
  9. the roaring sea that swallows visitors for dinner that encroach on their land, lol
  10. compare to the 90s and early 2000s, its a huge difference. There is not an abudnance anymore....not to even mention the quality. I think there are less bars like other posters have said, exchange rate and prices of goods have gone up.
  11. fantastic team work by the foreign rescue teams as well as hundreds of thais who put every effort into the rescue. Its truely heart warming to see. Thanks to the farmers who left their fields flood as well, I hope the government compensate them as well.
  12. sounds like a typical day in the sticks in thailand! jokes aside, I'm surprise that the Japan government isn't doing enough to evacuate people to a better area, their response for emergencies are normally A++.
  13. I think its disgusting that the thai government is jumping on the bandwagon to make money from these kids ordeal so soon.
  14. pretty much all of these cheap boats built in thailand are not up to spec in anyway, this is the main reason for boat accidents that sink.
  15. The law says drive on the left, but if you are driving faster than cars on the left but still within the speed limit, you drive can on the middle or right. Heck even in Europe and first world countries, you don't see cars driving exclusively on the left. The fact that the pole could have hit any car in any lane, you would still blame the driver? What poor judgement. I could easily pull up hundreds of videos where majority of accidents happen on the left due to impropery parked cars, motorcycles and cars jumping out for streets, etc. I still take my chances on the right.