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  1. New rules for cars over 7 years

    Yes the book won't be voided, just need to pay the unpaid taxes for the book to be renewed. Depending on how many years that tax has been unpaid, authorities may ask you to bring the car in for them to do an inspection before they will renew the book. There are certain makes where authorities are more vigilante, cars such as mini coopers, vw beetles/buses, bmw are high on their watch list due to people switching vin numbers.
  2. When Obama gave voice to minorities while he was president, anti-Obamas claim he was dividing the country. When Trump shouts racist and insensitive comments, pro-Trump says he is making America great again. The world that we live in now. To those pro-trump supportes here, please explain how Trump can unite the country being such a great leader you guys are claiming? How his current policies will benefit the masses? healthcare? tax reform?
  3. Cutting corporate tax don't increase jobs and boost wages. States have already been offering big corporations tax deductions, big corporations have taken the incentives and many don't even pay anywhere near the top corporate tax rate. Majority pay around 20-25%. Not only that, it is the economy that dictates jobs. These big corporation that have taken tax incentives have continue to cut jobs when the economy goes south.
  4. New rules for cars over 7 years

    is having safety belts in cars even consider as a special rule nowadays? just have it for your own safety sake buddy. Yes its a basic thing they would check, but depending on where you get your car inspected, somchai might not care much, as long as your lights and brakes are working.
  5. John Kerry just said what Trump shouldn't have done. Wonder why he can't tell that to the president.
  6. Looks like John Kelly just went on record, this was what he told Trump when Trump asked for advice on making the call. "Kelly, recounting the day when he was informed of his son’s death, recalled his close friend Gen Joseph Dunford arriving at his doorstep. Dunford had told him his son “was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed”, Kelly recalled. “He knew what he was getting into by joining that 1% [who serve in uniform],” Kelly said, seeking to convey the nuance lacking in Trump’s own reaction to the controversy. “He knew what the possibilities were, because we’re at war.” So Trump took what Kelly said and repeated those insensitive remarks, seems like it is Kelly who coached Trump poorly on what to say. Trump can't come up with anything else better to say.
  7. New rules for cars over 7 years

    bmw 2002, toyota ke25, ford escort, alfa romeo 1600
  8. New rules for cars over 7 years

    I have a handful of vintage cars that are 30-40 years old. There is no special tax rules no special checks. Don't believe there are any all risk insruance that is possble for old cars, I may be wrong. I just insure most basic as its not my daily driver.
  9. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Even on Thai forums, Fords problem is endless. I would avoid Ford unless they sort out their problems and customer service.
  10. Sold my Isuzu workhorse 7 years ago, it was a 2003 3.0 Dmax, it had over 500,000 km. I constantly had buyers when my driver drove it out to pick up stuff for the company. People were offering 200-250k for it back then. Never once did we had any problems with the truck, its been used as a light delivery vehicle. We changed to a new DMax 3 years ago, the engine noise is more quiet than my diesel bmw. Sorry to get side track, but if Ford vs Toyota. No doubt go for Toyota for its reliability and after sales service. The Ford is a hit or miss and parts are often more expensive and not widely available later down the road compare to toyotas.
  11. they are couple years behind maintenance schedule, as in trains are not being properly maintained and parts are not being swapped on time on purpose because they don't have the budget to do so.
  12. there are too many instances where Trump said he will donate, but didn't, he will pay people for their work, but didn't. The fool is a habitual liar. He tweets lies and distorts information every single week. Trump was playing golf when the soldiers body arrived back in the US. When Obama was president, he was often at airports to receive the dead soldiers. Trump plays too much golf!
  13. I'm pretty sure they said they wanted high speed train not bullet train, but somehow it got lost in translation and the artist don't know the difference.
  14. I remember some 15 years go there is a RC airplane flying field just 3-4 km away from don muang airport. I was always amazed that it was allow to operate, this was one of the popular rc airplane flying fields in bangkok and was pretty crowded on weekends.
  15. Kaepernick took a knee to show respect for the vets and men/women that served (it was suggested by an army veteran as an alternative protest method), yet it was a protest towards police brutality, and it was better than him sitting down in the beginning. Perhaps many folks don't know this part o the story. Read more about it here http://www.snopes.com/veteran-kaepernick-take-a-knee-anthem/