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  1. At most restaurants staff don't rely on tips for their wages, so they don't work extra hard to please customers. Not only that, they aren't a dedicated server to your table like the US. But you are correct, the younger generation thinks they are entitle to tips without working for it and that it should be the norm to tip for everyone. At most chain resturants in Thailand, I don't think waiters expect any tips anyways. But at more local thai or chinese style restaurants, they do expect a tip as they do more service to your table such as filling up the water. Which I don't mind tipping more as they do work your table more compare to chain type restaurants.
  2. To tip or not to tip?

    Well most restaurants already add the tip in, I will only tip if the staff was extremely helpful and polite, kept on refilling water and making sure the orders are all served and nothing is missing. Depending on the restaurant, I would tip the servers from 40 baht to 100 baht more. Taxis I usually just tell them to keep the change or give an additional 20 if they are polite and have good driving manners.
  3. Had a worker smash our office window and brought a gun and threatened our security guard at the entrance because we caught him stealing and guy had balls to return thinking he is a hot shot and invincible (apparently he was also small time drug dealer). Needless to say we set up a sting operation with the police and had him haul to jail and told the police to teach him a lesson. Not violent, but could have been I suppose.
  4. I'm sure if they start fining people 5000 baht instead of the 500-1000 baht, more people will follow traffic laws.
  5. try harder, ask around - there is a reason why its hard to find after all its been promoted as family friendly, hahaha
  6. I won't go on debating about Trump yet with his business dealings regarding to his apartments since we don't have the facts. Obama was not weak, he is trying to stay out of world problems. At the same time, during his term, he was just giving a voice to the blacks which many whites have a problem with. They call that as dividing the country! Its amazing that now Trump supporters are using the same "fake" job, economy data that Trump once called fake during Obamas term and attack Obama with it. Again Obama is not perfect, but during his term, he could not accomplish as much due to the Republicans blocking his every move. Trump pretends he is staying out of world problems, but its just a start, he is moving more troops overseas and boosting the military spending. What do you say about that? More war is always good for the US? I know why folks voted for Trump, but sorry to say, they did swallow up a lot of fake stories. Look at how many times Trump have back tracked his own words, and the facts he stated was false and wrong. I don't think you need to even start listing it. I actually do support some of Trumps policy such as immigration and enforcing laws on illegals. But not his views on legal immigrants as bad for the country and such.
  7. I didn't say it was a crime did I? But did he disclose it? NO which is a crime hence why he is under arrest now and facing perhaps decades in jail. Not to mention money laundry and failure to pay taxes on millions of dollars. His charges are very serious. As for Trump, I've always say it (you can search in the past) that I don't believe Trump has any collusion with Russia. But he does have shady business dealings that can land him in hot waters.
  8. I find that funny, wonder why Trump kept on saying Obama wasn't born in the US and spread numerous lies even before Trump decide to run for president?
  9. He skipped it because he says people won't say nice things about him - snowflake? lol
  10. You still don't see the big picture? Trumps aides have been working with the Russians and breaking laws for decades. Heck perhaps Trump is so afraid because he broke some laws himself too. Its not about some girl that Trump might have slept with. The right doesn't need to feel disfranchised, Trump has already done that to the country himself. He blamed Obama for everything, made up fake stories and his supporters swallowed it all up. The country is already very divided and at war with each other.
  11. 10 year for water guns, yet how many countless drunk drivers and murders are still off the hook? or doing less 10 years?
  12. Nothing better to do? I guess the bibs are being squeezed by the junta, no more easy hand outs such as traffic infractions on protection money, so they target these silly things.
  13. Abhisit protege plans new path for Democrats

    A boy who is young with a lot to learn, but better than the old corrupt dinosaurs that are like cockroaches that refuse to die. New brains if well trained are better than what we have now, decades and decades of the same same. Abhisit was a good change, but too bad he was placed in the position at the wrong time which ruined his political career. Other than that, he was a leader who was working for the country, not his own pockets.
  14. No, you obviously haven't seen these factories that make these double decker bus by HAND. Over 80% of the double decker buses in Thailand are not properly constructed, they do not meet the safety requirements. They are just metal sheets and frames welded together by hand with no standards. These buses are too expensive to import hence, its made in thailand instead with chassis of old buses. That picture is a prime example of one that is not properly constructed, take a look at the stair by the door, they are simply unpainted pieces of sheet metal. Another give away is all the big pieces of windows on the 1st floor, properly constructed buses don't have that many big panels of windows on the 1st level. Here is a link for your reference, I've been to one of these bus factories myself http://travel.cnn.com/bangkok/life/thailands-bus-artists-629230/
  15. Gaggan won Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (again)

    Gaggan was good before he introduce the 20 course menu with all the japanese influenced dish. I think as a progressive indian cooking, he should have stuck to indian flavors. I'm not sure if they still a la carte menu, based on the website it doesn't seem like they don't anymore. I agree, its a lot of mismash of dishes. I wish he stayed true to how it was when he first opened. If he wants to do other flavors and dishes inspired by other cultures, I think he should reinvent his restaurant and not call it progressive indian. I would say, the technique and creativity is still there. Its not new in the world, but its new in Thailand so everyone is wow by it hence such high praise. But if you compare his 2 star with other 2 stars in other countries, I don't think he stacks up.