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  1. 2 friends did their 90 day report last week at Jomtien with no issues. Neither had changed address and neither had done the 24 hour address report when they entered the country after making a trip overseas. So there seems to be some inconsistency here.
  2. The OP has obviously been in Thailand for some years as this was I think his third licence renewal. As such I am very surprised that he didn't know of the requirement to register his address within 24 hours of arrival. It has re received massive publicity and comment sine the law started to be enforced over a year ago. That said Jomtien immigration were saying a few months ago that there was no need to register every time if the address had not changed. IT looks like they have changed their mind on that. However, from the tone of the OPs writings I wonder if he just pissed off the IO he was dealing with to the extent that they he died to teach him a lesson.
  3. I am British and have done this twice at Jomtien in the last 2 years as I have 2 passports. Both times I wes required to get a from from the British Embassy in Bangkok requesting the change be made. They will send you a standard form and you fill in the blank spaces with your details. The service is free and can be organised with a couple of emails to the embassy. They send it to you vis EMS. They can be picked up from the embassy if you are in Bangkok. A friend did this recently and he was directed to Key Visa who provided the form. THe IO did question why he was using a photocopied form rather than an original but they did accept it. The original from the embassy has an embossed stamp on it so the difference was quite clear