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  1. I had this issue recently. The extension plus a multi entry stamp will take up the last 2 pages of your passport leaving no space for other stamps if you want to travel. Get the new passport and transfer your current visa/permission to stay in it. Then renew in that passport when the time comes.
  2. For a cheaper flight and if convenient Air Asia fly to Male from KL.
  3. I didn't say it was restricted but it is controlled. There is only 1 guy who has a licence to import alcohol and he keeps the prices high. Another control was that when leaving on a sailing yacht we were only allowed to take out 2 bottles of spirits with us despite having 4 adults on board. Not really a lot when our next stop was Phuket.
  4. Male is a shit hole and I assume that is where the embassy is. Loads of other islands/resorts you can visit but they are often not too friendly unless you are staying there. The Muslim thing doesn't appeal to me either. Alcohol is strictly controlled and expensive.
  5. What are these for, attack or defence? If it is defence I doubt any invasion will come from the sea. I remember about 20 years ago they tried to buy some subs and found that given the relatively shallow water in the Gulf of Thailand they would be visible from the air over a lot of the area. Now if they plan to sail away to places like N Korea that would be a different proposition.
  6. Geordie59

    Ministry revokes ‘Boss’ passport

    There is little chance he will punished because of his family wealth and power. It was not an accident, it was reckless driving. There is a difference.
  7. Geordie59

    Ministry revokes ‘Boss’ passport

    I'm sure they have done this already. But it should stop him coming back to Thailand which even with all the family money will hurt him a lot.
  8. Geordie59

    UK passport renewal

    Now if the above post doesn't clarify the issue for you I don't know what will. As to the glasses issue - why not just take thew things off to avoid risking the photos being refused when they are processed in the UK? You will not get a refund and will have to start the process from scratch. And to those who say you can apply online - that service is only available if you are in the UK. If you don't believe me go to the government website and start entering your data. After the 4th or 5th step you will get the message above.
  9. True. But you lose those same pages when you apply for the standard 32 page passport. Cost of the 48 page passport is also a bit higher.
  10. "Ex wife suddenly tried to phone him" How do you know they didn't speak on a regular basis? Do they have children who would be just one obvious reason for maintaining contact? I split from my ex Thai wife 23 years ago and we still speak occasionally and are on good terms with each other.
  11. As of about a week ago you can apply online if you are in the UK. If in Thailand then it is as below Making your application You must apply in person. If you’re unable to, someone else can go on your behalf. You must bring photo ID with you. Bring original supporting documents and a colour photocopy of each one. The original documents will be returned to you. You must also bring your current passport with you when you apply, and a full colour photocopy of the entire passport (every page including blank pages). You can’t travel with it after you’ve applied for a new one - but you will be able to keep your existing passport for ID purposes. You’ll need to book an appointment by email. Include your first name and last name and 3 alternative dates and times. You will receive an email confirming your appointment. UK Visa Application Centre The Trendy Office Building, 28th Floor, Sukhumvit Soi13, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana Bangkok Thailand 10110 Email: [email protected]
  12. So much pathetic speculation on here. I suggest you wait for the results of the autopsy before posting comments based on very limited facts.
  13. Geordie59

    Gays turning Pattaya park into midnight sex den

    And they sell Pratumnak as the Pattaya Riviera? I never could understand that.
  14. 15 years (reduced to 5 eventually) for picking mushrooms in a national park and what for rape of a minor and forcing women into prostitution? So far they lost their jobs in the police and I wouldn't mind betting that is all they get. They might even get reinstated after a sham court appearance due to lack of evidence i.e. witness intimidation.
  15. The only time you see a Thai is a hurry is when they behind the steering wheel or on their bikes. It takes way more than 15 hours to train the culture out of them.
  16. My daughter did the same thing last year. When she returned to Thailand she just showed the immigration officer both passports and asked what she should do. He just stamped her in as a Thai in her Thai passport. I guess it depends on who is on duty the day you come in, or leave.
  17. My wife did a 10 hour course in The Philippines. The first 4 one hour lessens were OK. Then the instructor was due to go on holiday so he got her 1 1/2 hours north of where we lived and 1 1/2 hours back and logged it as the full 10 hours. That drive north was on a relatively quiet road with no passing through towns, no traffic lights, very few junctions and almost no need to ever change gear. It is not the number of hours spent behind the wheel but what is learned that is important. How about introducing a proper testing system that needs to passed with honesty and bribes are not accepted. That is how other countries get decent drivers. And once the test is passed penalise bad driving by taking away their licence and locking them up if they drive without a licence.
  18. The coming together of 2 HiSo connected people who think they are untouchable.
  19. Geordie59

    Thailand Under Strain from Tourism Surge

    The Chinese will put in whatever infrastructure they need. They can use some of the excess already here from the dwindling numbers of other tourists, although at Chinese prices and conditions.
  20. I was in London for medical treatment that is ongoing. What will be his excuse this time?
  21. Losing the plate will cost them far more than the fine.
  22. Police who were here at the start disappeared. The fighting seems to be more between Thai girls and Arab men. Amazed some Thai men / bouncers / taxi drivers didn't wade into the Arabs. Happy / safe zone my arse!
  23. Geordie59

    Multiple O extension

    Thanks for the info guys. Just back from immigration on another matter. My Non Imm Visa based on retirement and issued at Jomtien expires 5th June. Last 90 day report was done 10th April. I plan to leave Thailand 23rd May and return early July. They told me I need to extend my Non Imm Visa within 30 days of it expiring i.e. on or after 6th May. This should only take 1-2 days with a further 1-2 days to make it Multi Entry. It means a few trips to Jomtien but looks like I am sorted.
  24. Geordie59

    Multiple O extension

    Visa runs up to 5 June 2017. Last 90 day report was made on 10th April. The paper they put in my passport states visa expires 5 June 2017 in written hand and a stamp stating "This is not an extension of stay. Please notify your address again on 8 July 2017". From the answers above I can stay for the full 90 days and then leave before 8th July. If I stay in Thailand the full 90 days up to 8th July I can still extend my existing Non Imm Visa for another year. I assume if I do not extend my visa before 5th June and leave the country after that date it will expire and I will have to apply for a new Non Imm Visa. This is what I will be doing and in my experience applying for a new visa is a lot more hassle than extending an existing one. I will also be leaving at the end of May which is not within the last 30 days of my latest of my latest 90 day extension. I hope to extend the Visa for another year before I leave. Will let you know how I get on.