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  1. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    "miracles"......? and yet the problem continues to grow , never in drug related crime in the history of the world has there ever been a negative growth due to feeding their habit . not being a smart azz , just stating a fact .
  2. tell it like it is .........or say nothing , that is universal
  3. again you miss the point ,.....prostitution and prostitution of a minor are 2 separate crimes , you do not seem to be able to understand the depravity of child prositution . you seem to be a apologist at heart . please i am thru with you , do not respond ,thank you
  4. it is called forced prostitution of little girls , you sound fine with that ....apologist comes to mind when i read your words .
  5. huh....ehhh...and then there is ahhhh , huh ? uhh , well , oh lordy i be confused myself ,,,, ....
  6. and where is our self appointed PM on this matter ?
  7. lordy , lordy , i done stepped in dog shxt ......
  8. When Farangs Go Native

    haha haha haha ....you are to easy haha aha gaa
  9. yes we are ...ehhh..... yea , yea a bunch of racists
  10. good god .... what are you drinking ? ...pass it on , give us a hit , we are interested what it is like to be you .
  11. When Farangs Go Native

    yea ... that and 25 baht will get you some noodles . i love it when some people double down to make themselves feel better , i hope you do it often . it suits you .
  12. When Farangs Go Native

    a poser is a poser by any other name is still a poser . lost people looking for direction and a reason for being ....back home they are known as dipshits , aholes , tards , commie pinko libshifts , .........ahhhh the world is interesting for sure .
  13. the gf knows which pocket your money is in ....haha haha haah
  14. a ho by any other name is still a ho ...you cant fix them ,.... if you can afford it , enjoy them , but know this , there are others . they come and go in shifts . you are one of many .