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  1. killing 2 moto cy peeps and dragging their bodies 300 meters underneath a truck warrants a 5000 baht fine ......ehhhh i truly did not notice that the butts were that bad .........
  2. respect and false shame are 2 different things .....you apparently think they are the same . yikes that is scary ......
  3. a illegal government that took power by a armed coup ??? ....these are the people passing judgment ??? and attempting to persecute the ousted PM ??? why may i ask ? your own words fail your own argument . this is not justice . it banana republic biz as usual . you cannot create and enforce laws that favor your few point . no fan of the past two administrations but they did not issue made up arrest warrants . you tend to want to "tar" anybody that has a different view . how can a not legal government enforce laws to protect itself from the past two administrations ? sounds like a paper tiger in charge of things .
  4. "the justice system cannot be directed by anyone ?" bwhaaahaaahaa oh ... please stop ...hahaha hahaha hahaha it hurts , oh stop hahaha hahaha haaha , lordy please make him stop , keep him from making up rules ... hahaha hahaha hahaha
  5. "tarred with the same brush ?" ehhh.....words fail me .
  6. ahhhh......but , but , all the pretty ladies have a choice ......as it should be .
  7. correct and very true words ...............
  8. tourists = seat belted to bar stool lushes . .......yea ..dats da ticket
  9. Cambodian Farm Breeds Mutant Hulk-Like Pigs

    well now ..."serious" popo on duty ?
  10. western union , works well as long as your girl friends husband has the proper ID .
  11. it all depends if sending to thai girlfrend or her brother/husband . inquiring minds want to know as well you should .....
  12. not a non story .... telling you eating Thai chocolate makes you stupid if laced with lead . it is not allowed in paint why would it be allowed in chocolate ? any amount of lead makes you stupid . jeeeeze .........