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  1. a few thoughts .... were your first words . dude you wrote the first 3 chapters in a novel . just saying ....
  2. oop's ? dude ...... you do know someone died .....do you not ?
  3. wow .... i wonder how the family of the dead man would react to your coward statement . where is your mind ? get off the bar stool and let some blood flow to other places in your ......oh... never mind ... u r beyond help .
  4. you tend to make up sxit as you go along in your fairy land mind travels , god bless those less gifted .
  5. oh .... and you know that how ?....hahaha hahaha hahaha , armchair lawyer's , i love them . keep me smiling .
  6. your confused , it is apparent you do not speak cop thaineeze .
  7. i time honored profession , being El Snitch-o , camera man extraordinaire....
  8. uhhhh hold me back babe or ima gunna beat his ass ,,,,,,hahahahaha haha haha all the drunk drivers need to burn in a special hell ......
  9. Is the "all new" Honda CR-V outdated ?

    they were over priced 14 years ago and nothing has changed
  10. storm troopers = starwars ? dude read a book now and then . storm troopers were part of the German army , there sole purpose was to put down insurrection , ask the jews they were rounded up and sent to death camps or the poles that were lined up and slaughtered . kieran you have showed every one on tv how ill informed you truly are , i wish you well in the fairy land your mind has you living in ,,,,the knife cuts both ways ,,,,
  11. huh ? try again bub , this time with out the foot in your mouth ....
  12. or a hall monitor in grade school , a stoolie .
  13. haha bhaha haha put a 500 watt light on that sneaky shxt .....AM what is wrong with you ?
  14. seems like he is a half step from a stalker himself .......