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  1. 6 years ? and yet you choose to listen to informal musings from the peanut gallery ? consult a lawyer , pay the few bucks to understand what can and cannot be done ....oh ... that means getting of the bar stool .
  2. my my , i will give you some nickles not repeat what is a western way of looking at a Asian problem we created .....
  3. oh.... you mean cheap charlies in training ? those butt heads ?
  4. no no no ...ya got it all wrong , its is a old russkie tradition along the lines of .... one for you , two for me , one for you , 2 for me .
  5. ohhhh..... the inhumanity of it all , no mo hummer's ? ...huh ? .....all the real crime in Thailand has been taken care of ? there is no crime left but hummers in hot tub's ? my my , what a fine job all the way around. ehhh..... where is the finger point ?
  6. if you have to ask this question you are what the shysters call a "mark" . quickly put one hand on wallet and the other on your nut sack ......
  7. planning your trip around "cold one's" say's it all ...............bada bada bing
  8. i take it you do not get out much , if you did you would never utter such tripe .
  9. ahhhh..... the thainess of it all ......
  10. dude what u smoking ? ....pass that shxt around .......
  11. hahaha hahaha hahahah hahha hahaha hahaha RIP unlucky dude .
  12. what is needed is personal carriers that can go under water to escort the 2 new subs that are to be equipped with re-tractable wheels .....
  13. sorry for the family but for justice they will have to get in line with the other people waiting for the same .
  14. this is only the start of his problems , after time in jail he will be sent back to china , another you made me lose face country ....after about 15 years in a shoe factory / prison working 16 hours a day he will be sent bto inner Mongolia to work on highways for the rest of his life at slave labor wages . as it should be .