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  1. top cop dudette needs a jumbo to twerk in his face , i heard it puts restless spirits at ease ....
  2. poorly educated nit wits given a big gun and a badge and this is what they spend their time doing ? bat shxt crazy wannabe coppers .
  3. EHHH...... JUST HOW MANY RAPES COMMITTED....that we know of ? damn who is in charge of the courts , police and prison system ? he will rape again , what a pathetic system the thai criminal courts are .
  4. crooked cop's or poorly trained military , both are uneducated groups of men in tight fitting uniforms ......
  5. yes that is it , the thai man is always right , makes no mistakes , never does wrong , always taking the correct and honest path ....... yada yada yada
  6. what a wonderful message this send to all the quality tourists thinking of visiting the land of knifes , oop's smiles , yea that's it smiles ..........
  7. YEP , there is is again , QUALITY OFFICERS OF THE LAW..... "yikes" give me a break .....bada bada bing
  8. arab kid's ? these two young sissified men fight like high school girls .... yes "God is great" .....
  9. time for the police to man up and treat this for what it was .... attempted murder . by doing nothing the police become part of the "skinny boy beat down gang" .
  10. oh..... not to worry , thailand has many handicapped bread sellers .............
  11. another white bread liberal being a slacker and drain .....
  12. well when the bookkeeping catches up with the % #'rs being tossed about concerning the economy .... well it is a sure thing the bottom will fall out , and when it does every body will be scrambling for the foreigners buckaroo's . changes will be made in the laws pertaining to real estate . average $50,000 usd x 100000 foreigners , do the math . it would be enough to replace what disappeared ( ehhh... rounded off) and then some .