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  1. they did not think to ask that question as they were pulling the false survey outta their keester .....
  2. oh , so now you are a refugee ? how pathetic does that make you sound ?
  3. a hundred and fifty pounds of metal and core rubber hitting you at combined speed of 60 mph ....well ....chicken you should get out more , ......
  4. corn-man is in a bubble all by himself on this one , for shame on him
  5. you post it twice and i say "huh" twice ....hahaha hahaha hahaha
  6. huh ....? use make no sense...options ? ehhhh.... you should read your statement before pushing the "post" tab .
  7. a himbo is the male version if the "bimbo"
  8. hahaha haha ....oh stop it ...haha haha haha haha ...it hurts , oh stop hahaha hahaha hahh hahab please , hahaha cant take any more haha haha ha
  9. how about applying the same attention to child trafficking , bondage and slavery crimes against the thai people ? thailand and a few places in africa are the only places left that put their own people and children into slavery . deal with that first .
  10. Maybe its the image they try to portray is the problem? to portray a image is not a problem ......if so . all the posers in thailand would be wanted men ....ehhh....you know who you are ,,,hee hee .
  11. yea and the vests look new never worn all the small items as well and the hell angle pictured had newly cut hair .....looks like wannabees got caught up ....