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  1. Genuine Thai smile seven years ago. Same same smile today.
  2. The Chiang Mai Orchid just re-vamped their gym last July. New equipment, new showers, etc. The locker room setup sorta sucks, but you have two to choose from. And they have a lovely SALTWATER POOL. All the young guys working there are body builders, ( the ladies don't seem to know dick all ) and will teach you how to use the machines for free. You may be able to hook one of them ($ ) to become your personal trainer. A wee bit expensive, but it's worth it for me. Oh yeah, I've never seen more than fifteen people there at any one time. Maybe because of the cost?
  3. Do you have access to a computer? Umm, I'll assume....yes. Then why not just type in Athlean x.com. or athlean x you tube? Best darn exercise site on the net. And it does not have to cost you a baht, unless you want to buy into one of his programs, which are well worth the money (IMHO of course ) Exercises for any and all parts of the body, with weights, without weights, nutrition plans, the works. He has put out hundreds of vids, and still puts out one a week.
  4. What I don't like about the Duangtawan hotel fitness center is, they have those air freshener gadgets stuck up in many corners You will notice those little white thinggys up there. They "hiss" out every few minutes. AND they are known carcinogenic contributors. They are banned in many places in the USA, Canada and some places in Europe, especially gyms. Don't need to be sucking stuff like that down yer lungs as you're pushing a thousand ( okay, forty ) pounds over yer head.
  5. You're joking...right??
  6. For anyone that wants to get a bit serious about working out, there are many many vids on you tube. However, my favourite is athlean-x.com. I have been following him for years. AND...if you're cheap ( like me ) it won't cost you a baht. This guy is amazing. He puts out a video every week...covers EVERYTHING. He even has a food plan for the really serious exercise people, or anyone for that matter. Of course you CAN buy into any number of his workout training programs...up 2 u. Oh yeah, in order to receive his videos, all you have to do is subscribe to his channel.
  7. Spot on, as far as I'm concerned. Couldn't have said it better meself.
  8. Sounds like a safe place to be. Wonder if she has a room for rent.
  9. Fire a warning shot...right! Give them notice of where you are and give them time to come at you from different angles. Shoot at the legs of intruders ( all of them at the same time? ) who COULD have been carrying firearms...miss and you could be dead, even if they were "only" carrying knives and brass knucks. Methinks the young man did well. Too bad he didn't get a shot at the getaway driver.
  10. Methinks you will find that the only people who can remove ghosts are a buncha monks ( using a buncha YOUR money ) and a long ceremony, along with ample food and drink of course. My relative had some ghosts removed from his bar, a friend had ghosts removed from a house he bought. Also had a friend who bought two old teakwood houses, had them torn down, then built one larger house using the wood from the two houses. Big mistake!! NONE of the villagers would enter the house until it was "cleansed/purified" by a group of monks. It seems that ghosts from both houses could not reside there together with each other. By the way, the ceremony at the bar HAD to have the presence of the bar owners, as well as many workers and as many regular customers as possible.
  11. Not if you put each of their hind legs down your knee rubbers...( so I'm told )
  12. Yeh, but pee won't dissolve super glue.Tried it already ( on my fingers of course )
  13. Nah, I think I'd leave it in the Gf's p**sy also. The number of times I'm allowed to enter there per month, she might as well keep it glued shut. ( I'm also darned glad she doesn't read this forum. Otherwise there would be another incident of a Falang being stabbed, shot, choked, run over by his own truck, or thrown/falling from a high balcony )
  14. Police ( any country )..dignity.... hard to put those two words together in any sentence/paragraph without using the word...NO
  15. Um m, would there be a "proper" place to do yerself in?..just kidding.