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  1. Same same if they had been in Canada. PLUS...they would also have access to free legal counselling, which, I suppose could be considered a benefit.
  2. ( you're ) Hee hee hee. Straighten up yer English there Colinneil, ya cranky ole bugger. By the way, iffen ya still needs some help over on yer "farm", I may submit an application. I ain't got nuttin' teh do fer the next 78 days. And I don't think I could make a go of it selling postcards.
  3. Com'on. "They are going home. But methinks Big Leg might be headed that way in a pine box soon.
  4. Umm, well, uh...DOES he need a work permit?
  5. Not sure about these here in Thailand, but the green coloured ones in the USA are known carcinogenics, and are banned in certain states. Lotsa natural "remedies" here that you can use instead.
  6. I know what you mean. I now have to sit down to pee. Recently I had an operation for a hernia, and the doctor told me not to lift anything heavy for awhile.
  7. When the Medical people checked the snake, its blood alcohol was nine times over the limit. They have now sent it off to the detox center to clean as much drug residue as possible out of its system. They are not yet sure if it will survive or not.
  8. Hang on a minute now. Iffen we're gonna invade any place, ( other than the girlie bars on Loi Kroh ) let's invade THIS place, The R. J. Reynolds factory. I'll donate. (I have a few BB guns laying around somewhere from when I was a kid ) I smoked those things for years, the ciggies I mean. Enjoyed every <deleted>' one I ever smoked. Started when I was six or seven years old...used to steal them from PaPa. Damned near killed me...Papa and the ciggies. Finally had sense enough to smoke me last one Dec. 14th, 1976...12 noon. YAY for me.
  9. Report an a go go

    No, no. I'm with you on this one. From now on I would pay the correct amount each time I received a drink from the bar lady/server...wotever. If I did not have the correct amount I would still pay for each and every drink I received....NOT run a bar tab...AND I would not let the server leave until I had counted my change....AND... I would demand any amount that I was shorted. Umm m, in the future I would also think twice about ordering any drink that didn't come in a bottle with a cap on it.
  10. Report an a go go

    Wait a minit, wait a minitwaitaminit!!! if ya HOISTS 'em up deh mast it's for hanging. Iffen yer gonna flog them, ya TIES 'em to deh mast. Get with deh program,okay??
  11. Advice about wedding

    Well, ya gotta admit. There are many many articles and "stuff" posted here that just ain't worth a reply...ya think?
  12. You ever been to Nepal or Tibet? Go there sometime and get "involved" some monks and temples there, as I have done. Then report back. This crap is happening all over the world amigo, not just Thailand. (not that I condone any of this, mind you )
  13. Correct. BUT...it's very simple to change an airsoft gun into a lethal weapon. ( with and without conversion )