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  1. lamyai3

    Really? Snowy?

    Guess you mean Snowy Weizen? It's wheat beer, so can't be directly compared to the regular stuff. Brewed by Singha, part of their Est 33 range. Singha Copper is another, it's quite nice - though only had it on draft.
  2. lamyai3

    Monk survives pit bull onslaught

    How Great Thou Bark... All Things Bite And Beautiful... O For A Thousand Tails To Wag... Mine Eyes Have Seen The Gory...
  3. They'd be scuppered by the work permit rules
  4. Obviously a misunderstanding, this is how things roll on route 8.
  5. The short one in red has a pair of baps under his spaghetti strap crop top.
  6. lamyai3

    Bathroom "Grab Bars"

  7. lamyai3

    Pears Soap in BKK?

  8. Human instincts are invariably unreliable - kids poke their fingers into electrical sockets, run out into traffic etc all over the world until they're taught not to. If someone isn't taught correctly, experience of doing something the wrong way becomes more and more ingrained until tragedy strikes, this is entirely the problem regarding the bad driving and high road mortality here. It's well known that critical thinking skills aren't taught in the schools here, and this reflects in what you describe as the lack of general common sense here in all spheres.
  9. Of course it is. To assume otherwise is highly xenophobic - you're implying the locals here are inherently dumber than elsewhere. When you have a collective or societal failure of common sense it's always to do with poor education. A case in point is driver education. Spatial awareness is hammered into you in the west, and this doesn't come instinctively but develops through repetition. If you don't use the rear view mirrors correctly you'll fail the driving test; if you speed excessively you'll be heavily penalised. If this isn't emphasised in the learning stage it won't get internalised, and the result is what exists here, people driving erratically without looking where they're going.
  10. Quite the contrary - the reason they don't have it is that they don't teach and nurture it. Not many young kids in any culture have an innate level of common sense or responsibility - this is something that's gradually acquired through good parenting and schooling and involves a certain amount of discipline and self reflection.
  11. lamyai3

    Advice Required - Windows XP

    I have a 13 year old laptop running XP which refuses to die and won't run any later version of Windows. I don't recommend Internet Explorer, but Firefox can be updated to the latest version, so that's my browser of choice if I need to use it (though mostly nowadays I find the mobile more convenient for pretty much everything).