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  1. In fact the two cases that triggered the current discussion were both at Suvarnabhumi, so there's no reason to consider it a safer bet than Don Muang right now. Bear in mind that the vast majority of people passing through immigration are blissfully unaware of these reports, and are generally not aware of the need for 10k/20k cash either, and yet they pass through immigration unchallenged. The important thing is to ensure that if you do get stopped and questioned, you can provide proof of being a genuine tourist in the form of the money to support yourself, flight out and possibly a hotel booking.
  2. You don't sound like you fit the profile of living here for a long time on tourist visas, which means that you'd probably be fine at either airport as long as you have the cash and an onward flight - you'd most likely not even be asked to show them. These reports are extremely alarming, but the risk of a detention cell and denied entry is extremely slim if you can provide what's required on being asked.
  3. New passport definitely wise. But no, they don't ask this question on the arrival card.
  4. Most unlikely, it's generally Airasia and other regional flights. OP probably doesn't have any other option than a travel agent - online bookings require credit or debit cards.
  5. I think there's a small soi between 21 and 23 where you'll find local expertise in cleaning the pipes.
  6. Thanks for the update, glad you managed to get away from the problem in the end.
  7. The problem of correct spelling of English words is a different issue than the proper transliteration of Thai words into English, which are notoriously inaccurate... Don Mu(e)ang has been a case in point for years. On a side note, methinks the foreign expert consulted in the article is none other than author 555
  8. She:d probably just polished off one of those raw pork and garlic sausages. Should have kept her mouth shut in the taxi and on social media both.
  9. Underwear is very important if you're going to be a superhero.
  10. Interesting article in one of the main English language dailies earlier in the week, where Andrew Biggs (earlier generation really), and especially Ajarn Adam (a former friend of MMN, Mormon export from the same programme in Utah with a similar YouTube success history) sought to distance themselves from him due to his recent behaviour.
  11. Yes, probably one in thousands. The reports are an important heads up, but shouldn't distort the real picture.
  12. Very true. Not to mention two or three customers in a place is often more of a draw for people walking past than a place completely devoid of people. True of cafes and bars both.
  13. Even if so, a genuine student ought to be able to bounce back in Thai. I think this is actually one of the easiest ways for an immigration officer to prove or disprove someone's studying credentials. I'm surprised ED visas are still a problem actually, given the massive tightening up on schools and requirements a couple of years ago. It'd likely be very hard to abuse the system with these nowadays.