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  1. Stanton is a technical diver and has been instrumental in the development of underwater diving gear, closed circuit rebreather units etc, I take his comments as a technical appraisal after the fact, nothing more, and obviously made in response to the journalist's questions as to why the mini-sub wasn't used. In any case, the sub didn't arrive on site until eight of the boys had already been rescued, by which time the rescue team would have gained considerable confidence in the method of extraction they were using, and were unlikely to take the risk of changing course. In the immediate aftermath of 10th July, when the final five were brought out of the cave and everyone was celebrating, Musk seemed much more interested in having a public spat with the head of the rescue mission who'd (very politely) rejected the sub, so it's easy to see he's not a man who can take criticism well - when Unsworth followed this up with his much blunter comments it obviously pushed him over the edge. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-11/thai-cave-rescue3a-elon-musk-questions-expertise-of-mission-ch/9979166
  2. It was very difficult, as she would periodically cross the road and back, and sometimes disappear completely for an hour at a time.
  3. Indeed, I was wrong that it was the first line anyway. First line of second verse, piano section.
  4. "The initialism LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual)" As you can see the full thing is even longer. I'm thinking I might be pansexual... I always had a thing for woks.
  5. S'all good, man. Unsworth has one of the top libel and defamation lawyers in the US fighting his corner... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Lin_Wood
  6. Aside from vouching for Unsworth and his vital role in the rescue operation, Stanton also made the more recent comments concerning the mini-sub (from the Buzzfeed article): "Musk claimed that the mini-sub, which ultimately was not used in the rescue, was built to Stanton’s specifications, and that it was not deployed only because too much water had been drained from the cave. Stanton, however, denied that was the reason, and said he did not recall providing exact specifications to Musk. “We didn't use the tube because rescue operations were already well underway and it didn't have the necessary life support systems,” Stanton said to BuzzFeed News on Facebook Messenger. “Essentially, it wasn't developed enough. I do think it has promise in certain situations and I hope they keep working on it to get it in shape for evaluation and to be considered as a viable alternative in future underwater rescue scenarios.”
  7. Indeed... the wealthy minority weald all the power here, they'd never undignify themselves with affordable food.
  8. I'm guessing you're not very familiar with Bangkok. These vendors have always been thronged by Thai customers.
  9. The coffee is very good. Sandwiches are expensive but tasty, some of the branches do a half sandwich which is a reasonable size and cost.
  10. lamyai3

    Who will vote for hypocrisy?

    Quite true... Thailand can easily appear to be a shining beacon of democracy and good governance when compared to it's neighbours.
  11. They wisely completely avoided any mention of the pedo comments, given they were so outlandish in the first place. But I was happy to see them vouch for him in the operation.
  12. Sorry, but I'm not sure if you're playing with a full deck at this point.
  13. Your misspelling of my name betrays the lack of attention to detail you seem to be bringing to this whole discussion. Although I've already answered you, here again is Rick Stanton's response to Musk's statement that Unsworth had nothing to do with the operation. Given that Musk's accusations took place well after the rescue was finished, it's quite obvious that all of this is post-dive. “I've no idea what gave you those concerns about Vern,” Stanton wrote over Facebook Messenger. “They are completely unfounded. He was never kicked off site by anyone and worked continuously on the rescue for the full duration. He was pivotal to the entire operation.”
  14. Contact the journalist in the buzzfeed article for dates and times. No need though, the quotes make it extremely obvious that the responses are directly in relation to Musk's comments.
  15. These interviews all took place after Musk's accusations were made. They were all post dive and relating to Musk's accusations that Unsworth was not a key part of the operation.