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  1. On the contrary, negotiations with Mickey Mouse and Goofy are underway as we speak.
  2. Indeed, the public are being encouraged right now to film the motosai mafia for riding on the sidewalks in exchange for half the fine as reward money. Expect the roughhousing stories to proliferate. Having said that, doesn't roughhousing mean mock fighting or some kind of foreplay? I'm not even going to mention roughhousing with handcuffs...
  3. Dhammachayo is no doubt there too, to provide spiritual counsel.
  4. This seems to encapsulate the national psychology. Anytime there's a windfall, spend it double fast so nobody else can lay claim to it.
  5. Sounds like a scene from Fawlty Towers...
  6. Agree, albeit mildly concerned in that you seem to have been autocorrected from flung to flange!
  7. Thanks, it actually showed up in my post box today, but good to know it's not a cause for concern.
  8. The Thai classifications of foreigners would be deemed pretty racist in the West. Nothing to do with language or geographical region, all about visual appearance. Farang refers to a white skinned Caucasian, and dates back to the time where most Siamese experience of this was people from European countries.
  9. I'm evidently out of date with my thinking here, I still saw things from the zero dollar tours perspective which was prevalent until just a few months ago. I also recall the news articles a few years ago, of them mobbing Chiang Mai university because of a popular film that was based there, of them fighting over shrimp in the hotel buffet in Phuket. Seems like they've gone from being a bane to being a godsend rather fast, but maybe that was selective reporting - if so, I stand corrected.
  10. No.
  11. The article does seem highly ambiguous. One the one hand it vilifies the idea that democracy can be reduced to a mere symbol... on the other it stands squarely behind the authorities, insisting that the missing symbol merits no investigation whatsoever.
  12. Assuming you're asking seriously, it's a Kalashnikov...
  13. In spite of clogging up the infrastructure, I don't think the "newly wealthy Chinese" are contributing much at all to the local economy.
  14. Although there's some truth in the opening column, it falls into the same trap as those it seeks to criticise, that of substantially overstating its case. In the appalling story concerning a mob attack on a disabled man, it may well be appropriate for people to comment on the immaturity of Thai men generally, whether it's concerning a lack of education and sense of responsibility, a pack mentality, or a heightened desire to impress others and avoid losing face. The fact that the majority of Thai men would never stoop to actions this low doesn't invalidate the comments, these characteristics are well known to anyone who's spent any time here. Aside from attacking the cowardly act itself though, much of the vitriol was quite rightly reserved for the authorities who all too often fail to act or dispense any kind of justice in cases like these. An opinion about ladyboys would obviously be misplaced in such a story, though it'd certainly be fair game in a different thread, such as one that concerned the umpteenth mugging on Beach Road. Even so, in discussions concerning the latter, comments are often made that it's actually only a small minority that would act in this way. Regarding the gay marriage piece (as someone mentioned earlier) the thread was for the most part well wishing and involved light hearted banter, nothing vitriolic. I see very little homophobia on the forum, and I'm sure anything inappropriate would be properly moderated quickly. The less upstanding variety of Thai women on the other hand is an entirely different story - they absolutely wouldn't be spared on here in a "My woman done me wrong" type of discussion. For the most part, I think things should be treated with humour, given the absurd contradictions this country spews out on a daily basis. My pet peeve though lies in the way highly sensitive cases (often involving suspicious unsolved deaths) can totally run amok on here, with all sorts of personal details sprinkled about liberally before any kind of conclusions are properly drawn. Do those in charge realise that as an English language forum with very high search engine optimization, this may well be the first port of call for someone who winds up googling devastating news concerning a friend or family member, in which the circumstances are far from clear?
  15. It's like living in two parallel universes at the same time here.