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  1. The soothsayer's prediction of impending doom is arguably just as credible as Galileo's heliocentric theory.
  2. I thought that was Alvin Stardust.
  3. Elephantiasis and leprosy, because two of the main causes of accidents are swollen ankles getting stuck between the pedals, and fingerless drivers fumbling with the gear shift. They do seem to have removed stage three syphilis from the list, which is required on other medical certificates here - not sure this is such a good idea as it often causes blindness, leading to some erratic driving.
  4. It's all anticipated to become clear once they've done the reenactment. At the moment they're looking for volunteers to play the part of the victim but they can't seem to find anyone, in spite of offering a Hello Kitty bike helmet to wear.
  5. Yes, It's not that they refused to open an account, it's just that they wouldn't do so without the letter from the embassy. This was what I was trying to circumvent by using one of the other methods, as the letter (from the UK embassy at least) is expensive. I gave up in the end, as another bank opened an account for me just based on the Non O/A visa and my rental contract.
  6. Tell me about it. Not just one either, but two major high street banks wouldn't use SWIFT as a messenger service for the purposes of sending a bank reference. I sent the full wording and documentation to them from Bangkok Bank, so there was no confusion about what was required. Just another one of those "computer says no" situations that are becoming all too frequent in the UK unfortunately.
  7. All that's missing is the Benny Hill music, a few canned parps and boings, and a clout round the head with a frying pan.
  8. Oh - presumably not Chaengwattana though?
  9. Is this bit at the end true? I thought the affidavit of income letter itself was sufficient.
  10. Visa run to Malaysia

    No, it's visa exempt entries via land borders.
  11. Transfer money sure, but they were completely bamboozled when I asked them to send a bank reference using this method.
  12. Non O A expiration

    You're responding pretty ungraciously to accurate advice from people who know what they're talking about. The immigration officer was correct in that you had no reason to visit their office at this time (due to the August stamp), but their comments regarding multiple entry must have been lost in translation. You actually have no problem staying until August on your current stamp, and you can still do multiple reentries after 23 February if you get the permit. But this will not extend the admitted to date on the visa - if you want to maximise this to be valid until February 2019, you're going to have to leave and get stamped back in before 23rd February this year. If you don't, even a reentry permit will not extend your stay beyond the stamped date you already have in August. Depending on how you proceed, if you want to put this visa to long term use, you will need to put in place the extension of stay procedures a couple of months prior to either August this year, or February next year (if you do leave and reenter before this Friday).
  13. I tried to get two of my UK banks to do this, neither was able to comply, saying they'd never used the SWIFT network in this way.
  14. ...keep them for the birds and bees, Now I want money, It's what I want, It's what I want (yeah), It's what I want