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  1. Now that the whole narrative has changed, who actually did the hit and run?
  2. I hope your friend and his wife never split up.
  3. Is that six in a year, or in the total history of visits registered in the computer?
  4. Looking for reliable PI in Bangkok?

    You need to be slightly more specific. PI's who look into a whether a girlfriend is being straight are different from those who might specialise in checking out a potential business associate.
  5. Hyper (Greek) means over, whereas hypo means under. Thermia obviously relates to heat, and is also derived from the Greek word Thermae, a cafe located near soi 15.
  6. I'm interested in this too, I have some old AMEX sterling traveller's cheques. Can they still be cashed as normal, or returned to the UK bank for cash?
  7. Just to add to Tim's comment, there are several regional embassies which do seem quite easy to deal with too - Penang, Savannakhet, Hanoi, HCMC, HK etc, as well as others slightly further away such as Denpasar in Bali. The best way to research any destination is to google "Thai tourist visa Hanoi" or something similar and you should see recent trip reports, both from this forum and on people's travel blogs etc. In any case, the real risk of being refused entry comes from not being able to show the 20000 baht funds if asked, or proof of address, means of financial support etc on entry.
  8. The risk of getting a red stamp is specifically related to using the same embassy back to back too many times (usually more than three), so you're very lucky Vientiane didn't give you one. Breaking the cycle with a visa exempt entry or (preferably) a new SETV from a different embassy should prevent this from happening. Furthermore, more varied trips around Asia to different places looks much more like regular tourist activity. Being scrutinised on entry here is not directly related to this, however a warning stamp from an embassy will stick out in your passport like a sore thumb and will possibly alert immigration officers here to look more closely, as well as perhaps affecting the ease of being granted future visas by some embassies.
  9. To be fair, she's quite an attractive drunk out of control woman
  10. Phone sex can be used safely, as long as you carefully disinfect the phone and use an ear condom
  11. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    Some soggy socks in that first pic...
  12. These non O visas were widely available from UK consulates (and others worldwide) right up until about five years ago. They offered a multiple entry visa valid for one year (therefore good for up to fifteen months) and available by post without any supporting documentation. Times have really changed regarding user friendly visa options.
  13. I wouldn't necessarily assume you've been flagged, many people get questioned occasionally without problems. The comment she made about the problem of staying long term on tourist visas is pretty standard from an IO. One important problem - you state that you keep returning to VTE to get your tourist visas. Doing this more than three times in a row from the same embassy will likely get you a warning from the embassy and a warning stamp from them in your passport. The solution is to apply next time in a different embassy (Vietnam, HK, Penang or similar) and break the cycle. Even better is to get visas from the embassy in your home country whenever you touch base there.
  14. Retirement visa

    If you're applying for a non O/A (on basis of retirement) you don't need to show funds in a Thai bank account at all. Proof of the UK equivalent £18k or so needs to be provided and can be in a UK current account with no seasoning required. The Thai bank account requirements and seasoning will not apply until you make an extension, which can be nearly two years later if you use the visa prudently.