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  1. Package it as an app, call it GT-300, and sell it to the government. GT is short for ghost tester, 300 means it's 50% better.
  2. She's no doubt begging to return after this amazing display of male prowess.
  3. More like Johnny Weissmuller's monkey.
  4. A lot more people also opt for active surveillance as opposed to treatment, given the often very slow progression rate of this type of cancer.
  5. lamyai3

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    They tuck the poo away so it's out of sight. Bon Appétit!
  6. Put your glasses on, I wrote premise.
  7. Facial hair is back in fashion, you're likely to see much more of it on young guys than old these days.
  8. lamyai3

    Activist Protests Higher Salaries For Generals

    They could send 8000 of them to Uthai Thani to supervise the soi dogs.
  9. Kind of ridiculous in that Samut Prakan isn't a city. Ironic also in the sense that Man United were the big cheese for decades on the strength of their performance and management, whereas City were nowhere until a freak succession of foreign investments.
  10. Lots of naysayers on here, but I visited a couple of days ago and thought it was great. Similar to the T21 in Bangkok but not a copy by any means, and with more floor space to play with. Seemed to be many people (tourists and locals, and families too) taking selfies. Not necessarily a destination for shopping, but definitely fun to wander around, and a huge selection of restaurant choices aside from the food court (which is crazy cheap). Check it out, if only for the theme bathrooms and authentic Japanese toilets.
  11. lamyai3

    Refusing condoms boosts STDs among teens

    Never understand why they feel like they need to reinvent the wheel, accurate studies about condoms have been around for decades. The girl interviewed in the article was on the pill and spoke of being in a trusting relationship - in a similar situation in any country most couples would then forgo condoms. The comments about HPV are also misleading, as this is an STD that can be spread with or without condoms, it's not confined to the area that's covered. Condom use is extremely important, but the examples they use make the wrong argument.
  12. You can (and should) boot into touch something that was floated on a false premise.
  13. All these articles about shafting her aren't helping allay the mental image.
  14. Apparently on previous occasions he's made similar such comments to a wet paper bag, as well as challenging a one-legged man to a kicking contest, and threatening to knock the skin off a rice pudding.