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  1. I have no followed each and every post because there has been so many...... So, Bangkok Bank tells me I would have to pay 1%, or rather the manager at my branch. I told her I would be sending B1 mil or more. Somehow I don't think she is trying to make a bit of extra on the side, because if I did ever seriously question this and she got called up by a superior, I don't think they are all in on "it". So, I wonder what is what.
  2. HOT Magazine, Issue 7,8 Volume 5

    Interesting.... Are there really 5,000 people living "THE life" in Hua Hin? To me, it seems like a magazine without a real audience. But, what do I know?!
  3. As far as Bangkok Bank goes, I was told just last week that they would charge a 1% fee of the total sent out of the country. Is that credible?
  4. HOT Magazine, Issue 7,8 Volume 5

    Anyone have an idea of the publication data for this magazine? How many copies sold, etc. Could just be me, but it seems like they serve a very small part of the foreign population in Thailand. Maybe not?
  5. Thanks for the clarification. The clearest to me being- You earn money in Thailand and then want to send it overseas.
  6. I was under the impression (after being told this by my bank manager) that you cannot simply send money out of Thailand unless you can prove that you first brought the money into Thailand. When I make this statement I am not referring to what an ongoing company might be able to do. I am talking what an individual is able to do. I am also not talking about wanting to send $100 somewhere. Did I get incorrect info from my bank manager?
  7. Beautiful but big !!

    Wow, that is one serious snake! Where do you live? And just wondering... Do they have a way of getting back to a distant location they have been to before?
  8. new house build

    You want to be sure to get tiles in the bathroom and bathing area, that have texture, so that no one slips and falls. I think what you do is start out getting a good contractor and get a quote from him. Next you need to find out how much he is budgeting for various items. Then, as one for instance- Once you know how much he is budgeting for bathroom tiles (per sq. ft. or sq. mtr) , then you choose something more expensive, and you work out the difference in price compared to what he is budgeting for. You can do this with many items and it can all be pretty straightforward. Better builders will tend to be planning on "good" quality items.
  9. new house build

    In Chiang Rai, costs seem to run between B10,000 per sq. mtr. to B12,000. And of course prices can go higher, but B12,000 here, will definitely get you something nice. cb
  10. Growing teak trees

    Thanks so much for this info guys! Interesting to look at as a LONG TERM possible investment. And NOT necessarily easy! charlie
  11. Japanese yen

    Yes to the advice given. If you exchange Baht into Yen in Japan, you will get a really poor rate of exchange. Have her take some Yen with her, and also use her credit card where she can. Exchange excess Yen, upon returning.
  12. Growing teak trees

    I would LOVE to have someone make a calculation as to what a Rai of teak would yield after 25 years. Also, have the prices gone up quite a bit over time?
  13. Growing teak trees

    What gets done to save the trees from termite attacks, etc.? Just for noodling around, would anyone be able to estimate how much money a Rai of well grown teak could bring in after 20-25 years? Is security necessary in Thailand as well?
  14. Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    This is one of my favorite restaurants in CR, and yes the young hill tribe lady is lovely. She has great coffee now as well!
  15. Living in Chiang Rai

    A fuller reply was just posted, just before mine.