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  1. Killing fireants

    You need boric acid, and not borax. They are two different things.
  2. Rats.

    The sonic device hasn't seemed to effect the bird life in our compound. Still a lot of birds every morning.
  3. Rats.

    This is a long thread already so not sure if this has been said- My landlord has successfully used a sonic device in three different houses. It emits a sound that humans cannot hear, but apparently the rats find the noise very disturbing and they quickly leave.
  4. What to do when an Ex Pat dies in Thailand.

    So if someone has signing power on an account they are technically breaking the law if they take out any funds after the other party to the account dies? Do you know of anywhere I can read about this? When I asked my banker she said "mai pen rai"
  5. What to do when an Ex Pat dies in Thailand.

    My line of thinking about the bank account once you pass away.... I would most prefer that my Japanese daughter takes all of the money out of my account, as soon as possible, rather than needing an intermediary. So, IF the police or other authority is not informing the bank of my death.... my daughter who is a co-signer on my account, should have little trouble clearing out my account. Again, my bank said this is usually easy to do, but hoping to get someone with specific knowledge here.
  6. What to do when an Ex Pat dies in Thailand.

    In many Western countries a person's bank accounts all get blocked within about 24-48 hours after they pass away, since a system is in place to monitor all of this. My bank here said that such a system does not yet exist here. So, if one dies, and the police or other people come, is it likely that the bank gets noticed and bank accounts blocked/frozen? I am thinking this will not happen, but not at all sure.
  7. Is this what the perfect home looks like?

    I am interested. Why no walls that go to the ceiling? Ventilation?
  8. How does one find out the fees before coming to the clinic?
  9. So I am left wondering... Should I go to Immig. showing that I went away for 3 weeks and am now back, or just continue to do nothing this time around, as I am still living in the same location?
  10. Here in Chiang Rai, I have done this before on my own.
  11. Hi, What do you mean by "old registration slip"? And will I receive some sort of fine?
  12. I live in Chiang Rai- I came back into the country about 5 days ago and did not report into Immig. I have done the same in the past without any problems. Should I just "do nothing" or go and report in late?
  13. Two points- 1. The form you directed us to Joe, shows a form for CM and Bangkok only. What will I use living in Chiang Rai? 2. The form states- money received from the US. I get about $500 a month from US Social Security and about $500 a month from Japanese social security (Nenkin). Can I still get the US Embassy to accept what I tell them?