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  1. Boric acid is great to get rid of cockroaches! Check YouTube and or Google in general.
  2. I just got a certificate of residence, two days ago in Chiang Rai. Quick and easy. I think they charged me B300.
  3. Overstay with a twistok

    When you enter the US sometimes, there can be a VERY long line for "foreigners" and a very short line for US citizens. Also, often a lot less hassle in regard to them searching your luggage etc. On both side. I lived in Japan for about 30 years, and I spoke decent Japanese. I am only a US citizen. On many different occasions the customs officials would give a minor or major hassle to one or two foreigners in front of me. When I walked up I always made a bit of small talk in Japanese, and I can only remember my luggage being checked one time, immediately after a bomb scare.
  4. Overstay with a twistok

    Hi Kieran, Not sure if you are replying to me, but When my daughter was quite young she left Japan with her J passport, and then with me standing by her at the window she entered the US with her US passport. Neither side ever did dual scanning of passports.
  5. Overstay with a twistok

    I understand what you are saying Matt, And to be sure we are on the same page- I am fairly certain that neither government knows she is holding dual citizenship, or one or both countries would try and make her renounce the "other" citizenship. When she enters the US on her US passport, I have been assuming that the US side cannot see that she just left Japan on her Japanese passport. And then- Can't the boy go to Cambodia using his Thai ID card and then fly out of Cambodia as a Brit? ??
  6. Overstay with a twistok

    I know nothing about this specific problem, But my daughter who is a dual national- Japanese and American, often leaves Japan using her Japanese passport, and enters the US with her US passport, all on the same trip. And then switches the routine coming back. No one had ever looked for stamps, to see where she has been. Neither Japanese or US authorities.
  7. Money needed for retirement visa

    Well yes, I definitely had both of those. He did a bunch of work with his calculator, for at least ten minutes, and he seemed a bit confused actually. He told me to sit down, and used his calculator maybe two more times. So I thought there might be some form to fill in that would show what the Baht-$ rate was doing the three months, or something like that. The immigration people are meant to do the calculation on their own?
  8. Money needed for retirement visa

    As always.... thanks for all the help so far. I am not sure what the immigration officer was trying to tell me today- I get $1.077 a month in social security, and at B31 to the US$ that equals B400,644 a year. My bank book never showed less than B460,000. He seemed to say (in rather bad English) "I help you today, but not again," I of course had the doc from the US consulate, and the bank letter, etc. Was I supposed to present him with something else? I got the bank letter signed yesterday and went to Immigration today. He did not mention anything about the bank letter needing today's date.
  9. Money needed for retirement visa

    I am using a combination of the two- income doc. plus bank book. Can I get the letter today and go to immigration tomorrow? I hate to have to show up late.
  10. Money needed for retirement visa

    I went to the US consulate today. Had an 8:30 appt. Got there 20 minutes early and I was OUT by 8:30. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring your laptop etc. Not sure if they will let you place a backpack etc. off to the side. If they don't then you will be stuck if you bring a bag. AND I am wondering... Will getting a bank letter dated the day before I go to immigration to renew... will this be good enough? Asking because I would prefer to get to immigration early. TIA, Charlie
  11. Money needed for retirement visa

    Thanks so much!
  12. Money needed for retirement visa

    Is this everything I will need to renew my visa? Completed TM7- Printed 2 sided. Passport Bank book Letter from Bank confirming balance and statement Photos- 3 would be best, just in case 4 X 6 cm. Proof of residence, and they might want a copy of your rental contract. (What do I show as proof of residence?) Foreign National Information Form One COPY of the following- Passport photo page, visa, entry stamp, current extension and all other pages that have something for Thailand on it. (Does this mean I need to make a copy of every page showing past visas, etc.?) TM6 departure card Bank book pages for three months. The money will need to be in the bank for 3 months. Bank book ID page Do I need a copy of the bank letter? Copies of All previous retirement extensions Passport notification of residence (paper stamped into passport). ???
  13. Money needed for retirement visa

    Yes, ok, maybe better to go early!
  14. Money needed for retirement visa

    Thanks Joe! I will go on the 15th!
  15. Money needed for retirement visa

    The last day of my O visa with retirement extension is Jan. 14, which is a Sunday. How many days grace period for renewing late? And when I do renew does my 90 day reporting start anew?