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  1. Thanks so much for this info guys! Interesting to look at as a LONG TERM possible investment. And NOT necessarily easy! charlie
  2. Yes to the advice given. If you exchange Baht into Yen in Japan, you will get a really poor rate of exchange. Have her take some Yen with her, and also use her credit card where she can. Exchange excess Yen, upon returning.
  3. I would LOVE to have someone make a calculation as to what a Rai of teak would yield after 25 years. Also, have the prices gone up quite a bit over time?
  4. What gets done to save the trees from termite attacks, etc.? Just for noodling around, would anyone be able to estimate how much money a Rai of well grown teak could bring in after 20-25 years? Is security necessary in Thailand as well?
  5. This is one of my favorite restaurants in CR, and yes the young hill tribe lady is lovely. She has great coffee now as well!
  6. A fuller reply was just posted, just before mine.
  7. I was under the understanding that the proof of income letter cannot be more than six months old. Joe?
  8. Friendly and low key here.
  9. And thanks to you Joe, as always!
  10. Ok, thanks. I will have docs with me, just in case.
  11. Hi, Just checking here to make sure I am not confused. I got a Non-O visa in Hanoi on 13 Oct. 2016 I got my extension in Chiang Rai on 14 Dec. 2016 and it states that my extension is good until 14 Jan. 2018. (I got the extension early because I was leaving Thailand for a while.) For me it was important to know that the extension is good for one year, as I initially thought it was the Non-O being good for a year. SO, I believe that means I have to show the proper money in the bank no later than 14 Oct. 2017. Am I correct here? I receive retirement benefits from the Japanese government at the US govt. totaling about $1,000 per month. (A bit more actually.) That means (I believe) that I will need to show about B360,000 in my bank account by Oct. 14, 2017 I will show B400,000 to be safe. $1,000 x 35 = B35,000. 65,000 - 35,000 = 30,000 per month needing to be shown. 30,000 x 12 months = B360,000. Correct? I am a US citizen, and my income affidavit cannot be made more than six months prior to my new extension, which means July 14, 2017 the earliest. When swearing to my income I believe I do NOT need to show actual documents from the US and Japanese governments. Is that correct? Should I bring document anyway? As always, thanks in advance!! Charlie
  12. From what I know... If you have a claim, they will check your passport and see where you have been. You risk the chance of them telling you that you were not "traveling".... They very much do not want to pay out for people using the policy as you would like to. And if you did this for a couple or three years in a row.... Well, I can't predict, but they might not cover your claim.
  13. I could be wrong, but as far as I know, I did not DL the developers version
  14. Try the new Opera browser. It is working for me and easy to set up.
  15. "BB give you THB33.63 for each 1USD, SR gives you THB34.70." Wow, that is a lot of extra money if you are changing something like $20,000!!