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  1. I did it already with the fridge I got today , several online shops in Thailand ( not with Ebay ) 1500 bahts cheaper with Lazada , as usual always the same thing, I look somewhere else before
  2. I speak of big things, like air condition or refrigerator 2 doors
  3. Agree with everybody here, Lazada is very good, fast, cheap ( cheaper than others ), COD is the best solution, very well organized and they have a very big choice, now I buy only only with them I live in the sticks and they go to my door
  4. From many months now, everytime the discussion comes to Brexit, English people on this forum are very subjective and give many wrong informations
  5. He said “I don’t understand Thai society and why I get criticized so much.” he doesn't understand because he is stupid ; just look at his face, you understand that Inside his skull, the brain is small
  6. Sure the only solution ; I wait the match where the Thai is KO but is still winner
  7. Hello, sometimes, I like to look at boxing on youtube, muay thai also, but for thaiboxing I noticed that even if for me the farang wins, it's always at the end the Thai who wins I just looked at this ( ) and for me the farang wins 100%, but no, it's the Thai who wins ; am I wrong or is it unsefull to fight because we know the Thai will be declared winner ? What do you think ?
  8. Ok, ok you are right, city and town, for me it's the same ; as I told above, I am French, and in French we have only one word for it , it's " ville " and I don't see exactly the difference between town and city ; as you see, I couldn't be an English teacher you want to speak about it again ?
  9. you are right, I speak like a farang, for me a place with police, hospitals, schools and so on is a city ; not so important ; let's speak of school, and teaching english , or we " ll be out of topic
  10. It's out of context, but what do you call a city ? schools, markets, pharmacies, doctors, bus, banks, cars and motobikes sellers etc , it's not a city ? Kabin buri , Srimahaphot, Sri mahasot are cities for me, for Thai adminstration they are tambon
  11. Believe me or not, one month ago, I was at a Lotus express parking ( in a small city, 8000 inhabitants, rural aera ) , and I see a Thai woman in uniform, approching me ; she asked my nationality ( I am French ), if I can speak Thai ( yes I do , and read too ) and she asked me if I am interested to teach English in her school ; I answered that I have no experience in teaching and taht English is not my language ; she answered, nevermind, we have French people who teach English I said no, not interested, but it shows they are ready to take on anybody, whatever their level in English is , the only important thing for them is to be farang sad, I think
  12. I see a difference : น่ากิน คือ looks good , it makes me want to eat ( from the view or the smell ) ; before the meal น่าอร่อย คือ delicious , when I eat it, I think it's delicious ; during the meal when you type " น่าอร่อย" in Google, you have a full page of it, it's not so rare ...
  13. Over three millions people are moron iditots ; social medias and youtube etc make humanity stupid
  14. Thanks, I just checked my phone I bought from Lazada two weeks ago, among other things, the IMEI number ( , and the number corresponds with my phone, so it's not a fake , if it's a fake, the answer is " not valid "
  15. Bad luck for you, I have bought dozens of items with Lazada, I live in the sticks, they surely have my GPS coordinates because they know exactly where I live ; no need to phone any more Fake goods with Lazada ? how Silurian knows that the SD card was a fake ?