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  1. Right, one or two months ago , but happened already in other countries
  2. Aforek

    Yogurts sugar free

    Ok, I found it at Big C; read the label , a little bit sugar, but can't taste it, exactly what I wanted
  3. Aforek

    Avast AV comes with every GOM player update?

    Always go the software home page to download and uncheck the box the uninstaller for Avast is "avastclear.exe" https://www.avast.com/uninstall-utility for media player, I use VLC, you read everything with it
  4. Aforek

    Yogurts sugar free

    Good, thanks
  5. Aforek

    Yogurts sugar free

    ok, thanks, but no Big C extra here, just a Big C supercenter I"ll go and see Mieji yoghurt but I want to read the label
  6. Hello, I like yogurts and I like to make my yogurts myself, but in Tesco or Big C it seems to be only yogurts with sugar, even 0% fat yogurts do you know where there are yogurts sugarfree and if so, which brand ? Thai people love sugar, I know, I too but I must pay attention with diabetes thanks
  7. Aforek


    During 6 years I had an Honda wave 110, I thought ( and still think ) it was a good small scooter, now I have a Yamaha nmax 155 and I prefer it 1000 times better than the Honda wave
  8. Aforek

    My printer has problems with thai script

    Thank you for your response, I have found how to do it, it works well ( thai script is as visible as roman script ) with windows 10, PC, I want to incorporate thai script in a form written in roman script, pdf format I use Xchange viewer, very good to write in pdf and I ask the printer to print in " photo maximum quality ", even if it's a normal paper it's very slow, but text is perfect ; I have other documents to print, now I know how to do no need buy " Adobe acrobat", very expensive, here it's free
  9. Hello, I have an HP Deskjet 2050 J510 series, I bought it 5-6 years ago, don't use it much and so far works fine BUT now , today I notice , even if on my screen everything is normal, when it prints thai letters, they are half invisible, what is strange is that when there are roman script every thing is normal , letters are easy to read before, with this same print, I could print thai text as well, but no now Do you know what happens, it recognize thai letters but it can't print them in black, almost transparent I have to change my ink or change printer ? thank you for your help
  10. Thanks, I sent them an e-mail problem is that here, very few people understand and read English, so they refuse to sign a paper that they don't understand
  11. It's for my pension administration , to certify I am still alive ( not dead, otherwise they stop my pension ) "social security office, " what is this in Thailand and in which building I can find it ? ( and in this case, what is the name in Thai language ? ) thanks
  12. Hello retired people around Prachinburi, Sri Mahaphot, Kabin Buri, if you have a life certificate to be filled, where you go for it ? before, immigration office did it for me ( not any more ), Sri mahaphot police don't do it because they don't understand English , and now I must go in person to my embassy in Bangkok, and I want to avoid it, because in the future, I shall be old and tired I have heard that lawyers can do it ; do you know some ?; what is your solution, except the embassy in Bangkok ? Thanks for your response
  13. from outside, QO263C10RCBO30T is taller than the Samuel Smith's MCB ; when opening the box, it's possible to replace it ? or he needs a smaller one ? ( from picture post 122 )
  14. I have this one ( bottom , on the left ) no sign of RCD; not good ? If I buy the Safe T cut, the " chang " will be able to replace it ?
  15. Aforek

    Ok. Home snake alert. What is it to be sure?

    This one is climbing a wall, not a tree