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  1. If problem is pro or anti EU, sure Macron wins because a big majority of French want to stay with euro and EU . A poll showed that for French people , economics is more important than Islam and immigration, and finance likes Macron, euro is in a good shape because of the first round last sunday For " en marche ", I see it like " let's walk ", "let's go "; I don't know exactly what " onwards " means
  2. May be you didn't notice that for the first round, every poll was right , all said Macron first, 1-2 points ahead of Le Pen ; French polls are often right don't forget that FN has no political friends, that's why she asks the voices of Dupont-Aignan ( less than 5 % ) : she has the same followers for many years but is unable to get new people ( let's say 30 % , not enough to win ) , people who vote Le Pen are or not much educated people or desesperate people and they believe all her lies and are naive, she is a " bourgeoise ", don't forget , she doesn't care of " le peuple "
  3. You loose; first estimations, Macron 23.7 % , Le Pen 21.9 % Second round ( my estimation ) Macron 70 % , Le Pen 30 % . Do you think French are so stupid to vote Le Pen ? For twenty years French don't want far right, only foreigners think far right will win in France as a French guy , I am even disappointed that Le Pen will be in the second round, but at last, she will be defeated
  4. she has just a big mouth with nothing behind ; wait after her defeat in two weeks , she will have to go to justice because she is a thieve, paying her people with EU money ( she doesn't like Europe , but she likes money which belongs to Europe ) I feel very European, but I admit there are things to change, 27 countries so different in every way is too complicated; they would separate " rich " and " less rich" countries; they should have stay with the 6 founders countries , not accepting everybody who wanted to come Turkey has nothing to do in EU, it's not Europe ( only a very small part on the map, human invention )
  5. How stupid, you are an English ( I suppose ) dreamer ; no, France will not be the next, because a big majority of French want to stay in EU, you'll see it in two weeks yes, Britain will lose more than EU. Your hate of the non british world makes you blind , you have a very short sight ; because you want to be out of EU, you think every body wants the same than you ? Britain choosed to be alone, big mistake in 2017 ; EU choosed to be together even if there are things to change
  6. maximum date is 10/7/2018 ? after this date she has to get an extension and re-entry permit ?
  7. Hello, I have something to ask because I am not sure I know somebody who asked an O-A multientries visa on 12/7 2016 ; she entered Thailand on 8/9/2016 , out of Thailand on 19/10/2016 , entered on 18/01/207 it's writtent in her passport : stay untill 17/1/2018 , normal ; and now, what can she do ? going out of Thailand again and can she stay in Thailand after 17/1/2018 or she must have an extension of stay thanks, I ask because I have a small argument about this with somebody else
  8. thanks
  9. Hello, can you translate this, please, it's for somebody else ; I don't know the context thanks จะเอายังไงกันแน่บอกมาตรงๆ"
  10. Everything I read in the French press ( my country ) shows that Britain will suffer very much in the discussions , but after all , it's Britain which wanted to leave, not EU which fired it
  11. They speak of the impression made by the candidates during this debate, not of their position in the poll ( the most convincing performer.) I have liked the speech of Poutou about Fillon and Le Pen
  12. Thank you, Sheryl, I found it ; GPS : 14° 3'29.59"N 101°22'21.32"E
  13. There are British expats on this forum who have opened a post to change their nationality , there must be a reason
  14. I have read today that if there is no agreement in two years, then England is over