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  1. Retirees in Thailand

    " weather?, the people?, prices?, ladies" I add ( for me ), surely buddhism, also I think they are more beautiful than farangs, they also have a sort of shyness that I like and of course the language (speaking and writting ) , music, food , houses ( wooden houses ) and many smiles ( not a legend upcountry ) there are many people who like to do Thai bashing, it's not my case; I am here for 7 years, living among Thai people and I am not tired of them , the first time I came to Thailand was in 1975
  2. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    No worry, I am myself not tall ( Thai size )
  3. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    It's seems to be a small bike; how is it for a passenger ( i.e my girlfriend, she is a small Thai woman, not fat, about 55 kgs , 156 cms ) ?
  4. Hello. today, I went to the Honda shop in Prachinburi, and they told met that the price is 95000 bahts, do you think it's a good price ? I thought the normal price was about 82000 bahts ! are there Honda PCX somewhere else for sale cheaper ? Sri ratcha, Pattaya ? thanks PS: I just read that the Aerox 155cc Yamaha is better and cheaper ; you think so ?
  5. I despise people who think they are at home ; 5000 bahts is not enough; they should also be condemned to erase their horror ; excuses are not enough
  6. Don't see why you say this, the translation in English is correct
  7. Health check

    OK, thanks, I"ll go to the hospital
  8. I have seen this link ( http://thaidriving.info/), but I would like to have the same ( or about the same, with questions and answers ) in Thai, for Thai people do you have a link ? thanks
  9. Health check

    Hello Can you please give some places to have an health check up in Bangkok ( or Prachinburi ), with bill in English ( for my health insurance which pays it 100 % every five years ) with PSA rate I would prefer to avoid big hospitals like Bangkok Hospital, rather small but good clinic thank you
  10. French pop star France Gall dies at 70

    Sad news for France, again, after Johnny Hallyday ... again an icon that other countries don't know ( except Germany ): she was the best with the songs written by her husband, Michel Berger, fantastic composer ( songwriter ) adieu , France, et merci pour tout ce que tu as donné ( farewell, France, and thank you for everything you gave ) This one with Michel Berger
  11. Dust pan

    ok for ที่ตักขยะ ( my phonetics is not correct because English is not my language ) it's the dustpan that you find everywhere in Thailand, a very common everyday object thanks for the Thai script I know too the square oil can, the one I speak about is in plastic, but they have the same function
  12. Dust pan

    Hello, this morning I have asked to my people how they call in Thai " dust pan " ( like this on Lazada https://www.lazada.co.th/dust-pan-item-no-f10-28-a4r1b58-intl-79562974.html?spm=a2o4m.prod.0.0.153c9b12bv9gfO&setLang=th ) All of them told ( I write in phonetics because I don't know the Thai script ) " tit tat kaya " do you use this word, too , and how do you spell it in Thai ? Lazada doesn't call it " tit tat kaya " thanks
  13. Tumeric will clean your liver and kidneys

    I take fish oil too, it seems to be very good for my happiness, but I have a question : can we take it every day all our life or after a while it's better to stop and start again; too much fish oil is not dangerous for the health ?
  14. Too late, because I have looked at the results without voting, I can't vote anymore