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  1. Aforek

    snake catcher cha am

    You have spitting cobras in your garden ? Are they frequent in Thailand ? I have seen some only in Africa ; where do you live to have so many snakes ? I guess not in the center of Hua hin
  2. If it's a written policy, it's not more formal to say 22 นาฬิกา instead of สี่ทุม ( which I guess is in spoken language )?
  3. Aforek


    Sorry for typing errors ... I meant, maybe, in ancient times, they ate brown rice
  4. Aforek


    Rice is white ? it becomes white after two transformations to follow the taste of people, no reason that ขาว and ข้าว to be etymologically related; are we sure that rice thai people eat in ancient times , at the beginning of thai language, what white ?
  5. Aforek

    Hua Hin flooded

    Its not we had some heavy rain yesterday and the night before now the sun is shinning True, but the level of water ( swamps, Cha am forest park ...) is very high ; btw, very beautiful !
  6. Hello I rent the same house for three years, good place, not expensive and the two first years the thai owner was friendly and helpful I have no problems now, but I feel that the owner and his family are not very interrested any more by the house ( they tried to sell it to me ); now, I wonder what happens if there are some problems which need some repairs in the future ; I know that in Europe, the owner and the renter have their owns rights and obligations , but in Thailand? the renter must pay everything ( roof, for instance, plumbing etc ) or the owner has something to pay ? I have the feeling that my owner, who has accepted to pay some works before, will not pay anymore if there is a building problem which needs repair. They don't visit me anymore, just wait for the rent money What do you think ?