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  1. Aforek

    Fruits recommended (glycemic index)

    I didn't know that, I learn something ! Thank for your responses ...
  2. Hello, So many delicious fruits in Thailand, with more or less sugar... for moderate diabetes but which needs to be monitored, which fruits are recommended and how many per day ? thanks
  3. They have to stop the American food and come back to their life in Thailand To answer something above, I live in a "moo ban ", and support the family is a normal thing here, not something from the past
  4. For two years, I have decided to have 800000 bahts in a fixed account, no problem, I don't think that Thai banking system is incompetent my embassy sure will do the same than the others, so I am happy to have my 800 000 bahts already, I can think of something else
  5. Aforek

    Post Office Problems

    Because I didn't receive all my mails, I got a PO Box in two different places; it's better than before, but there are still some mails that I don't receive now, here, they know me, so the problem is between Bangkok and my home all in all, I don't trust Thai post very much (50 %); very good for sms and registered but not for normal mails
  6. How do you know what will happen ? which countries want to form alliance with UK ? What makes you think that EU will collapse ? I remember, a few years ago, with the Greece problem, some people here said ( and they were happy ) that EU and Euro were finished; as you see, it's not true, so people who want to know the future, please, don't read TV forum
  7. Problem of Le Pen is that she thinks she is above the law; she will face many other problems soon som non na
  8. You download Media creation tool ( is.gd/iIYEtC ) here, it's legal and, as said above, buy a key on EBay, about 3 or 4 euros
  9. French arabic again, as Thai people say ( and stupid people, too )
  10. Aforek

    Enter an mac address in router

    No need, I know what I do and what to do ( among them, something illegal, so I don't tell it here ) I have the answers I was waiting for, thank you all
  11. Aforek

    Enter an mac address in router

    They are my family in law ( smartphones and 1 PC ), I gave them my password and in same time I know their mac address
  12. Aforek

    Enter an mac address in router

    I have the "Who is on my wifi " program, so I know who is on line, and I know the mac address of people that I accept so if there is somebody that I don't accept, I know it but is it possible that somebody is on my wi fi , which doesn't appear in " who is on my wifi " list ? is this program reliable ? you think it's better that I put in my router only people that I accept ? like that, people that I don't want are not in the router ?
  13. Aforek

    Enter an mac address in router

    ? it was not for my GF but somebody else ; what do you mean by " spoof a mac address " ? anyway, I know every time who is trying to "join "my wifi
  14. Aforek

    Problem to access my modem

    For people who are interested or can explain, after entering password and name, nothing happened, as explained above; when I quit the window, there was a " 401 unauthorized" message with long text that I don't remember problem came from the browser ( Edge or Firefox ), not from the router; I have thought of UAC because in the past I got the same sort of unauthorized problem with no AUC open, I don't need any authorization, but I don't know how it works maybe after all, it has no connection with AUC, but what I know is that with no AUC open I have access to my router, like last year
  15. Aforek

    Enter an mac address in router

    ok, thanks, this time it works !