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  1. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Thai girls are the most adept & proficient liars in the world. They ALWAYS have an answer or explanation for everything. They can spin a yarn a mile long in a heartbeat, while being so indignant that you will be overcome with self-loathing for ever doubting your "Tilac", despite the facts! Mind boggling how even the most uneducated and simple of them can excel beyond compare when it comes to bullshitting. She's lying and cheating. What you do with that truth, should you choose to accept it, is, as they say...UP TO YOU.
  2. Engagement and sin sod

    You are being PLAYED. Traditions are for those traditionally and culturally involved. As a foreigner, you are not. Of course, it may be important to you or you may feel obligated and/or pressured to abide such ridiculous nonsense. I do not. When a foreigner is involved, this is a blatant "money grab". Also, once you fall for it, the word SUCKER never stops flashing on your forehead and they will take advantage of every opportunity to fleece you and bleed you dry. What slays me is how everyone is so offended by prostitution, then the first thing the family wants is money for the daughter's "hand"...when it's really not the hand they are selling! And how most guys lamely claim they never pay for sex. Pure BS. We ALL pay for it, but you will just be adding 100k to the never ending tab if you agree to any silly "sin sod". I would walk away fast. In other words...RUN!
  3. I've wanted to knock many, if not most, motocye drivers (both Thai AND non-Thai) on their asses with a baseball bat or neck level trip wire! My decision...SOM NAM NAA!
  4. Birding in Ubon Ratchathani

    General birding can be good anywhere there is any habitat at all...unless you are seeking specific species. From my lanai in BKK i have recorded 63 species and photographed most of them. As for "bins", doubt you can get good ones at a fair price here, as everything is way overpriced here. My 3 pair were bought in the states and carried over. That said, most markets or malls have an optics stall where bins can be purchased. Good luck and good birding!
  5. Too young...so sad. Remember her loss to Graf and felt so bad for her back then. Now this. Short life...great career. Cancer is a m-f'er that plays no favorites.
  6. Thais are rather fond of these atrocities too...
  7. Amazing Thailand! Amazing as in can't ever get anything right. Friend of gf has one. She tells us about it. Certainly seems biased towards those residing in BKK. Initially could be used on BTS. She used it 1 time, then few days later was told by Skytrain staff that it is no longer accepted. Can be used for city buses...but only some buses are equipped with card readers and most of those aren't functional. Free groceries...but only at select, remote, inconvenient (government?) stores and only during certain hours of the day. None of the large chain stores like Lotus, Big C or 7-11 are included. Nice idea, but very poorly planned with typical Thai dysfunction.
  8. November 2017 Photo Competition

    Gettin' Some Air...Rayong
  9. Coming headline...Seaman Discharged!
  10. HILARIOUS! Highly skilled and artful flyer. Talk about posting a "dick pic"! This really took balls!
  11. "On hold" doesn't mean permanently stopped...hasn't been determined yet, just delayed. Stay tuned for his reversal and give it the green light. He never has been one to care about public opinion or doing the right thing.
  12. Greggs 'sorry' for replacing Jesus with sausage roll in Christmas advert

    Well...since sausage actually exists, odds are in its favor!