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  1. Pressure mounts against Premchai amid rumours

    I like it! Much more gentlemanly too. I have however, used pretty much all the "4-letter words" (among others longer) in my extensive ungentlemanly arsenal...and now know which are and are not permitted here on TV. haha
  2. Birds in your garden

    For only the second time ever here...saw a House Sparrow. First time was in the "yard" here in BKK last year and just the other evening near Bearing SkyTrain station. In the States, they are an extremely abundant introduced pest...and their reputation on par with Rock Pigeons.
  3. Pressure mounts against Premchai amid rumours

    All the hi-so a$$-holes get away here... Thaksin #1 Red Bull heir Tiger Temple monk Dhammajayo several other high profile monks Thaksin #2 Now this fat bastard Pathetic
  4. Mae Pim Resort. NICE. Exactly what you're looking for at a great price. Has an awesome pool + sauna and fitness room. Includes brekkie too. Great beach just across not busy Beach Rd and beach views from roomie lanai.
  5. Stories such as this just make my day!
  6. Don't think anyone would argue that...IF that is what truly happened.
  7. Gotta love the Hang 'Em High rush to judgment mob here on TV. The initial story that has been reported may be 100% accurate, but likely not. Many of the original news stories reported that 4 or 5 guys ganged up on Robb...Thai style. Turns out those reports were wrong. Also, other reports say Robb was known as an agressive troublemaker who was choking a girl with feet dangling and acting belligerent towards others. To be crystal...I am NOT trying to justify anything by anybody involved. Just saying that maybe before the TV vigilantes have the accused executed without all the facts...better cooler heads prevail and get all the facts first. Just sayin'!
  8. This is not always true. Not sure about murder, manslaughter or other crimes, but child porn and sex criminals can be sent back to home countries of USA and Canada and be charged and prosecuted there...where sentences are much harsher.
  9. C'mon fellas! NOBODY...including especially me...claimed any justification. My post was even prefaced with "Only FYI" to prevent such silly replies and unjust quick draw finger waggling.
  10. Only FYI... GF reading the story on Thai news website says the Australian victim was choking a Thai girl and the American stepped in to help the damsel in distress and the unfortunate fight ensued. http://www.nationtv.tv/main/content/378602515/
  11. Yes! Same as he never does...but still gets credit for all good things and never held accountable for bad. BS to the max this JC!