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  1. Some real fear mongering going on here. Ridiculous to paint with such a broad stroke. First hand knowledge because I was a little guy in the middle class, with a negative net worth, just 30 years ago. Steady, sound, no-panic dollar-cost-averaging INVESTING in quality companies and funds, over the long term, has changed that. And although I still consider myself and conduct myself as a little guy in the Middle Class...the numbers say something different. Top 11% net worth in the USA and top 1% globally. All the fault of the horrible scam you describe above. Just takes a bit of homework, discipline and living within ones means. Take advantage of the setbacks and use them as buying ops. Equities On-sale! The US Stock Markets are arguably (probably) the greatest wealth building investments of all time...and available to all, not just the rich.
  2. Yeah that "god" is a helluva brake mechanic, but not so much on good cables. Between sports and elevators...thousands of children die from hunger/malnutrition on a daily basis. Praise god!
  3. Used to semi-sorta respect financial adviser Tom Lee, but rethinking that after seeing him just yesterday predicting BitCoin at $15,000 by year end! His body language said something totally different. Of course, his $15k price prediction was a downgrade from the $25k prediction he made earlier in the year. He looked like a beaten, embarrassed sad sack.
  4. Um...WHAT?!? Obama had the 2nd highest cumulative market returns ever...as well as 2nd highest annualized returns ever. Of course the Trump years aren't over yet, but if you managed to lose money during the Obama years...you need to get a big mattress and forget about investing.
  5. Nice one! An ugly chart fo sho, but the OP asked about the Dow Jones Industrial Avg, not Japan. I included a much broader range of US stocks with the S&P 500 as a bonus. The charts speak for themselves. The USA is not Japan.
  6. NO market goes straight up. This is a normal, healthy correction. Even recessions are normal and healthy...and unavoidable. Stand firm and invest more if possible. Peaks and valleys, while the trend is up Up UP. Don't fall into the "sell low" trap. Here's a 40 year DOW chart and 20 year S&P 500 chart, for some perspective.
  7. Not much day to day. On paper, yes and prob a bit of a mind f***...but wouldn't really affect day to day life.
  8. Yes...use GRAB every month in BKK and have used in Pattaya as well. Excellent without a single problem ever.
  9. Skeptic7

    Bitcoin may hover above $4,795

    These "currencies" have been unrealistically over-inflated since 2013. This bubble has been in burst mode for near a year and the steady leak continues as many of us predicted. The big question with only one answer is...what can Bitcoin (or any other crypto) do at $10,000, that can't be done at $1000 (or $100 or $10)? Answer: Nothing
  10. Right on...and even before he was Prez! I've despised this sleazeball since 1989. We'll keep hating him.
  11. The only legal way. And since we all know how staunchly committed they are to legalities here...not really the only way.
  12. Ever hear the old adage...'you reap what you sow'? Trump is a dodger in so many more ways than one. Acosta wanted answers, which brings another old adage to mind...'persistence overcomes resistance'. Saw it LIVE and thought it was fantuckingfastic!
  13. Utra-successful and well respected. Amazing how greed and corruption know no bounds. Unbelievable.
  14. Wow...the deniers are strong with this thread. Mueller would have ended this if nothing to see here. The hammer is about to drop. Integrity: Mueller Full; Trump Zero Career: Mueller Professional Patriotic; Trump Spoiled Selfish Entitled Uncouth Hack Demeanor: Mueller Quiet Calm Thorough Calculating; Trump Angry Phony Vindictive Loquacious Braggart Immature Ultracrepidarian