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  1. Cryptogeddon

    This is a great read and I actually wrote the very same on another thread here on 26...4 months ago! Someone asked for an explanation of Bitcoin. Below is what I wrote. Can click the link below to see the actual original post... A digital, shit-filled bubble mania currency/commodity which... 1. has NO intrinsic value 2. has HIGH volatility 3. Is highly unstable 3. IS gambling, not an investment 4. Is purely SPECULATIVE Bitcoin... Understood...NOT Private...not Free transactions...not Tax free...not EZ to use...not Widely accepted...not Even Minimally accepted...not Safe...not Secure...not Intrinsic value...NONE (this bears repeating) To sum it up...an overblown, over-inflated, over-ripe shit filled balloon that is going to explode. Sure...a lucky minority will make or have made BANK...while the vast majority are about to get hosed. Much better name would be...Bitcon.
  2. Should have been put down...permanently. Should still.be put down...no money and time wasted. No costly evaluations. No life in prison on tax payers backs. Put Down. Executed. Can never be reintroduced to society. Can never benefit society in any way. Always a dangerous threat and buden to innocent people and society. Dangerous, murderous psychos are not needed, nor wanted. Should have been eliminated. Still should be eliminated.
  3. Elephant starved by owner dies

    People Suck!
  4. Well done! Been expecting this and surprised it has taken so long. She is a fine golfer and won Rookie of the Year 5 years ago. Been close a few times, but far and away outshined by nong sao Ariya and many others since.
  5. I concur. Not a UK card, but same with USA Capital One Quicksilver card. Be certain they charge in THB. Excellent exchange rates with NO fees + 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Use it everywhere that take it...as long as the Thai business doesn't add a percentage. Have been in hotels and dental clinics, for example, that accept CC's but add 3%. Then I pay cash.
  6. Why bull sharks are a fast VANISHING BREED

    No denying it...Shark populations are in serious decline all over the globe. https://phys.org/news/2018-03-decline-shark-populations-remote-pristine.html https://news.fiu.edu/2013/03/100millionsharks/52935 https://stanford.edu/~ferretti/assets/LenfestRSEcologyLetters.pdf https://www.livescience.com/7240-alarming-decline-sharks-causing-species-vanish.html
  7. While tips are expected and "the norm" in the USA...still not mandatory. If service is substandard, can leave a reduced tip...or no tip at all. Thais expect tips now too, but certainly not mandatory. However, I would wager a tip that one stands much more a chance of "backlash" from a Thai server than an American server, for leaving no tip.
  8. Just like most price increases here...it always seems to at least DOUBLE . And in this instance, a double would seem fair...compared to this 300% increase! Amusing Thailand
  9. I had no idea what it meant and had to look it up. AND it would help if at least spelled correctly. I'm not privy to UK slang and guessing many others had no clue either...but they do now. Buh-Bye
  10. Is the below your word? If not, then please define "nonsey". Top definition. nonce (UK) Slang for paedophile. Noun. nonce (plural nonces) (Britain, slang, pejorative) A sex offender, especially one who is guilty of sexual offences against children. nonce (UK) Slang for paedophile
  11. Is the word "nonce" what you're both implying? And if so...PUH-LEESE! That is just a tad bit of a HUGE wild stretch, dontcha think? Wow.
  12. IMO society is already bleak because of all the sexual repression, pretend outrage and shallow immaturity imposed by religions, religious sycophants, puritanical governments, phonies and hypocrites. But that's just me...
  13. Serious answer. Girls will be girls...and they do (obviously) grow up. My wife has them and she not at all ashamed of them. OK by me.
  14. there were others in the pic?!?