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  1. Did AIS get rid of their cheap 7 day packages?

    Know OP inquired about 7 day, but got this from AIS yesterday. AIS New Arrival! Non-stop net max speed 1Mbps (No throttle) for 30days only 300B. Press *777*7153# to subscribe.

    Have had excellent results with chiropractic treatment and therapies for bulging disc and other back pain, both in the USA as well as here. Personally would recommend, though certainly others will disagree.
  3. Remember her from the female Tarzan Thai soap she starred in about 10 years ago...Tida Wan Norn. She was the Jungle Girl. Hot too!
  4. severe pain in both shoulders

    I can relate. Night pain (waking you up) is common and can be ABSOLUTELY unbearable with shoulder injuries. Ice is your best friend, but won't help you sleep. Mine was a small tear in the rotator cuff, which didn't require surgery. Took 3 months to heal with limited use, light PT, which can be done at home, and one very helpful cortisone shot. Both shoulders is a bigger mystery and should be checked. In the meantime, Don't totally stop using them as "frozen shoulder syndrome" becomes a worrisome possibility. Get them checked...unfortunately a simple x-ray won't show rotator cuff tears and will require expensive MRI.
  5. Funny...but au contraire really. Those frugal, with high regard and respect for money usually have it.
  6. Another base jumper without wings or 'chute when that time comes...
  7. No, it doesn't. It's voluntary and by simply not responding, you've said as much without saying anything at all. E-Z...
  8. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Vegans & carnivores unite again! GF made a sirloin for herself and marinated shiitake--mushroom tofu "steak" for me. Mushroom & onion gravy on the side, with sauteed onions, tomatos, ocra, asparagus, carrots...and a pile of braised potatoes.
  9. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Anotheruser! Your thread has gone off the rails. Imagine that's why u abandoned it. Understood...
  10. Dawn raids on seven locations target Africans in Bangkok

    So says the "sexpert". Most of those dudes offer me drugs every time I stroll along Suk. They weren't actually caught in the act of doing anything nefarious/illegal would be more accurate. We all know better...
  11. Dawn raids on seven locations target Africans in Bangkok

    About time! Alot of riff-raff which should have been cleared out a LONG time ago.
  12. What on earth is this terrifying eyeless sea creature?

    Yes...Fangtooth Snake-eel was the official ID
  13. Would make sense to do away with them for those of us with Thai Visas too...and therein lies the pomplem!
  14. Same ol' story... ...That Jesus is still a bad-ass fictional character, but gets his ass kicked in the end! Typical immature and ridiculous reaction by Thailand. However, Malaysia actually led the way in stupidity and was first to ban the game even though none of the Islamic fictional characters are included. Guess the 20% Buddhists are easily offended there too.
  15. Thai/hungry/unstable...all 3 maybe