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  1. Didn't say it stops them. Just making the point that the term "extra money" is ridiculous with a $21 Trillion debt. Anyway, Trump promised a wall that Mexico would pay for! Now he wants the US to fund it, adding to the $2 trillion he has already increased the debt load. And just to be fair, while Obama did have the highest dollar amount increase in the US national debt...it is actually only the 5th largest by percentage at 74%. For perspective, "W" grew the national debt by 101%. #2 by dollar amount and #4 by percentage.
  2. It's a power play. Using the common folk and grunts as pawns in a game of ego chess. Notice how the part of the gov't that pays the House and Senate is still open. Ideally the US gov't serves the people, not the other way around. Has not been that way for decades, maybe half century or more. Now the gov't controls the people in every aspect, spies on them, uses them, overtaxes them and even sacrifices them. All for either personal gain and/or fodder...feeding the behemoth and keeping it sated, obese and growing.
  3. Umm...there is no "extra" money of any kind, as long as there is a huge deficit.
  4. Great for her...and for Canada! "F" Saudi Arabia! Would be a camel litter box without the oil.
  5. Skeptic7

    Very sad goings-on in Pattaya

    While your sentiment is understood and appreciated, nothing new here and you fell right in to the trap. Doubtful the girl gets to keep much or any of the take. Been a sad reality here for decades. Was warned about this beggar mafia by a Thai friend 25 years ago. Bangkok Post has had articles on this awful business. There are books that mention it. In some instances, it is said that some people are actually maimed/mutilated by the mafia and put out to beg. Hope this isn't the case, but humans can be a cruel and awful lot. Do a search on it and lots of hits and articles around the globe, especially SE Asia.
  6. What if you never saw/noticed it? In a logical and sane world, a total non-issue. And have to believe that even though This Is Thailand and doesn't fall into either of those categories, one would assume they would just laugh or shrug it off and correct next time, if needed. Of course they will direct the blame and any scolding at the farang, but really nothing they can do. The boy is a Thai citizen.
  7. Zika...No symptoms other than DEATH?!?
  8. Skeptic7


    40 ton female Bryde's Whale. Gulf of Thailand, October 2018.
  9. Love how the little black Toyota takes zero evasive action! Left lane clear but "Bumper Cars" was always fun!
  10. Interesting, but not the first time this species recorded here! Birds way out of normal ranges are not all that uncommon, really. Storms, fronts, cyclones of all types can certainly be an understandable contributing factors. Sometimes it's just faulty navigational skills. Regardless, very cool! Hope the bird recovers and is able to recalibrate it's compass and get back to more familiar territory!