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  1. Grand avenue residence advertised here: http://www.2thai.asia/object/grand-avenue-residence-pattaya/ Prices have not moved and around 250 units available (thai ownership)
  2. Is Golden Tulip behind Avenue mall one of these 2 large projects? Just asking because I invested a lot in it already.
  3. Damn, this means they probably won't finish it. Already paid 65% of the whole price. Was informed that foreign ownership is sold out and roughly 70% total sold. I thought with such a central location it could not go wrong....sad news.
  4. I was there last week (Golden Tulip), indeed the construction has stopped. From the information I got, it seems that the construction company stopped working on this project and the developper is looking for a new construction firm. Getting nervous, since I bought a unit there....hope it will resume soon. My gut feeling is that they will not finish before 2019.