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  1. For a quality mini coach you would have to increase ticket prices many multiples of what it is now. And then the question becomes -- if they do that then why have vans ... you would be back to taking an inter-city bus.
  2. Just make it illegal for drivers to take tourists -- must take expensive taxi
  3. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    I had two accounts with BKK Bank around 5 years ago, one was definitely interest bearing since it was a fixed deposit for a period of time (tourist visa at the time). (around 1 million baht fixed deposit). I doubt my account is marked RESIDENT.
  4. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    I have a bank account with Bangkok Bank, which I opened around 7+ years ago on probably a 6 month educational visa... Whenever I deal with Customer Service they do the standard stuff - take a copy of the photo page, the entry stamp and the visa page and if those are fine they will "service the account" (give you a new bank book when the old one is filled, etc.). I went in on Monday to have it setup for Internet banking (have always just used ATM, but I need to pay bills and will not be here). It was setup without any additional requirements.
  5. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    Bluweyze, What do they want the Embassy letter to say? Passport is authentic? You are not on the most wanted list? Every Bank, every branch within a branch (which changes as managers change) has different policies.... or for branches that don't deal with foreigners... it could just be ... no cannot do for reasons of x... because it might mean I have to know or learn something (or potentially do something wrong and lose face)...
  6. They have violated one of the most sacred laws... and should be summarily executed. They are working in a protected labour class -- a job that a Thai can do and there is no need to import foreign labour (criminal gang member and thug). North American and Australian police have intelligence on all biker gangs that have suspected criminal connections and Thailand would do well to get a copy and prevent any member from entering the country that is suspected of involvement, are obvious members (or wanna be), or sport any associated tattoo which would indicate involvement in a criminal gang. Police/military should be given orders to round up and deport anyone (not executed) who is also suspected of involvement with the organizations in question.
  7. Personally, I would prefer them dealt with here and not deported. Every member of that outlaw associated rounded up by police and shot and tossed in the jungle somewhere... as a warning to other international crime organizations...
  8. That is great to hear, it is the only airline that came close to being on that list that I have flown on before. I am cheap, as long as it does not crash often... the odds on any single flight crashing more than those that are certified are not that much of a difference. (i.e. if a plane crashes 0.0005% of the time and a bad airline is double that.... still great odds )
  9. I don't know if it is much more Americans -- or it is more noticeable in Americans since the culture generally is more assertive on average than some other English speaking countries - so crazy people would just be more obvious... hard to know if a crazy person is crazy when they are quiet and not doing anything ....
  10. You neigh sayers obviously have no idea what it takes to become a great actor. His behaviour can all be easily attributed to what is known as "method acting". He is probably preparing for a role as a Trumpian style character and is just getting in the mindset.
  11. Probably all of them. It is one system, different modules - but primarily one system.
  12. Amazing, if you are use to really poor.... then poor seems great. Singapore is very security conscious - and yet it only takes a few minutes to get through. I can land, walk briskly to immigration, go through immigration, pop to currency exchange, go back pick up my bag, then out the door and in a taxi in less than 15 minutes (and the bag has been checked of contents during that short time between the plane and the carousel).
  13. It might be that the people manning those booths have maybe... no 2nd languages?
  14. Oh great.... You have just added 200 people who thought they had paid their dues and were no longer required to work in a place that most immigration officers would like to avoid.... the airports in a congested boonie area.... Basically, you just added 200 disgruntled officers who will either take it out on tourists -- or try and make it pay Have a nice nap in the detention area
  15. Illegal entrant claims dual citizenship at border

    It is only easy for those that get it by birth (American). If you are not American by birth obtaining citizenship is a long drawn out process, which means dual citizenship is equally as difficult. I know lots of dual American / Canadian citizens but they usually had it by birth. It is definitely how my cousins got theirs.