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  1. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    A good number of these ideas are probably thought up to put money into the pockets of officials through kickbacks... as such -- it would likely die before becoming operational... just like all the cameras that don't work.
  2. Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol

    It is a publicly searchable website... and yes he was on the website a few months ago.
  3. It is the tip of the iceberg in that they are the domestic cats and dogs are the ones getting it from non-domestic animals (the rate of rabies is higher since that is the source of the infection) (i.e. the front line as I said). Killing off the front line (as some here have suggested) just moves it to a new front line. The rabies virus is a wild virus and its origins are in any number of wild animals. We often don't see many of the smaller animals because our pets are the ones most likely to come in contact with them. Kill them off, remove them from the scene and will come into contact with them more often - with a higher rate of infection. Immunize them and leave them on the front line and we will be much better off. Animals in the furious stage of rabies are not going to act as they would normally - so you cannot attribute a certain behaviour profile to them other than if you are anywhere close to them there is a high likelihood they will attack. You don't control the spread of the virus by attacking our front line, you do it by attacking at it at its source.
  4. Dead dogs don't spread rabies -- but they are the front line. The dog gets it by coming in contact with another non-domesticated animal and gets attacked - which means they get sick from the rabies virus. It is like killing off a keystone species - there are knock, so yes you might not have that rabid dog - but the dog did not come in the first contact with that mouse, rat, squirrel, raccoon or something else. So that rabid non-domesticated other animal is now there and will come in contact with someone else during while it is suffering from that rabid insanity. The end result is the rabies virus is still in the wild, it will still get transmitted - just not from the dog that was the first to get into a fight with it. Maybe it will be a cat who comes in contact with it (few people in the west force cats to stay inside all the time), maybe a rat, maybe a mouse... In a country, half the size of Thailand (population-wise) Canada has around 8 million cats, 6 million dogs (I think the cat population is vastly understated) - the vast majority of the those are vaccinated - and no shortage of vaccine as someone seemed to think. There are also programs in major cities to control the feral cat population through cat/neuter and release programs. In rabies hotspots, there is an Oral Rabies Vaccine through bait program as well to attempt to keep the lid on the rabies outbreak. There is also an education system in place that makes everyone aware that if you get bitten by an animal of unknown pedigree (i.e. you don't know if they have been vaccinated), that you get a preventative immunization shot (you could get immunized beforehand - but the cost-benefit of taking the human immunization shots at thousands of dollars per not typically implemented; some foreign postings do require you to get it before though). So yes, you can get rid of 4 million soi dogs -- but the rabies outbreak will still be there -- you just have a lot of dead dogs.
  5. Correct, once you violate the terms of your visa (or visa waiver) the visa is no longer valid. It states right on the tourist visa that "Employment Prohibited". While at the school I would have hoped (though not expected) that they would go through the entire employee roster and make sure they are all legal.
  6. French man busted for working without a permit

    Sooner or later when you work illegally (clearly illegally since the business is in Thailand) -- that immigration will eventually find out and come for you.
  7. It is not just "domestic" pets that are at issue they have to have an Oral Rabies Vaccine program through bait in the wild to combat the spread of the rabies virus. The domestic pets are just the tip of the iceberg.... culling soi dogs won't do much, if anything to combat it.
  8. I wonder if they are all members of NAMBLA
  9. Heading for you - Indecency Prostitution (Sections 282 - 287)
  10. The laws vary depending on whether you are the buyer or seller of sexual services. This is the relevant section of the penal code for the buyer. As far as the prostitution Penal Code section:
  11. We are not talking about the UK but even if we were you are referring to the age of consent for non-commercial based relationships. The age is 18 as well in the UK when it comes to prostitution.
  12. A corrupt immigration officer - which will either have to take care of the lose-end or potentially become an issue that will have to be dealt with by other authorities (someone will have to take the fall for letting him in - it might as well be the corrupt immigration officer).
  13. Oh, they would not like my help... I would have no issue reporting it to both their government and local police (I would be one of those "snitches that need stitches - as someone posting sort of indicated)
  14. Not strange... as much as self-interest... If they can come for one person hiring underage prostitutes... then they can come for all of them...