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  1. I hope you have taken your own suggestion.... and left already.... Thailand will also be better off getting rid of all the jaded foreigners that take any single incident as a blight on the entire nation.
  2. Oh, it would be bad .... really bad for many a girl who use it to send message to "I have no money, can you help" along with crying face emojis..... Dead buffalos, bankrupt farms, all over the place would soon follow....
  3. Crap! Wusses! All of them... I was looking for some forced time away from facebook....
  4. Yes, but it is not humiliating for them because they are use to it Actually, it is not just Thailand -- most of Asia has some sort of physical way to express that they are truly sorry for the actions that they have done to cause others harm -- whether it be physical, emotional or a loss of face. In doing so you are also recognizing that your actions caused a loss of face. Not doing so would be taken very badly in multiple ways. One Thailand (like the rest of Asia) is a hierarchical society - you have those above (which includes judicial), those below -- but really no equals (even if it comes down to age difference of a minute in Japan). Not doing so would be akin to spitting in the faces of those that you wronged, and those that you will have to appear before in a court of law. Even in western society you are expected to show respect for the judiciary, not rising when the judge enters the court could land you in a jail cell on contempt. Thais may give some allowance to westerners not knowing the culture when they are just visiting -- but if you have gone too far that you have to appear in a criminal or judicial setting.... that allowance no longer exists. It is not the wai that is humiliating, it is accepting that you have lost face by your actions.
  5. I used that one before the little packets separately.... they walked around it and ignored it.
  6. Since the hardware will have to be upgraded they should require the meters to be upgraded to be similar to Singapore so that AOT fees get added, and toll fees collected electronically and reflected on the meter under tolls/fees and added to the meter rate for a total amount directly on the meter. You then only pay what is displayed on the meter. If the meter is not engaged the fee is automatically free -- and the passenger is free to leave the taxi without paying.
  7. They had little packets (white packet) of ant stuff at Tops that I use to buy ..... Every time I had a problem I just open it and pour it on the ground near where the ants were coming and going.... and day by day (one, two or three) there were less and less.... then none.... and they would all be dead.... My sister was having a similar problem in Vietnam and I gave her the same stuff and poof.... genocide of the insect masses....
  8. Locals struggle with it - because many don't have AC at home or it is too expensive to use too regularly....
  9. It is funny, I have no problem walking around in this weather - in the middle of the day. I noticed it was a little warmer recently, but within reason. I do live in AC (27C/28C) and it feels absolutely freezing the first 5 minutes after I am at home.... but I don't feel uncomfortable outside while walking around.....
  10. Oh, you were trying to be funny, then I was trying to be funny on your funny and it all spun out of control.... I see, you want farangs not locals.... must be one of those that come here because they have to for work or something ... not because they like it here
  11. if you're budget is not flexible that you could not afford 18k vs 15k.... I am suspicious that you may not have the money to play around in the gogo bars anyways.... so it would be safer in a place without them.... (and where the girls come from before they raise the prices )
  12. Or some japanese yakusa type for infringing.....
  13. The disabled are scr*wed either way.... Bangkok is not a friendly city to anyone with a disability regardless of the vendors.
  14. Micheline means nothing to me.... because they judge on things that may be important to some, but have little importance to me (i.e. ambience, presentation / plating, etc.). Real restaurant chefs (vs your lay cook) are experts at things like consistency, consistent plating, volume preparation, managing stuff like that.... but it does not necessarily translate into tastier food in many cases.... though some that rely on "ambience" may translate that experience into tastier food. Spent many years on the road pretty well every day of the year on an expense account, eating at restaurants morning, noon and night -- paid for by others.
  15. I only go to shopping centers when I am shopping (more in last 2 months than previous 5 -- but that is because I moved.... and need stuff since it was primarily unfurnished [finally]).... Food is no better than your average street food vendor - lower quality than my regular haunt where I use to live..... Buffet style food here typically will be cold (or room temperature) -- it is par for the course .... not as obsessed here about having hot food (other than spicy).