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  1. For the hospital, your visa situation is irrelevant. One way or another they have to report the presence of all foreigners to immigration -- immigration would know your visa situation.
  2. I did not take it as that, I take it as if people (in general) do the appropriate reporting - you would not be on overstay. If you are a comatose patient in a hospital then the hospital should be (not knowing the exact process - but since there is a process for most things - there should be one) responsible for reporting your medical condition to authorities and the clock for overstay should be suspended.
  3. The vast majority of the overstays would have filled in where they are currently staying - or are staying not far from that location -- since when they entered ... most of them had no forethought that they would be overstaying so they answered truthfully. Most people by the time they overstay have already visited for a lengthy time, and have preferences on where they want to stay. Compiling that list of data, you would likely be able to track down the majority of the overstays. Offer a portion of the fines as a reward for information leading to capture - and you would likely even get more up to date information.
  4. bkkcanuck8

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    They are tired, and the piggy bank is getting full.
  5. bkkcanuck8

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    Yes, Free movement of people is really bad... evil... They should have never allowed it in the United States where since the union they have allowed people to move freely across state borders... they should be more like China that requires appropriate documentation before you can move to larger cities etc. Everyone should be required to have travel documents regardless, and you should be checked for no reason other than you look like a malcontent. I guess that makes me a conservative libertarian libtard then. Although I do believe in enforcing the laws on the book and deporting people that enter illegally and requiring employers to check to make sure an individual has permission to work in the country (and having severe punishments for those that do not do this - the employers). I also believe in a liberal immigration policy that has no problem with high immigration levels and a rather liberal approach to work permits (if an employer is willing to pay more than the market rate for a foreign employee - I think that is a good indicator that they are worthy of a work permit). I have worked in 4 different countries, applied for work permits to bring a team of about 10 people to work in the UK from the US. Those countries that have become empires have always drawn people from afar to the center of the empire -- and usually, it just makes the empire stronger since you get the benefit of the best and the brightest from around the world. Empire countries are where the money is, and people are drawn to the money. About 1/3 of PhD students in the United States are foreigners. In fact, many people who are expats in Thailand (on whatever visa) have taken advantage of rather "liberal" policy to allow many people to reside here -- including many retirees.
  6. There is a certain percentage of renters that seem to be incapable of keeping the place tidy and turn places into junkyards. I remember one place in Toronto where the landlord literally had to call the hazmat team to clean out (a slightly longer) rental place as it was crammed with crap and even dead animals.
  7. With prostitution it is just market dynamics - why come to a low wage country. With selling drugs and other criminal activity - I am sure there are plenty of westerners are involved in buying or selling drugs in Thailand (both actions are illegal). You have organizations like The Outlaws Motorcycle "club" (which is listed as a criminal organization in my home country) that operate freely in Thailand. The traffic in drugs through the golden triangle to the US is still a problem. So yes, they are here -- you just don't see them on the perp walk as much (until they kill someone in Thailand and are on the run).
  8. No, but given the number of illegal westerners (there is a considerable number), the fact that the arrests are not matching statistically - distributed across all races and nationalities... is telling. I am not saying don't arrest illegal alien black, Indian and Pakistani -- I am saying make the same effort to arrest those that are illegal aliens who are western European heritage.
  9. Or benefiting the "wrong people" not the "right people". The fight on corruption, in many non-democratic countries, tend to be more about political battles between those that are seen as an issue for those in power.
  10. And all those illegal aliens that are white from Europe, North America, Australia or NZ -- are given a pass (on average).
  11. I never assumed that I could have open alcohol in a taxi - but then my home country/province has laws to do with open alcohol in moving vehicles - which is why we put it in the trunk. If there is an infraction they can take advantage of... they will at some time do.
  12. Thailand may have no interest or gain by chasing digital nomads out, but that does not mean that they won't. To be quite honest they would not give that group a second thought when enacting changes to immigration policy. Thailand often states that it wants to have "quality of quantity", and they could easily make successive tourist visas much much more difficult (i.e. making the requirements for bank deposits in line with retirement requirements -- pro-rated; i.e. not 20,000 but 200,000) in a bid to reduce tourism - as an offset to targetting wealthier tourists. Thailand gets too many tourists, and there are unwanted side-effects to that. They could, in the end, try to gain control of it while focusing more on building the domestic economy. If you have a stronger domestic economy, you need to rely less on tourism. Digital nomads -- not making up a large part of the economy -- could end up being caught in the crossfire based on other priorities.
  13. You could get away with it, but then you are not only breaking Thai criminal law -- you are violating your own countries laws (in all likelihood). Passports (for countries that I am aware of) are not your property, they are at all times the property of the government of your country. They are travel documents that are issued for your use in confirming your identity. You as an individual are responsible for that passport. If you place fraudulent stamps or allow the passport to "travel" without you for the purposes of misrepresenting where you are (in what country) - you are violating the laws of all countries you do that with and the country who issued that passport.
  14. The example was good enough -- even though it mixed fraud and non-fraudulent actions. The truth though is that as a temporary visa holder (which almost all on here are) -- you have no permanent rights and should never consider yourself settled to the point of not having a backup plan. Anything to do with temporary status can change with the political winds of the day. Any of the visas they can raise the bar for or cap without grandfathering as they see fit. In addition, Thailand may seem stable now -- but without the adherence to the rule of law and the courts treating different (citizens) groups differently when applying the same law (depending on whether you are the "right people" or the "wrong people") the foundations are built on a shaky foundation that given the wrong spark could destabilize to the point of internal strife - and destabilize into a dangerous situation fairly quickly. They have a cork on the situation right now, but corks tend to be a short-term solution (how short-term and whether the situation will be stable for our lifetimes -- who knows). As such, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan should things change.
  15. That is not a visa run.... that is fraud.