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  1. Private Pension Release UK

    Thanks Den.....I am going do my tax return ASAP after April 6th and see what happens. I don't know of The Fry Group but will Google them. For some reason I am unable to PM anyone at the moment, but will keep you posted. Cheers, M
  2. Health and accident insurance Samui

    BTW How do I contact "Support" please? Many thanks.
  3. Health and accident insurance Samui

    Thank you.
  4. Dear all, I live on Samui, have recently turned 60, but still ride motorbikes, go diving, go mountain biking, go to Soi Mango (occasionally) and Paragliding though cannot do here. I had to give up skiing and water skiing due cruciate damage in both knees. Soi Mango is probably the most dangerous! I also have a number of pre-existing conditions including MS, Cellulitis from previous injury (recurrent), etc. I used to use travel insurance for cover from the UK, but they "canned" me after I got Dengue and Cellulitis in the same year for being too high risk...It did cost a bit so can't say I blame them 555 However, I now feel pretty "Naked" as I am totally uninsured for accident or health problems. From what I have read insurance in Thailand for someone my age and with my history is either practically impossible to afford or find which will give any reasonable return. Any ideas??? As a footnote I recently had a bit of a "Handbags at Dawn" episode on the forum and now I am suddenly unable to PM anyone. I am asking the"Moderators" or anyone else who may know if I have been blocked from PM activation? As always eagerly await your replies and many thanks in advance. Cheers M
  5. Private Pension Release UK

    Thank you Cranky for your well reasoned comments with which I concur 90%....I do not disagree with anything, but still have some doubts. I am not "panickicking" but looking to move with reasonable haste due to the reasons and concerns in my post. I have an excellent IFA who is my best friend from school and he has many prestigious business and sports personalities as customers based in Manchester. He owns the company I deal with and has various specialists in his employ for Pensions, etc. so I trust him implicitly. I also use a well respected accountant, but neither can provide the information I require at this time. I am about to test the system by deliberately going over a tax threshold marginally this year and see if I can claim back the income tax (taxed at source from pension) when I do my tax return in April. I still have to pay tax on income from my UK property rentals, but I know that is entirely different. Does anyone know for sure what the situation is for expats with UK pensions?....Non-resident 8 years now for tax purposes. Has anyone already done what I am trying to do? Many thanks for all your replies to date. I will keep the Forum posted when I have any news.
  6. Are you worried about skin cancer?

    Good luck going forwards.....I wish you well my friend!
  7. Private Pension Release UK

    Thanks Barry.....I have already discounted the QROPs route anyway. As for planning on anything for "20 odd years" I am already 60 and might not be doing anything at all in 20 odd years time .....If you get my drift...
  8. Are you worried about skin cancer?

    Wow!......Sorry to see your plight, but thanks for sharing....I will show her your pic and hope that does the trick.
  9. Private Pension Release UK

    Thanks for your feedback A. I am very worried about changes in Pension/tax laws....also worried about Brexit leading to further drops in Sterling value and agree entirely about many UK pension funds being volatile. That is why I am eager to withdraw as much of it as I can and get it out of the country and out of Sterling. But if I withdrew the whole amount the initial tax at source would be huge as most of it would be taxed at the highest rate, i.e., 45%....If I could not then claim it back I wouldn't be a happy bunny! That's why I asked if anyone else had already been through this loop.
  10. Private Pension Release UK

    Thanks for your reply. I have a friend who is based in Abu Dhabi and he went down the QROPS route. He only gets about 2% income p.a. on his investment by the time the "Management Fees" have been taken out so he advised me against it. I have been officially non-Resident for over 5 years for tax purposes. I have already taken my 25% tax free sum and I am talking about the remainder. I am worried that if the tax laws re pensions change again, e.g., if Labour win the next election it could have a very negative impact on me. If I have already taken the whole amount out and reclaimed the "Taxed at source" monies I would want to move them offshore to a tax haven which hopefully would mean it was protected.
  11. Private Pension Release UK

    Many thanks!
  12. Dear all, I am lucky enough to have a reasonable amount of funds in a private pension in the the UK....About 400k sterling. However, if I wish to withdraw any of it ...it is taxed at source as it is treated as PAYE income. Does anyone know if this can be claimed back if UK Non-Resident and also if I take the lot where Offshore might be a good pace to put it. I understand if you do not want to reply openly, but please feel free to PM me. Many thanks, M
  13. Are you worried about skin cancer?

    Good for you mate....Look at the advice and stay out of the sun....Met loads of Farangs with skin issues from Thai sun.
  14. Are you worried about skin cancer?

    Many Thais, particularly from Isaan apparently die from liver cancer which is believed caused by parasites in Pla Ra...Fermented River Fish Sauce.
  15. Are you worried about skin cancer?

    May I ask your age and ethnicity sir?