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  1. Mario666

    Affordable Health Isurance in LOS

    Thanks mate..Email sent
  2. Dear all, I originate from the UK, but travel back rarely.....Maybe once or twice per year to see friends and family....But if I need to I can go back. My health is generally good, but I do have some medical history. I was diagnosed with MS aged 28.....However, I am "mega -lucky" (so far) in that between attacks I get complete remission. I also get recurrent Cellulitis which first developed after I was kicked in the shin by a drunken ladyboy because I refused to buy her a drink at a Ladybar. Also take Statins, Allopurinol for gout prevention and Furocemide for water retention and BP. I turned 60 last year, but I am looking for medical/accident insurance.........Unless I win the lottery I think it may prove 'Cost Prohibitive'. May seem like a 'Long Shot'..... but can any of you advise me where to get affordable insurance. As always any replies welcomed with thanks!
  3. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Wow.....Congratulations......Finally got there mate!....Hat's off for achieving "Mission Impossible"......Not sure I would have lasted that long Think I would have moved house....easier solution! Well done!
  4. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Well at least now you're in a potentially much better situation. Hope it works well for you. As regards the motorbike incident mostly recovered thanks!
  5. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Hi Guys....Sorry I missed all the fun, but recovering from a Motorbike "Incident" from a few days ago! Sounds as if we have got a <deleted> Landlord here who talks BS. At the end of the day it should not make any difference whether you are running Windows, IOS or Android, But, what a dick to stick the router in a metal box....I said very early on in this thread that the only solution is to get a dedicated line....and for optimum performance connect with an Ethernet cable. If the landlord doesn't allow you to drill holes in his walls.....Make him an offer he can't refuse!....He is Italian after all!
  6. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Hi X...As I said you are seriously "under powered"... You either need to get your fellow residents together and get an upgrade on the line speed or see if the landlord will allow you to install your own dedicated line.....as long as you keep sharing you will have problems!
  7. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    If you are in a condo on WiFi there is little you can do except by a "Booster" as you said. However, that will only improve your "Reception" and will not make any difference to your Download Speed...... You are seriously "under powered". Are you friendly with the neighbours/landlord?....I would advise getting together and getting an upgrade on the WiFi....Who is your provider? Also do a speed test http://www.speedtest.net/
  8. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Hi Mr. X, You have to have a decent line or WiFi connection.......I have TRUE 50/20 , but still get some buffering problems...Having said that I live on Samui so everything is via satellite and accordingly it is affected by the weather....particularly thunderstorms!.... If you live on the mainland somewhere get the best Fibre connection you can...Should be less than 1,000 Thb per month for 100 Mgbs downlaod! Good to go! Keep us in the loop!
  9. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Love Chester....Lived in Altrincham 30+ years before LOS. Still have 2 houses, 1 wife there!
  10. Mario666

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Nice one...really hope it works out for you Matt.....Let me know how it goes. Trying to sort anything technical out over here is so difficult because there are so many variables and even the "Variables" vary Add to that the generally poor support service and the language difficulties and Bob's your Auntie.... Which part of the UK are you from BTW.
  11. Not so much "Flying" as "Hovering Squad" !
  12. Mario666

    Zidane steps down as Real Madrid coach

    Why not Zidane, Ronaldo and Bale go to United? Never mind the expense! We could sell Lukaku for a reasonal price...He is a great player, but has massively under performed at UTD and is clearly not happy. He was after all Mourhino's Boy so let them go together and get United back on TOP where we belong!.....
  13. Mario666

    Why are chickpeas absent from Thai cuisine?

    Well I wish to contribute....I love chick peas be it in "3 Bean Salad", Humus or better still Chana Daal. I tried to introduce my girlfriend to each recipe on separate occasions, but she rejected all after reluctantly "trying a taste"....just like when you try to get a kid to eat broccoli. No joy.....Grimace (even before tasting) and spit out!....As regards Chana Daal which is (for the uninitiated) a type of chickpea curry with Indian spices..... she wretched. Funny really after some of the things I have seen her swallow? I have seen this many times with various Thai girlies when I have tried to introduce them to Indian cuisine..... It seems they don't like Cumin which is obviously constituent in many Indian dishes? They say they don't like the smell......Of course if I was not a gentleman I might retort "Well actually most Farangs don't like Bar Girls' Dog Breath after eating Som Tam for "Breakfast" everyday Anyone have similar experiences?
  14. Mario666

    E-Cigarettes / Thai Customs Question

    If I was a smoker in your shoes I'd buy the cheapest crap Thai cigarettes I could get and chain smoke until the BIB come and get me.... Tobacco is currency in any jail around the world so "Top Up" your nicotine levels now before they drag you off to the Bangkok Hilton! Fortunately tobacco is another Vice I managed to give up in LOS. If I give up anything else my right hand will get a headache!