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  1. Thanks TallGuy....I will avoid at all costs doing another Kamikaze Road Trip Adventure and welcome your help.
  2. OJAS Many thanks...I will explore your recommendation. I vow to you and all readers that I will never do another "Mini Van Russian Roulette Visa Run" again....I will fly to KL or anywhere to avoid that !!! Life is too short already and potentially even shorter in one of those Mash Machines .
  3. Thank you, but I have been told in the past by the famous "Herbert" who is the Austrian God of all things regarding Immigration that if you miss by even 1 day on Samui you have to start from scratch....Of course he has a vested interest.
  4. Thanks OJAS, I am lucky enough to be 7 years short of the age requirement for UK pension and I do live with a Thai lady, but I am still married in the UK (amicable split) 25 years later . I welcome your advice....What I will never do again is a Visa Run from Samui, via ferry and Death Trap (Mini Van) to Malaysia or Ranong. Cheers!
  5. Hi Ubon Joe, I know that no one on TVF has greater knowledge than you on this sort of stuff, but it seems that each Immigration Office makes its own rules and they can change year on year or seemingly day by day? . I do not visit TVF everyday so I miss some stuff. Do you have any specific knowledge regarding Samui. Before it used to be easy because via Mr. Angry (Ex Chief Immigration) you could "Chuck Him" a few thousand and fix most issues, but I believe he is now in the Klink! Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Thanks mate...I can consider, but looking to avoid that route if possible.....what with all this and "Brexit"???
  7. Thank you..I will try, But most of the immigration staff are pissed off most of the time....I don't blame them though...Constantly needing to learn new rules and dealing daily with people who in mant cases speak even less English than them.
  8. Dear all. I have a difficult situation regarding my next (God Willing) extension of stay based on retirement. My renewal date is July 1st. My problem is this......My son is getting married in Rhodes on June 20th 2019. The families are traveling from the UK on 15th of June and most will be staying 1 week in Rhodes at a resort. I believe that before you could apply up to 45 days in advance to renew your extension , but last time I went to Samui immigration they said it has to be 10 days or less. I know that this varies throughout the country and may change again (like everything does in LOS), but I do not want to come back to Thailand for a couple of months after the wedding as my mother is elderly so I need to spend some time with her and I have new grand kids that I haven't met yet. I have lived on Samui for 12 years and each year the Visa renewal process has become bothersome with increasingly difficult "Hurdles" to jump through year on year. Ideally I would renew my extension before I travel back to the UK which will be about 10th of June. If immigration won"t budge on the renewal window it means I will have to come back straight after the wedding from Rhodes via the UK and even then it will leave me with less than 5 working days to go though the renewal process which on Samui has so many variables. I would hate to miss the deadline and have to start over again with Visa Runs and all the hassle that goes with it. Helpful suggestions most welcome. Many Thanks M
  9. Mario666

    Getting ripped off in Thailand

    Former owners "Titanic Cruises of Thailand"? BTW I have been coming to Thailand at least 3 times a year for 10 years, but still haven't managed to get laid and have a couple of drinks for less than 20,000 Thb a night. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Mario666

    Getting ripped off in Thailand

    Only Two Comments....Dickheads get what they what they deserve....Pricks don't always...... depending on the price paid!!!!
  11. Okay mate...I agree they are not Wagyu or Proper Aberdeen Angus, but certainly good when you want a 2 minute steak (medium rare)..
  12. You must be "Ravin' Mad" Pal! You can buy great steaks from Makro at about a Fifth of the price.
  13. Mario666

    Best hospital options for unknown illness

    Before coming all the way to Thailand you may want to try the Liverpool School of Tropical medicine to get a diagnosis. Short trip for you. https://www.lstmed.ac.uk/services/clinical-diagnostic-parasitology-laboratory Good luck!