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  1. You're stuffed. Never mind. Take care in the next life.
  2. Post 392 by Cranky reminded me of shopping in Australia. The checkout lady said "You are single aren't you?" I said "Yes I am. How can you tell?". She replied "You are buying things single men buy like porridge and juice concentrate" I said "That's amazing. You're single too aren't you?" She replied "Yes I am. How can you tell?" I replied "Because you're fking ugly".
  3. Can anyone else remember the term "heel clicks"? No we are not taking about line dancing. Only we fellow skydivers will understand.
  4. Anyway if it doesn't work out don't fret, she will (hopefully) find someone better.
  5. I have met a few. I just like to nod and say "wow" a lot to see how far they go. Some have no limits.
  6. Sounds genuine. Don't overthink it. Chaperoning your mates to Pattaya might be more problematic.
  7. Wongchumpu is great for jogging. Actually there is little else to do.
  8. I came here to find like minded folk. Still looking... (Other than the few good friends)
  9. Oooooh you got a strange kinda woman.... And if you hear me talking on the wind, you have to understand we must remain perfect strangers.. You were born into confusion my Mother said to me. When you are a man you will understand, but it is still a mystery....
  10. I vaguely remember nylon rope for a dead lift is diameter in mm squared equals kilos, multiply by eight for steel sling. So 10mm for 800 Kgs ads up. The rest makes sense. I would also go for 10mm.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/Mr.Chumnan101 I am stunned. This Iad has more than two million followers. The most exciting thing he does is eat.
  12. I have had a couple of long holidays. Frankly I asked for them. A bit like getting a speeding ticket.