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  1. Not Thai related, but I don't feel like joining another forum just to ask one question. My son has dusted off his Logitech G27 racing wheel and has asked my to download one (free?) pc program for him to play with. Simple enough, surely. Well, a day and a half later; no success. We have a Steam account and I did have one very good program years ago that worked but can't manage to find it. I don't mind paying if need be, but just want something that works for now. I googled a pile of programs and downloaded them but couldn't configure the controls correctly. Any suggestions will be thankfully received.
  2. Yeah that is plan B. How to avoid this situation in the first pace.
  3. It seams we are heading in the same direction. I have basically proven the epson salts thing to be all smoke and mirrors, "smoke" literally. However.. The 12 volt battery that was holding no charge (ie zero) and the plates were, upon inspection, heavily sulfurizationodized (?).. after filling with pure distilled water and literally charged to oblivion is now holding 14.2 volts according to my meter. Not even sure if that is physically possible. I think this is the avenue to continue experimenting along. Nothing to lose..
  4. Well that has been interesting. The one I filled up with distilled water and charged the hell out of is showing the most promise. Will continue..
  5. Ok I am not giving up without a fight. Today I have one battery soaking in bicarb. It started bubbling heavily but has died off somewhat. Other batteries have been refilled with distilled water or an epson salt solution and charged at various voltages and currents. And my success rate so far has been.... Zero. Anyway, tomorrow is another day.
  6. Has anyone tried Epson salts? Might be worth a shot before I replace another 4 batteries. Nothing to lose.
  7. I need to connect mine to a warm water mixing valve. Those cold mornings.....
  8. My logic would be that if is set below the low pressure cut in then the bladder is permanently inflated and has no room for expansion. If it were set at 47 psi (2 psi) above the normal operating pressure then the bladder is deflated and can absorb any hydraulic shock. That is purely my logic knowing nothing about them. I hope someone can explain better.
  9. Sipi knows more about bum guns and bed pans than pressure tanks. Maybe someone can explain the logic of setting it below cut in pressure.
  10. Ok thanks. These things seem to discharge on the shelf from new. I will avoid anything relying on sla batteries like the plague from now on. Lesson learnt. Edit.. A 5 ltr V8 mobility scooter might scare the crap out of shoppers at Tesco, but it sure beats relying on bleeding batteries. I will start designing one right now.
  11. I tried the parallel charging with a good battery trick. Then jump starting it with another battery. I think my guinea pig battery is too far gone. Tomorrow I will try the distilled water method. Not looking good so far.
  12. From Rudies photo of his Danfoss differential switch. Pressure is set at 300kPa/ 45psi. Diff is 70 kPa/ 10psi. So cut in is 230kPa/ 35psi. Pressure tank set at 33psi?
  13. Yeah they are too expensive to have to replace all the time simply from not using them. I have gone through 8 of various sizes in the last 12 months or so. I guess if and when I get this lot recharged (or replace them) I need to figure out how to keep them charged. Maybe line them all up in parallel like toy soldiers with a trickle charge. I actually cooked one from over charging it. Seems a bit of a balancing act.
  14. Annoying thing is that these batteries are practically brand new and not been used. Just gone dead and can't be resurrected. I will try the desulphur and parallel charge thing tomorrow. Thanks. Edit. One was in one of those car battery pack things that I charged new then never used. It was actually not much more expensive to throw it and buy a whole new one than to just buy a replacement battery. The other four are in electric 24v scooters and motorbikes my son rides occasionally. They seem to die if shelved for more than a week or two. Plus one in a computer ups, also practically brand new.
  15. Rudi. This is the closest thing to your system we have at work. A 2" CR Grundfoss multistage pump rated at 5.8m3/ min, 16 bar, pressure switch set at 6 bar. Hard start. Feeding a closed system. 1100kPa Grundfoss pressure tank. Swing check valve on the suction. It cycles, doesn't hammer. Basically maintenance free. I agree with Grillies about checking the pressure tank while you are there.