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  1. bump Going to Hanoi for 1 week for holiday in about 3 months. Was thinkin of trying to secure a tourist visa while im there. Currently in Thailand and have 3 SETV from Penang, the last one with read stamp Do I need bank statement? Is the red stamp going to make a problem? Thx!
  2. Big Change in Penang

    Eeeh, confirm wether or not you need a ticket to your home country or not, the topic of the thread my friend.
  3. Big Change in Penang

    Any one actually been to Penang to secure a tourist visa lately who can confirm 100% ?
  4. Big Change in Penang

    Ok so people staying permanently on tourist visas are bad for tourism and therefore bad for Thailand? The chinese are bummed out by the chang drinking depressed expats? I get your point now, really hope they clamp down hard, lives are at stake!
  5. Big Change in Penang

    This speaks to my point. People walking around being grumpy is a bit of a minor issue compared to roadside IED´s and a police force that is an organized mafia.
  6. Big Change in Penang

    Didnt say it was, my whole point was that people staying here doesnt hurt any one. You didnt really refute this at all.
  7. Big Change in Penang

    Why pretend like Thailand would benifit from stopping people staying on tourist visas? Its a country with a myriad of problems, terrorism, corruption, slavery, road safety etc etc etc. People staying longer and spending a bit of money isnt hurting any one. And if it is in a minority of cases then thats like worrying about ugly wallpaper in a house you havent even built yet.
  8. Big Change in Penang

    I dont know anything about that wierd looking dude and his facebook. But it wouldnt suprise me if Banana for example could work their magic and circumvent this new "rule" perhaps.
  9. Big Change in Penang

    I dont rely on them at all. I asked her to double check etc, since im guessing people are leaving tonite looking to secure tourist visas. I hope we get some definit info.
  10. Big Change in Penang

    I asked the visa company I use here in Phuket if they had heard anything, they had no clue what I was talking about, sent her the facebook post but no reaction. According to her its still a regular onward ticket requirement, anywhere outside the country that is.
  11. Some people are probably in severe panic, and beyond exhausted from fighting and blood loss. Life isnt an action movie. You would probably be too scared to fight five people in a regular bar fight with just fists. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah and how attractive are you guys who have to move halfway across the world to find "love"? Pathetic comments... Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  13. Or just dont marry the poorest girl in a third world country. That could be an idea. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  14. Trip to Isaan

  15. Trip to Isaan

    Found a handicrafts tour in Khon Kaen with good reviews. Will give it a try, thats one day. After that one day exploring the city and then we are pretty much done. Not the end of the world if this doesnt end up being the most exciting thing ever. Alrdy been to Chiang mai a bunch of times.