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  1. Well, no you can't. Because that how democracy works. However, in a general election, once the parties are over, they get down to business. But this Brexit is turning out to be such a divisive issue that a collective 'think again' could well be on the cards. I'm not saying it will, but I for one would like to see it happen.
  2. A quick scan of the voting statistics tell me that 38% of registered voters voted for Brexit, 35% voted for remain and 27% were no shows. My interpretation of that is that a minority of voters were hoodwinked by Nigel, Boris and the likes, a smaller minority saw common sense And good too many, who should have got off their butts, didn't! I suspect that many of them thought 'It couldn't possibly happen, so I'll not bother'. But it did! I agree, if another referendum were called now, there would be a massive rush to the polling stations to get this calamitous decision reversed. But, have those up there got the courage to admit that Cameron made a huge blunder?
  3. Note to self: Do not go live on Samui! Good luck with that little lot.
  4. Sounds like a 'Samui rule'. I did receive a 9 month extension at Udon Thani in the same circumstances.
  5. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Two points on this one. Make sure you're dealing with the right issue. So called 'Jock Itch' is a fungal infection, whilst Prickly Heat is a rash caused by blockage of the sweat glands. And the treatment for the two is different. It seems to me that the OP has got his diagnosis correct and if so, prickly heat powder, such as Snake Brand is not appropriate. I got advice regarding Jock Itch a long time ago from an RAF doctor in Singapore. 'Dump the jocks'. I mean it. I never wear them at all now and I've never any problems down there. Swing free OP and you troubles could be over.
  6. And perhaps study the 'Rochdale Grooming Case' and others in UK, which have a lot of similarities to this dreadful business. This is certainly not 'Thailand in all its glory'. (An unfortunate choice of words if I may say so!)
  7. Carrying a weapon, purely for ones own defence, mainly an American habit of course, may be excused, although, I as a Brit, wholly disapprove. But this is clearly not the case here. To pull out a weapon in a public place and make threatening gestures indicate intent. And that would not happen if he did not have in his possession. What other reason could be for his actions?
  8. Yes it does. But that's not the point. Carrying a weapon indicates intent, whether it is used to threaten or not.
  9. The person wearing the safety helmet is the engineer recovering the body!
  10. Please go back through this thread and read again. You'll find plenty of entries that scoff at this idea in one way or another. But back to the topic, yes you're right, a bank account is not necessary for M-Pesa system. All one needs a mobile phone account. But that's immaterial. A phone pay system like this can be used for micro purchases, such the noodle stand, the village store, bus fares. The sort of payments that wouldn't be in the realm of bank cards or bank transfers. And everyone has a phone and knows how use it. That's the beauty of this system.
  11. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    My immediate thought is that there is less pollen in the air here. I'm fortunate, I've never suffered this, but my daughter did. She was, primarily brought up in the middle east and did not have any problems whilst we were there. But every year she and her mother would go back to the UK to escape the summer heat and as soon as they got there, the asthma would kick in and would trouble her until their return. Pollen is blamed in many such cases.
  12. Yes, can be up to 4 years custodial. But, does it deter? It appears not with knife crime increasing by 14% p/a in UK. But 100 thb fine just ridiculous! This country need a serious shakedown.
  13. In keeping with the quality of the rubbish newspaper it's being reported in.
  14. The concept of a cashless society, even in a rural, agrarian and poorly educated community is possible. Not only is it possible, it has been proved to be possible. And just about everyone in this country has the tool to do it with and the skill to do so. The M-Pesa system, pioneered in Kenya is a system of payment using a mobile phone. It is so simple that it is no more difficult than sending a text message. It can be used for just about everything, from paying your bar bill to paying off the taxi driver. It has been so successful that even Masai tribes people have embraced it. So never say never. It can be done.
  15. A croc can go for up to a year without eating. What's all the fuss?