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  1. I do not believe that a 'tech' solution can possibly resolve the issue of the N. I./Irish border. It snakes for over 300 miles, through mainly rural territory and has 208 official crossing points and maybe 100 more private ones. The only way that border control could be imposed would be to go back to the 20 or so that were available to the public during the 'troubles'. Otherwise it would be a logistical nightmare. Interfering with this border would be hugely unpopular on both sides, particularly amongst the republican community. An open, virually invisible border was a key element of the 'Good Friday' agreement which formally ended the 'troubles' some 20 years ago and reneging on that agreement, would, I'm sure provoke a backlash of one form or another. It's worth noting that the Northern Irish community returned the nation's highest 'remain' vote of 67% in the referendum. And I'm sure the border one of the most important issues when the went to the polls.
  2. Yes. They would say that, wouldn't they! The more exposure that religions get of this nature and the more denial they retreat into, the more they become discredited. I have no time for this religion rubbish. None of it!
  3. Moonlover

    Opps, what a faux pas

    I've seen some embarrassing spelling mistakes in my time, but not public as this one! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-45572275
  4. Moonlover

    Using a Gas Water Heater

    I am seeking to install some form of water heating for our kitchen. Its location does not lend itself to fitting an electric heater and I'm not too happy that the wiring in our fairly old house should be subjected to any more load anyway. So I'm considering installing a gas instant heater instead, such as the one in the picture below. If anyone out there uses one of these, (or similar) I'd like to hear your comments on them, particularly regarding water pressure. We do not have tank/pump system, however the supply pressure is, generally fairly good. Thanks in advance for any useful info. ML
  5. Taken out of context. The whole paragraph read: ''Expect the unexpected, slow down, move over. The road is not busy. He had plenty room around him. Defensive driving is so important here, as indeed everywhere''. Slow down, back off and move in behind the pick up. Save your overtaking maneuver until after the bridge when you know it's safe to do so, not think it is. I do wonder. If the vehicle had been driven by a Thai, how many of the Thai baiting fraternity would have chimed in with comments to the affect: ''Typical Thai, driving too fast in the outside lane with no regard for safety. Me first, me first''. But, of course, he wasn't a Thai and falangs don't do that sort of thing do they. Do they?
  6. Moonlover

    How to stop mosquitos sucking my blood

    There are always more mosquitoes around during the rainy season, simply because there is more water around for them to lay their eggs in. Tests have indicated that they are indeed attracted more to type O blood and also to potassium and lactic acid. So diet could have an influence. How many bananas due you eat? As far their racial preference is concerned, my wife and I (both blood type O) have found it to be the opposite to your experience. She is forever complaining about mosquitoes, whilst I never even notice them. I may be wrong, but I put this down to the fact that as I am quite hairy, they prefer to target her smoother skin. (so do I, BTW) As far as repellents go, both 'Johnson's Off' and 'Mos Away' are very effective. (so Madam Moon tells me) ML
  7. Interestingly, The only country where I've seen a motorcyclist ghost riding like this was India, although it was exceptional. In the countries I've listed, they usually ride on the inside lane as they do here. I have never, as I recall, seen a motorcycle being ridden is this manner in Thailand. I do wonder whether he thought he was on a single carriageway. I'm also somewhat critical of the Kiwi driver. If I was approaching a blind hilltop in the road, at high speed, in the outer lane, my survival 'alarm bells' would be ringing very loudly. Expect the unexpected, slow down, move over. The road is not busy. He had plenty room around him. Defensive driving is so important here, as indeed everywhere.
  8. I agree with much of what you say, but not the last bit. India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt,. To name just a few I've known and I'm sure there are many more.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought of that one. But I've done it just now and it comes in at about 50 THB more. There is a very slight increase in the exchange rate, but the differential between the TW method and Direct Deposit from UK is very apparent.
  10. I have a quick follow up on this topic for those who have pensions to transfer. I currently have my Armed Forces pension paid directly into Krungrsi and I've just done a 'dummy run' to compare the alternative of using TW instead. My pension was paid out last Friday and I did a dummy transfer, on that day, with TW and found that I would have received 29,350 THB and would have arrived the following day. Instead, I had to wait 4 days for my pension to arrive and when it did I received only 28,800 THB. It's a 'no brainer'. Why wait to get less? A letter will be on its way to the Paymaster today.
  11. Quite a good appraisal Radiochaser. But you do not mention one important point. These type of over-the-horizon radars, have a much lower resolution than primary microwave radars seen on airfields and marine craft. and when it comes to aircraft, the operate at their best, when the target is moving toward (or away) from the radar station. Targets moving laterally are much more difficult to detect and, from a military standpoint, they are generally not of any interest anyway. They would probably be ignored in much the same way as a herd of gazelle will ignore a cheetah strolling by in full view (providing it keeps its distance of course!) It is just possible that MH370 did fly within range of Australia's radar, see map below, but it would have been moving laterally and therefore went undetected or ignored by the system. Its a very interesting topic. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  12. No, it is not amazing. It is inevitable that no debris could be found. The search of the Indian Ocean did not commence until 10 days after the aircraft disappeared and even then the possible location was vague, to say the least. Such flotsam and jetsam would have, by then dispersed or become waterlogged and sunk, the few remaining items drifting away toward Africa. The radar to which you refer to would not be capable of detecting an aircraft. Aircraft search radars are a very different type and cannot see over the horizon so their range is limited to around 300kls
  13. Of course it's possible to fly an aircraft remotely. Drone pilots have been doing it for years. And it is also possible for an airliner to fly a complete sector without the pilots intervening at all. But it would not be possible to take the control of an airliner away from the aircrew without an enormous amount of system modification. For all practical purposes it would be impossible.
  14. The official report concludes that 3 wing parts found on the western shores of the Indian Ocean most definitely came from MH370. See below under the heading 'Search and Debris: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/mh370-final-report-missing-aircraft-behaviour-reveals-it-was-under-manual-control/news-story/ec0ed05e63090ef8fe29e73bb051e383 Anyone who is still clinging to ridiculous speculations regarding the disappearance of this flight should read 'Goodnight Malaysian 370' by Geoff Taylor & Ewan Wilson. Such notions will soon dissolve.
  15. Moonlover

    Stresses of buying a bike in Thailand

    Na! Disagree. That's when the stress is over and the fun begins. Been riding here for 4 years and still enjoying every ride.