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  1. Hearsay of course, but if true, - 'claims he had chocked wheels' - is, of course, code for 'the handbrake doesn't work'.
  2. Witness said high speed and lost it on the bend. Hell, I did that once when I was young and stupid. Luckily there were no obstructions, just a potato field to land in (and just to beat all the wise cracks) or I would have had my chips!
  3. I was going to pull a comment about Thai humour, but I see that it's already been done to death on this thread. Needless to say, it's, well, a bit different to ours. You learn to live with it.
  4. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    From my observation, the Click is, by a good margin, the most popular scooter on Thailand's roads. They must be doing something right.
  5. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Nice comparison. I've had a new click for 4 months 2500km and a few things you mentioned. Brakes have been good for me. At 80kph bike has no buffeting, I'm amazed how smooth it is in comparison with my big bikes in the UK. I'm 5ft10 in the morning and my knees don't touch the holder things. Maybe its an arm length thing / seating position. On 3 bars it usually takes 100 baht of 95 to fill up. Acceleration on the click is really good, I'm often quickest away at traffic lights, no need to be any faster. Maybe on an older click it isn't the same. I've had a Click for almost three years now and endorse everything you say about them. I've seen them described on this forum, maybe on this thread, as a 'motorized shopping trolley'. Such a term does not do it justice, even though it is very good in that role. I've often been amazed at how much the wife and I have lugged home from the market on it! Like you say, great acceleration and a very smooth engine. And very quiet too l. Mine has the combined braking system and once I'd adjusted to one hand braking, I thoroughly recommend it. One always the right hand in full control of the throttle, instead of trying to do two things at once. And you always have the right lever for the front brake in reserve if you need extra bite. Rarely had to use it fortunately. We have a car now, so no more shopping trips. The Click is now my fun bike and I ride out regularly around the country lanes and the winding roads through the hill range to the south of Sakon Nakhon. I can cruise comfortably at 80kph with occasional forays up to 90 when I know the road surface is good. But I do still enjoy mixing it with city traffic now and then. It's been very reliable and she runs as well now as the day I bought her.
  6. Well, I'm not, by any means, a fan of B. G. or religion in general, But let's be fair and correct in our comments. I lifted this from Wikipedia on him and question your view that he was 'A strict segregationist ' ''During a 1953 rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Graham tore down the ropes that organizers had erected to separate the audience into racial sections. He recounted in his memoirs that he told two ushers to leave the barriers down "or you can go on and have the revival without me."[42] He warned a white audience, "we have been proud and thought we were better than any other race, any other people. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to stumble into hell because of our pride.'' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Graham#Civil_rights_movement So, maybe a late coming to the party, as you say, but he seems to have got the message eventually. Now perhaps a few well known contributors to TVF could do the same thing with regards to their attitude toward Thais.
  7. One has to have sympathy for these ladies and other residents in the neighborhood for the problems they are having, but I really don't think that resorting to criminal damage is the best way forward. And I can also empathise with the pick-up driver who said that the property looked abandoned and I can understand her viewpoint. Just look at it. Who on earth is going to take the trouble to read that lot in the middle of a busy shopping trip? If I was in a position to advice this family, I would suggest that they remove all of that signage, make their home look lived in and install just one clear message. 'No Parking. Vehicles WILL be clamped'. And DO it! Clamps are available from Lazada, so they can't be that hard to get hold of.
  8. Wife was in hysterics when she saw it on TV this morning. I went out and inspected our plastic chairs! --- H & S habits die hard!
  9. When I was a youngster, I got to know a lass from Yorkshire. We were both jazz fans and whilst chatting on the phone she mentioned that she was going to see Billy Graham. I didn't know him so asked her what instrument he played. I never heard from her again. Perhaps it's just as well. We would definitely have been on different wave lengths.
  10. Non O visa - marriage - funds

    A valid point if one intends to travel outside the country during the year. That would be 1,000 THB per re-entry. Thanks for pointing that out.
  11. Non O visa - marriage - funds

    The Savannakket option is, in the main used by those who, for a variety of reasons, cannot not, or prefer not to show evidence of capital or income. There are two downsides to this option. Firstly expense. The visa will cost you 5,000 THB plus 1,500 THB for the Laos visa, plus travel and accommodation expenses. And then factor in the fact that you have to leave the country every 90 days. Even just going to Laos will cost you 1,500 THB a hop, plus travel expenses. A locally obtained 1 year extension will only cost you 1,900 THB and no border runs required. The second disadvantage is that you will very quickly fill your passport with stamps. More expense and inconvenience I came here nearly 4 years ago on a 90 day non-o visa, opened a bank account with Krungsri within 2 weeks and encountered no problems obtaining my extension at my local IMM Pol office. Up to you. Your choice and good luck.
  12. Read this article JAG and you might like to reconsider your comment: www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30338044
  13. And even more unlikely, what are the odds of finding the winning tickets? The odds of buying them are pretty damn small, never mind finding them.
  14. Coming from a country, the UK, where it is not possible to obtain permission to own, even a 22 handgun, the notion that this sponsor deems it appropriate to ban assault weapons sounds ludicrous in the extreme! What the heck would anyone, in a civilized society, want an assault weapon for?