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  1. Moonlover

    Question about a/c

    Lot of folks get a bit confused when it come ideal temperature in the room. In the tropics, it's as much about drying the air as it is about cooling it. 25c with dry air inside is a lot more comfortable than 25c outside with high humidity. I agree that 18c is an unrealistic target and you're giving money away to PEA O/P. The compressor will be belting away all day and that's where the money goes. I usually set mine at around 24c and will nudge it up or down 1c at a time until we're comfortable, always allowing it to settle for a while. We only have one 18,000BTU unit in a room that doesn't have much in way of insulation and our last 2 bills have been under 900 THB
  2. Moonlover

    Watch out for fake 1,000 baht banknotes in Chonburi

    Given that passport forgery is big business in Thailand, I wouldn't think that bank notes would be too much of a challenge.
  3. Moonlover

    Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    I hate walking about with one of those stupid looking 'girlie bags'. (Some call them 'man bags', even worse!) But when I do carry my passport, which is very rarely, I like to know that it's safe and secure. Got a problem with that!
  4. flashing lights (other than indicators) are also illegal unless they're on an emergency vehicle. But nobody seems to give a rats ----- about that do they!
  5. Moonlover

    Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    I have a small light wallet with a shoulder strap which I can wear under my shirt and is completely concealed. When I feel there is a need to carry my passport, which is not very often, that's how I do it. Neat, simple solution. Normally I carry a laminated copy, as suggested by Jip above.
  6. No. Much like the effect of a plane losing pressure at high altitude, the victims simply lose consciousness and die through lack of oxygen. Anoxia is the posh term. Free divers can also suffer the same fate if they go down too deep and/or stay down for too long. Known in the game as 'shallow water blackout'. Why is America so screwed up on this issue of capital punishment? Instead of scratching around for the best way to dispatch a fellow human being, join the rest of the civilized world and abolish it once and for all.
  7. Also demonstrates one potential disadvantage of having an auto, or more likely in this case, an auto clutch. Hope dad has learned, the hard way, to keep his hand on throttle and the gear in neutral. That is presuming, of course, that they will continue to ride around in this fashion.
  8. Moonlover

    180 days, rumors????

    I've met both Swedes and Danes, who have living here for many years. Two that I know for sure have not been back to their home countries for many years either. I don't think you have much to worry about.
  9. The SUV driver acted instinctively to a threat from his right. I would almost certainly done the same myself. Any motorcyclist who squeezes himself between traffic like this is just asking for trouble.
  10. Moonlover

    Dumb question?

    Have you seen what's available on market stalls throughout the country? It would be a bit hypercritical to stop anyone from bringing one in I'd have thought.
  11. Moonlover

    Scooter for Girl

    There's a 15, maybe 16 year old lad that I know in Udon Thani riding around on a Honda CBR150R that his British step dad bought for him. Responsible parenting? And there's a 14 y/o in our village that rides his dad's around sometime. Same type from what I can see. Enforcement. What's that?
  12. Talking of 'heads down' as in the article heading, I was reading awhile back, that pedestrians in Japan are walking around 'heads down' so much that they are colliding with each other on the sidewalks. Authorities are now considering putting 'walk/don't walk lights on the pavement at zebra crossings, so that the 'heads down society' can see them without looking up! Oh, just how sad does it get? Spending all day on TVF maybe!
  13. Moonlover

    Scooter for Girl

    It is unrealistic for a novice rider to riding in such conditions at all! The recommended 70/30 split is recommended for normal riding conditions. However, situations are bound to occur when a different technique is called for. One learns, by experience when that might be so. And let's be reasonable, we talking daily street riding here, not motocross.
  14. Moonlover

    Scooter for Girl

    Not Cairo, we lived in a much smaller, coastal city, but still pretty chaotic. But I do agree with your sentiments regarding that city. It is, by some margin, the worst place I have ever travelled in. Far worse than anywhere I've been in Thailand. And as for aggression, I have seen car drivers deliberately side-swiping each other. They make Thai drivers seem like little angels. Oops! Going off topic again!
  15. Moonlover

    Scooter for Girl

    Going a little too fast into winding canyon roads and having to deftly apply the rear brake to wash off the speed. Valid yes for an experienced rider. But hardly appropriate for day to day riding on the streets of Thailand. Let's be realistic shall we, instead of trying to 'score points'. Riding instructors and safety experts agree on balanced front and rear braking.