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  1. So big smiles all round. And a big thank you to all those who have made the effort to get the clarification on this matter. So that's me. I'm off to Savannakhet in October. And I'm looking forward to another 5 litres of that very nice Californian Burgundy red that's on sale there.
  2. Let's face it folks. So far we have had 60 posts, most of them speculative, based on what is nothing more than hearsay. And that hearsay does not even specify what type of visa the applicant applied for. I plan to go to Savannakhet myself this year for a multi-entry based on marriage, so I am following this thread closely. So please, for everyone's sake, can we have information based on fact. Not hearsay and rumour. I'm sure that there are plenty of members who would appreciate that.
  3. Yes you can. They will re-assign the new SIM to your account.
  4. Is this problem specific to your location? Go to your neighbour's place and try there. And try other locations. If it is nothing to do with location, then it can only be the phone or the SIM card and as you've replaced the phone, you're down to the SIM. Go see Telewiz. They can replace the SIM for you. Make sure you have ID.
  5. ''My Expat TV''. I've using them for 8 years or more now both here and in Egypt. They are totally reliable and very agile when the TV channels start chasing them. I've never lost connection for more than an hour or two, during all of those years. Find them at:
  6. No, I didn't. And what action did the bib take against them?
  7. He's not the only one. I've seen the same thing happen to a guy in the USA. In that case the croc hung on and it took four strong assistants to get it to release its grip. Dumb headedness is not confined to Thailand by a long way.
  8. With an income/capital like that I can think of plenty of places that are a lot more agreeable to live in than Thailand. And I wouldn't have to report to 'head teacher' every 90 days either!
  9. Personally, I think that carrying any sort of weapon in your car is fraught with danger. You are in a confined space and would find it very difficult to use. Your adversary on the other hand has freedom of movement and could well have a weapon of his own. Your best defense is a locked door and the accelerator pedal.
  10. I even know a Brit who carries a stiletto blade in his car. Crazy in my view. If you feel that insecure it's time to go.
  11. Well, at least it will have served some useful purpose and I would like to hope that the hospital's incinerator is a bit more environmentally friendly than the temple's smoke generators.
  12. Here's a website that may be of use to you. I certainly agree with your idea. I did read a BBC article recently pointing out how much pollution cremation causes. Many facilities in the west are having to clean up their act somewhat.
  13. It would also be the case in the UK that should the driver recover, he would then face a charge of ''having an offensive weapon in a public place'' and ''threatening behaviour''. The former is a mandatory custodial sentence. I wonder what, if any, action he will face here.
  14. What a sad reflection on the country that a bus driver feels that it's necessary to carry a sword for protection when going about his duties.
  15. Go tell that to the Grand Master. I'm sure he'll be pleased to know. You obviously feel a little peeved at being bested by one of the lower classes who only carries an ''ordinary passport''.