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  1. I see three clear options. 1. Embassy letter. 2. 800,000 THB deposit. 3. 65,000 THB monthly deposits. I do not understand how you've managed to interpret that as 'not too promising. Ok, I'm am as ever the optimist, but I see the 3rd option as very encouraging.
  2. It really is too early to be asking this question. We have all been, over the years, 'conditioned' to presenting the embassy letters at each application and Immigration have been 'conditioned' to require those same letters. It has become the norm, therefor it is unlikely that anyone has even tried. So I really am not surprised that no one has come up with a positive. answer. (other than a couple of rather vague responses) As UJ indicated earlier, we will have to wait until the new year when applicants start presenting requests without those letters, that we will begin to see a pattern.
  3. People who start a sentence with 'I'm also pretty sure...…….....' (or similar) can usually be interpreted as 'I don't really know, but I think.........….'. Well, for what it's worth, here's what I think. I would be very surprised indeed if he had allowed himself to be filmed by a news team, knowing that it would be broadcast, if he wasn't 100% sure that he was acting legally. No one can be that dumb! Good luck to the guy. Much better than being sat in front of the TV, or, for that matter, making dumb comments on forums!
  4. Ok. good luck with the search. It's there somewhere.
  5. Yes I know the problem I was forever doing it! On my Acer, which also runs Win10 it's Fn+F7 Worth a try.
  6. Pal of mine in Udon Thani has been coming here for 16 years for between 3 to 6 months per visit. He has always used multi entry non imm O visas from the Thai embassy in London. I don't think he's ever visited an immigration office.
  7. Well. I do have one suggestion. You mentioned that your partner is actually your fiancée. Do you see where I'm going here? If you marry, Your regular social security payments of 47,000 per month will comfortably exceed the monthly income requirement for a marriage based extension. Other than that, showing your bank statements for the whole year and appending a spreadsheet showing that your average income does indeed exceed the retirement threshold could well work. You have plenty of time so try an informal chat with IO prior to your renewal date. I suspect there could be a lot of use doing that, me included. And please take no notice of the doom and gloom brigade. I'm quite sure that monthly income extensions will still be accepted. Good luck.
  8. So what's the problem here? Thousands of Thai masseuses go and work abroad every year. I meet my wife in an hotel in Egypt and there are plenty of others there as well. What I don't understand is why China? I lived there for a year and found that the standard of massage there to be far superior to the lame attempts that I have so often encountered here in Thailand. I once had to tell my masseuse to 'get off her mobile phone and use both hands!' And on another occasion I had to ask one to 'turn off that bloody TV!' Needless to say I never visited those two again. Now there's only one masseuse allowed to get her hands on me.
  9. I acknowledge and completely agree with what you say. And personally I do not think that there is anything to worry about in the 'post embassy letter' era. (providing that one does have the necessary income of course!) However, making prudent plans to be able to demonstrate that one's income does indeed come from abroad costs little or nothing to set up and could just be useful when making one's application. As you said yourself, Imm offices are well known for applying their own local rules. Enjoy your weekend. ML
  10. Moonlover

    Looking for decent quality drill and bits

    Agree with that. I've done lots of jobs around the house that I could never have completed without a hammer drill and good quality masonry drill bits. Battery powered seems convenient at first, but getting half way through a job and having the battery die on you is a real bummer. Go for corded. I have a B & D but all the best known makes are available here and drills are like everything life. The more you pay, the better they are. Global House and Thai Watsadu both have plenty of choices.
  11. My apologies if I misread your message. Actually Thaidream, the truth is we just don't know. erstwhile we relied on the embassy letters and it just didn't matter where our incomes came from or how we got into the country. As you rightly say Thai Imm were not interested. The letter made it easy for us and easy for them. A best guess is that, if we are going to rely on the monthly income approach, our best bet is to make sure we can show just that. 65/40K per month minimum going into a local bank account. Convenient though it may be, the ATM approach doesn't meet that requirement. From the point of view of poor exchange rates, ATM charges, home country bank charges and the risk of card fraud, I would not use the ATM method anyway. For me TransferWise ticks all the boxes. Others will have a different view. Let's hope it turns out well for all of us. ML
  12. I get the impression Thaidream that you haven't read this topic from the beginning. It's only 2 pages long. May I suggest that you go and read from the beginning. It will probably answer all you queries.
  13. This is, of course nothing more than pure speculation, culled from another thread that has, currently 169 pages of speculation. Why drag it over here? What's under discussion here are practical steps that income reliant expats can take to maximise their chances of a successful extension request in the post embassy letter era. Please don't complicate the issue with yet more rumours and speculation.
  14. I reckon that all of you who are following this thread can see the implications regarding the demise of the embassy letters. In the future, those of us who rely on monthly incomes will have to present our own evidence of income, presumably from abroad. Using TransferWise one can present their transfer slip, linked to a bank deposit entry and prove beyond any doubt that the funds are indeed coming from abroad. It would take a pretty sceptical IO to reject such evidence. In fact it is better evidence that the embassy letters. (and 52 GBP cheaper!) I have already geared up for this by opening a new folder in which I am saving all my T/W transfer slips and their related bank statements downloaded from Krungsri. I am not in the least bit concerned about the loss of the income letter. Have a good day everyone. ML