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  1. Yes, a very good point!
  2. Westernized my Thai wife

    I would go along with this personally. In fact, I would never have cooperated with such an arrangement in the first place. I got some advice form a friend here some years back. 'If the family live in the north, go live in the south. If the family live south, go live in the north'!
  3. I cannot see the connection between, or the relevance of, this article and the topic under discussion. I have also come across 'double hit' stories in a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and, of course Thailand!
  4. Yes, I think it does make sense. Mixing urban traffic with a high speed service is not a very good idea. We saw the consequences of that in the Santiago de Compostela accident, Spain in 2013. That happened where an HST line joined an urban line. Also the speed differentials make mixing urban services with HST operations very difficult and potentially dangerous.
  5. We'll just have to agree to differ on that one!
  6. I lived in China for a while and had a studio overlooking a busy urban dual carriageway. I was horrified at the risks people would take to cross that highway, despite the availability of underpasses and a light controlled junction nearby. So along came the the highway authorities and built a very strong looking 'impenetrable' fence along the median to prevent this dangerous behaviour. Within three days of completion it had been breached and within a couple of months it had breaks in it along its entire length. And compared with the Thais, the Chinese have far more self discipline! Sorry, but in this part of the world, I would have little faith in fences. And by the way, I hardly think that 'For once, the PM is showing some good sense.' qualifies me as a junta supporter!
  7. Water Pump.

    If you live in the deep tropical south, you might well not need a hot shower. I don't think I would. But up in Issan, the water can be very chilly in the winter. And I gather that up in the north, it gets even colder. My wife would keep everything, no matter how useless it might be, unless I have my regular culls around the house. Thais have got to be the world's worst hoarders!
  8. An impenetrable fence in Thailand? Let's all have a good laugh. For once, the PM is showing some good sense. He understands the nature of his flock.
  9. I was going to comment on just that! My old pal was in Germany with the RAF and cruised the continent on his Moto Guzzi. Lovely bike and he swore by his throttle lock on long cruises as it reduced the strain on his wrist. I'm sure they can't be the only manufacturer who's thought of that. With modern technology, cruise control should be feasible as well. Any takers?
  10. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Having travelled a lot in my military career and have quite often meet up with colleagues in various locations, I have made a very interesting and enlightening observation. Those who are pissed off with one location, very soon become pissed off with the next location. Think about that before you 'burn your boats' OP.
  11. Stunt riders have been using various methods to achieve this over many years. I'm sure one of them will have used your version as well.
  12. I had to pay 500 Baht at Udon Thani for this service and, actually, I was surprised at how much work it involved. So I did not begrudge them their fee. There was one thing that irked me though. I had to go back 2 months later for my renewal and by the time it was all done, 5 pages of my passport had been used up. And I hadn't even left town!
  13. New law bans infant formula advertising

    Do wake up please and read the article fully.
  14. Remove the return spring. It's quite easy to do.
  15. Those colonialists and their descendants still seem to be having a bit of trouble with the Mississippi don't they! And actually the Mississippi's problems are very similar to Thailand's. and equally intractable.