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  1. Stargrazer9889

    On Thai island, hotel guests check out of plastic waste

    I see a new activity for a lot of prisoners, HMMM. How about it Mr, Top Cop and big leaders of countries with garbage problems. A cheap labor force who could actually help clean up a bit of the plastic waste on this filthy planet.
  2. Stargrazer9889

    PHOTOS: Miss Thailand World bikini photoshoot in Cha Am

    All these women look better than the majority of forum members, please try to remember that sobor fact!
  3. Steel I do not understand. Lead I understand a bit better.
  4. I will never understand why anyone wants a Mia Noi, the first Mia is head ache enough!
  5. Stargrazer9889

    Another day on Thai roads - another 58 corpses

    Thailand is and will always be a third world country, at least in my life time. I do not expect this country to get below the top worst 5 countries in the next 15 years. Carry on and please keep all those gross pictures coming in the news.. us bored old forum readers need our daily fix of death. (Sarcasm)
  6. Stargrazer9889

    Thai budget carriers' losses mount, shares tumble

    I only worked at airports for just over 32 years.
  7. Stargrazer9889

    Thai budget carriers' losses mount, shares tumble

    Airline losses are not real money losses. The Airline has a forecast of how much profits it will make in a quarter, and if they do not reach this forecast amount, then they claim a loss. Do not feel sorry for these companies and their losses, it is just like Fake News.
  8. Stargrazer9889

    Netizens decry school Mothers’ Day activities

    Thai Mothers day is also the Queens birthday, did any of you armchair experts consider that and some people, including children celebrate the day for the Queen, and not just their own mother. Geezer
  9. Tee Rump is another kind of dinosaur. How can this back alley mutt call any one else a dog!
  10. Stargrazer9889

    Thailand shielded from Turkey rout

    Just hope the Turkish people do not let their dictator guy get them as broke as Greece is.
  11. Third world country and third world attitude, and then there is the dog lovers. Guess I can only pack weapons and get ready for the next trip.
  12. Big difference is that Thailand does not have the sacred Second Ammendment..
  13. Stargrazer9889

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    I use to enjoy Kata beach, with good restaurants and Club Med and Kata Beach Resort good swimming at the south end of the beach.
  14. The guy was a married baggage handler, they do not make that great of a wage. Said he was a broken man and also a few screws loose. I wonder if he had been getting pressure to get a better paying job, and he lost it and decided to end it all after having a thrill ride in the Q400. Maybe also got told the marriage was over. Any new news on this fellows life and story?
  15. Autonomous vehicles will not work anywhere in the world as long as there are bad drivers. They also have to quit hitting and killing humans even if said human crosses the street not in a crosswalk area. I do not see this happening in my life time.