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  1. Another good rant, Rooster. It would be nice if the PM and politicians would read it and realize they have a chance to all change Thailand into a better country. I fear though that it will take at least a generation for any changes to happen. The dog that has attacked 5 times should already be a dead dog, and shame on the local police that it is not. Even soe of the politicians who are doing what, these days could step in and get some thing that simple done, but none of them have done a thing.I agree that that drunk police man should be sacked immediately, sad that It won't happen. Corruption and blind eyes are still in big existence. As long as the Hi Sos and rich people get treated differently than most of the population, the people will continue to regard the police and the government in the way that they do. I will still enjoy my visits to LOS but I certainly have seen the same shameful abuses to children continue since my first visit years ago. I have seen and talked with corrupt police members who actually thought I was stupid when I said that on my job I felt that honest and hard work was very important. I reminded them that I worked for the Canadian Government and it was expected of me to be that way, they still thought I should be able to figure out how to make extra money by not having to be so honest. Oh well that was years ago, Retirement, Got to love it! Geezer
  2. I really doubt that the car has a child seat in it. I have been all over the country and seen many little kids her age without any seats around available. This is Thailand after all LOS, and not all can afford those child seats. Still stupid dad for letting her ride in front of him. Geezer
  3. Way to go, yes turn off all the fountains. That sure is the way to help out people in this heat spell, NOT! Geeer
  4. Yes Lets all not worry about North Korea and its on going attempt to become a nuclear power. With Fat Boy Nut Job in power, what could go wrong? I guess everything is just peachy. I agree that China should behave in the south at those disputed islands, and quit pushing its expansion in the Sea. We all know its about the oil and gas fields in that area, and of course fishing rights etc. Geezer
  5. Som Nom Nah, stupid attempt to be a thief. Geezer
  6. RIP to the man who was killed by likely a lazy person who did not work enough to ever buy any land. It is a sad situation that repeats itself not only in Thailand but in many places in the world. Geezer
  7. I have heard of drug mules , ,and now I have heard of Ivory mules, wonder if the charges are the same. Sure glad these guys were caught, and the destination has to wait longer to make their ivory products. Geezer
  8. I have seen building material come off a high rise in Bangkok during a storm. In Asia there have been some improvements during construction, but not all ompanies make the effort to be safe. I guess in South Pattaya that company is one of those. Geezer
  9. My question is Who owns this dog that won't be killed off, The mayor, or Police chief or a powerful politician, or rich family member. The animal has no right to still be alive Geezer
  10. Over the years I have seen many groups of people in Thailand swimming, and so any of the Chinese do not have a clue about swimming. I seen a grown woman almost drown as she kept waving her head around and the snorkel would submerge and she would gulp down some water. I hollered at the crew on the boat she was near and one jumped in the water and saved her. The others near her had no idea what to do so they just stayed away from her and hung onto their life jackets and paddled around. Geezer
  11. When they catch and charge this Hi So jerk, do not just put him in the Hi So Jail, but send him to the regular jail in general population. One thing people do not know is the rich get sent other places, Well they are rich after all. Geezer
  12. I guess that the people of this agency do not care about much, as long as they all get their pay checks and raises, and bonuses etc. blah blah. Geezer
  13. He seemed so popular when he was elected. Nice Hair though, maybe he also just was not ready. Sort of like the PM of Canada. Geezer
  14. I used to enjoy going to Phuket several years ago, but it sounds like the place is still got some old problems. Is corruption still a problem, is the mafia in Phuket still part of the problem? I have good old memories of Kata and Karon beaches. I stayed away from Patong because of the parking mafia. I did appreciate the hospital there though, and a dedicated doctor at 3AM. Geezer
  15. I am all for some changes, but I do hope that Thailand does not become another India, a country that has super bugs with not cure. Just saying! Geezer