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  1. I believe that the building management company deliberately used the cheaper non fire proofed material and therefore they should be held accountable for this. Firing the top and some of the lower level people of this company is a start. I guess some of this may happen as May did not need this to happen. She has enough troubles already. Geezer
  2. I will certainly get that vaccination before I go to Thailand again. Geezer
  3. Thailand hopefully uses more concrete and less of the cheap non fire proof crap in their construction. If not well buy a good spirit house and watch the birds fly to and fro, and just pray a lot. Geezer
  4. I do hope that Britain successfully gets out of the EU, and the rest of the countries are fair to Britain, especially Belgium. I can believe that here are a lot of big EGOs at play in this Brexit. I just think that countries that have not contributed very good to the EU step up now and do their part. Geezer
  5. Yep ISIL is endearing the world to their cause. How how to get everyone to hate you champagne. Keep it up ISIL I do hope the whole world goes after your group and every other terrorist group until you are all dead and seeing the 17 demons that you think will be virgins, as you will all be going to Hell when you are killed off or die. Good Riddance to you all, especially those losers who changed their religions recently just to go fight for your cause. Geezer
  6. I generally try to avoid hitting Humans of any sort, and hope that you do as well. shlog... Geezer
  7. I personally think that he General PM has done at least as good a job as the last two leaders and I do not think that he is nearly as corrupt as the last two were. My wife is Thai and her family in Thailand were no fans of the last two leaders. The last two leaders were considered as very rich Hi Sos. and of course most Thais know how corrupt they were. Geezer
  8. Keep the money and make this kind of practice a crime for sure. Do not return any of the money and maybe the Cambodians will learn to do things themselves. Let this guy pay off he people he supposedly was working for. 555. Geezer
  9. What needs to happen in Britain is for the company that put on the cladding to be charged for this fire. Put them into bankruptsy and never let them do this kind of work again. Then fire all the government people who knew about this building and its problems but never did a thing about it. If May has to go,as she was the government leader when this building was getting renoed, Let her go! Doing nothing but taking years to investigate this fire is likely what will be done, and that hopefylly is unacceptable to the British people. Geezer
  10. These mules need good jail time as well, maybe they can identify some more powerful people like the dealers, to get a bit of their sentences off. Drugs!
  11. For Jenifer d , This mother selling her own daughter into the sex trade is just disgusting and wrong. I will not try pin this on the present Government because this kind of thing has gone one for years. Even the years the 2 previous governments existed, and they did nothing to try stop it. I do not want to see Thailand go back to a so called democratic government where people had some baht paid to them to vote in a certain rich person. Know what I am saying, remember the past. Geezer
  12. Stuid fool for not staying at the first accident, now he has killed people. Good Luck to him trying to get out of this last accident. RIP to the people killed. A very sad news story. Geezer
  13. Can't dare to name these maybe important people, and if they are related to someone powerful, don't you know that there would be loss of face in that situation. After all Thailand is a country with very good politicians that live both inside and outside of the country. Geezer
  14. Without the hookers all dressed up and looking good, Walking street would be very boring with only the frumpy looking tourists walking about. I do agee that the guns should be left at home. 3AM closures are fine with me as I have my extra booze in the hotel room incase I need further refreshments after 2AM Geezer
  15. The animals I listed are all big enough to total a car or truck if you hit them. A dog or cat may hurt the underside of the car a bit, so why swerve a vehicle for a small animal or lizard or snake. That is my point.. cut off size would be a large dog like a Great Dane, or Irish wolf hound. Geezer