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  1. Looks like this wonderful couple will be in prison for longer than they first thought. glad the police got more of this drug off the streets of Thailand. Geezer
  2. I am just glad that I came back to cool Canada, before all the extreme heat hit Thailand. My Thai wife was there until mid April and said it got too hot even in the first half of the month. Good luck to all you heat sufferers. Geezer
  3. The truth is that the drought is local in a few areas in Thailand, that do not have adequate dams and reservoirs to collect and keep the rain that has fallen. A lot of the country has been restocked with the recent rains. The far south had historical floods this year. Geezer
  4. As stated at the beginning, it is the mid week rant, hope you feel better now that you got it off your chest. Geezer
  5. Monks ion robes are not supposed to be driving car, so what was this supposed monk thinking. Guess he was thinking, Okay! I am going back to my civy life so lets start by trashing my friends car. WooHoo. Geezer
  6. I refuse to use facebook, as I have never agreed with its lack of security, and I did have an account once, and my pictures that I had sent to one friend, ended up in public as my friend accidently put them into his general album that is exposed to all of his friends, an someone spread my pictures from there. I closed the account and it took a year to see most of my pictures get taken off of even my friends account. Geezer
  7. A corrupt billionaire on the run, nice to see him spending some of his fortunes to survive and stay out of jail. Geezer
  8. Venezuela needs a civil war against its corrupt government to clean up its problems, unfortunately the police and military will protect the government even though it has and still is so corrupt. Bad times indeed! Geezer
  9. China is hippocritic, get out of the ocean in your SE and quit bothering your neighbours there. China could also invite Fat Boy from MK and keep him, ending the problem that exists in that country Geezer
  10. This is a funny story because the guy is a supposedly leadig tour guide and still wears a gold necklace in Pattaya. 55555 I just can't stop laughing. Geezer
  11. Afghanistan is still a tribal country with the drug lords as well who likely support the terrorists, so I do not see any improvement in this country in my lifetime. To bad about the talibans successful attack though, guess they need more bombs in the mountains. Geezer
  12. Another fool from anywhere else in the world should just be smart and stay out of North Korea. Well if Dennis wants to go back, okay fine. Fat boy is probably ready to watch basketball with him again, or just look at his tattoos. Geezer
  13. He is hiding with that monk who is invisible Geezer
  14. Always a fool somewhere who is willing to kill themselves for their 5 seconds of fame. This guy should be happy to still be alive. Geezer
  15. I think that there are also thousands of Thais that live and work abroad, who are dual citizens. How nice for them. Glad to hear about the 150 thousand that are also legally working abroad and making real money in other richer countries. Geezer