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  1. Yes sounds like Aussie politics are like Aussie Rules Football. Elections are preferred over lead poisoning like some US leaders faced in the past. Geezer
  2. What? Wasn't Nixon sent packing after Watergate? Geezer
  3. Stargrazer9889

    China calls on Canada to free Huawei CFO or face consequences

    This woman has property in Canada, and I wonder how often she or her family will ever visit or trust the Government in the future? Geezer
  4. Stargrazer9889

    Rich nations fail as Thailand meets its emissions target

    I really hate per capita charts. The heavy polluting countries are India with its coal powerplants, its old trains, trucks and cars. Factories and industries. China, Russia as well for similar reasons, and the USA. Africa and ME, do they use modern oil platforms, and refineries? Geezer
  5. Stargrazer9889

    Warning of more wet, windy weather ahead

    Glad to hear that the weater is cool and wet for those who like that stuff. Just hope January to March is drier. Geezer
  6. Stargrazer9889

    Man found hanged after seeing partner with another man

    I have seen lots of unfaithful husbands and wives here in Canada, it certainly is not just an Asian thing. I even had one unfaithful husband who flew his gf to another town for their encounter, then fly into a hill top on his return flight, turned out the gf was also married. I felt sorry for the police staff who had to tell the new widows. If you cannot be faithful do not get married. If you get the itch then get divorced first and go play the field. Geezer
  7. Good read and good rant. If it made you feel better and lowered your blood pressure, Great Rant! There are times when the news can affect.. Hope your break in Malaysia is a success as well. Geezer
  8. Stargrazer9889

    Rich nations fail as Thailand meets its emissions target

    For the climate change green people who think that there is no need for oil any more. Please look at all the things made from oil, plastics and nylons that are in your cell phones , your athletic sport shoes, gym bags, tennis rackets and balls, bike seats and tires. For car owners the door panels, roof panels instrument pael, wiring and many componants in the engine compartment. In your homes many thngs built with oil. Your TV, the handles on all your pots and pans, your tooth brush, most of your toys or your kids toys. Y.our snow skiis or water skiis, your boat or yacht. I am just putting this in so that people can explain to the less intelligent people how their world would be different if there was no oil being used on this planet for so many things that are not just the gas and diesel in vehicles. I have heard of so many saying oh leave the oil in the ground. Just no penalties to the populations like Carbon Taxes. Geezer
  9. Stargrazer9889

    Six missing after U.S. military aircraft collide off Japan

    Maybe it is the new Trump/Simpson /ACME navigations skills of the Military. Geezer
  10. Just my observation,, I would rather see Miss Universe, World, Thailand, America, Europe, or such than Mister Anything... Gezer
  11. Thailand Fireworks safety standards at work! Geezer
  12. Besides the money issues. Thailand does not get many Hurricanes, (Cyclones) or tornadoes like America does, also does not get the cold Winter storms like America and Britain do as well. The Hot weather and Rainy season can be handled with A/C and brollies, and a jacket and long pants. Cheaper for sure than the cost of a furnace to keep yourself warm from November to April unless you live in Texas or South states. I do see advantages of living in Thailand, and it is on my mind for what I may want to do for 4 or 5 monts per year in the Winter months. As far as my opinion, it barely counts no matter where I live on the planet. Geezer
  13. The salary that a Thai person in a Thai bank, the tellers, and even the other staff that handle loans and mortgages, are far less than most posters on this forum. I wish that Rooster would do an enquiry and let you know what the salaries are. And again I have always had great service when I visit the banks in Thailand, fees are just a fact, and they happen all over the world at banks.. A customer is hardly King in Canada or America as well. Credit card companies have not lowered their interest rates even when the loan and mortgage rates fell, that is why they are the biggest thieves..scorecard. What? your home country does not have bank fees? Geezer
  14. 14 families cannot access their homes! Remove this illegal barrier at once!
  15. Banks in Canada, and likely in the USA are not unionized, their staff have to fight for their salaries and other issues. The Canadian banks make billions in profit each year and so do the US banks. We all pay for service charges and get ver little money even in savings accounts. Thailand is not any worse than other countries banks so all you rich expats get over yourselves! I get great service every time I go into a Thai bank in Bangkok or Hua Hin, and I do know that the tellers and staff do not get that great of wages, I hope you people do ask them time to time, how much baht they make per month. You maybe surprised. Oh and credit card companies are really the true thieves! Look at the interest rates they charge! Geezer