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  1. Wow I only go to Thailand in Winter. How much longer is the longest day, 10 minutes longer than the shortest? Geezer
  2. I do not believe that not wearing a helmet, packing a child in front of the driver as well as texting on a motorbike is a world wide problem. Texting is for sure a problem, but cars provide a bit more protection if an accident occurs. Geezer
  3. Stargrazer9889

    11th rabies patient died in Kalasin

    But, but, lets not kill those precious soi dogs. No no that would not work.
  4. Stargrazer9889

    Tearful apology from remorseful trio

    Yup I believe these three guys, like I believe Prawit and his watch story. 24 hours and total memory loss is more like how these three thugs will be. Geezer
  5. Stargrazer9889

    Court asked to halt Doi Suthep building

    Where are the skunks when they are so needed. Perfume the houses with their lovely scent and see if it is worse than the Judges and their families.
  6. Stargrazer9889

    ‘Jilted’ factory worker shoots video hanging himself

    RIP looks like a new way to give the police your final moments..
  7. Stargrazer9889

    G7 allies confront Trump with trade numbers in tense G7 summit

    With Trump the policy is really, Trump first, his family and friends second and third then America and the rest.
  8. When people are trying to make terrorists look better by calling them freedom fighters, I suspect these people are the ones who give money and support to those same Terrorists.. Just my opinion or course Geezer
  9. I am curious of the fake licenses and if some corrupt city officials are involved. Why have so many places been open illegally for so long? Geezer
  10. Stargrazer9889

    Certain kids ‘especially vulnerable to sex attacks’

    Big difference is most of the posters are ex pats or non Thais. This Thai girl was raped by her Thai Step Father,,, See the difference, I certainly do. Geezer
  11. Stargrazer9889

    Are expats more at risk of social network addiction?

    I have seen a family of six all on their smartphones, even after the food arrived, at Boston Pizza. In Hua Hin Iseen a group of teens at an outdoor style restaurant doing the same and they were all Thais. I think this is a worldwide problem. Geezer
  12. I like Chinese as well. Chinese food that is. On my first trip to China I had a mother daughter try to knock me off my feet. I resisted them until my Thai brother in law came over, flashed a police badge in their face and yelled in Chinese, and they both fled. We were in Bejiing at the time. I seen some street sh*tters on the next tour near Shanghai, Yup lots of quality Chinese even in China.
  13. Stargrazer9889

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    If the parents want the body back just for an autopsy before the burial , I am against the go fund me request. It is a tragedy for the loss of 2 children, but if it is still the lack of money only, then a cremation, and transportation of urn is much cheaper. I have no problems getting cremated. ashes to ashes etc. So no money coming from my red neck pocket either. Geezer
  14. A lot of people won't take responsibiulity and you can see lots of them still living in their parents basement, because their arts degree did nothing for them and a career. This certainly is not just a Thailand thing or an Asian thing.
  15. Oh Dear! Another thin skinned General... My heart bleeds...... Not..