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  1. Not only did Thaksin flee Thailand he took lots of his money before the famous flight. He also insulted an important family in Thailand and won.t be forgiven for that. Buying his way into power, does not seem to make the Thai people think of him as a rich cheat. Only to us Westerners, that is what we know. I can only hope that he and his family get shunned by the Thai population, and that no other Thaksin clan member get into a powerful position in Thailand again. Geezer
  2. If Italy acts like a good Muslim country, it will not be affected too bad by the immigrant and refugee rapists as well as thieves and murderers. Just relax Italy and bring back the guillotine. Geezer
  3. The after picture was missing all the people in their black garb and only their eyes showing, and all the guys wearing their white robe style clothing. Yes I am suggesting a ME city. Geezer
  4. Pattaya was a small place until WW11 and even until Vietnam war, then it became the R and R place in Thailand, because of the pier and the location next to the sea where the other countries navies could anchor their ships. Hint the USA! Now TAT is trying to say that Pattaya should try to be a different kind of city? Well TAT you are dreaming, Wake up! Geezer
  5. Yes Habanero, I agree with you. lostmypassword not so much, still not sure what country you came from, but glad you enjoy living cheaply in Thailand. Canada has a green guy for a leader, one with nice hair but I will question his brain power. A lot of us Canadians are hoping for a new leader after the next federal election. Geezer
  6. With all the hurricanes affecting the USA in Texas and also in the Carribean, I would think that the soft wood in Canada should be in great demand. So President Trump, think about that for the NAFTA deal being discussed. Good Luck to all those being affected by the latest Hurricane Maria. Geezer
  7. I have seen that vast amounts of these Muslims have left Burma, so they are safe if they do not try to return to that country. This is hardly an ethnic cleansing or none would be in the neighbouring countries. Come on you rich Muslim countries, why are you not taking in this mob of refugees, where is your peaceful, generous nature. Oh I forgot that most of the terrorist groups are also Muslim ran. My mistake Geezer
  8. Watching her boo hoo and multiple wais, I would be surprised if she gets much of a jail sentence. She should get into acting. Geezer
  9. Yes with Russia and it Dictator leader, and his big EGO, NK is about the same with its juvie leader. Trump is good in speaking his mind. Canada,s leader must be aghast with Trump. Geezer
  10. Good thing this happened in Thailand as in the USA, bang your are now dead may have been the reaction., then a court hearing and Not Guilty given to the cop. Just like in St. Louis. Geezer
  11. RIP to all of those killed, and good luck to all those affected by this huge quake. 2017 has been a hard year on Mexico , the USA, and the Caribbean. Geezer
  12. Glad tpo hear that the raise was no too severe for booze in general, guess I won,t have to bring too much extra money this trip. Geezer
  13. Video: Pensioner pole-axed by PVC pipe in Pathum Thani

    RIP to the old pensioner and shame to the driver of the pickup, I do hope she faces at least some jail time, it was a murder by vehicle. But it did happen in Thailand so likely just a fine, and a required wai session. Geezer
  14. I have seen spoiled kids in Thaland, the USA and in my county of Canada. There are adults in the world who should not be parents as they have never grown up themselves. Some parents watched Dr. Seuss and believe that they should not discipline their little angels at all. It is a sad world we live in. Seems like it really is going to hell. Geezer
  15. It is a shame that all of the people in power in this country does not do more to go after the rebels, or what ever they call themselves. These people are traitors to Thailand and should have no support at all. Shame on any of the Muslim Thais and non Muslims, who do support these low lifes. Geezer