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  1. I heard that it is located on a bus route, Bonus!
  2. Stargrazer9889

    Stampede for the cave drama scoop

    Hey! This Cave story is a new idea for a movie, so unlike so many movies that go back to their beginnings, because the writers in Hollywood are almost out of new ideas, this is something new that has to be thought about. I wonder if It will be set in modern times or some future time to get a sci fi look about it, as in beam them up Scotty!
  3. Stargrazer9889

    Teachers must adapt to changing world, summit told

    Please people, this is Thailand, not your home countries. Concentrate on that fact before thinking that the Military Government cares a wit, to begin with.
  4. Oil speaks, don't you know, and unfortunately lots of it lies in the ME or Islam Headquarters.
  5. As a few have already stated , 10 years is the maximum. Bet they do not even get 2 years.
  6. Me thinks it is time for the Saudi King to down size the Royal family by one Prince. Just my opinion of course. Too bad the eggless Pres of USA did not have an honest opinion like that, but with rich people, money comes first. Geezer
  7. Terrible how some commenters cannot read very well.
  8. Stargrazer9889

    Mother admits drowning her three-year-old son in Ayutthaya

    I guess this poor little boy did not have Grand parents who could have taken him off this alcoholics hands. RIP. Hope the mothers bad karma gets to her soon.
  9. I have to wonder about the mentality of the people who think that just because the wall may not have the original old bricks, that it is now, not part of the historical site. I can see now that Stupid is as Stupid does. And Duh Lee you are an Idiot, who was fortunately caught. Hope you and the stupid Canadian woman get the book thrown at you. No sympathy from lots of us readers. Geezer
  10. Wonder what Airline he was flying on? Was he dressed like that in case of a water landing? Geezer
  11. TRump is like an old horse that is going deaf, and is blindered. In SA he sees no evil, but the caravan of poor Spanish speaking people are not to be allowed in his golden country. He is also deaf to those who oppose him. What a great leader you Americans have, and he doesn't even have nice hair. Geezer
  12. Stargrazer9889

    Sukhumvit flood trench dredged again

    These storm drains should have a chemical that kills all plantlife appled after the dredging.
  13. Graffiti is a crime, and these two losers should pay the price for their stupidity. Going to a foreigh country to be a vandal is asking for trouble and thankfully the cameras caught these two red handed. With al the high tech ways people can google about places they are travelling to, there is no excuse for what happened. I do hope the judge charges them with the max fine, each, plus some quality jail time, then ten year ban, and instant deportation when they are released from jail. Hope they and others like them might learn a bit of a lesson from their foolishness. Just because they are in their 20s, is no reason to feel sorry for them. Geezer
  14. Good! I hope the both of them get at least 5 years. At least they can say that they were in Thailand 5 years and did not have to get any visa extensions. 555 Geezer
  15. Stargrazer9889

    Thai Immigration Joins Weibo To Regain Chinese Tourists

    Glad that they are just trying to lure the folks next door as the tourist hordes have bolted from North America. Geezer