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  1. Well Srikcir, If you live in Jolly ol Thailand, you should take your suggestion to the PM and government. It seems that they are not aware of that solution. The fact that the south is still part of the country of Thailand is something that all Thais are aware of. There are even old Buddhist temples in Pattani and Yala, I have been there to see them both, and the population in each place were very fluent in the Thai language. They were also happy to take my tourist money to see the sights in the area, and at the markets at Hat Yai. Geezer
  2. ‘Zero-dollar’ tourist operator nabbed over ID theft

    Jail time, lots of it for her to have time to think lots of things over. Geezer
  3. Pattaya phone-snatcher, 18, arrested

    Now thisek can join his criminal GF in Jail. Scum Geezer
  4. Go back to America alone! How hard can that be? No money no future wife, it is called reality.. Geezer
  5. I have no sympathy for drug mules. I have also had a similar stop over where my wife was getting questions until I leaned over and said she is a Canadian and my wife. The customs guy said, sorry and we continued on our way. Amazing how Asians are treated so differently in Japan. Geezer
  6. RIP enjoyed the Partridge Family show for all the years that David, Shirley and the rest of the cast entertained us all. Geezer
  7. I think they are telling the drivers to be watchful for road side bombs, as the jerks that set them are not too fussy of who they kill. Geezer
  8. At least this guy and likely some others will get some of the money that Bob, and his family members were getting. Geezer
  9. The south may have its Muslim problem, but these acts are terrorist in nature, and when the people who are doing this are caught they should be charged as terrorists then lined up and shot. Geeezer
  10. Five Uighur escapees arrested as manhunt continues

    Capture them then send them to China, they are not Thais and cannot speak the language. No use as workers even. Geezer
  11. If the area has beatle problems, it will not matter if some of the trees are cut down. The whole area will be dead or dying trees as the beatles kill off the forest Geezer
  12. Zimbabwe's Mugabe faces impeachment after military takeover

    I hope this old fool spends the rest of his life in jail like Charles Manson just finished doing. He could have left and spent the final years abroad like a few other dictators have done. Shame on his HISO daughter Geezer
  13. Well it looks like this young man is happy with his new appearance. Good for him , I hope he has a great life from this time onward. Geezer
  14. Will Southern Thailand Turn to Jihad?

    It wll be a sad day indeed in this Buddhist country, if the Muslim minority in the south cause so much trouble and let in ISIL and other Muslim terrorists to battle the Buddhist military, police, teachers and bankers, many ,who are also muslim. I hope the people of Thailand stay united and deal with this southern before it gets right out of control, Geezer
  15. The son arrives drunk and tosses stuff about, the police are called but do not show up. The son pours gas about the place where there are other people at as well. What else could the dad do? Continue to wait for the police and watch the drunken son torch the place. In my opinion he did what he thought was necessary and probably saved lives, Son got his just desserts. Geezer