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  1. Govt Halts Coal Power Plant Plan, Protest Called Off

    Been to a few protests when I was young, so why should things change now . How about you. Protest much? Geezer
  2. Govt Halts Coal Power Plant Plan, Protest Called Off

    Look at all the professional protesters! These are people who do not work for a living, but get paid by environmental organizations to go to media covered places to protest. My advice is get a job, you lazy people! Geezer
  3. From the big Jomtien beach project. Ha ha, and I had thought that they managed to sink the pipe to the sea bed. You could be right! Geezer
  4. Besides all the trash I seen while I stayed in Jomtien and Pattaya for the last 11 days, on my way from Pattaya to Hua Hin, I see many failed factories, and businesses, just going back into the earth. the buildings, if they are not just frames, are falling apart. the grass is very tall but can still see many barrels rusting apart, and leaking what was inside them into the ground around. Thailand is very far from being a paradise, and is not improving. Just my observations, and I do know that problem is entirely Thailands mess. Geezer
  5. Must be that King Power and the selected places that the Chinese tour buses take them are making lots of money, I guess it is Who you know, and location, location, location. Geezer
  6. That face and head massage seems to be way safer than the dart, games I saw played in a bar off Silom street in Bangkok years ago, or even the razor blade tricks. Too bad about the conservatives in the crowd.. seems like harmless fun to me. Geezer
  7. Having two wives in Thailand is as illegal as prostitution, does that explain it enuff for you? The trick is that if you marry a second time you have to have a house for each of them to live in and support them for the rest of your life. Of course as you say, if you do a runner, you better have a place to go where neither wifes family can find you, or bang bang Maxwells Silver Hammer. Geezer
  8. Thai problem, get married, wife only has sons, Thai solution, find another woman she has daughter, marry her, problem solved. Win win, everybody happy, happy. get on TV show, bonus! Happy, Happy Thailand! Geezer
  9. For those that actually think that the US of A has more freedoms than the UK, or Australia. Yes you have the freedom to die at the hands of some nut job with a gun, that was of course Legally purchased, somewhere. Wonderful freedom that is. It is a shame that still so many Americans still think, they will just die, if the 2nd ammendment is modified, or for Gods sake, actually rewritten. Charlston Heston is dead of old age, and His last hurrah for the NRA was a shame. Sorry to hear of Billy Grahams passing at 99, but wow that was a very long life. Geezer
  10. Coal Protesters To March On Govt House

    For the pollution experts, how much pollution, does a volcano put out with each eruption. Oh oh, I forgot, that is not man made, and cannot have a tax against it. Sooo sorry! Geezer
  11. It had a 15 cm high cement ledge, and what more do you need in Asia. or for that matter anywhere. If this guy knew he was up on a roof, he should have stayed away from the edge, especially if he was drunk. RIP, foolish guy. Geezer
  12. Yup, cover up, cover up, save face, very important.. 555. Geezer
  13. Astrologer ‘Ordered’ To Stop Predicting Gov’t Doom

    In Asia there is Corruption, then there is Superstition, then being afraid of ghosts, goblins, and other such spirits. Belief in Amunets, etc, etc, that is why it is called, Amazing Thailand and Exoctic Asia. Geezer