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  1. Now that sounds scary ! by a Thai or foreigner ? I just want to help take care of the condo block as so many condos are rented they just don't care as much . I don't want to be involved in politics, legal battles, law suits or any of that ****
  2. yes I have been voted in, have the relevant documentation and now apparently being registered at the Land Registry department if I am correct. They call it a juristic person and there are 3 of us but it could be a committee member, I can't say 100% for sure. Thanks for the link that is where I started my investigation. As long as I am not liable for anything I hope I can ensure the block remains well maintained and taken care of
  3. Thanks Inquisitorial my thoughts exactly , just need to find out a bit more about what I am agreeing too :-) . So many condos get rented that there need to be someone to ensure the block is taken care of.
  4. I've been asked to be one of the three juristic perople at our condo block which is mostly Thai owned . Anyone had any experience or advice ? Legally would I be bound to anything ?
  5. Thanks all for your replies. I was not looking for a retirement / marriage extension but just for proof to assist with a mortgage application, If it is feasible. The money comes in each month into a foreign currency deposit account in £s but it is not a salary or a pension it comes from my current account. Is the letter to Immigration in Thai ? and good idea Paulo59 I will email the embassy.
  6. Hi does anyone know if you can get a letter or affirmation from the British Embassy to show you bring x amount into Thailand each month. It is not pension money, nor wages it comes from savings so it's not so easy to prove but there are bank statements in a Thai foreign deposit account showing an consistent amount coming into to Thailand every month in £s. My wife will get the mortgage with her job/income , mine would be used to help bolster the amount we can borrow. Does anyone have any experience , Thank you in advance
  7. I just watched a video from Fabulous FM on YouTube that explains the TM30 rules really well for what they say is Chonburi but only mention the Jomtien office. It was really helpful but I still don't get the TM 28 rules , it looks like you have to report if you go anywhere in country for more than 24 hours which I understand is to know where we are but isn't exactly convenient nor logical if people don't have transport and have to try to find an Immigration office or Police station.. Also when we return we don't have to report ourselves if we are on long term visas and doing 90 days. I think ;-) .
  8. thanks, sounds sensible to me, I am leaving the country so will see then, as I will return to the exact same address, and to where my tabien bahn and Pink ID card say I live :-)
  9. Every time I do my 90 day it has never been mentioned. I have lived in the same place for over 5 years and have a yellow tabien bahn . Now if I return to my country for 2 weeks when I return to I have to do a TM28 for myself and a TM30 for myself and go to an Immigration office within 24 hours ? I have left the country before, not since 2015 and just went back to my Immigration office after 90 days and no mention of any TM forms or fines were mentioned. Also, if , say you decide to go on holiday in country to another province are they saying you should go to Immigration and report yourself if you are staying more than 24 hours and does that then mean when you return to your registered home you have to go to your local Immigration again ? I am sure this has been covered before but any help to clarify this would really be appreciated. Sorry to ask but is it the same across all Immigration offices as I have never been asked before but as I am going away and it seems a hot topic especially in Jomtien (which is not my office ) ? Thank you
  10. That's great news. We are in the same situation. Went in last Friday and they called on Monday to her employer and to her. Now 4 days later we haven't heard anything , we have paid for the sms service. So, fingers crossed, just like you we will get it soon. Songkran is not going to help we were hoping to get it back before. Your good news makes us feel better, thanks for sharing.
  11. I would like my wife to apply for her visitor visa herself and not supported . Do you think this looks better to the Embassy staff or is the sponsor route easier ? It's only a two week trip. She can get a letter from her employer saying she has a job to return to , I also put 20,000 in her bank every month to take care of the home she has 200,000 in savings. So she can supply bank statements showing both the money I give her and her salary. Should I write a supporting letter saying she will pay for her own flight as she actually wants to but I will pay for any hotels and expenses while we are there and that she will be changing up her own sterling . I guess most of the documents will be proving our relationship which is 6 years so loads of photos for them to see. It's not as straightforward as you would think it would be. Some great advice on here so any help would be great.
  12. I am sure this has been covered but I can't find it. For a spouse to visit the UK with her UK husband do they need copies of every page of her passport and mine or just the stamps and photo pages. I assume my visa stamps show I was genuinely with her and also do they have to be colour or will black & white suffice . I have read conflicting answers to this. Also, if giving photographs as proof of relationship can these be black & white copies too. Do they actually take all the photos and documents and then return them with her passport ? Thank you, it all gets a little confusing. Any other tips or help would be greatly appreciated before we book our appointment at Trendy.
  13. Somebody kindly sent me some food goods from the UK by UPS which have now arrived in Thailand but UPS are refusing to deliver them and insisting I go to a Customs Department and register online with my passport to receive my goods. Also while this is going on, they will be charging me a fee to get my goods. Now I have no problem paying duty but I do not understand why I have to pay them a fee to get what is mine and why I can't deal direct with customs. I asked them to arrange for the goods to be sent to my local Thai Customs department where I would go with my passport and pay duty as I have before but they say they cannot do it and it's against the law. Does anyone have any experience with similar and any helpful advice. I say it again, I have no issues paying the duty but not their fees and a fdaily charge for the goods to be held in a warehouse which they say is customs but is called UPS TG warehouse...help !
  14. we were taught how to drive, In the Uk you had driving lessons with an instructor and a family member might help. You were told to look three cars in front, not to block the end of the road so a car could join the road, about flow, about using your indicators to let others know, to only using your hazard lights... well we get the point ... here's hoping the improve the test system and help to educate people on "how to drive" and don't get me started on motorbikes coming the wrong way down the road at you and expecting you to get out of the way and turning left onto roads without even looking ..rant over .... we live here but we find it hard to be affected by all this, either that or we start to drive the same...!!!!!!!!!!!!!