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  1. In what country do police let visitors enter the cell with the prisoner?Obviously thailand does.
  2. Just find out when the next gathering like in this pic and send a moab.
  3. That was such a good play. Kinda like a double reverse. Did it work? We will never know the truth will we.
  4. Dangerouse roads ,thousands die from this every month. How many lifes will that sub save. I bet in comming years that sub will only take the crews life and save none.
  5. From the headline i thought maybe from october they would stop being thieves.
  6. In the usa a trained nurse makes more than 60,000 usd a year and works 4 shifts per week. But so does a senior united airlines flight attendant.
  7. Removed is the new crack down word. They were cracking down too much.
  8. Oh boy that was a mouth full. Is baloney bad for you? How do they make baloney?
  9. Even if this turns out to be a blown sign and not a explosive, i just cant believe that thailand would spend so much money on military equipment that will do zero to protect thailand from terrorism.
  10. I would also like to see what would happen if its blocked.
  11. For sure some guy will get killed from a drone strike.
  12. Something sounds fishy here.
  13. It needs to be done.its going to hurt a lot of people. But these places are mostly slums. And sewers. If the junts dont do it no one will. It will be good for thailand,cause right now i think the entire island of phuket smells like a toilet and rotten trash and its comming from places just like this in the picture.
  14. Maybe he needs to see a doctor. Could be early onset you know. But its true phuket town looks all the same. I bought a motorbike there and after the 3 months wait for license plates to arrive with the green book i could not find the shop. I thought it went belly up. But a few days later i stumbled upon it. Same place . it just looks the same around town probobly 50 bike shops or more in a few blocks
  15. Youre only innocent till proven guilty in a democtatic society.