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  1. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    Hopefully she gets sick and scared and is miserable enough to learn a life time lesson. Good call making her sit in prison while the fuz collect the envelope. It just might be money well spent.
  2. The thing is its not just donald trump barking its him barking and its probobly billions of others barking with him. Kim and his regime are doomed . Unless he does a u turn. And looks like he wont so i expect a war.
  3. Safety,construction methods and thai law are all good reasons to never buy property here. I would say its 10 percent of those that do actually buy here are happy with there choice the other 90 are just like these people here. Miserable.
  4. I think if trump was insane we would have had a war months ago. He is not insane and if there is a war the civilized world will support the war. But with a few thai visa posters strongly opposing
  5. Ha ha that too ,but i dont think its up to donald anymore. The wheel is in motion ,the world is ready so all it will take is kim crossing the line he is about to cross. If he does what he threatens to do.
  6. I think he wants a nuclear war. He is acting like a idiot and the world agrees.
  7. Oh well cant blame them for trying.
  8. Who can believe such a boast. I dont. Today in the news tomorrow forgotten.
  9. Yea i think you hit the nail on the head, 80 percent done waiting to announce there was no wrong doing by any higher ups. So saturday they will be done waiting to announce the outcome. I also think 100 percent they wont find her.
  10. Phuket underpass lane closures go ahead

    The dranage gratings are killers even now. They will be in constant dis repair. More life has been lost duri g construction of these due to poor safety standards for traffic flows and its taking years and years. Time will tell. But its made my life way more hell than if it had been left alone. Cant take back the past 3 years of this crud
  11. Dolphins spotted between Koh Racha and Phuket

    Kinda like finding a t rex behind big c
  12. Bracing for a new lifestyle with huge implications

    Cat amd mouse is from customs and i can say with certain customs will never let there cat and mouse dog and pony show go down this road. Sure you can shop king poower but forget international. It just wont happen . Not like this article claims
  13. 50 Thai provinces warned by DDPM of heavy rains

    Why not just say may 1 to january 1 weather will be 0 to 100 percent wet dependi g on province .Possible flooding can occure at any time. When not raining it will be hotter than you remember. From january to april weather will be mostly fine.
  14. Girl died saving her sister in motorbike crash

    Well if i say what i feel right now about this i will be banned. So instead 123