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  1. The joy of the simple countryside life.
  2. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    We joined the EEC in '73 under the misapprehension it was a free trade association, not at all what the EU has become, and voted to stay in '75 under the same delusion. The "small print" in the Treaty of Rome seemed to be completely hidden from the electorate at the time. Your comments about German intentions are laughable, check the history books, or read some! The next expansion of the EU will be of more economically challenged countries from mostly the ex-soviet block, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia (and maybe trans-Asia Turkey). You have so many holes in your argument it has sunk as far as I am concerned. Have the last word by reply if you wish. It will not change the fact the EU is not democratic and works more like the House of Lords than The Commons. Romania or Poland seem to have plenty of houses available if you want to live in the EU. Best of luck.
  3. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    Would be interesting if it happened. Please don't forget the Scottish economy is propped up by huge amounts of money from England. Independence for Scotland from the UK is something the Scots would have to consider very carefully if they get another referendum, since they would not be guaranteed immediate entry into the EU and the EU's subsidies schemes. Consideration for those who don't want independence from the EU is being given liberally in the negotiations, however the fact remains to actually leave the EU it is not possible to stay in the CU or SM. The trade deal is the crux of the whole thing, but the sabotage by the remain voters of the UK's negotiating position is playing into the EU's hand and lessening the chance of a deal that will be beneficial to the whole of the UK and still acceptable by the EU at the end of the day.
  4. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Video: Appalling driving but guilty party gets off scot free!

    Truly amazing if nobody was injured or killed, I hope not. Just a case of the normal driving standards here, overtake with no regard to oncoming traffic, on blind corners or the brow of a hill. They also like to play "Chicken" even if they do see something coming the other way as in this case. The oncoming van driver that hit the camera carrying vehicle is also incompetent losing control of his vehicle, but not to blame IMHO. If they find the driver he should be banned for 10 years at least and a huge fine, with the van confiscated if he owns it, But chances are just a 500 baht fine...
  5. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    The referendum was a far greater mandate than any UK general election in living memory. It was debated and agreed in parliament how it would be conducted and it was a once only vote. The PM then went to the EU get a "reform" of the UK-EU deal and came back with a "handbrake" attached to nothing. What we should be doing is getting behind the decision, not denying it as you are by asking for another vote. The polls have been wrong for the last 5-6 years, why insist on them being correct now? The negotiations are being sabotaged by all those in the minority. The EU has to get an equitable deal for its own workers and industries, so why undermine the position. Do you think Estonia, Latvia and Albania are going to take up the loss of trade with the UK when they join shortly? I agree the southern "states" mostly spent the money unwisely, but now they cannot service the debt. What do you suggest? Have every taxpayer in the Euro Zone give then more money to waste, or see them regain the ability of making their economies work by getting back control of their currency? I say again, Churchill would never have approved of what is happening now. It is starting a revolt even by new members with the lack of democratic practice and diktats that "must be obeyed" being issued by appointed "Presidents". Gordon "No more Boom and Bust" Brown was voted the worst UK PM of all time, and he was. Even Chamberlain (unwittingly) gave the UK time to rearm in the face of the German onslaught in western Europe, but the real intention of democratically elected Hitler was expansion east into Russian territory... Anything sound familiar? I am really not on TV to educate you, so I will sign off now and have a beer.
  6. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    13 injured when speeding pickup hits three vehicles in Korat

    Thank Buddha nobody was killed for once and I hope the injured will not have serious problems. I wish them well soon. As for the driver, he should have the truck confiscated and a spell in jail with a long loss of his license (if he has one). Reminds me of the old story of when a drunk driver was stopped by the police: "You are drunk, why are you driving?" asked the police. "Well I was too drunk to walk home!" was the answer...
  7. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    You are full of misleading rubbish not facts. More financial predictions? They have proved completely wrong so far. Ask me how Gordon Brown didn't see "Boom and Bust" was on the horizon when the US banks were already in trouble with sub-prime mortgages while he was Chancellor and also sold off the UK gold reserve at rock bottom price. Where do you get this nonsense from? I will not spend an hour or more looking up things you clearly ignore in favour of propaganda. Churchill was indeed for a peaceful Europe having been in both the World Wars of the 20th century, but he would never have supported the expansionist, bureaucratic and barely democratic EU as it is today. His vision was for an economic collaboration that would stop the expansionist ideals of its members and consequently lose any reason for war. (I left out the history lesson) As for figures for EU contributions: since they were eventually forced to have an audit the figures you quote are complete and utter misinformation. I am talking about NET figures (ie: after the refunds and subsidies). So, what do you suggest is the reason that caused Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal into bankruptcy? The EU doesn't pay the interest on the loans, the members and all the taxpayers do. Please continue to deny the democratic decision taken in 2016 by UK citizens. It seems that is what you approve of. John McDonnall said, "It is my job to create a socialist state in the UK", but they all know re-nationalization of industry cannot happen unless we leave the EU. Another hypocritical idiot like the rest of the Labour Party's 30 year Euro-sceptic leader and shadow cabinet. I want my children and grandchildren to live in a self determining democratic country, not be serfs of a bureaucratic dictatorship...
  8. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    How about the billions of pounds the UK tax payers give the EU when only one other country, Germany, makes a major contribution. The EU might have been born out of a desire to end conflict, but is has been Nato that has stopped it in reality. It was originally formed as a trading area, but has gone far beyond that. The Euro has bankrupted several southern European countries for a start. The Irish border question can be solved, but the EU are using it to try to scupper the referendum result and continue (with UK funds) the march to a United States of Europe including the ex-soviet block. A concept that is already under pressure by several EU members. It is a house of cards, or a skyscraper built on sand with dubious foundations...
  9. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    Not a matter if pleasure. The referendum was debated in Parliament, and it was a once only vote. The recent local elections produced some very close results, but do they continue to deny a democratic decision? No!
  10. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    Good luck to your brother, but the Irish border is a different matter. Sorry, being lazy on the spell check produced the China mistake. I didn't intend this as an example, just a suggestion that there are other ways to deal with this if the EU looks beyond the "punishment option". The article shows the EEA (check who is in what) members can be accommodated, and a trade agreement is paramount to solve the problem. The German car industry, the French (subsidised) farmers and Italian washing machine companies etc don't want tariffs any more than the UK. I am in favour of the UK rejoining Efta, but nothing more. May has not ruled out a subscription fee for SM access don't forget, but will not accept the ECJ, free movement rules and diktats from Brussels. The EU are renowned for the brinkmanship ploy leaving everything to the last minute. So it needs steady nerves and a hard and consolidated stand to get a satisfactory deal, not the Labour Party and rich Lords trying to sabotage what was a resounding and decisive decision to leave the EU two years ago.
  11. Unfortunately both my crashes were on regular buses on long distance routes. Fly if you can is my advice.
  12. I have survived two VIP bus crashes, one in the north and one in the south. The train is a good option, but the lack of a beer puts me off these days. Fly if you can.
  13. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    Humm? I think we are actually on the same side. The policing of those entering NI and leaving the Republic to go to Shenzhen countries and vice versa is the main concern for security. Goods are another question. WTO rules make this less of an immediate cause for concern however...
  14. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    Switzerland has an interesting agreement, and the Swedish/Norway border is worth a look. Try looking it up for yourself. Or have a look at this: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-44054594 I believe the EU are intent on a hard border in Ireland for their own dubious agenda that could be avoided with some cooperation and thought. The EU needs a trade agreement more than the UK as they sell us more then we sell them don't forget. Also WTO rules say we can remain on the same zero tariffs for another 10 years after the glorious Exit from EU rule.
  15. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    37 foreigners arrested in searches around Thailand

    No, not in these cases. The clampdown is intended to find those without legal right to remain in the country and deport them, plus those foreigners involved in criminal activities. I just wish some government department could be as zealous about finding and prosecuting the Thais guilty of corruption and many other crimes.