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  1. Phuket police scandal stirs fears of bribe-taking nationwide

    As long as they don't do a Toxin and shoot everyone including quite a few of the opposition. Too deeply ingrained in Thai society to make any real change I fear. Any suggestions as to who could grasp the nettle?
  2. Thais love puns, easy in Thai too. I was just joking.
  3. Most Thais support alcohol sales ban on Buddhist holidays

    Did Buddha like a beer under the banyan tree? Wow! I think we have song, anyone got a guitar? Seriously, I have no idea but I expect alcohol laws have nothing to do with Buddhism. Please someone, enlighten us!
  4. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Just a PS. "There are different transliteration systems", you won a prize! Bottom shelf. That means not just the one you learned from, and Thailand being Thailand don't take any notice of rules anyway. I looked at your profile a few days ago (check, it is recorded), which includes all your TV activity. Catch up with you on another thread sometime.
  5. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    That's uneducated not stupid. I was in a sub-post office last week and the girl asked me where was I sending the letter to. I said: The letters UK at the end of the address mean it should be going to England. Stupid people you find everywhere (on TV too you might have noticed), here you find bright people with no education, and the stupid with an expensive education. What is missing, clever or dumb, rich and poor, is a complete lack of common sense and logic.
  6. Phuket police scandal stirs fears of bribe-taking nationwide

    Amazing Thailand! Somebody said what we have all known for decades.
  7. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    True, but IMHO it is lack of self confidence and as you say "the easy way out" that prevails to avoid a loss of face. I don't find Thais to be unintelligent, just have a lack of decent education and an insular prospective.
  8. So whats wrong with your home country

    Ah! If only! The EU will not reform without a serious threat to the established programme. This might shake them up, but look at Mugabe etc (historically a very big etc), they will blindly charge on hanging on to power until the brink of destruction. The political situation in Germany as the only money supply, and the rejection of EU policies by other states will come into play later in the talks. The EU is well known for "brinkmanship" so it will go to the wire if not beyond. There has been wars between France and the UK, and between all parts of Europe for a 1000+ years. The EU "detente" has been nothing other than a bit player in the last 50 years. The big stick was Nato and the UN. Thanks, I enjoy a message from you as you always have a good point. G.
  9. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Well, I'm fine thanks, I hope it didn't hurt too much for you. I think you need a bit more time here to understand the culture and people. Best wishes for the future.
  10. So whats wrong with your home country

    I love Python, thanks for that. However leaving the EU is essential for the future of the UK. Nobody in the UK that voted Leave had any expectations that it would be easy. I have studied the progress from the very start of the UK's reluctance to join in the 60s, the attempts to join and being refused, to the day we joined without a vote under Ted Heath and Wilson having a referendum. Back then we thought we had joined a free trade agreement. I voted "stay". Things have changed. Supporting an expansionist, bureaucratic, hugely wasteful and semi democratic ideal of European domination isn't what we signed up for. Only Germany and the UK are net contributors. I expect the US, China, India etc will be very happy to make a trade deal making a bigger opportunity for export than the "Single Market" of the EU. Don't forget, the EU are not happy (oh dear, where's the money going to come from) so will make leaving as difficult as possible. The German business leaders know they don't want tax on imports as they sell more to the UK than vice versa. (Check the latest on the political situation in Germany.) Belgium can still sell us chocolates, but how many with 30% tax on top? I have lots more to say, but I think you might have got my drift. G PS. Please don't confuse "peace in Europe" with the EU, it has been secured by Nato and the UN.
  11. Is there any point renewing the drivers license from back home?

    To renew in the UK I think you need a UK address. But it is simple enough to do online.
  12. Most Thais support alcohol sales ban on Buddhist holidays

    It is bad for "happy time" tourists, but lots of tourist places stop alcohol sales for elections and religious days. The internet can tell you when and where if you are booking a holiday. I have no problem with a few Buddhist days being no sale, but this crazy old law resurrected in the Toxin time administration of restricted hours is a pain in the butt day to day just from the shopping point of view. Laws and the enforcement of them here is a joke. But in a nation with a population of irresponsible adolescent mentality it is hardly surprising. They know, but they couldn't care less, poll result of not.
  13. Thailand provides 2-million-baht financial aid to quake-hit Iran

    New Benz for ฿250k, even ฿2m will hardly get a good specification A-class in Thailand. I wonder what the import tax is in Iran? Just a publicity stunt done without thought as usual. Makes Thailand look like cheapskates. No time for Iran, they should look after their own every day.
  14. I think someone is telling pork pies. It will be interesting what the autopsy says...