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  1. Not a journalist, a "blogger".... A wannabe journo that hasn't got a clue.
  2. We used to call it schizophrenic (see below) but is was renamed for PC reasons, like mongol has become Down syndrome. This guy was only on BBC's Ear Benders soap for about 18 months and the character he played was bi-polar so let's not get even more mixed up than The Sun has with exchange rates.He is certainly not a star, just a TV actor.
  3. There's an old saying in the press: never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The Sun, as do many media platforms, sensationalize stories when it suits, and I have seen many conversions rates quoted wrongly. Sky News have pushed a story this week about a 5 year old being fined ฿6,500 for selling lemonade on the street without a licence, when the fine had been cancelled and the council had already apologized. The Sun got the story of what happened in Sheffield wrong. The truth has not been officially determined as yet. Another costly inquiry is to be held. One thing is for sure, the victims were not the cause of their own death, but there is a good chance other (late arriving) Liverpool fans had a hand in what happened, not just the inadequacies of the police and stewards.
  4. Watch out for her truncheon though!
  5. I agree with the others, same old thing different day. I hope whoever was in the silver car was not injured. Insurance will pick up the bill.
  6. Not suicide then, maybe a midnight dip from the high board? RIP.
  7. Yep, and how many over or under passes are needed as level-crossings will be out of the question unless they build it elevated. Might need some fencing to the keep the buffaloes etc off the track never mind the pick-up trucks. Hopewell all over again?
  8. She jumped off a pool area and roof terrace. I expect it had railings. Railings on my balcony are 1.5m.
  9. Sounds good. Only one slight blip so progressing nicely. Enjoy the flight.
  10. Interesting, the only one I might have guessed is North Korea. How about the Arab states? Rip. I guess this a terrible shock to her husband, poor chap.
  11. Huh, likes from a bunch of morons...
  12. And the alternate version.... Well it made me laugh. I find it amusing that walking around UK supermarkets (and some here too) you now hear the tacks by Zeppelin, Eagles, Floyd, Genesis, Eurythmics, Tears For Fears etc etc. I hope my grandchildren don't find themselves being nostalgic about Hip-hop, Rap, House, Techno etc in 40 years when doing the shopping... It least Beaver can sing a bit, sort of "modern" Michael Jackson, but not my cup of tea. I was only ever one of those guys that hung around with musicians --- a drummer.
  13. Have you seen "Darlo' Does Bangkok?"
  14. Yes, I used to go in the pub in South Hampstead. Chiller, like 10 Rillington Place. Miranda was brilliant. Tutsi, that's not Dustin Hoffman, you are talking about the movie like the Last King Of Scotland. Not what you want on a first date. Try The Shop Around The Corner next time.
  15. Just comes down to money as you say. They can find the money same as the submarines, depends on who gets it as to if and when it will be built. The high speed railway is much the same, all those over passes ( no level crossings I hope) have to be built. Contracts are the name of the game.