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  1. Good comment, possibly you can see what I am talking about at last. Unfortunately one (or two) on here are not able to comprehend (yes you Bill). There is no definitive evidence to prove what you asked in the first place. "Are people who use smart phones smarter?" Connectivity is convenient and very useful. However, you do not need to be smart to use or own a smart phone all you need is the money to buy one. Owning one does not make anyone smarter, cleverer or more intelligent, it just makes access to information easier. Many people cannot justify spending £1,000 on a new iPhone X that does nothing more than the 4 year old one they have when they have kids to feed and mortgages to pay. Some "poor" people have been successful and are intelligent but have been cheated by unscrupulous bankers, financial advisors, or cleaned out by ex wives. At 72, I am surprised it has taken you this long for the penny to drop. Dumb people have smart phones and smart people have smart phones. I'm off here as of now. The whole thing was pointless IMHO. Best wishes. G
  2. Last time I went to see my accountant I asked him if I had enough money to last the rest of my life. He said: "Yes, of course you have, as long as you die next month." (Rodney Dangerfield)
  3. The sex reference is about AV's comment about his girlfriend's online modeling and his own "entertainment" needs. If you use the wi-fi or not it is still part of the company accounting and ultimately part of what you pay for the apartment service charge or coffee, massage, etc etc... If you live on the ground floor you still pay for the lift and roof, and if you don't swim you still pay for the pool. I do not pose in Star#uck and I can make good coffee at home thanks. You clearly don't know much about business. Sorry Bill, you need to do much better. Here's a guy without a smartphone who was pretty smart... Over and out!
  4. I'll be on a thread with some intelligent comments. So long... And the guy in the picture didn't have a 24 year old girlfriend or a wide screen TV, iPad pro etc, but he was pretty smart so I understand.
  5. You are right again. I've given up arguing with them. Not worth the time as you say. 555 yes reincarnation as a Motorola (see picture) Whoops another mistake, that should have been "One great comment" Ah, the amber nectar is going down well... PS. How's your medical problems?
  6. pets in condo

    I lived at JC and they had a strange rule which started about 2011 I think. No "new pets" were supposed to be allowed, but it just meant it became uncontrollable and there were dogs barking all the time. Pathway by the klong had too much s#it to walk without your nose riveted to the path (and motorbikes menace too). I moved out. Next place was new and no pets allowed, but of course some woman with braces on at 35 had a yappy dog. The Jurassic office turned a blind eye. She pushed it around in a pram! She lived in the other block so we didn't hear it very often. What made me move was the Mom and Pop store in the next soi got three cockerels that crowed all night and day. As for cats, I'm allergic so I prefer no pets at all including rodents, insects and reptiles, well fish are okay. House is your best bet, but for 25k in Bangkok down town I think you will find it impossible. Best of luck.
  7. Like Penny in TBBT. But somebody pays, you not Sheldon.
  8. Last comment: Are you really that thick? It might not show on the bill, like a swimming pool, but you still pay. Free Wi-Fi in Star#ucks, how much is a coffee? If you sat in a coffee shop all day and bought one drink and used the wi-fi to jerk off or make a sex show they would kick you out or have you arrested. You need a reality check my friend. No More Nonsense.
  9. Err... All of those places charge you. There is no such thing as a free lunch. In the UK libraries are about the only places internet is actually free. I don't think what AV's girlfriend gets up to would be welcome in a library, or what he does for that matter. My apartment does not have "free internet" and if it did it is all part of the rent or service charge. What does confuse me is why you are supporting this guy in a crazy statement that smart phone users are smarter. Smarter than what, Yogi Bear? And then tells us he doesn't have a smart phone. I think this whole thread was started by a Troll just trying to get noticed. See you on another topic Bill.
  10. And you are stuck in Groundhog Day. Try to get it right next time. Do me a favour......
  11. Okay, explain. I will forever be grateful oh mighty intellect...
  12. So you have free wi-fi ? Pray tell how you get that... You live here legally now and not in a nanny state. Are you really in Thailand or Cloud Cuckoo Land? Wife or girlfriend: "I have a girlfriend who uses her phone to make money (she is a model and gets paid for letting people watch her on her smartphone)".
  13. Very interesting info. So that might partly explain how ThaiBev stole the Carlsberg brewery way back when. Same old story with the new taxes, hike tax on imported and keep the rich Thais rich. Cheers.
  14. Hi Ody, (Sorry about my little but amusing spelling mistake.) I great comment, you should have a quick look at the thread about "Are people that use smart phones smarter". Cheers, G