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  1. Read the post again, I am not arguing that point. Comprehension of English is very important...
  2. Okay, but you didn't bother to read my post or you would not have said this... "Trafficking and prostitution comes under a different section of the law." Try again.
  3. When the last straw falls

    The complete and utter inefficiency (and corrupt practice) of the RTP and other law enforcement agencies here is the root cause of this. The "last straw" I can understand, but not condone, as taking the law into your own hands is not acceptable. The women should pay reasonable compensation for the damage inflicted and maybe a fine for wilful damage. The truck owner should be fined the maximum for his obstruction of their property and made to pay them compensation. But, who am I trying to kid...
  4. Read my post again. Please also read my post #161 (above).
  5. I was pointing out the fact that it depends entirely upon where this situation happens and the anomaly that even in the EU/US/India and many Arab states their are different laws that still prevail regarding the age of consent. Trafficking and prostitution comes under a different section of the law. Moral codes differ, but the German would have been better off had he just driven into France...
  6. Murder considered in death plunge of eldest son of "Godfather of Koh Samet"

    Indeed. Easy way to get huge + approval by stating the obvious.
  7. While I am not condoning this in any way (so don't come on and accuse me of it) I would point out that the age of consent is different in many countries (and states) around the world. In France the "underage" aspect of this would not be an issue as 15 is considered in French law to be above the legal age to consent to sex. Check it out before you moan at me. There was a case in the papers last week about it. It's a funny old world...
  8. It sounds like he dug a hole and fell into it, so is now begging. But what has that to do with whether he drinks and smokes?
  9. Thailand set to host MotoGP in 2018

    Years ago they tried to get F1 at Bira, but the tax authority decided all the cars would be subject to import tax. I will see what happens with the bikes this time before buying a ticket...
  10. Yet another brilliant brain wave from the super intelligent Thai authority leaders.
  11. Another Price Hike

    Thanks, I wondered if that was it. 7-eleven charges 8 baht more than Tesco for cigs, and MaxValue is cheaper for beer suddenly. But why has this happened again so soon? Nobody can answer the question. TIT I guess?
  12. Another Price Hike

    Thanks for the advice, but the question was "why have we had another increase so soon without any reason?" not how to get things cheaper. I could have asked the same question about peanut butter 20 years ago without this stupid bunch of self righteous preachers changing the subject. The thread seems to have been taken over by the PC brigade now so I'll leave them to bleat like the sheep they are and abandon it. Keep On Trucking all the rest... We are all going to die, enjoy it while you can!
  13. Another Price Hike

    Makes perfect sense to me. Live your own life and don't preach to me. If you live to 1000 I hope you fully enjoy the last years! I asked a simple question, but you are completely off topic suggesting I should quit beer and cigs. I pay for my enjoyment but the question was WHY has there been another increase without any reason given... If you don't drink or smoke why are you interested in how much it costs? Find somebody that does hard drugs and tell them to quit for your self righteous nonsense.
  14. About time. But the whole world needs to get on this bus of plastic pollution.