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  1. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    PM Prayut: Farmers should work in groups to achieve economy of scale

    I asked almost the same question a couple of years ago and got my answer: Why don't Thai farmers work in co-operatives? I was told that the coops ultimately become corrupted and the savings are negated by those in charge skimming the profit for themselves. Sounds par for the course in Thailand.
  2. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    A Thai woman's love - Benz will stay with Nai Pho until the end

    Convenience and security often are a driving force. Free love went out some time ago. Are you a hippy? Or maybe never been divorced?
  3. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    UK says Brexit no-deal warnings are 'Project Reality', not 'Project Fear'

    Some excellent comments on here. It is also a fact that there are now well over 3 million EU subjects living in the UK, twice the number of Brits in the EU. I wonder why? The export/imports are heavily in the EU's favour and many jobs are at stake on both sides, but potentially considerably more in the EU due to that large imbalance, plus the fact the UK is one of the two major contributors to their budget. The EU is well known for its Brinkmanship in negotiations. May must blink no more, no more appeasement, her latest proposal is a step further than we should go. The last audited accounts for the EU shows something in the region of 5% unaccounted for, does this not stink of corruption, as it is a vast amount of money? That is to say nothing of the huge cast of moving back and forth between Brussels and Strasbourg. Time to get out and let this house of cards collapse around their semi-democratic, economically unenviable and expansionist nonsense.
  4. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Khao San Road D-Day! Transformation set for August 1st

    I have not been to Pat Pong for over 15 years, but is the night market still there? Also has Walking Street in Pattaya had all the signs removed yet? The vendors will be moved to somewhere the powers that be can charge exorbitant rents and kill the charisma of the backpacker's dream. Times change.
  5. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Phuket boat tragedy ‘unlikely to hamper tourism’

    Life is cheap and TAT are still no better with a new boss. Chinese will get the message if nothing is done and go elsewhere eventually.
  6. You see this everywhere and lots of people doing the same every minute of the day in Thailand. Police are just a money making organisation, nothing to do with upholding the law. ฿
  7. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Police crackdown on taxi and tuk-tuk drivers around Emerald Buddha Temple

    And it will come back because the cops get a kick back...
  8. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    Are you an "Ultimate Liberal"? Unless the whole of the world's population become "Ultimate Liberals" overnight it cannot work. Anyone believing such nonsense needs to grow up and check out reality.
  9. Same old nonsense. Cops will make a few more satang and the carnage will continue as normal.
  10. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Prayuth Heads To UK, France To Talk Trade

    Apart from being a networking junket, I guess he considers it could bolster his international reputation and chance of staying in power in Thailand. But you might suspect another hidden agenda? Do tell...
  11. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Let’s get more electric cars on the road

    Yes funny, and makes a point. The point is exactly the same as my point, I think it is known as "Nimby". Cheers, G
  12. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    NLA apologises after lawmakers caught napping

    The dreaded "Three Martini Lunch Syndrome" I expect... UK House of Lords has the same problem.
  13. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Let’s get more electric cars on the road

    Without Google I guess you are suggesting low earth orbit or something just as ridiculous like mining on the moon. If some of the predictions are anywhere close to reality, the reserves of some of the rare metals used will run out at the current rate of battery production in about 10 years. Don't misunderstand, I have nothing against electric vehicles, but denying they pollute is ignoring the herd of elephants in the room. .
  14. George FmplesdaCosteedback

    Prayuth Heads To UK, France To Talk Trade

    Waste of time going to France, their trade is controlled by the EU. He should go to Belgium. UK could promise talks for 2020.
  15. I expect you have had other replies but there has been a culture of bogus accidents in the UK with organised gangs with two cars to set up a false claim against an innocent third party. The police know it goes on and "rear-ending" someone is no longer a cut and dried case. Here Thais simply don't know how to "drive".