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  1. Yeah it may seem inconvenient to have to carry in my case 40,000 baht... In my experience, hassles are relative. I'd much rather have the hassle of preventing an issue than knowingly put myself and my gf in a powerless position where the cost can become exponential in a very short time. Any kind of forced separation could in my mind lead to the very least intense anxiety and a lot worse. No thanks. I'll take the sure route here.
  2. Great information. Thanks. Yes, I get it that some of you can get too much of it and likely are some of the helpful minds out there helping some of us not all that in control of this wacked out and incredible place. so thanks for bearing with the same ole information. Ok, I know this should go into the Myanmar forum, however, my gf and I are finally going to Myanmar. Hopefully if all works well, she will get approved to come back to Thailand using her new and real Myanmar passport on a TR visa. My question is this: Will she have to have 20,000 Baht too? Is there anyway we can show that we're together sharing expenses? or is it best to just both have 20,000 and keep it simple? (did I just answer my own question....) Thanks
  3. Can you return to the Myanmar Embassy one week later? I can only do 1 or 2 days. But then again the next message says the cost radically jumped on the visa. The eVisa seems like the way to go now.
  4. Thanks, I imagine since I have an apartment in Bangkok, I could show my contract or last receipt of rent rather than a reservation. And also are there any downsides of the eVisa? it sounds a great deal easier.
  5. Seems like the 10K cash rule is very convenient training for greasing the wheels when so desired. But - in reality an inch of prevention can prevent a mile of hassle. S
  6. This is very helpful information. I am a US citizen. Am I right to assume that if I carry 20,000 baht between the borders of Myanmar and Thailand I will not need to show proof of a flight out (for both countries)? That would simplify some of my travel plans. And also, is there a better visa to get for a trip to Myanmar (1-3 week trip) if I need to return to Myanmar within 60 days? for example: Must I reapply for another eVisa into Myanmar? I will be traveling by air. or is there a way to avoid paying for the visa twice? Thanks. extra information: I will be getting a TR visa in Myanmar for Thailand. My job contract will end so I will be changing to a TR visa in Myanmar. I am looking to live in either Myanmar in the future, but still have an apartment in Thailand.
  7. Thanks Zanaka that is very clear and convenient. Is there a way to avoid paying the $50 eVisa fee for the 2nd entry? For example - are there advantages to getting a visa directly from the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand. I know it's a hassle, but specifically if I could re-enter Myanmar for the 2nd trip would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Hi, I know this is simple for some of you, but I get a little lost if there are a few extra moving pieces. I am finishing my teaching contract and need to leave the country to get a TR visa. I want to go to Myanmar and get a 60 day visa and likely extend the visa by either 30 day via immigration in BKK or fly out of the country again. Because my GF is from Myanmar and I find a new job in Myanmar I would like to arrange 2 trips to Myanmar. Can you help clarify or make any suggestions. When I fly into Myanmar I need a visa and apparently proof of a flight out of Myanmar (I would like to buy a ticket when I'm sure I want to return if possible) . This visa is good for a 28 day stay and valid 3 months - single entry. Ok So, I'll stay in Myanmar 2 weeks and fly back to Thailand. Now, for my trip to Thailand I need proof that in 60 days I will exit Thailand... ok, so I fly back to Myanmar within 60 days. Can I still use the Myanmar Visa and pay a re-entry fee (1000 baht I believe?) Where do I get this document? Can I get it at the Airport in BKK? And again, I have to show proof of a flight out of Myanmar...which again, I'd rather decide when I'm in Myanmar just in case I want to stay longer. And then my return to Thailand... again another proof of an exit? I've heard many members suggest buying the cheapest ticket and then likely just throwing it away... Anyhow... I think I get it, but a little clarity may save me some money and hassles. Ie. Should I entertain a Multiple Entry visa? It seems paying for re-entry is a safer and likely cheaper idea. Thanks.
  9. 2-3 years.. it really doesn't matter for the questions asked... likely I had a mean tequila and lime drink flowing. But funny all the same. Great information and actually I appreciate the wit... And so true about not figuring it all out. We're at a crossroads. I'm finishing 2 years at a job and am ready for a change. I learn a little here and there and update our ideas of what to do next. I doubt asking wear the pie in the sky is... will get me any helpful responses. Teaching is new to me. I semi-like it, but find more satisfaction out of other jobs I've had etc. So, first off will be to take some time off, get my head together and see if I can find a creative and more lucrative way to forge the next steps. We'll go to Myanmar to check it out, see if I like it. Even if I teach again, soon... likely... I know more of what I'm good at and enjoy. So back to thanks for directly answering my question about the passport. It makes the most sense to not mention the old passport too. Why create any confusion. Now I wonder if she'll need to show funds in an account or if I can write a letter that says I'm supporting her. It gets a little strange if they ask how we met etc. yet I guess I could say when she was here on her old temporary passport... doubt it'd come to that anyhow. btw, I live in Minburi, near Bangkok. Phuket sounds nice. Thanks for jumping in so soon and answering my quest. S
  10. rcoyote

    Any Shipping/Cargo Company recommended?

    thanks. actually the biz to biz is helpful for the future as I plan on doing some business shipments in the future. thanks.
  11. My Myanmar girlfriend has a temporary passport for work in Thailand that is valid until April next year. She also has an actual passport that we got last year that we need when she gets excepted to a Thai University. We haven't ever used the new passport. Now we are going to get the proper papers from Myanmar so we can get married in Thailand. I am a US citizen. She will need to enter Thailand with her new passport and I am assuming have to forfeit her old one since we'll need to marry with her new passport. Some of the issues are that the old and new passports are quite different. They have different birthdates and the names are spelled a little different as well. I realize that she should only have and use one, but I'm not sure the best way of going about it. It seems the simplest would be to just use the new passport and not even mention the old one would work, but I wonder if there are any advantages of bringing both passports and having someone transfer the stamps etc... my gut tells me this could cause more problems. Then the next question is what does she have to show and do to get into Thailand with the new passport? At least for now we only need a 60-90 day solution as we are looking into opportunities in Myanmar and Thailand. No sense getting too far ahead of ourselves. ie. ED visa etc. Thanks for your much needed guidance.
  12. thanks wayned, I sent Mark an email, but haven't yet heard back from them. It'll likely take a few days. If not I'll call them.
  13. If I wanted to send 50-70 used golf clubs to the US plus a half dozen bags, what service would I be looking for? It seems like this is the right place forum wise. I'd like to bring them back to the US if I can find a reasonably cheap and easy way to do it. Ideally there would be a wood box that I could pack them all into. I could pack it myself, but I wouldn't have the box. I am imagining there must be some kind of standard size box that is used and reused for similar uses. Thanks.
  14. rcoyote

    Any Shipping/Cargo Company recommended?

    yes, the German company got back to me and said it's a business to business service. They recommended I use a Courier service such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. That seems like it'd be quite expensive. Does anyone have any ideas how to affordably ship some personal items that are cargo worthy, but not all too much? I wonder if I need to work out a deal with a company that I can piggy back some things or if there is a cheaper way to do it.... Any suggestions?
  15. rcoyote

    Any Shipping/Cargo Company recommended?

    thanks as well. I just sent off 2 emails. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon. Thanks.