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  1. Pattaya to stink a little while longer

    In light of the benevolent taxi drivers, super helpful police officers, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, I think we can overlook the occasional mild odor
  2. Bangkok Governor shuts controversial markets

    "twisted logic" scales new heights
  3. Once again we stand back in amazement and wonder how the hell they manage to turn up for their own births
  4. Get ready for the stampede of street food vendors
  5. Gov’t Leaders Award Themselves 'Best Costumes'

    Another dress competition he would win
  6. Prayut doesn't need anyone to support him - he's got guns
  7. Police officer’s New Year largesse investigated

    Obviously he was assuming his role as crook in charge and gifting the lesser crooks. Thus the integrity of the RTP isn't brought into question
  8. "suspected suicide" or "murder considered" No prizes for guessing which nationality can be attributed to each And let's not rule out "No Thai would ever jump"
  9. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    In other words vote for the "right" party or they'll be another coup
  10. Just when you thought he couldn't get any lower.... a new record for the depths of depravity Once again going where fake news fear to tread
  11. RTP? Corrupt? . Next they'll be trying to tell us it rains during the rainy season
  12. So the damage limitation exercise rolls on. Any other organization similarly up to the neck in such depravity would have been disbanded and criminalized years ago I don't see how any member of the Catholic church cannot, or even should not, be viewed as a fervent supporter of child sexual abuse
  13. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    I wonder how much of the pollution in Bangkok is caused by the feathers being spit out by Prayuth
  14. Careful, defending the integrity of the RTP is certifiable behavior
  15. Don't blame the taxi drivers, we all know they're whiter than white because of all the lost wallets they return. Blame the people who use the taxis