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  1. Teenager gets driving licence with address as ‘My dad’s house’

    At least she knows who her father is. Not everyone can put that on their CV
  2. Ohio 10-year-old steals family car, leads police on high-speed chase

    That's what happens when the uneducated are allowed to breed and just goes to show these morons shouldn't be allowed within a country mile of any form of destructive technology. Let's hope they never get the "bomb" OOPS! just realized this didn't occur in Thailand. Wondered why there were no claims that the country was going to hell in a hand cart
  3. The long con !

    Breathing is a sure sign
  4. A new twist on the "sick buffalo" routine?
  5. FM confirms Yingluck's four Thai passports revoked

    and the first of the junta apologists crawls out from under his stone law??? Only the extremely blinkered and biased would consider her treatment anything remotely related to law
  6. Missing post need advice

    and by doing so giving it the status "snowball in hell" On a slightly different note, I've heard that Thais consider farangs stupid
  7. FM confirms Yingluck's four Thai passports revoked

    While I do believe she did the right thing, for some strange reason I can't help thinking "Stable door" and "Horse bolted"
  8. PM Prayut thanks flood victims

    "Thanks for being bitten" said the snake
  9. NCPO claims flood-management win

    If this what they call a "win",, I'd hate to be around for a loss
  10. Leftists on cusp of power as weary Icelanders go to polls

    Not everyone's smart enough to vote for super heroes like Trump. Such actions require a special kind of intelligence
  11. Expect premium rate phone calls Although I'm not sure Thailand has the technology to cope with the deluge of complaints that any line for reporting police "misbehavior" would inherently create.
  12. He should've stopped and paid his tea money like everyone else All the police are guilty of is a BS excuse. It would've been better to say nothing
  13. The ride of his life … to the bride of his life

    Getting married means this wont be the only ride he's gonna be taken on, Although it'll certainly be the cheapest
  14. The "Those murdering Shins" brigade are made ominous by their silence. Too busy wiping the egg off no doubt. Another slice of humble pie sir?
  15. WOW! Wonders never cease: The Americans have finally discovered that dropping bombs isn't very diplomatic