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  1. Only seven? in that case I can't see what all the fuss is about. I wonder if she told any of them she was slightly pregnant
  2. Probably about as near as he could could get to all the major league criminals without joining the police force
  3. Italian man found dead in Phuket hotel

    Wrists and throat WOW! Gonna stick my neck out on this one and say it probably wasn't accidental Sherlock eat your heart out
  4. Never been a dog lover but I can certainly see the appeal of having something alternate between licking its own ass and my face
  5. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    3000 baht bar bill? I'd need therapy for the rest of my life You need to get the tattoo from your forehead removed
  6. scratches on Vios? Mrs cleaned it!

    Help??? A little electric shock therapy should do the trick, failing that divorce lawyers aren't that hard to find
  7. Only because he's already got that base covered
  8. Well at least they can't complain about the freshness of the sea food
  9. British businessman caught with sex pills and drugs

    Business man my rear end. For "business man" read "smack rat." With most drugs I'm more the live and let live type, but I've lived in a community plagued by these aspiring scum. It's not nice, give me a pack of rabid soi dogs any time "A friend" tells me that the only sounds you can believe coming from these vermin are those of breaking bones and screams of agony when their privates are treat to a dose of boiling hot water.
  10. Once again the true mentality of dog owners comes shining through
  11. While the machines will all have to be adapted to accept brown envelopes, I can think of at least one industry that machines wont be replacing anytime soon
  12. Say what you like about them, but they can certainly push the envelope when it comes to imagination
  13. British man who lives with TWO girlfriends becomes a dad with BOTH women

    Not all a bed of roses. 2 bouts of PMT per month and 2 mothers-in-law could be considered above and beyond the call of duty.
  14. Good question and the psychic in me says whoever it is will have an affinity with brown envelopes
  15. It's not the questions he should be worried about, it's how the "Great One" interprets the responses