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  1. Cruise control not much use in Thailand as there is no traffic separation between heavy vehicles, cars and motorbikes, no lane discipline so random vehicles enter and block your path without signalling, and too many unofficial entries and exits even on the fast highways. I used it extensively on visits to the States and when driving on motorways in the UK on less busy stretches, but can't ever imagine using it in this country.
  2. Even Thailand's home grown car, the Thairung, which no one with any sense seems to buy, uses a Toyota engine. Good choice but not exactly kickstarting homegrown innovation. Maybe they should go straight to electric power, few car batteries strung together with terminals secured by matchsticks should match Thai quality standards!
  3. Why only the lady's face obscured? Let's hope there is no issue over identification now their images are all over the media. Most countries would call these "warrants of detention" or "remands in custody" as they have already been arrested, so no warrant of arrest necessary.
  4. Photo caption "She promised my husband's member would grow this big if I bought an amulet"
  5. Why don't other countries need to do this to protect their tourism industries? In the U.K. anyone can open a business and provide these services. The businesses that survive are the ones that provide the best service at the most reasonable cost Why does Thailand need to be protected from market forces? This policy reduces competition and restricts the market to those who are the most corrupt and who pay off the right people.
  6. Family incudents like this are rarely heavily reported in the West, partly out of respect for the family and partly because they are not newsworthy. Western media concentrate more in world or national issues that don't seem to interest Thais, although there is a shared interest in the salacious exploits of "celebrities" These fill the pages cheaply as no one can afford to maintain squads of investigative journalists, especially when the press are restricted as they are in many parts of Asia so can't produce anything anyway.
  7. So who is looking after the public, the job he is paid to do, while he is being a part-time mechanic? He would have done better to arrange a rota of local repair shops available to be called out at night, like they do in every other country. Just as so many police officers do in this country, he is running a business instead of doing his job.
  8. You know what happens to fines here, right?
  9. In the UK the soap producers work closely with the police and victim organisations to both encourage victims to report and deal with these issues whilst discouraging potential attackers and fostering informed debate by the viewers about this and other social problems. No actors there would dream of making statements like these. This soap still seems to be based on the Death Wish blood and guts genre of moviemaking which was outmoded years ago.
  10. There are international associations like the APPI and the WSIA that can help with instruction and licensing of these operations like PADI and BSAC do for diving. Why don't the authorities make these compulsory, as most countries have done with PADI? This would protect the operators and their customers without diverting paratroopers from their important job of ..........???
  11. Maybe if her driver had their hazard flashers on and she stood IN FRONT of his car instead of behind, it would have reduced the risk, but still a stupid thing to do. Darwin at work.
  12. Muesli (from Makro as all the others are exorbitantly expensive) with low fat milk, cup of tea, or jok muu luang sai kai piset, which is rice porridge with an egg and pork meatballs in, or Kaewtum muu luang sai kai piset, same as jok, except that it's whole rice in the soup instead of being ground up. Delicious if you go to the right place by the moat opposite the Maharat Hospital turning.
  13. Can cost you serious money if you are caught trespassing on the railway in the UK.
  14. Likely scenario. Yaris will be crushed, dismantled, cloned or torched to get rid of evidence/return some of the invested money. Assassins will be hired non-locals brought in for the job. Paymasters will have dealt in cash to distance themselves. Best course of action. Offer large reward to open lips of the many people who have all the details. Hope the investigators are not overwhelmed by/involved in the local politics.
  15. Fair play to the Thais. I recently grounded my car whilst reversing off a parking slab outside a shop that only had a slope for half its width, so had a wheel hanging off a two foot drop. My stupid fault. within two minutes five Thai guys came from a nearby building site and lifted my car back on to the slab. They were even embarrassed to take a tip. Thanks Chiang Mai site builders, you were great. Parking slab builders, not so great!