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  1. Why does a monk, who has renounced all worldly possessions, need a power bank? Surely not to charge the smartphone he also shouldn't have? I find it increasingly difficult to respect these men in orange. The media are full of stories about their irreligious behavior. Allowing temporary members and penitent criminals to join further devalues the office. Still people feed them and build them large temples, only to see them become business centres rather than religious institutions. Buddha would turn in his grave at these antics, such a mockery of his teachings and principles.
  2. A friend of mine died in this crash, trapped and burnt to death, his wife escaped but broke her leg jumping to the tarmac. Heartbreaking funeral. Hope the regulation of Thai airlines and pilot training continues to improve.
  3. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Another vote up for Snake brand. Plus you can get a generic equivalent of Canesten 1% combined with an anti-irritant which I found worked better for me if I had a problem. It was also cheaper than Canesten.
  4. Looks good for the press. But try and use a wheelchair or pushchair in any Thai city and be prepared to be defeated by lack of ramps and lifts, stairs with no alternative access, broken and obstructed pavements, motorcycles on pavements, and lack of precedence on crossings. Once these things are sorted out, maybe Thailand can start crowing about inventions.
  5. Can we look forward to the introduction of sugar-free "diet" versions of soft drinks here, or would that kill the sugar industry?
  6. Looks very similar to bullet trains in Japan and Taiwan I have seen and they do 300km/h which is pretty fast.
  7. We tried it still have 90% of the stock, luckily with long expiry dates. She got bored and moved on to something else which also hasn't sold. But now the bank have forced her to do a business plan I wanted for idea 1 for idea 2, so that might have a chance. In between there were expensive bakery courses but I still get no bread or cakes baked. We have a roomful of equipment ovens etc and I am promised it will all happen one day. Hope I live to see it!
  8. Nothing to do with raising a bit of money for funeral expenses/publicity for the gym, as gambling often associated with this activity? No objection as long as they are upfront about it, but unfortunately it's illegal.
  9. Malaysian woman killed in taxi crash on tollway

    I thought they normally hid the belt buckles to allow passengers to slide in and out easily. I gladly give up this convenience for the chance to survive a crash. People don't realise that the impact forces can easily propel unbelted passengers through the windscreen, you can't hold on or hold children, although most Thais won't use car seats and still allow children to stand between the seats, stupid.
  10. A lot of evidence is gathered in criminal cases, including murders. It is for the police to present this evidence, and for the courts to weigh the evidence. If the court thinks the phone location evidence is strong, they may convict. There do appear to have been some procedural cock ups in regard to the supply of the phone evidence, but I have some sympathy for the U.K. Investigators who were under a lot of family pressure to make sure the culprits were caught in spite of the Thai police "investigation", as the victims were British. Tourists should not feel safer as"no Thai could have done this". There are many foreign workers, some undocumented, all over Thailand doing the jobs Thais won't touch, including in the holiday resorts. They have nothing to lose, being at the low end of the economic scale.
  11. Spain especially, and France, Portugal etc, have had a problem with balcony falls for years, usually associated with alcohol abuse. Some of them have started building them higher now, but many are still dangerous. Usually what prompts action is the negative publicity of naming and shaming the resorts/hotels where deaths have occurred. But here with the gag of defamation suits preventing this, the pressure to take action over deaths of foreigners/tourists is much less.
  12. Chiang Mai = Nottingham/Derby but with much less industry, girls are just as nice!
  13. The first sudden death I ever dealt with was a jumper from 67 feet (30 m) up a multi storey car park. Every bone in his body was broken except his left arm. Concrete is a bugger to land on. I'm surprised there aren't more falls from balconies, they are made exactly the right height to accidentally bend and fall from. Problem is, if they made them higher they would cost more and spoil the lovely views of the sewage flowing out to sea.
  14. Disabled people to petition Supreme Administrative Court

    In 2009 a Spanish student designed an escalator where three steps could be used to carry a heavy load or a wheelchair, it also saved energy. It appears that this has failed to attract any funding. I am glad that the design for the new Pink and Yellow monorail lines includes elevators (lifts) at each station.
  15. Sounds similar arrangement to travellers/gypsies/ Romany in U.K. Always claim to be poor and downtrodden but have new cars and caravans.