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  1. I would like to see more use made of services such as the Disclosure and Barring Service in the UK https://www.gov.uk/guidance/teacher-status-checks-information-for-employers which checks background. I am sure the Thai Government could negotiate cheap or free access to this service, on an information exchange basis, and even consider setting up one of their own, data protection notwithstanding. This will also stop these criminals just travelling somewhere else and getting a job without their previous behaviour being tracked and traced.
  2. This is very good news, the traffic is getting crazy. Monorails have started to become popular with the Pink and Yellow Lines in Bangkok under construction, Hat Yai looking at them and under consideration in Khon Kaen. They take up less land and are very comfortable. Buses and songtaews/minibuses will still be needed as feeders for the trains to get people to and from stations. Hopefully they will sort out the bus lane situation at the same time.
  3. Most of the skunk growers in the U.K. seem to use Vietnamese labour, so maybe a chance to compete with them. I am sure Thai farming skills are equally developed, Issaan could become a world hub.
  4. Some Thai people must think they are Ironman because they never need to wear a helmet on a motorcycle, or wear a seatbelt. Thre don’t realize exactly how easy it is to die when they strike their soft heads on a hard road. Even worse they don’t protect their kids from the same fate. Even cheap Thai helmets are better than nothing, especially if you do the strap up.
  5. This says it all really. The laws have been in force for years, just not being enforced. Weather reports, skilled captains should already know how to access these. The rest, just effort at restoring and protecting face and image to persuade tourists to return. Any bets which will receive most effort?
  6. Having attended many bar fights in a professional capacity, the best advice I ever received was to wait outside until it quietened down as by then all the participants were too tired to attack anyone else. You usually never found out the truth of what had happened as a) People told lies, b) Alcohol clouded recollection. May be different now that so many incidents are caught on phone cameras or CCTV.
  7. I am disappointed that the magnificent efforts of all involved in the rescue operation and the selfless sacrifice of the life of the Thai diver are being tarnished by this playground argument. Whatever the sexual proclivities of Mr Unsworth, they are totally irrelevant to the work he did during the rescue, unless Mr Musk thinks this was purely to improve his access to children. Calling him a pedo is the trick that name calling schoolboys use, but this sort of behaviour seems to be increasing since the era of Trumpism, total lack of dignity and class. Both Mr Unsworth and Mr Musk (as well as Mr Trump) should be banned from using keyboards or giving interviews until they apologise and promise to grow up.
  8. Why does the TV news show the same 10 second of unclear video repeatedly? Do they really think people here are so stupid they need to watch it ten times to understand it? Oh, just answered my own question.
  9. Classic Ray

    Health Ministry bans the use of khat

    Just when Thailand is considering decriminalising it. https://www.vice.com/sv/article/jmbxz8/thailand-might-legalise-a-drug-to-save-its-drug-addicts
  10. Ten years ago when visiting Vietnam I found the drivers even crazier than Thai drivers, so I suspect it's not much safer on the roads there today. We already welcome many Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai, who may face (and cause) danger on the roads but at least face less in the water, as we are far from the sea. I expect volumes will rise now and the roads will become even more hazardous.
  11. I am sure the instruction for the default view is to make people get new re-entry permits because they can charge 1000 baht plus any photo and copying fees for them. Have to keep everyone's wages paid.
  12. Classic Ray

    Teaching in Thailand after age sixty

    I am 67 working on a project with several Thai colleagues who are also legally retired and over 60. We all have renewable one-year contracts which seems to be the norm for oldsters like us. Whether same rules apply to teachers I don't know.
  13. I think it's just another illustration of the different mindsets in the cultures. In the West, they might receive a handshake or a medal, as they don't really expect anything, but here reward has to be monetary. Elite cards, free flights and a week's holiday are a nice, not too expensive, gesture and I am sure will be well received. Well done to the Government for at least doing something. This operation has cost a lot of resources and money as well as a diver's life, for basically what is still not a rich country.
  14. Classic Ray

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    I would draw your attention to a lovely chap called Kenneth Noye https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Noye before you paint UK road rage as tame. Also, like so many things, blowing your horn may only result in bad things happening once in a million times, but being shot because you are that one is not a pleasant outcome.
  15. Proper media management is essential during an operation like this. Complete blackouts don't work as journalists will use any methods to get stories, or will simply make them up. To continue to get cooperation from journalists they must be regularly fed with updates. They can be an asset to incident management as well as a hindrance. If the police and government want to come out of this smelling of roses they would do well to keep good relations with the media.