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  1. Interesting to see this described as a Taiwanese gang when ten of the fifteen arrested are Thais. Also interesting to see no mention of the undoubted cooperation of the Malaysian police and government without whom none of them would have been arrested.
  2. Sections 55 & 57 of the Land Traffic Act 2552 deal with leaving vehicles causing an obstruction such as this. Getting the police to remove them as they would do in other countries may be a problem though. In the UK it would be towed, driver would get a ticket for obstruction plus hefty towing and storage charge at the pound.
  3. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    In Chiangmai, first step should be to ensure the over 50% of motorcycles without plates, tax or insurance are dealt with. Traffic enforcement cameras are no use without current keeper details, and no tax can be collected. Part is lack of enforcement, part is the archaic system for registering and changing ownership. Overall, it’s easier to break the law with little chance of being caught.
  4. In the UK the width of the road from building line to building line is the Queen’s highway and no one may obstruct it, your only right is to pass and repass. Even parking outside your house is not a right and may be prosecuted if the obstruction is unnecessary or willful. In Selfland, such a simple concept is impossible to understand.
  5. Police officer’s New Year largesse investigated

    This is why UK police or their close relatives are not allowed business interests that conflict with their duties. In practice, officers are allowed very few business interests as they would be tempted either to attend to business instead of their work, or open themselves to corruption. Here none of those safeguards seem to apply.
  6. I can confirm this. The most they can do is issue a Red Notice asking for them to be detained pending extradition. The detention would be done by the police of the country they were in, who would then ask the requesting country, to provide supporting evidence for extradition. Interpol simply act as a facilitator between the two countries’ police involved.
  7. I am sure they will be examining it not only for his DNA, but also the remains of whatever animals were cooked and eaten to show he did indeed consume the protected animals.
  8. I am sure the family cares and wish to show their appreciation for the donations. But someone will always say bah humbug on TV.
  9. I would think seriously about your earning potential before you come. Many employment sectors are restricted to Thais, you need to be able to show an income or savings of 400,000 baht every year when renewing your extension of visa based on marriage. Most reasonable Thai girls will examine your earning potential before getting involved with you. The unreasonable ones will just strip your assets. everyday life, especially with officialdom, can be complicated and takes effort and discipline. Thai life philosophy and interests are quite different to the UK, money and financial stability for them and their family members being at the top.
  10. Could have flown to UK no problem and reapplied for Aus from there. Surprised Thailand so willing to host him cough brown envelope cough.
  11. Whilst he could not post directly on the incident if he names the restaurant, he could mention it in Trip Adviser or any of the other social media platforms that host reviews and achieve a measure of disclosure.
  12. Unless he made National Insurance contributions in the UK for thirty years any state pension would be minimal or non-existent. He may even be too young still for old age pension as rules changed. Had thirty years here to arrange a private pension so? I paid 11% of my salary for thirty years just to stop this situation.
  13. Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    Being French, he probably learned to drive on the other side of the road. That experience conditions you not to be so aware of traffic from your non-natural side, even if you have been driving here for years. Coupled with selfish behaviour by other road users, collisions just waiting to happen.
  14. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    Before the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, many addicts were prescribed heroin by their doctors which they took under pharmacist's supervision, and which allowed them to lead almost fully-functioning lives. Let's hope this measure has the desired effect.
  15. The seals are there to prevent product contamination, and as someone already pointed out, unauthorised refilling. Unless they change the cap design to incorporate break off tabs, you will never know the quality of what you are drinking is what the bottler intended. This is simply a ploy to save the bottlers money. If there is any problem with the quality they will be able to claim that their product has been tampered with.