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  1. The only police cars I have seen in Thailand are Highway Patrol escorting VIPs, pickups full of traffic cones, and Tourist Police imitating real ones. The concept of preventive or detection patrols seems absent here, probably interrupts the running of the secondary businesses too much.
  2. This could easily be deemed to be murder. If the householder grabbed the other guy whilst he was still asleep and strangled him to death, that would be murder. We don’t know whether there was a proven struggle or threat to the householder’s life, we only have his side of the story. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. The names sound Thai, but surely not?
  4. Legislation and case law don’t seem to develop as they do in the West. In the UK judges can actually interpret the law and their decisions can alter the law in the concept of “common law”. Killing someone in self defence is more an interpretation of the facts rather than the law. The law (in the UK) is clear that you can use reasonable force to defend or protect your own life or that of another. All that a court would have to decide is if the force you used was reasonable, and that there was no reasonable alternative to the action you took in defence of life. Killing someone who is fleeing is not self-defence.