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  1. Disagree. The most effective and popular police forces are those, like the UK, that rely on community policing. Police officers rely on the public to call them or give them information as they cannot be everywhere at once. And they need the support of the public when they are enforcing the law, not being attacked or criticised. Nothing worse than women or children being abused in their homes and neighbours "not wanting to interfere" until it's too late. If the public in Thailand need a little bit of incentive, not having been brought up with this concept, then that's OK. Heartening to see some people refusing the reward as they are acting for the good of society, not for money.
  2. Part of the problem is the laxity of enforcement of the registration and change of ownership laws. I would estimate over 20% of motorcycles in Chiang Mai have no number plates, and over 50% are not registered to the current owner/drivers. Also the records don't appear to be nationally computerised or available to patrolling police officers. So if the police want to deal with an offender, they better stop them at the time as they have no chance of tracing them later through registration records. This obviously encourages them to take extreme measures.
  3. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    I am amazed by the lack of knowledge and understanding about depression and what can drive someone to take their own life. Far from being a cowardly act, it is often a brave thing to do when faced by problems that appear insurmountable to that person, even if not to others. Have a little sympathy please for someone who had reached the end of his tether in sad circumstances and had to end it all.
  4. Who's going to look after his daughter if the Aussie gets deported? That's a stupid statements. Thais convicted of assault get a 500 baht fine, so should he. The Thai guy should also be fined for the blatant attack in front of the policeman. The policeman should be fined for dereliction of duty. Let the insurance sort out the damage to the cars (and reclaim from those to blame) and everyone can get on with their lives in paradise, just a bit poorer.
  5. F1 races while in khon kaen

    Any expressway in Thailand will give you all the thrills and spills of F1 without any admission fee, just watch out for the lack of spectator safety facilities! Marvel how they squeeze through impossible gaps to overtake on either side, repeatedly change lanes without signalling, stop for no foreseeable reason, all while on the phone and eating their breakfast.
  6. New Zealand Police Made Light Of Car Crash Deaths With A Gif From "The Office"

    As a serving police officer, I did it many times, very unpleasant, but it's part of the job. With my tutor/instructor officer, I went to do my first one, to tell a lady her husband had died. It was an immigrant family, many in their community had a distrust of the police, mostly a legacy of how they were treated in their home country. Knocked on door, after long delay, opened by middle aged woman. Tutor says "are you Mrs Brown?" "No one of that name here. What you want with her?" "well, are you Mrs Brown or not?' "No". "Never mind, we just wanted to tell her her husband's had his head cut off in an accident, but if you're not her you won't be interested". Floods of tears. She should have been truthful in the first place and we might have been a bit more sympathetic.
  7. When my wife formed her company a year ago, she only had to have 1 million baht in declared capital and have two Thai employees (including her as MD) for me as a foreigner to be granted a work permit. It has just been renewed for a further year in the easiest and quickest interaction I have ever had with a government department here at the Ministry of Labour in Chiangmai.
  8. This is not so much racial profiling as intelligence-led policing, as adopted by most efficient police forces in the world. The Thai police just don't think about how they should present it. If they have intelligence that people in certain premises are committing crimes then those are the premises that are raided. You will see from the arrest records that a variety of nationalities were arrested, not just black Africans.
  9. The main problem is that those arrested are all independent traders who don't normally pay any percentage of their earnings to officialdom, either directly or via the club/bar-owning pimps, except when they get arrested. This naturally upsets the accepted order of things and prompts action by those financially affected. Any serious effort to reduce prostitution would of course target the premises where most of the activity takes place, without concern for the financial effect.
  10. In 18 and 19C Europe women used products containing arsenic, antimony and mercury to whiten their skin. They died. Seems the message hasn't reached Thailand yet.
  11. Why does a monk, who has renounced all worldly possessions, need a power bank? Surely not to charge the smartphone he also shouldn't have? I find it increasingly difficult to respect these men in orange. The media are full of stories about their irreligious behavior. Allowing temporary members and penitent criminals to join further devalues the office. Still people feed them and build them large temples, only to see them become business centres rather than religious institutions. Buddha would turn in his grave at these antics, such a mockery of his teachings and principles.
  12. A friend of mine died in this crash, trapped and burnt to death, his wife escaped but broke her leg jumping to the tarmac. Heartbreaking funeral. Hope the regulation of Thai airlines and pilot training continues to improve.
  13. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Another vote up for Snake brand. Plus you can get a generic equivalent of Canesten 1% combined with an anti-irritant which I found worked better for me if I had a problem. It was also cheaper than Canesten.
  14. Looks good for the press. But try and use a wheelchair or pushchair in any Thai city and be prepared to be defeated by lack of ramps and lifts, stairs with no alternative access, broken and obstructed pavements, motorcycles on pavements, and lack of precedence on crossings. Once these things are sorted out, maybe Thailand can start crowing about inventions.
  15. Can we look forward to the introduction of sugar-free "diet" versions of soft drinks here, or would that kill the sugar industry?