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  1. Was ThailandJohnThailand by any chance i seem to remember he flew out the woodwork any time this case turned up!
  2. Dwarf man crushed to death by roadside bench

    And Yinglok!
  3. Still the toad in my eyes, but i always thought he resembled a "King Edwards potato" or old Spud head!
  4. Thailand 4.0? Police armed with ID card readers

    Will this reader also cover our "Pink" cards?
  5. Thailand 4.0? Police armed with ID card readers

    Maybe delayed to see if there are any HI-So connections!
  6. Prayut finalising plans ahead of Trump meeting

    Does his Frog know about this visit?
  7. Thank you very much for your details still does'nt seem fair though!
  8. The motivation my friend, is to keep his Generalship happy first and foremost!
  9. What is this "reciprocal agreement" i heard that they get the increases in Philippines, but not Australia, expats in the USA get the increase, but not Thailand!
  10. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    He never fails to make himself look a total prat!
  11. As far as i am aware not all offices are 90 day online enabled, Jom Thien for one!
  12. Thanks, but was blair involved do you know?
  13. Slight deviation, but did'nt a group representing Thai expats take the problem of no pension increases for some expats, to the ECHR a few years ago, which tony (bloody) blair who was PM then blocked, maybe somebody knows more about this episode.