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  1. I hope it happens, i can't see what can stop a future government arming itself with art 44 which apparently can over rule any law, and overriding the juntas all encompassing amnesty for its leaders, or maybe i'm missing something!
  2. And don't the food pictures, very important!
  3. Plus you obviously cannot have a debit card, which presumably means a trip to the bank everytime to change FC to THB which is free except for a one of charge this is with KRUNG Thai bank.
  4. All true, they were offered help but refused it, maybe it involved some kind of work ( I know WP needed etc.) but they don't look the working type, preferring instead to beg
  5. Not now Colin, he's a naturalised yank and has been for sometime!
  6. Well i have never heard that excuse before, of course i think we can believe every word he says!
  7. Yep, you can tell the boy means business Eyebrows pointing upwards in the centre, nostrils flared striding forwards as though he's on a serious mission, so Thailand better watch out!
  8. I can beat that i did my last 90 day at Jomchien 3 weeks ago thursday afternoon picked up ticket for no 4 desk went straight too it, old blue slip whipped out new one in, and out in 3 minutes, might add the place was nearly empty nobody at the extension desks at all!
  9. Don't forget Type 2 Women, as well!
  10. On Backwards of course, plenty of grovelling now though!
  11. Boy Band type maybe, but i personally would put him in with the other scrote Justin Bieber!
  12. Foreign pastime i think it is probably an outlet for a type of money laundering, certainly in some cases!
  13. Yep, so many hubs but no wheels going anywhere!
  14. The UK seems to be up there with fittest by walking a lot which is easier in cool climates, but regarding fitness does'nt seem to back this walking up, when you see the fat slobs and beer gutted men, we seem to breed in the UK at present (says he of the sylph like build) LOL!
  15. About the only time the ridiculously called "Comfort Station" really fits!