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  1. If you are married to a Thai check up getting it sent in her name, as her property, they are more lenient on Thais than us farrangs!
  2. What are you talking about Paddy, what has Brexit got to do with this thieving old git!
  3. Survey reveals little faith in Thai justice system

    Correct, that is the 5.7% who have faith in the thai in/justice system!
  4. Brighter Butts, Darker Futures

    And what do you think the Japanese and Koreans want to look like, same thing paler skin, ie Farrang, westerners!
  5. It was originally Roman Catholic as per St Valentine, until a pope or someone crossed it off the list of saints, as it included torture and executions in the name of the RC religion, bit sketchy info, but i did'nt take much notice when i read about it a couple of days ago!
  6. You are obviously counting on the vehicles being registered in the first place, and even having number plates at all, then of course who the culprits are, ie. hi-so or peasant. other than that i would agree with your sentiment!
  7. 12 pages is nothing, had the killer been a Brit there would have been easily more than 20 pages so far, Brit haters come flying out of the woodwork, usually the same old Brit. bashers every time, RIP to the Aussie did'nt deserve what he got despite anything he has supposed to have done at the time!
  8. If you read the report, it seems the ozzie was being abusive to the bar staff and the Amrican before the incedant, how true the report is i have no idea, other than it being confirmed by several witnesses in the bar! Does'nt justify that kind of beating though, it sounds more of a drunken frenzy than anything else, which is probably why he handed himself in after sobering up
  9. Looked to me like he was suffering from a bit of wind (flatulance!)
  10. Impossible to involve the junta, they all have a blanket amnesty remember?
  11. That's a valid point, but if their internet/wi-fi are anything like here in Sattahip that fail pretty frequently especially after rain sometime nothing all day while they do another bodge up job, then next rainfall same again, at that rate all the computerised info they have would be lost if they were in the process of downloading, so from our point of view all the reams of paperwork are probably worth it, until they get a more reliable system running!
  12. I think as others have pointed out, get a dash cam an absolute must, especially for a flang, it might be as in this case the only defence you have, but back on topic the Brit will be paying whatever happens, you can bet your life on that!
  13. He was making Merit, that's all!
  14. Yep, about right Chinese in Brits out!