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  1. Yes we certainly have plenty of hubs, but no wheels, ie nothing is rolling around the hub!
  2. Or the sweaty old fat git i saw walking around in Tescos yesterday no shirt blubber wobbling about back front sides disgusting sight, no wonder a lot of Thais look down on us, no respect at all.
  3. There would be no excuses mainly they don't even see them for one thing, and if they do see them, (mainly motor bike riders) a red light is merely a suggestion and to be acted on accordingly!
  4. True Indian women especially i also remember seeing a baby girl back in the UK with a complete moustache she could'nt have been a year old!
  5. Yes i have seen pictures of him with old WW2 veterans, and he has far more medals than them, how he can parade himself in front of them after all they have been through, i don't know!
  6. Or your cat started picking it's nose, another Thai hobby
  7. Yep, and they're both Scottish to boot!
  8. I think a kind of plague (not black death kind) would be a kind of likeness of the great man himself like the Romans would do complete with laurel wreath on head, and with hand prints Hollywood style, would be rather fetching don't you think?
  9. Yes i have had similar experiences many times, sometimes there is no Thai word for what you want it is English, but you need to pronounce the Thai way, i remember asking in Tescos where i would find batteries, the girl looked completely puzzled, then i thought, ah batterlee she twigged straight away took me straight where i needed to go!
  10. As far as i understand the law regarding travelling in the back of pick-up does'nt start till after song-kran, which would have to be pretty flexible as sonk-kran lasts different number of days depending where you are!
  11. Where does it say he's from the UK or are you just assuming because the report of a report is in an English paper?
  12. Probably saw your avatar and thought it was Boris, so made sure her phone was out of service!
  13. And don't forget letter from your bank not older than two days, at least that is the requirement at Pattaya emigration, don't ask me how i know!
  14. If you or anybody is in Sattahip Chonburi go for "Coffee Lovers! Sukumvit Road, Americano superb! Had a Black Canyon effort in Central Plaza Pattaya Today as usual consistently awful, but it's my place of rest waiting for the wife to finish her frock shop expeditions, so can't complain don't like Starbucks at all! just my two pennuth i'm no expert in coffee, I much prefer English Tea which is hard to get outside of a home brew,