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  1. Well my DWP pension is paid weekly and has been for the last 13 yrs if that's any help!
  2. You forgot to mention there are no beer bars at all, something to do with being a navy town!
  3. Yes and it seems strange to use a Brit acters picture as an avatar when you dislike them so much!
  4. Maybe true, but the wealthy in the 1800's UK went out of their way to stay white, so as not to be confused with manual field workers and labourers, exactly what Thai people do today so as not to be thought of as manual workers, but a bit more hi-so, even when they are skint!
  5. Could also mean he's not hi-so enough to linger in charging him, never the less RIP to the Lady, and a tragedy for her family!
  6. Yes but you are limited to one country in Europe i think, i use Browsec easy to switch freely between four countries, and many more paid for!
  7. I think you mean "Given" an apology? meanwhile their son is still slammed up!
  8. Maybe, or waiting to see what hi-so connections there might be in this cowardly mob!
  9. True, but being an ex Rothschild's banker might have had something to do with it!
  10. In some parts of London it means Crap (as in toilet) ie rhyme slang "pony and trap" just to lower the tone a bit!
  11. And don't forget citizenship as well!
  12. Difficult to spot though, he's got his camouflage jacket on
  13. Yes, must have been a riveting conversation, our "Head Honcho" who apparently cannot speak or understand English, conversing through an interpreter then relayed through Trumps US/Thai interpreter!
  14. No point in you going on, moonlover came up with a much more pertinent point, being that it was only a short period, your way would have come to light sooner or later therefore amounting to (as they see it) fraud! We're are getting well of topic here, so best leave at that.