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  1. Apart from the UK that is, where they are more than welcome to come back, with the promise of free housing etc, but they must promise to be good boys/girls in future!
  2. "Vegetable Farm", he looks more like a spud (potato) to me, than an animal!
  3. Yes, and the frog was wonderful too!
  4. Extention of Stay (Retirement) in Jomtien

    Yes i remember now, some stupid cartoon wording from years back, must have got caught in a time warp!
  5. I suppose the all important question is, can he get his leg over? the big one i mean!
  6. Absolutely,my first wife got rid of me!
  7. Two men face perjury charge in Jomsap case

    They have to lie, it goes hand in hand with saving face, which in itself is a fare stronger reason in Thailand than simply just lying
  8. Police forced to stop interrogating suspect after he continually FARTS replies

    Or a re-enactment, if in Thailand!
  9. Public questions relevance of PM’s six questions

    I have often wondered that Costa if you can, speak up, Uncle P could certainly use your backing!
  10. "Hold on to that position" easily, and at the going rate, their lead figures would be untouchable for many years!
  11. That 50k apparently is the maximum allowed according to the article!
  12. Are you sure she was a she, did you check to see if she/he had a meat and two veg. must be on your toes on Beach Rd. these days, not that i would know of course!