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  1. People are confusing travel insurance with medical insurance. I have the latter not the former.
  2. There is more to this story. I suspect the tourists were rude and abusive. Their impolitness got them a slap. They probably deserved it.
  3. The vast majority of visitors do not come to Pattaya for any of the above apart from the usual holiday drinking.
  4. No need for enforced Travel Insurance but medical insurance is important
  5. The manic

    A New Vietnam-Thailand Navy Pact?

    Prohibition never works. Those people who support the war on drugs, who celebrate when people are busted are deluded hypocrites high on their own opinions.
  6. The manic

    Beach deserted but clean today

    Girls, hotel prices, value for money in general with the exception of beer and wine, wide range of excellent quality food to match a wide range of budgets, winter weather, cultural depth and variety etc etc
  7. The manic

    Beach Road Hotel Suggestions

    Soi 13 Sandy Springs, Dynasty, or the Whitehouse
  8. Toy boy bars and Gigolo bars for women to pay men for sex. I've also seen, Farang, Japanese and Thai women bar fining men in Gay Go Go bars in Pattaya.
  9. That's a myth white men like to believe and sometimes perpetuate by Thai women. The fact is they sleep with Indian men for a much lower fee than white men. Thai girls also have a lot more in common with Arabs than they do White men.
  10. The manic

    Rental in The Base Pattaya?

    You must pay electric bill in Thailand because some people would run A.C. 24 hours a day creating a bill bigger than The rental income
  11. The manic

    Condo Management Company in Pattaya

    Yes they are good
  12. Better conditions than I had on the refinery in Libya. But terrorists in Gitmo had better conditions than us. But there again the the Gitmo accommodation was better than the terrorists home accommodation. Regarding the Thai fishing fleet. Slavers usually react badly to reform. Many of the crew are indentured/slave labour from Burma. Has anybody wondered why in the heart of Issan, miles from the sea, squid is so cheap?
  13. Well said - these sentimental so called Animal Rights Activists are rubbing shoulders with terror mongers, vegan extremists who not only wish to impose their stupid views on us but also put thousands of Mahouts and their families out of work. I ride elephants when I get the chance. The last time was the elephant round up in Surin. The animal rights scum are deluded people haters.
  14. The manic

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    It's not Thainess. It's the idiocy of military mindset all over the world which favours order over freedom, conformity of spontaneity.
  15. The manic

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    You don't speak for Thais. Repeatedly many Thais have said they do not want lower Suk and areas like KSR reduce to a characterless bland areas devoid of stalls and enterprising ,hard working vendors. Thai people work, eat and trade in such places. Now the unelected authoritarian bullies are about to destroy the Silom eating culture. Its a tragedy. The whole world is watching. The poor suffer.