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  1. https://m.jpost.com/Diaspora/Anti-racism-rally-in-Berlin-calls-for-destruction-of-Israel-569497 Anti Semitic racists, Islamic fundamentalst, and extreme marxist Leninist....so much for an anti racist rally.
  2. The manic

    Where have they gone - from Asoke

    I never go to sports bars. Dont go to UK pubs with TVs. Much easier now as more and more pubs have ripped out the TVs.
  3. Yes it drives up the price and thus encourages more dealing and supplying at all levels. Damage and harm limitation via decriminalization is the only way to go. These silly busts are equal to throwing petrol on a fire. They make it worse.
  4. The manic

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    How true. Good riddance. To the plastic pubs with wall to wall sport and techno musak
  5. https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/press-article/64 In this article the British government acknowledges immigrants have been given priority in social housing leading to the displacement of white working class communities who were forced out. This is a Europe wide pattern.
  6. This and other threads demonstrate why people use visa agents.
  7. The manic

    500+ Foreigners Arrested In New Nationwide Raids

    It depends on what definition of racism is being used. The current widely held view in Europe and the USA is a marxist lenninist view that suggests white people can never be victims of racism which is patently untrue. Regarding Proverbs. I am not interested in god botherers or their views.
  8. You are correct. The worst racist insults in this thread are against white working class people. Ironically the anti white racist insults are considered acceptable because they supposedly aimed at people who oppose multiculturalism and mass migration.
  9. In Pattaya Grab taxis are the same price as local rip off taxis.
  10. Indeed mass migration benefits big business and forces wages down and the hapless victims are labelled racists and lazy because they seek to defend their class, culture and community whilst they invaders are encouraged to nurture their cultural identify at the expense of the indigenous population. Any attempt to discuss mass migration and multiculturalism has been suppressed. This is now changing but it is too late. The damage is done. https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefingPaper/document/235
  11. Which agents have been closed down?
  12. I am unclear how you quantify the benefits of multiculturalism. Labelling people as racists and zenophobes just because they question the current orthodoxy is not helpful. It is evident that multiculturalism has resulted in the social and ethnic cleansing of many suburbs in the UK. Multiculturalism has led to the creation of ghettoes. The theory of multiculturalism is fine. The actuality is a disaster. There are no tangible benefits at all. Unless you believe that the destrucion of white working class communities throughout the UK is laudible. In years to come we will come to view the knee jerk acceptance of theories of diversity and multiculturalism as both destabilising and destructive to the fabric of European society.
  13. How does one quantify the benefits? The assertion that multiculturalism is beneficial is just an ideological belief. The reality is: multiculturalism destroys the indigenous culture and reinforces all the negative aspects of the invasive culture.
  14. http://www.wrx.zen.co.uk/alltnews.htm Excellent for a wide range of newspapers and mags