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  1. The oceans are the sewer of the world. Chemicals, radio active waste, used jam rags, faeces, dobbers, shit etc.
  2. Surely these interfering, NGO do gooders are insured by the reputable NGO that hired them. Or are they just interfering busy bodies?
  3. Is it that mediterian place the sky coloured sour fruit/vegetable associated with 007 cocktails and EU scams....For God's sake name the place even as a victim. it is now throwing doubt on every French restaurant in Pattaya. Name them but not shame them. Somebody please PM me.
  4. It was served in the morning at his request. He asked for a vegatarian breakfast and got what he asked for....He got vegatables ! The complainant is a creepy confrontational weirdo...As are many vegans and veggie Nazis.
  5. Online Teaching

    Nah. Nobody cares or knows....use a VPN..keep a low profile.
  6. Should I stay or should I go? The Clash.
  7. I have a tatoo but you know as well as I do that the role of tattoos in Thai culture is different from the west.
  8. In the spirit of Isaan

    Great idea. I travel around Issan a lot. Then return to Pattaya to chill out and relax.
  9. SEVEN MONTHS Smoke-Free!!!

    Well done. 11 years for me.I used hypnosis and guided meditation. Harnessed the power of my unconscious mind. I was on 60 a day plus. One of my affirmations was : "Smoking is bad for my body but I need my body to live".
  10. It strayed into the wrong people.
  11. Can't see what all the furs is about.
  12. Nothing to get barking mad about!