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  1. UK. Over regulated joyless sh##hole full of depressed politically correct morons and creeping sharia law. Stupid laws from hate crime to drug laws. expensive. no nightlife. no available women.elf and safety insanity. yuman rites. lazy millennial slobs. Anti white male hate...Ageism. ... crap pubs, expensive clubs. And whole areas ethnically cleansed of white working classes leaving [email protected]#mic ghettoes spreading poison. England is lost.Full of bullies, jobsworths and touts. police and government and media corrupt to the core but in denial. I remember when The UK was a great place to live. It's been destroyed by Diversity, The EU, multiculturalism and immigration. Bad education by cultural marxist teachers..And fear. Most people are too scared to walk around after dark.
  2. I choose Thailand.....not sure why?

    loads of expats lost big money in Spain.
  3. I choose Thailand.....not sure why?

  4. I choose Thailand.....not sure why?

    Ignore the TV trolls. They are weak minded damaged losers. But...travel around Thailand and have a break from Pattaya.I follow the festivals especially around Issan. And get a back bone.
  5. The last 50 years of democracy and coups saw a poverty stricken [email protected]#thole fishing village grow into one of the most interesting and profitable cities in Asia. Because it had its own system of municipal governance. Hundreds of thousand of people have work there now and it has millions of visitors. The last thing it needs is the opinions of Christian missionaries, the military, or people like you who like many 'postman pats from Perth' have neve been here or just failed in life in Thailand. Pattaya is one of the most remarkable cities in the world. I have been travelling since i was 12 and have visited over 60 countries.
  6. The military own Pattaya now...like the rest of the country.
  7. Rubbish. Have you ever been to Pattaya?
  8. I'm going to the monkey feast in Lopburi tomorrow.
  9. Thank God the chairs and umbrellas are back. Now bring the market stalls, pop up bars and food vendors back to the streets of Thailand especially lower Sukhumvit. If I want to go to a joyless Asian dump with no services I'll visit north korea.
  10. Wrong. We revisit Pattaya then come to live here. 90% of people do not smoke. I never go to bars where smoking is allowed indoors. Smokers are a tiny minority of selfish damaged people who quite literally- stink and make everything and everybody around them smell too.
  11. 90 % of people do not smoke. We support this law for our health and ours kids health.
  12. Don't worry we can track him down! We can all help by taking photographs or following the person.
  13. Great! Now the 90% of us who don't smoke will not have to tolerate this filth. Now apply it to all bars and restaurants etcetc. If you want to smoke you are outdated, outvoted, selfish and smelly.