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  1. Like I said. Culinary illiteracy. Boudin noir.
  2. Yes you're stuck with them now but can change them in the UK just not spend them.
  3. So why do the Thai girls love Hip Hop EDM UDM Electrop RnB Techno?
  4. Poor young smelly backpackers and young western mean who want sex for free and do not know enough about Thai Culture to know age is revered because it means they survived and have money and old style manners. You are projecting your faults not theirs. They really do hate back packs.
  5. Cargo Shorts

    Yes I assumed irony. Dreadful forms of apparel... But each to his own!
  6. Fax Service ?

    JOES SOI 4 The Nana Hotel. Any agency with a computer cafe or photocopy service... or buy a 30 $ printer.. To attach to your computer
  7. Soundproofing condo hallway door

    I stay in a hotel in Roi Et with the same issue. You living in a Drum. Nothing can be done except ear plugs
  8. Personal Training position/job in Bangkok

    The Thais are pretty obsessed with keep fit and thus have their own trainers etc. Work permit issues would arise and other issues... Hard cases with muscle and connections... So I suggest you come over and test the water...
  9. At least people are paying to see him at a specific venue unlike the endless footie and other crass sublimated gays sports shown in too many bars in Thailand. Thankfully in the UK TVs are gradually being removed from pubs to make them more adult, civilised and sociable.
  10. No. they can be changed at UK banks for a long time to come just not as currency at shops etc.
  11. Patpong finished years ago. Silom is homosexual prostitution
  12. But surely the moral puritan would be that ignorant of female anatomy?
  13. Looks good to me. I will try it then decide. Many people on thi forum tends to think pizza is food and burgers and fries are real food. They wouldn't know the difference between boidin blanc and blacks pudding. Culinary illiteracy.
  14. Muse Pass: Enter 63 Museums Nationwide For 299 Baht

    Great idea I'm gonna get one!