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  1. The very perception that people are 'walked all over' hints paranoia and er...arrogance..
  2. Impose your own routine and escape from the institutional state of mind that you seem to be trapped in like a prisoner.
  3. Usually a Thai girl who is not a sex worker will not want your company or attention. They want Thai guys. Farang look like big ugly white gorillas to them
  4. Ive never seen that. They just walk through normally with me.....i'll look out for it.
  5. No. Do not allow TV or newspapers to mediate your reality because they are false. Do we judge Australia by 'Neighbours' or 'Underbelly'...Do we really believe English soap operas reflect English life? The best thing for the OP to do is come here and base his decisions on his own personal, actual experience not media drivel. One thing I notice about the gloomy guys in Pattaya is that they dont do the girly scene. The guys that do go out on sexual adventures always seem happier and enjoy life more.
  6. Yes because people carry their own emotional baggage with them. They were probaly unhappy whiners before they came here, are disgruntled here and if they move on to somewhere else they will whinge and moan.
  7. Actually it does not need immigration officials to intervene in what we would just call helping a friend. The police or army can brace you. The army are more expensive to pay off. Recently two ex pats were caught carrying an A.C. unit from a truck to bar and were 'fined ' about 50 k baht. Happened on the dark side about 6 months ago.
  8. So why are you here?
  9. I personally am never never bothered with having 'nothing to do'. I always seems so busy especially since adopting a keep fit routine that takes 2 or 3 hours a day. I bit torrent long drama and action and comedy series and viewing them takes loads of my time. I travel around Thailand exploring. I do photography and make videos and the editing is very time consuming. I go out monging at least twice a week at night and do daily similar activities 2 or 3 times a week in the day time. I like to have a long lie in but stay up late. I hated work in including school from 5 to 16 so having 'nothing to do' is bliss for me. It's freedom. I read books and lose myself in other worlds. I enjoy cooking which is both creative and relaxing. The brilliant thing about Thailand especially Pattaya and Bangkok is that there is always something mad happening. Thailand provides a colourful, vibrant backdrop to ones daily life. and provides Food, music, fun..But if You want to chill on a hammock on an island or whither in a village that is an easy option...but not for me.
  10. Bitter long timer? You said it.
  11. It's hardly worth it. If you transit from one secure flight side area to another one then you 'should' be OK.... But it's a grey area to some official's. Maybe wait till the 2nd leg of your journey and look for DF there...then if not see if there's a DF at your final leg. However, I think the difference is negligible compared to the deals for quality spirits at Lidls and the like which stock top quality, award winning spirits.
  12. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    Hopefully the fashionable devil dogs will mate with the fashionable toy handbag dogs ...or maybe not. The ultimate deterrent for resisting a dog attack at close quarters is to take their front paws and spread their forlegs open violently on a horizontal axis thus tearing their heart open. But let's hope it doesn't get to that😁!
  13. What a tired old meaningless cliche. Nobody should have to do the time for such a trivial non offense. The architects of this poor girls torture should be the ones in prison. It's vile. If they had any genuine concern for her mental or physical well being they would try to help her not punish her. Community service and a bit of counselling. Then leave her alone. It is no business of the police in any country to interfere with freedom of thought or consciousness or the pursuit of oblivion. The war on drugs is always a war on the people and usualky the most vulnerable people in society and a means to exploit them. Same in the USA , UK etc. Its senseless barbaric cruelty only supported by the ignorant, the cynical and the vindictive.
  14. Not true. A 3/4 bed room house in Bradford is 160 k.And on the other side of the country..kent coast about same. There is plenty of cheap housing in UK....but not in London. House prices will not go down because there is a shortage of housing and a growing population and only limited new house building. Your proposition is a Marxist fallacy like a student spartist rambling in studen union demo. Owning a house in the UK does not make you 'rich' nor put you control the property market. I sense generation whinge here!