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  1. The manic

    Pattaya pub raided, alleged drug abusers arrested

    But they used the closing time rules as an excuse to harass people for drug use zi reiterate'l- check the complainants for their legal transgressions and check all the police and their extended families with urine tests.
  2. I doubt Jamaican seek out Africans or black Amercians seek out Nigerians. They have little in common just a Brits dont seek out Romanian just because of skin colour. Do you think Arabs seek put Israelis just cos the have the same skin colour? It is the commonality of language that draws people together.
  3. The manic

    The Question No One Can Answer

    Thanks that was 3am
  4. The manic

    The Question No One Can Answer

    This is what they wear in Dansai
  5. The manic

    The Question No One Can Answer

    Oh well perhaps it's a good thing. It's a fascinating subject. Below is a similar dance but the music is Kaen Pipes, drums and cymbals.This should have been the relevant video i missed out in my response. I love Thai music on all its variations.
  6. This kind of sad story can be found in every country in the world yet foreign intellectual runts and racists ostensiblly living in Thailand use such stories to promote the idea it is a Thai problem. I suggest such people get a broader view of the world and read newspaper reports from Europe, the UK and the USA.
  7. The manic

    Bangkok Travel Agent.

    I use the one in Soi Post Office Pattaya.
  8. The manic

    16 Year-old Coming From US to Thailand

    Yes he certainly wont have to pay the girls!. He can't drive to Koh Pangan. It's and Island!
  9. The LBs who work in my local super market in Pattaya are perfectly well behaved. Its time the media and and TV stopped these unfair generalisation in headlines and articles.
  10. The manic

    Argy-bargy as blood spilled during World Cup match

    Make just one reason to make the Philippines worth visiting.
  11. Is it a negative assumption or a cultural reality
  12. The manic

    Pattaya pub raided, alleged drug abusers arrested

    Nobody should be punished for drug use. Genuine addicts need help. Recreational drug users should be left alone. Non need policing as it only corrupts the police and brings the legal system into disrepute. The only benefits of current drug policies are that it gives a platform to Sanctimonious, holier than thou, hypocrites and ignoramuses who hide behind the skirts of illogical and immoral prohibition and thus feel good about themselves in a life, a wasted life,of barren mediocrity.
  13. The manic

    Pattaya pub raided, alleged drug abusers arrested

    Bad. Useless waste of time and resources. Raid the complainants homes and see what there up to. Check their computer hard drives and tax records.