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  1. In a sense, she is correct. Most of the masks that people are wearing are utterly ineffective, since they are "loose" and do not force all of the air through the mask, but instead pull much of the air in from the open sides. Also, many masks are not capable of filtering PM2.5. She is also correct in stating that our minds have a significant influence on our general health. That said, wearing a proper mask in this pollution is, without question, better for one's health.
  2. There is a special place in Hell for those who steal from hard working poor people.
  3. And one very big reason for the US system being so out of control is precisely the government getting involved in healthcare (the other being the absurd litigation problem). The quote above: Is exactly right. If I can get free health care, I could avoid the expensive hospitals, meaning only those who can afford to be ripped off will get ripped off. This provides a natural balance, since if the private hospitals get too greedy, they will lose enough business to the free hospitals that they will collapse. Instead, put the government controls in place, and these private hospitals will be forced to counter with bizarre pricing schemes (for instance, a single Tylenol pill costing $100 in the US), substandard care, shortcuts in safety, etc.
  4. timendres

    Police search for man who licked doorbell for three hours in California

    And... here he is, licking away: