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  1. I could be wrong, as I do not have direct knowledge, but I was once told that some of the malls will charge you rent, and take a percentage of your sales on top of that. That said, I suspect this is something you would get bored of very quickly. And also remember, if you are not reasonably fluent in Thai, you are going to have a really difficult time with the many Thai customers approaching your shop.
  2. Cryptogeddon

    No jealousy, no bitterness, no twist. Simply my view on the matter, based on years of experience as a systems engineer, as well as building real-time trading systems for Wall Street. As such, I know a little bit about the technology involved, as well as various markets and trading instruments. Because of that experience, I would never talk in absolutes, nor think that I could predict the path of these markets. I simply provide my point of view for those who wish to look beyond the end of their nose.
  3. Why must it wait for your death? Void the mortgage now, while you can still ensure it is done properly.
  4. Russian busted for overstay, drugs

    Give the guy a break. As soon as the ecstasy wore off, he would have realized he was past his visa due date and made for the airport.
  5. So, 18% were actually harassed. Headline - nonsense. Touched on hands or arms? Seriously? Sexually stared?! OMG. The horror. The so-called "foundation" may be dismissed.
  6. True vision or ?

    Netflix. 330 baht per month. It will not get you somethings, like sports channels and news channels, but those can be found in other streaming services and the total should end up under 1,000 baht per month. My smart TV has Netflix app built-in. Very convenient.
  7. I would have paid $4,900 to not be in any of those photos or in the press.
  8. I live full time here in Thailand. I would never buy any property here. I rent. My home in the States is lived in by a friend who cares for the place. He lives there free of charge, but pays all utilities and manages maintenance. When I return, everything is how I want it, but my friend occupies one of 4 bedrooms.
  9. Would you still take BTS if....

    I've heard that a life for Farangs can run considerably more than 10% of that for Thais. Still, you might consider getting one.
  10. Does Honey hotel still exist?

    Is it possible you are referring to Honey House on Soi 22? I believe that is still there.
  11. Cryptogeddon

    I think you are confusing matters a little bit. Blockchain technology, and it's inevitable application in many arenas, which I fully agree will happen, has nothing to do with the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin can go to zero while blockchain technology finds applications in every aspect of society and goes on to make billions for those developing those applications. Further, unlike Bitcoin, stocks are actually backed by something of value. As long as Apple generates enormous revenues with a real business and pays dividends, it will never go to zero, unlike Bitcoin. As I see it, the winners in the cryptocurrency arena will be those who are now putting in place currencies that are backed by real assets (like SwissRealCoin), or facilitate a niche payment ecosystem (like Travelkoin), or build an ecosystem (like Six is trying to do). Bitcoin does not really fall into this category. I believe that Bitcoin will inevitably be relegated to a "collectable" status, like baseball cards, due it's historic place as the first cryptocurrency to take hold. Collectable status will not justify the price we see today, or even a fraction of it.
  12. Royal symbols of friendship

    For me, and other Americans residing in Thailand, the Amity Treaty was a tremendous gift.
  13. 5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    Sadly, if that were to actually happen, it would likely be mostly the nicer folks heading back home, and the concentration of the "tools" you refer to would just increase.
  14. The only thing that video is missing is My Mate Nate popping into frame to lighten the mood!