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  1. Another classic example of the waste of bandwidth known as "Inspire Pattaya". Inspires nothing.
  2. Good lord. Clearly your experience with Thais is utterly non-existent.
  3. Cops descend on Bangkok pub still open at 4am

    Fair enough, but when you are ready to party with the big boys, you'll need a watch that runs past midnight. Until recently, not dying down after midnight was one of the things that made BKK special.
  4. Cops descend on Bangkok pub still open at 4am

    You are clearly not in Bangkok, lower sukhumvit, after midnight. There are no crowds to be seen.
  5. Cops descend on Bangkok pub still open at 4am

    I live Suk 45. I walk Suk 4 to 23 many nights, and compared to 5 years ago it is dead! Yes, as I pointed out, the indoor establishments are doing a relatively okay business, but it is nothing like it was before. To say anything now is off the charts suggests a short time horizon.
  6. The coppers in the back are cardboard cutouts.
  7. Cops descend on Bangkok pub still open at 4am

    Not sure where the western tourists have moved on to, but they have definitely moved on. I think mostly to the islands, pattaya, and phuket. Bangkok has become a ghost town on the street. The indoor venues still do okay, but are too lame for my taste, and close too early.
  8. It would be very nice if the company came in and offered to pay for the best possible health care for these kids.
  9. Talk about having nightmares. Not sure I could sleep after experiencing such a thing.
  10. Courts do not "go after" anything. Courts issue orders. For example, an order stating that your ex-wife is entitled to half of your stock portfolio. It is then up to your ex-wife to acquire those assets by her own means. In the case of a brokerage account, she would need to involve an attorney who was capable of handling the proceedings required to prove to the broker that she was entitled to the assets, then arranging for the liquidation and transfer. As long as you never did anything considered illegal with those assets (for instance, attempting to hide them), then no law enforcement agency would get involved with that process. For instance, it would be perfectly legal for you to transfer your portfolio to another legally registered US brokerage firm into an account with your name and SSN on it. The attorney would then need to locate this new account and start the procedure all over again. Of course, the court could just as easily issue an order stating that it was your responsibility to liquidate those assets and transfer the money to the ex-wife.
  11. Not disagreeing with what you have stated, Colin, regarding not all Thai women looking for money. My Thai wife never once asked for money from me. However, the best relationship I have had in my years here started with a financial arrangement. After some time, we feel deeply in love. That can happen. But you are correct to say that it is not the only (or best) way.
  12. True, but with the "acquired prior to" versus "acquired during" (Thai law has specific words for these) caveat. The assets you owned before the marriage will remain yours - in Thailand and in the US.
  13. In the US, the duration of the marriage can possibly affect alimony, if it is awarded, but it will not affect asset division.
  14. Bullet item 1 is the most important on in this list. I know of no state that allows one to initiate divorce proceedings without being a resident of that state for some period of time. The time will vary depending on the State, typically from 30 days to 1 year. To show residence, she will need an address (apartment, house, condo), and most likely have registered for a state ID of some kind showing that address. Without a green card, this will prove difficult. Regarding bullet item 2, she will also need to serve you with the divorce summons. You can make this very difficult, but not impossible. Regarding bullet item 3, this is almost never true in the US. Most states now have no-fault divorce, meaning you can file for divorce with no reason other than wanting to end the marriage. She can easily chose a state with no-fault. If it appears she is moving toward attempting to file in the US, having dealt with bullet item 1, then you need to take action, since the first person who serves becomes the plaintiff and determines in which state the divorce will be heard. You will want to chose a state with that is most favorable to you. However, this will require you to deal with the residency issue, which may not be easy or worth the effort. One thing worth considering. If she applies for any form of Visa to go to the US, it may be worth the time to send a note to the US Embassy indicating that her only reason for traveling to the US is to file for divorce. I am not sure, but this may make it difficult for her to obtain the Visa.
  15. She wrote those lyrics. Somewhat rare with modern musicians. A gift. Thank you.