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  1. I agree with much of what you say in your posting, and truly sympathize with you and anyone, especially foreigners, having difficulties with raising their children in TH. However, I think this last paragraph is quite a reach. I just cannot imagine Thailand heading down that road. And despite all of the things that can be improved about the raising of children in Thailand, there are many aspects of life that I believe are very good for children here. It is easy to get hung up on the news and the reporting of the terrible things that happen, but remember that the news distorts reality. That said, I agree with you, wholeheartedly, that the government needs to put more emphasis on enabling children to protect themselves, as well as encouraging families to be more diligent. And I feel the biggest step in that direction depends on raising more of these families out of poverty.
  2. Cans of worms comes to mind...
  3. Oh my, that's a nickname that has the potential to stick.
  4. I guess you actually believe that this government is efficient with the money it receives? Why would anyone hand them more money, when BILLIONS are stolen from the programs meant to help the poor, billions more wasted on unnecessary military hardware, billions lost to graft, and god knows what else? And I have never met anyone that believed taxing it's lower income citizens was the road to securing a nation's wealth.
  5. I guess reading comprehension is still on your todo list. Again, it is not an either/or question. Khao San road is not 2 meters wide. I believe there is room for a compromise. It is not about "lawlessness", but more about extreme government overreach, which we are seeing in the USA. Progress in Thailand is wonderful, and one of the reasons why I prefer Bangkok to Phnom Penh. But crushing the character of Thailand, and it's people, in the name of progress is ignorant, and makes progress a moot point.
  6. I've never been a Trump basher, or fanboy. I was always hoping he would hit a stride and accomplish something. Anything. But this? It is utterly surreal.
  7. Having been there a few times, I do not think it is an either/or question. I believe that you can leave the street vendors, organized in such a way that a fire engine or ambulance could navigate that street in an emergency situation. Which leads me to believe it is about more than just "safety issues". In my opinion, this example, lower sukhumvit, and many more examples, are simply the result of a government chock full of [email protected] retentive tards that have been unleashed and emboldened.
  8. The original posting I referred to referred to what would be the "official" record of the event, not the what the press would report. A simple, quick post on TVF, not an official statement by a government official. No comparison.
  9. Imagine if they did process these kids "outside the law". Tomorrow, every stateless kid in Thailand would be looking for a dangerous cave to crawl into.
  10. 20 years?! The average Thai looking ahead 20 years? Wow.
  11. timendres

    Defamation/set-up in Thailand concerns

    If you really are losing sleep over this issue, there is likely only one reasonable answer. You will need to hire a detective here to investigate whether or not a defamation claim has been filed against you. It will cost some money, and you will need to be sure to find a reputable outfit, but they should be able to make this determination. They will also likely be able to find the new bf of your ex and give you some details about him. And possibly make some determinations about the email. As others have pointed out, this is likely a waste of time and money, as the threat is probably nothing. But, personally, I feel the same as you about getting picked up at the airport and dealing with the "system". So it may be worth a try.
  12. timendres

    15% of Phuket’s advanced bookings cancelled

    That is the actually the way numbers are said in Thai. To say "1 billion" they use 'หนึ่งพันล้าน' or 'neung phan laan' or 'one thousand million'. To say "1 trillion" they use 'หนึ่งล้านล้าน' or 'neung laan laan' or 'one million million'.
  13. timendres

    15% of Phuket’s advanced bookings cancelled

    I am curious, regarding the cancelations, what percentage is due to the perception of safety, and how much is due to the handling of the tragedy (i.e., the government's public responses). I mean, if I had already booked my trip to Thailand, and I saw the news of the tragedy, I would cancel my boat trip, not my vacation. I wonder if this is more of an "F.U. Thailand", as opposed to "that looks scary".
  14. Unfortunately, the form in question is only displayed once, at the first time you use it. From what I can recollect, the form was asking my for a "pass phrase" or "secret phrase". At the time I read the form, I could not understand where I was supposed to obtain this phrase, as I had never been provided with one. So I kept trying different phrases that I thought applied. I finally gave up and made a phone call. It was the second time around, after renewing the virtual card, that the form was displayed again and I noticed it had been improved, and provided a minimal explanation stating that I was creating a new phrase that would be related to the use of my card.
  15. I have a LOT of trouble with this, and it was nothing to do with the internet connection. The message is misleading. The problem was that I was not entering the data correctly. The form is VERY confusing as to what you need to enter. If you post a screen shot of the form screen (with empty fields, of course), maybe I can remember enough to assist you. If I remember correctly, it all came down to the "secret phrase" (or something like that) and not understanding what I needed to enter.