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  1. I think most visa runners prefer closer land routes, so Hanoi should remain relatively less preferred.
  2. Protection was never mentioned in any of my threads. Nor was there any inference to assistance or deference from the BIB or the Thai government. In fact, I specifically stated "an institution not of the Thai government" in my original post. But hey, I am a childish conspiracy theorist, so why be bothered with reading, and comprehending, what I have to say.
  3. No fines need be paid. Their passports, and the stamps they require, are handled. But clearly you are so much more worldly than I am. I must have dreamt my exchange with one of those very "soldiers".
  4. 30 homes saved. 30 families whose hearts belong to those firemen. Firemen are some of the finest civil servants, and rarely appreciated enough. My family still thinks I am nuts for keeping critical documents and mementos in boxes a stone's throw from the exit... :-)
  5. Unless it gets sucked into an engine...
  6. "While warm water opens a hair's cuticle to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job, cold water helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture from the conditioner — which helps your hair look shiny and healthy. So, by all means, take a warm shower, but at the end, rinse with cold water." http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/tips/a19894/mistakes-washing-your-hair/
  7. Ah, childish. A rich compliment indeed. How do you think these folks are getting these endless extensions-of-stay to reside here for so long? Without a job, without a wife, without being 50+ years old. But, hey, me and my childish conspiracy theories... Then again, I have actually spoken with an individual who revealed the answer to that mystery, with the passport to demonstrate it.
  8. Lightening strikes concrete bkock house

    Best advice in this thread. Lightening rods are a good friend. Don't install just one, install two. Cheap and effective.
  9. It is not just the police. This runs up to a very high level at an institution not of the Thai government. This institution is on the take for serious money, and in turn provides services that actually makes the job very difficult for the Thai police. Until that rotten core is removed, the problem will persist.
  10. Of course, anyone under extreme adversity will do whatever it takes to care for their family. But, speaking in terms of the US... I believe that the percentage of people of color who try to do the right thing under adversity is equal to or better than that of their non-black counterparts. There are plenty of black-americans who struggle with adverse conditions without resorting to crime, and plenty of spoiled white-brats who commit crimes without any justification due to adversity. I believe that the disproportionate percentage of black-americans in prison has more to do with navigating the labyrinth known as the judicial system. Black-americans tend to have less access to good legal representation, and I think experience more bias within the judicial process than their non-black counterparts do. "White" offenders are faster to "lawyer up", and less likely to settle for court appointed representation. They are more likely to get paroled or be given community service, while black-americans are more likely to receive jail time. I think if one were to look at only black-americans, the same bias would hold true, and one would see that more affluent/educated black-americans tend to receive fewer prison sentences. People here often complain that money buys off justice in Thailand, but that is also very true in the US. Just in a different way. Here it tends to be the ability to buy the privilege to not appear in court. In the US it tends to be the ability to buy the best attorneys to determine the outcome in the court room. Endless examples abound.
  11. The correct answer is to not allow men to marry 15 (and under!) year old girls.
  12. Thai baby girl name ideas

    "Sky" is a nice name in English and in Thai
  13. Thanks for the clarification UJ.
  14. Advice to Prayut for US trip: Walk tall

    Trump is an elected leader, whatever you think of him. Prayut?
  15. New Phone Purchase in Thailand

    Many shops will have new "branded" (typically AIS or DTAC) Android phones for 1,900 baht or less. These phones are usually sporting one or two year old specs and operating systems, but I have found that for the money they are fabulous phones.