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  1. lasik in Chiang Mai?

    120K THB, but my son and daughter in law had a discounted price as they went in together.
  2. lasik in Chiang Mai?

    No, but my son and daughter in law had theirs done about 3 mths ago. Never looked back - so to speak.
  3. lasik in Chiang Mai?

    If you have the opportunity, may I recommend not doing LASIK and instead consider SMILE. Much more less invasive and able to to see after 30 seconds or so without eyes being covered up for 24 hours etc. Downside is that it is slightly more cost wise. SMILE laser is the latest advancement in laser vision correction. It stands for SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction, and it safely and accurately treats short-sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism in the range of -1 to -10 dioptres. Unlike its predecessors, PRK and LASIK, it does not use an excimer laser to vaporise corneal tissue. Instead, it uses a highly advanced femtosecond laser to define a tiny lens-shaped piece of tissue (a lenticule) within the cornea. When this lenticule is removed through a small keyhole entry point, the cornea takes on a new shape, which allows it to focus light clearly on the retina – thus eliminating short-sightedness and astigmatism from the eye.
  4. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    Thank you for all the replies and suggestions. Yes, give me a 'real brewed' cup of coffee any day, but it's the simplicity and the convenience of plopping in a capsule and in less than a minute I have my morning fix almost instantly!
  5. Searched high and low in Chiang Mai and can't find any either genuine Nespresso or compatible pods for my machine Please don't tell me this true. Not too keen on the mail order thing if I can avoid it. Here's hoping.
  6. Would like to know of any experiences of others who have shipped to Thailand. We have a 20' container ordered from Australia to CNX. I have been informed I will not be required to be present at the port in BKK when it arrives. However, my main concern is the cost of duty/taxes. I will be on an O-A visa which means very little if anything in regards to tax free duties to be paid. My wife is not Thai, so can not use that advantage. Very interested in what others have had to pay, so I can budget for this. And also any hints or things to watch out for etc.
  7. Motorbike Tours

    A fantastic resource - thank you for sharing this.
  8. Camping places ?

    Well I put my foot in that one right and proper. Guess you supposed to learn something everyday!
  9. Camping places ?

    I don't recommend this place
  10. Multi-Room music system

    Possibly at: H3 Digital https://www.h3-digital.com/contact/ 57/2 Moo7 T.Namphrae, A. Hang Dong Chiang Mai Thailand 50230
  11. OP asking places that are *not* a chain or Starbucks.